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Our Shared Addiction Ch. 02

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Part two of my shared addiction. Thanks for all the positive comments. Really don’t know what to say to those who thought the first story was too long—I love long erotic stories. And there is more to this one if you all want it.

* * * * *

On the way home from the porno store, Jennifer rested her head on my shoulder and gently touched me all over. It had been an intense experience for us both, and we were in a quiet mood. She had her hand under my sweater and was slowly running it over my stomach and chest, not trying to turn me on but more like she was getting to know every square inch of my body.

“God, Paulie, that was such a turn-on for me, sucking you in that booth. You came so fast I couldn’t even cum myself.” “Are you still horny? I asked. “I’m fine for now, but I want you to fuck me good when we get home.”

Just the idea of fucking Jennifer got me started again. I put my arm around her and started caressing her neck underneath her hair. I let my hand wander around to her ear and lightly touched it with my finger. She shivered. I eased my hand down the front of her blouse and forced her bra down just enough to touch her nipple. I used the tip of my finger to make little circles around her nipple, over and over as I felt it get hard under my finger. Jennifer shivered again.

I asked her, “How long do you think you could stand me just doing this?”

“I don’t know. I’ll scream when I can’t take it.”

I lowered the strap on her blouse over her shoulder and exposed her breast. The strapless bra easily tucked under her breast and I went back to my test. I licked my finger and slowly coated her nipple with saliva. In the cool night air in the car, her nipple got hard right away. She sucked in her breath. I alternated between making the little circles and just rubbing her nipple back and forth with the end of my finger. Then using two fingers, I lightly pulled it away from her breast, letting it spring back on its own. The second time I did that, she shuddered and started to run her hand up to my chest.

“Uh uh, baby,” I said. “This is just you getting it here.”

She rested her hand on my stomach as I continued my assault on her nipple. The little bumps around her areola were hard too, and I caressed them lightly, all the way around her nipple. She lasted about fifteen minutes, but when I wet my finger and went after her again, she finally squealed and grabbed my hand.

She turned and kissed me hard on the mouth, ramming her tongue into my mouth as far as she could.

“I’ll get even with you for that!” she said, biting my lip. “I can’t wait.”

When we got home, she told me to go to my room, strip, and get into my chair and close my eyes. I stripped as fast as I could, my cock rising in anticipation of what she had in store for me. I sat in my chair with my eyes closed and waited.

After several long minutes, she said quietly, “Just keep your eyes closed and trust me. You’re going to love this.”

I sat still as she lowered a blindfold over my head and tied it over my eyes. Then she tied my arms to the chair with what must have been scarves. She tied my legs to the chair, just below the knees so I couldn’t move my legs. Finally she tied something around my chest so I was completely bound to the chair. I heard her moving around the room, going through drawers on my desk and loading a CD-ROM into the drive. My cock was throbbing in anticipation. She rolled the chair around and pulled the blindfold from my head.

As I opened my eyes and they adjusted to the candlelight in my room, I saw that she had stripped down to the garter belt, stockings and heels. She had removed the strapless bra and replaced it with one that merely held her breasts out like an offering on a little shelf. Her nipples were hard and her pupils dilated in the soft light. She had a look in her eyes that told me she was going to pay me back good for teasing her.

Jennifer had put one of my jazz CD’s into the computer and she started to dance for me. She swayed back and forth to the beat and slowly started to caress the tops of her thighs and let her hands slide up her sides. She turned slowly so I could see her lovely ass, and ran first one hand and then the other over the smooth flesh. Her legs showed smooth muscle up the backs from her high heels, and as she slowly bent over the muscles tightened even more. She had her ass about a foot away from my face and I could smell her glorious pussy. She stood up and continued to dance and sway and touch herself as she slowly turned back around. Her dancing stayed slow and sexy without getting slutty for a long time. Nevertheless, my cock was fully hard and throbbing with my heartbeat as I watched her. She twirled and played to the music, touching her breasts, occasionally touching herself between her legs. It was hypnotic. When that CD ended about forty-five minutes later, she already cued up the next one, a little more soulful with a lot of saxophone and bostancı escort bayan bass. The look in her eyes picked up an edge that told me she was getting ready to amp it up. As she danced she touched her breasts more, stopping to caress her nipples and get them hard. She held her breasts up for me to see, and bent her head down enough to drool some spit on first one and then the other nipple. She stared right into my eyes as she rubbed the spit around and around on her nipples. Then she grabbed them and slowly started tugging and pulling them. Just what I had done in the car, only now I was tied up watching her. I moaned as I watched her, and it made her smile.

“We’re just getting started lover boy. You like watching me play with my nipples? You want to see me play with my cunt too?”

I nodded, not taking my eyes off hers. Slowly she let her hands slide down her body until they both reached her pussy at the same time. She massaged her pussy with her finger tips and then slid a finger inside. She rocked back enough for me to watch her slowly slide that finger in and out of her cunt. She held her pussy lips open with two fingers and used the middle finger of her other hand to tease her clit. It made her shudder and she stared into my eyes as if forcing herself to look at me while she exposed herself so openly. I just stared, first at her pussy and then into her eyes. Honestly, I couldn’t say which was sexier, because her eyes so clearly knew what a dirty slut she was being.

Her finger swirled around and around her clit as her hips thrust forward and back like she was fucking me. Her breath started coming in short and shorter gasps and suddenly she started shaking as she brought herself off. “Oh fuck me! I’m cumming. Oh God! Oh Shit! Fuck me Paulie!” I tried to get loose from the chair to do just that, but she had done a good job tying me and I couldn’t get free. My stirring brought her out of her little daze.

“Uh uh, you naughty boy. You have to stay put!”

She knelt in front of me and kissed my cock, which was now leaking precum in a stream down my cock and onto the chair under my ass. Just using her tongue, she licked the precum off my cock as far down as she could reach. There was enough of it that when she looked up at me, she opened her mouth and showed me several stringers stretching between her upper and lower teeth. She ran her tongue over her teeth and let some of the juice run off the end of her tongue onto my cock. I was helpless to do anything except watch and enjoy.

She worked up a mouthful of spit and drooled it slowly onto my cock, just letting it run down the sides into my pubic hair. She did that over and over, just drooling more and more spit onto my cock as it continued to leak its own precum. Every time my cock throbbed it would squeeze larger stream out. She leaned forward and stuck out her tongue, spreading the precum all around my cockhead. She looked up to see if I was watching and then thrust herself all the way down on my cock. I could feel her throat muscled contracting around my cock as she forced herself to stay on it for what felt like a full minute. She drew her head up off my cock with her mouth wide open and drool and spit ran out like stringy water all over my cock. There were five or six long stringers that just stretched and stretched as she pulled her head away, until they snapped and swung down onto her chin and neck. She stopped briefly to rub the spit and precum into her skin and all over her face. Then she plunged her mouth back onto my cock driving up and down over and over, taking my cock all the way down her throat.

She leaned back on her heels and started stroking my cock really slow. She had a soft but firm grip on my cock and just stared at it as if she had forgotten the rest of me was even there. She reached under with her free hand and started lightly massaging my balls. Still staring. With her stroking hand she slid all the way up my cock until it almost slipped out of her grip. Then, tightening her grip she very slowly pulled back my foreskin, stopping when she had it all the way down. With short little strokes she jerked the bare head of my cock, still moving painfully slow. My cock was so wet with precum and her spit that even when she moved slowly it made that squishing sound I loved. Jennifer slowly picked up the pace, rotating her hand around my cockhead while she continued to scratch and massage my balls. She slid her hand down my cock and squeezed up, bringing all the skin up over my cockhead. She squeezed harder and pulled the foreskin up and down over my cock. Faster and faster she pulled until her hand was almost a blur on my cock. Then she put her mouth over my cockhead in between strokes as she continued her fast stroke. She was bumping herself in the mouth with her own fist and didn’t seem to care. I started to pant as I came closer to cumming. Suddenly she pulled her mouth off my cock and slowed the stroking to a hard steady pace. ümraniye escort As I was getting ready to cum, Jennifer slowed her hand and then stopped, squeezing my cock hard and pulling down gently enough on my balls to stop the hard cum I was feeling coming up from my balls.

My head snapped up and I opened my eyes. Jennifer was smiling at me.

“Let the show continue,” she grinned.

Jennifer stood up and rolled my other chair over so she could sit facing me. Her face still glistened with all the spit and precum she had smeared around, and her breasts were shiny with spit. She reached down into a little bag she had brought with her and pulled out one of the dildoes we had bought at the porno store. It was a rubber cock, about the same size as mine only much thicker. Jennifer smiled at me as she brought the rubber cock to her mouth. Tilting her head back she slowly slid the cock into her mouth. Getting it wetter with each move, she slid the cock out and in, thrusting it deeper each time. She gagged a few times, almost coughing the cock out of her mouth. It forced a lot of spit out each time she choked, and it seemed to please her that the cock was getting all coated with her slimy spit. After each gag, Jennifer pulled the cock up and away from her mouth, watching the stringers that clung to the cock and fell slowly to her chin and down her neck. As she continued to torture her throat with the fat cock, the spit ran in streams down her neck and over her tits. I was transfixed by the flow, holding my breath as a fat stream of her spit ran over her breast and collected at the nipple. Another streamer joined with the one I was watching and the blob gathering at her nipple began to dangle. She was curious about what I was staring at and looked down to watch the spit now falling from her nipple.

With a nasty smile, she stood up, still holding the wet rubber cock in her hand. She moved over in front of me and leaned down to suck all the precum flowing from my cock. Even though my cock was throbbing and bouncing around on its own, she managed to catch it with just her mouth. She sucked hard on the head and then pulled her mouth off with a pop. She positioned herself so that her dripping nipple was over my head and as I looked up she was swirling the precum in her mouth, mixing it with her spit. Her nipple hung inches away from my mouth, though I couldn’t move my head up to touch it. She opened her mouth and slowly, slowly dripped the clear bubbly mess out so that it ran out the corner of her mouth, down her chin and neck onto her chest.

“Open your mouth, baby,” she whispered.

As if hypnotized, I opened my mouth and stared at the mess running down her chest, over her breast. It gathered at her nipple and then began to hang, slowly getting closer and closer to my mouth. I hung there like a dog with my mouth open, waiting for the blob to hit my tongue. She continued to let more and more spit fall from her mouth and in ran steadily down her breast now, falling in a stream into my mouth. I let the whole mess gather in my mouth, and just as I thought I was going to have to swallow she leaned down and kissed my on the mouth, sucking the whole mess from my mouth into hers. She sat back down in her chair and stared at me as she drooled the mess over the cock. She caught what dripped off the rubber cock in her other hand and then draping one leg up over the arm of the chair, rubbed the whole mess into her pussy. She kept her hand on her pussy, spreading the lips as she brought the dildo to the opening of her pussy. She forced the head of the cock into her pussy and then stopped to enjoy the sensation. Her pussy was so wet that the juice was running down to her ass. Jennifer pulled the cock out so it was just touching her pussylips, and then began pushing it in and out, just the head. There was that squish, squish sound again, as her wet pussy gripped the head of the cock and tried to pull it in. She seemed to be fighting the urge to plunge the cock all the way into her hungry cunt. Then she gave up the fight and started fucking herself slowly.

“Do you like watching me play with myself? I like this cock. It’s a lot like yours, Paulie. It feels really nasty going in and out of my pussy.

“I’m going to fuck myself crazy with this cock, and you’re going to watch, baby. Oooh, fuck! It feels so good in my cunt! I’m gonna cum so hard!”

Then Jennifer went to work on herself, fucking herself with the big rubber cock, eyes half closed as she brought herself off in front of me. She tried to keep talking but was overwhelmed by the feelings.

“Oh, I love fucking myself for you, baby! I…ohh! I want you to watch my cum. I..mmmmm! I…I…Oh fuck! I’m gonna cum, baby.”

The rest of the noises she made I can’t even write, her sounds turning into a mix of sighs, grunts, groans and moaning. Her whole body started shaking. She reached down and started playing with her nipple as she rammed the dildo in and out of kartal escort her cunt. Then, it suddenly wasn’t enough and she quickly plunged that hand down to her cunt and started rubbing her clit hard and fast as she kept the cock going in and out of her cunt. Suddenly she stopped moving and clenched her legs together as her head flew back, eyes closed, and she shook all over. Her body seemed to shudder for minutes as the waves passed up and down her body. Her mouth was open but no sound was coming out.

After a while, she finally made a sound. “Ohhhhhhh FUCK! FUCK! FUCK ME!” she screamed. She threw her head forward and clenched over holding the rubber cock tight into her pussy and squeezing her clit with her other hand. She panted, saying “fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck,” over and over, like a little chant. Jennifer finally started to recover from her orgasm, sitting hunched over in the chair, her skin rippling like an animal. I just sat and stared at her beauty, her raw sexual energy filling the air like perfume. As she came out of it, she slowly leaned back in the chair and lifted her eyes to mine. I had forgotten all about my cock while I was transfixed on her, and we both looked down at it at the same time. The foreskin on my cock was still covering my cockhead, just the way she had left it. My cock bobbed with every beat of my heart, and had several streams of precum running down the sides of it like a volcano erupting lava. There was a clear pool gathered where the skin covered my cock.

I looked up and saw Jennifer slowly pulling the rubber cock out of her pussy. There was a puddle where her pussy met the chair, and as she pulled the cock out of her, juice ran down and joined the pool below. It looked like she had peed herself, there was so much juice there.

“Looks like I made a mess in your chair. Good thing they’re easy to clean. You must have thought of that when you bought them. So you could jerk off and clean up after yourself. Right, baby?”

I nodded, never taking my eyes off her pussy.

“Guess I better clean it up,” she said. And with that she slowly got up and turned around. Her entire ass was wet from her pussy juice, and there were rivulets running down her legs. She either didn’t notice, or didn’t care. As she bent over the chair, she turned her body to the side so I could watch. Always the exhibitionist! Jennifer stuck her face right into the pool of girl-cum and started slurping it into her mouth, she slurped up as much as she could gather and the stood up, turning to face me. It looked like her mouth was very full. She let a little bit of the juice run out of her mouth and down her chin. It was thin and watery and ran quickly down her chest. As if expecting it to run more slowly like my cum, she had let it go and it ran quickly over her breasts dripping onto the floor.

She made a startled “Ummmmph” noise and quickly moved her hands to catch the dripping girl-cum. She gathered what she could and spread it all over her tits, making them glisten. Then she held her hands together under her mouth and drooled a bigger pool into her hands. She spread the goo around her hands like lotion and then knelt down and spread it all over my cock. I jumped with the touch, as she hadn’t touched my cock in almost an hour, and I was still tied to my chair. Jennifer pulled my foreskin back with one hand and drooled a long stream of goo right onto my cockhead, slowly bringing her hand up to catch the goo and then stroking lightly to spread it all over my cock. The juice had the wonderful aroma of her pussy and I was intoxicated watching her drool it onto my cock. She slowly let the rest of what she had drip onto my cock, making sure that the last stringer that was mixed with her saliva made direct contact with my cockhead. Everything was soaked in her girl-cum, my cock, my balls, my ass, her hands, tits and then to finish her little act, she smeared her hands all over her face to make it glisten and shine. She lifted her head up and looked at me, then suddenly getting another idea, she turned back to her chair.

There was still a small puddle there, and she quickly slurped it up. When she turned back to me, she was smiling with her mouth full again. She moved in toward my chest and stuck her tongue out to touch one of my nipples. She let some of the juice slide down her tongue and onto my nipple, catching it with her fingers and spreading it around as she moved her tongue to the other nipple to do the same thing. Back and forth she went, getting my nipples harder and harder, drooling more and more of her juice out until it was running down my chest. She continued to tongue my nipples and gently lick them as she reached down and started gently stroking my cock. I was now fully back in my body, no longer fascinated by watching her show, but aware of my need to cum and how turned on I was. But Jennifer had other things in mind.

She turned away from me and went back to cleaning up her chair. She licked the whole thing clean, swallowing what she could, and making a very noisy, sexy job of it. When she was done, she turned to me and swallowed what she had in her mouth so I could see her do it.

“There. That’s clean enough for now. So tell me, what is your favorite porno CD?”

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