Temmuz 17, 2024

Our Private Little Cove Ch. 02

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After supper, our parents announced they were going to go out with some friends for the weekend so we would be alone for the weekend and to not have any wild parties with all the kids from school. Chole just looked at me and winked. While they were packing Chole and I went upstairs to the media room. I know most people have basements, but being close to the coast that was not an option. We have a bigger house than most, we basically have our own wing, or really our parents have their own wing of the house, our end includes the media room, game room, and exercise room along with our separate rooms, almost suites but, not that fancy. We are well off but not that well off. We do have our own bathrooms. Sorry if I bore you with the details, I just wanted to point out we were pretty alone.

In the media room we decide on a movie to watch from a streaming service, it was one neither of us had seen so we got comfortable in the recliners and kicked back. A few hours later, mom came in and woke us up and told us, they had a chance to get a private late flight out and was leaving then instead of in the morning. It was 11pm and we both wondered where the time went. We were both tired and it showed from “Swimming”.

We walked our parents out and I helped load their luggage into the SUV and off they went. Chole and I were more awake after our 3-hour nap, so we went back to the media room and she chose a very different movie from a stack that was in a bottom drawer that I never knew of. It was a movie about Taboo love, I forget the title, but it was very interesting. I didn’t think it was porn at first as it sorta had a plot. The main players were a brother and sister, and their mother. It was not bad, about a third of they way in, Mom caught the boy masturbating using his sister’s panties, she turned and left the bedroom all flustered. Later she spied on the daughter masturbating and playing with her nipples. The lead to a scene not long after (maybe the next evening) where Mom left the door to her bedroom cracked, and was “discovered” in her bed naked with a vibrator going in and out of her hairless pussy. Okay, you can see where this movie is going, the boy notices it first, gets hard, has his cock out, sister notices him, then the show in the bedroom, sister winds up being fingered by her brother and she cums and they stumble into the bedroom.

That’s about all of the movie we watched, Chole hit pause and asked me, “Do you think they still have sex, you know Mom and Dad?”

“Sis, you could not prove it by me but I assume they do. I mean Mom is cute and for a guy Dad is okay. I try not to think about it really, kinda grosses me out.” I said.

“Well I just wondered, I thought what we did was gross before today and I really enjoyed it a lot. I’m glad it was with you.” She blushed as she said, “And I hope we can do it some more, just not right now, I’m a little sore.”

“I’m kinda tired too, but I had a blast today. I’ve never done anything like that before. This movie is kinds silly, why don’t we go to bed and get some rest and maybe tomorrow we can go to our Cove or something else.” I said with a smile, “You are welcome to come join me for the night If you want.”

She said, “I don’t think so mister.”

Looking shocked, I said, “okay, I just…”

She interrupted me, “No silly I want you to come join me, your room gets the morning light and I have a bigger bed.”

The smile returned to my face, “Let me go get a shower and I’ll be in.”

I went to my room, slipped into the bathroom, turned on the shower to scold mode (I love hot showers) and Just as I stepped in my naked sister entered the bathroom and stepped under the water with a scream, “Turn that cooler just a little bit, PLEASEEEEEE!”

I did as asked. We got all of our parts washed some very well, I loved playing with her soapy titties and her ass with to die bostancı escort bayan for. It was another first for both of us and we enjoyed it a lot. Of course, I managed to get hard when she soaped up my cock, her soapy hands felt divine and I was soon painting her chest with my cum. I went to return the favor slipping my hands onto her pussy, but she said, “Not right now, its tender.”

We rinsed off, got out, and dried each other off. Following her cute little ass We went to her bedroom where we climbed between her sheets where I started massaging her front side, going over her breasts, and legs, massaging and exploring her body. I was in heaven and she was really enjoying the attention. Soon she flipped over and said, “My back??” I took the hint and was massaging her from head to toe, spending a lot of time on her shoulders down to her ass. Her freshly washed body was so nice to just touch. Soon I heard her breathing become regular and check to see if I was right. I was, she was asleep. I reached out turned off the light, pulled her to me and held her naked body in my arms until morning.

When I woke, I had the typical morning erection and it was snuggled up between her butt cheeks. I was still holding her spoon style in my arms, I kissed her neck and squeezed a little tighter, she turned her head towards mine and said, “Good morning. You know something, I love you.” And lightly kissed me on the neck.

I replied, “I love you too but I really gotta get up and go to the bathroom or you are going to have a mess in your bed.”

She said, “Me too, go use yours and come back.”

I went to mine, brushed my teeth and returned, as she was coming out of her bathroom wiping her mouth. I said, “Ha, caught you, you wanted to brush your teeth too.. Morning breath!!”

With puppy dog eyes she asked, “Come back to bed for a bit, please.”

How could I turn that down? The answer, Not in this lifetime!! So we climbed under the sheet again, this time facing one another, holding each other tight, kissing, tongues dancing, and hands wandering around each other’s body.

She said, “Thank you for last night, and this morning. That massage was great, and I just had a great time yesterday in general.”

As her soft hands wondered around my body I found her clit with my index finger. She was slippery and wet and as I did a little come here motion her hands stopped moving around so much and she clung tighter to my body my hard cock was on her thigh pointed up, I could feel her body start to tremble through that connection. Needless to say, it was a huge turn-on for me as much as what I was doing to her must have been. Her body tensed against mine, her legs clamped down on my hand as she came, I squirted my cum all over both of our chests. She placed one of her legs over mine as she lay her head on my shoulder, and we were fast asleep.

We woke up about lunchtime, slightly stuck to one another. We kissed some more before we decided we both needed a shower. Of course, we took it together. I told her, I’ll never ever get tired of taking a shower with you.”

She said, “I know I won’t! I also know something else!”

I smartly replied, “Oh yeah.. What??”

Looking me in the eye she spoke something I will never forget, “I know I love you, really I mean really love you!”

I kissed her softly and opened my heart, “I love you too. I always have you know. I’m glad we took that walk yesterday; I’d never had the guts to tell you.”

We finished showering, my hard cock found the V of her legs a time or two and pushed against her clit. Being a guy, I wanted to go farther, but when I tried, she said, “Let’s wait for tonight, please?”

I just held her a little tighter, pushed my hard cock one list time against her fur covered mound, bent down and kissed one nipple then the other and said, “That sound ümraniye escort so very good to me, and I’m starving, lets go get breakfast.”

We got out dried each other off, she did steal a little kiss on the head of my cock. I looked down as she looked up at me and said, “Tonight, I promise!”

We dressed, I mean, I slipped on a pair of boxer briefs, and she pulled on a long T-shirt she stole out of my closet. The T-shirt never looked that good on me. We went down to the kitchen and I asked her, “Seeing that it’s after one, you want breakfast or lunch?”

She replied, “Let’s do something simple, you up for a sandwich and maybe some fruit?”

I said, “Sounds good to me, but I know something I might like better.”

That earned me a smile out of her, “I bet you do, go out and wait for me by the pool and I’ll bring them out.”

True to her word, 5 minutes later she came out with two sandwiches and a bowl of sliced strawberries, with some whipped cream, two cold drinks, and a devilish smile. “Eat up!”

We scarfed the sandwiches down, and when I reached for the strawberries she playfully smacked my hand. “That’s not how you eat strawberries and cream. Let me show you.” With that, she pulled her shirt (well my shirt but is was on her) over her head. Her nipples were erect as she took two strawberry slices and dipped them into the whipped cream, placing one slice on each nipple. “Now you can eat them.”

Being well trained by my male hormones I did as I was told, and loved every minute of it. She soon had me naked as she was and had cream all over my chest and my now erect cock, and was eating her strawberries. I could go on and on here, it was great and messy. We had to take another shower, but neither of us minded, and I was hard the whole time, but I didn’t try to really start anything, Chole said she was still a little sore so I left it at that. We hung out at the pool naked, ordered pizza in for dinner. I dared her to answer the door naked, but she declined. That night we watched a normal movie, snuggled up in one of the big recliners, naked under a blanket. I would not have ever dreamed I would be naked with her like this, and believe it or not it wasn’t just about the sex that was involved. It was nice just holding her close to me, and I wasn’t even hard most of the time. Sure we kissed a little here and there and hands rubbed each other in a loving way.

When the movie was over she said, “I know I said tonight, but I’m still a little tender down there… would you be upset with me if we..”

I cut her short, “I could never be upset with you! I love you, I love this, Lets just relax tonight and see where things go the rest of the weekend. No pressure!”

We snuggled up in bed together that night and in the morning I woke up to the most amazing thing in my life to that point. Chole’s head was resting on my stomach my cock was engulfed in the hot heat of her mouth. I moaned and lay back and just enjoyed the feeling as I exploded into her mouth minutes later. I felt myself go soft in her mouth as she milked the last of my cum from me. I didn’t want to move, but I had a pressing problem called my bladder. I told her I had to go pee, and I got a response of, “Can I hold it?”

I was like, “Come on then.” She took my cock in hand in front of the toilet and it took like forever to start up. She exclaimed, “Oh…” as the stream started, “that’s kinda neat and gross.” Not having one herself self I could see the novelty of it, she started to move the stream a little before it trickled down to nothing. Then I told her “You gotta shake it a little to get the last few drops out.” And the last few drops wound up over her arm and the toilet seat.

I said, “looks like it’s shower time again.”

Another playful shower started, was done, and breakfast cooked and we dressed and went for a long walk, stopping kartal escort several times for some kissing and hugging and well more enjoying each other’s company. When we got back she said she wanted to go to the mall so that’s what we did. She did her shopping, I went to the Microsoft store and hung out checking out all the new toys there. She was done before I was and came found me.

We went to a GOOD restaurant where the waiter assumed we were a couple and put us in a nice quiet out of the way corner where we acted very much like the couple we were becoming. After our drinks came Chole held out her closed fist to hand me something. It was he panties, I know you probably guess that and it seems tacky, but here we are, 2 kids, 18 and 19 and not knowing much but what we have seen in movies so what do you expect. I smiled and did what anyone would do, I put them in my pocket, reached over and under her skirt to verify what was missing.

She smiled, “Just be kinda good!”

I was “kinda” good, when the waiter brought the food around to us he got a bit of an eye full as my hand was between her legs, not in her pussy mind you but the edge of my hand was against it. I’m sure he saw her pubic hair. He said, “Just ah. Oh. Let me know if you need any. Uh. Thing else.”

Chole didn’t miss a beat and said, “I think we have what we need.”

When he left, I told Chole, “I love you, and I think we probably have him so flustered he won’t come back around until its time for the check.”

Chole said, “I bet he will be back”. She unbuttoned two buttons on her shirt and I could see her bare nipple. Sure enough, as we finished our plates he was back around clearing them away. I had my hand back where it was on Chole’s leg, and her now hard nipple was in view if you looked at the right angle.

Finding the sweet spot for a view, the waiter asked, “Can I get you any dessert?”

This time It was my turn, “No thank you, I got all the sweet I can handle right here and patted her thigh. His eyes went big as he got a good glimpse of her pussy.

He replied, “Looks like you are setting good to me. I’ll just leave the check for you then.”

Chole excused herself and went to the lady’s room when I pulled out my debit card and he went to ring us out. I pulled a $20 and put it on the table. When he came back I signed the receipt, and told him “Thanks for being cool tonight, I think she enjoyed the attention.”

He replied, “I enjoyed the show, you are one lucky guy.”

When Chole came back she asked, “What were you two saying.”

I replied, “I just thanked him for being cool.”

As we were leaving, the waiter said to us, “I’m Steve, When you come back feel free to ask for me. AND… Enjoy your dessert.”

It was Chole’s time to turn red, “Oh.. I think I will!”

We laughed and talked all the way home about how fun dinner was and teasing the poor guy.

It was just turning dark as we got home, we got a couple of blankets, a beach mat, some cold drinks, and made our way down to our little cove. We put the pad down, spread a blanket on top of it, got naked and used the other as a pillow, we lay there enjoying the sound of the ocean tide coming in, the star’s in the sky. The moonlight made her body seem to radiate beauty. I was hopelessly in love and I knew it.

Chole said, “This is beautiful! I so love you! Most guys I think would be all over me and you are actually enjoying being with me.”

I said all I could say, “I love you” and I kissed her tenderly on the lips, our tongues dancing together.

She said, “This is beautiful out here, but I want to go home now if that okay.” And She kissed me within a way that seemed to promise so much more to come.

“Your every wish is my desire!” I said as I got to my feet and pulled her naked body to mine.

We gathered our stuff up and made our way home, still naked as the day we were born.

When we got to the house, she said, “Give me an hour and come to my room.”

I watched her go off towards her room and got a hard-on watching her bare ass wiggle. Thinking to my self, this is going to be a LONG hour.

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