Şubat 4, 2023

Our First Ever Bi Foursome

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It was early evening and Ruby and I were getting prepared for an evening we had been both looking forward to for a long time.

We had met another couple on a swingers night at a sex club, and we had a little fun with them in some parallel play and watching each other have sex, but hadn’t done anything together.

Anyway, at the end of the night, we exchanged numbers and had been chatting for a couple of weeks, and had finally agreed to meet up at our place for some drinks and to see where the night went, but we had all said no guarantees and if any one of the four of us felt uncomfortable we wouldn’t go through with it.

This was going to be our first ever foursome and the first time either of us had been with someone of the same sex. We’d both fantasised about this for a long time and we chose a bi couple for this exact reason. So we could all enjoy having fun with each other.

So Peter & Claire came over and we just chilled for a bit and had some drinks to loosen ourselves up a little.

After a while Peter & I went to get the girls a couple of drinks and when we returned they were busy kissing and getting it on. This was super hot, to walk in on the girls like this, so we took them their drinks and put them on the side and watched them go at each other for a while. And, it wasn’t long before it started to get heated. Ruby started to take off Claire’s dress and just threw her down and started to go down on her. She started to moan loudly, and was holding Ruby in place and grinding on her face harder and harder.

This got Peter and I feeling all hot and horny and while all this was going on I started to rub Peter’s cock in his pants and I could feel that it was growing, so I asked if it was uncomfortable and would he like me to get ankara dansöz escortlar him out of his pants. I undid his fly and as I let out his semi-hard cock, he groaned with pleasure of what he knew was to come. I got on my knees in front of him and just took it all in my mouth, and felt it grow to its full length as I took more and more of his shaft.

I worked his cock long and well, the way Ruby had shown me and I made sure it was well looked after. Ruby looked over at me and saw me sucking cock for the first time and I could see the pride in her face as she could see how much I enjoyed this and that I was in total and utter heaven, having my mouth filled by cock.

I looked up at him and he proceeded to stand up and hold my head in place as he began to fuck my mouth hard, not letting me breathe and just ground more and more into my slutty mouth. I was deep throating my first ever cock, and I was loving every minute of it.

Ruby and Claire then came over to join us, took off my pants and started to suck my cock as I pleasured Peter’s. I carried on having my mouth fucked as I cupped and played with his balls at the same time.

The evening had already exceeded everything Ruby and I expected it to be, we were deliriously happy and bursting with excitement, but there was so much more to come. And it all just felt so right and uncommonly natural. We had discussed beforehand what we were ok with and what we weren’t, but we were both prepared to be a pair of whores for the night. And that’s exactly what we were.

The girls were working hard on my cock now, but it was time to show them some love, so I got hold of Claire and placed myself between her legs, and proceeded to bring her towards an almighty orgasm. Her whole body was in elvankent saatlik veren escortlar my control just by my lips and the top of my tongue.

Ruby then got hold of Peter’s cock, and while Ruby was pleasuring Peter, he got hold of my ass and started to lube me up and massaged my asshole. I found myself spreading my legs for him so he could get a couple of fingers in. I had no idea I was even doing it, it just happened without any thought

When Claire had, had her orgasm, she put on a strap on and we all took it in turns to fuck Ruby.

Ruby was taking 3 cocks at once. Sucking on mine while Peter was Dee in her ass, and Claire was pounding away with her strap on. Ruby took them all like a pro time and time again. Claire brought Ruby to an all-mighty orgasm by stroking and rubbing her pussy and clit as she was fucking her. Ruby is a squirted and she squirted all over Peter and Claire as they were both still inside her and soaked them both.

Ruby then decided it was my turn to be fucked, put me on my back and lubed up my asshole. I could see the look of almost evilness in her eye as this is what she’d wanted to see all night. She then told Peter she wanted him to fuck me. As she wanted to see me get fucked by another man. He was told to fuck me and fuck me hard. I’ve never had a real cock in my ass ans I was really nervous about how this would make me feel. Ruby does peg me with a great deal of regularity, so I knew I could take his cock. But I wasn’t prepared for the sensation of a real cock in my ass and a man fucking me, and him taking no mercy whatsoever. I really wasn’t sure how I would feel afterwards. I was nervous about this but Ruby reassured me that I would be fine and then encouraged Peter to etimesgut azeri escortlar start and when I was used to his early slow thrusts, she made him go harder and harder. Which he loved to do.

Claire then placed her pussy on my face again, which took my focus away from my ass being ploughed. This had an amazing effect as I just relaxed and got into what I was doing with Claire while my ass just felt like it was getting looser and looser and completely destroyed. It felt so good. Ruby then got behind Peter and started to fill his ass with a huge strap on dildo of her own. As he thrust into me he was getting fucked at the same time. And Ruby just drove him harder and harder into my ass.

At this point, I had lost all control and had no idea what the fuck I was doing. I was completely at their mercy. Our bodies just meshed together enjoying the moment.

I started to feel Peter’s balls tightening as he continued fucking me. As I wanted to taste a real man’s cum for the first time, he pulled out and I started to suck his cock again. Ruby then decided it was my turn for the strap on so I was being spit roast waiting for Peter’s cum to explode in my mouth. Claire started to stroke his shaft into me and forced me down onto his cock, not that I needed to be forced, I was loving it. Peter’s balls tightened for the final time as he let go of a huge stream of cum into my mouth, and then another and another. I carried on sucking him until he had nothing left and the sensitivity of his cock was too much for him to let me suck him anymore. The taste was like nothing I’d imagined. Ruby has fed me my own cum before but this just felt different, I loved the thought that I’d done that for him and he’d just unloaded in me. Guess this is what a slut feels like.

This was everything Ruby and I wanted it to be, and we all continued to drink more and play until the small hours.

We said our goodbyes after what was an unbelievable evening and one of the best of our lives. We have agreed to meet up again soon as this is something I think could become a regular thing.

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