Aralık 4, 2023

One Time Never Forever

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Derek was my former boss at the bank where I worked as a teller. He was Relationship Manager and Vice-President of Royal Family Bank. He owned half of the bank’s stock. He was thirty years my senior. I was 25 and he was 55 when we got married.

Ours was a whirlwind courtship and despite our age difference when he proposed to me, I said “Yes” right away. We got married before Christmas attended by only some very close relatives and friends.

Since it was almost the end of the year, we were not able to have our honeymoon. “This is a busy time for the bank, Michelle, let’s have our honeymoon after the holiday season.”

“Can we do it in Rio de Janeiro, my darling? I’d love us to spend our special day amidst the revelry and gaiety of that colorful carnival.”

“The festival falls in February, right? Well, that’s settled then. I’ll have my secretary find us a local travel agent to prepare our papers and reservations for our accommodations in Rio.”

At last, February came. I was so excited that right at the departure area, I was babbling like a girl who had been given the best gift in her life.

When the last check-in was called, Derek received a call which agitated him. “There was a heist at our main bank and one of my security guard was already shot. The authorities were already there but the hold uppers wanted to negotiate only with the bank’s president. Go ahead to Rio and I’ll join you as soon as I settle this problem.”

He immediately rushed out of the departure area without hearing for my objection. .

I was met at the Rio de Janeiro’s Galeao International Airport by Maria, our female tourist guide. “Welcome to Rio, Madam. Our Philippine agent specified that you are especially interested to see the carnival. You’re in time for tomorrow night’s being Sunday. We have taken a reserved two tickets for you and your husband at the sambodromo Luxury suite Sector 9 where you can watch and enjoy the parades of participating schools in comfort and without distraction. I noted you were alone, where is your husband?”

“He might come later,” I dismissed the idea of Derek ever joining me in this trip.

She whisked me to my Arosa Rio hotel suite. “If you prefer to rest now, I will show you the sights tomorrow morning. There will be a transfer shuttle bus that will bring us to the sambodromo and back here tomorrow early evening.”

I overslept, when I woke up its already past midnight. There was an overseas message from Derek. “I am sorry that I will not be able to join you on our honeymoon. Enjoy the carnival without me.” Very brief and curt message that was very typical of my husband. I know it is almost noontime in the Philippines and as usual, he must be very busy.

Maria smiled when I opened my door for her the following morning. “I’m sorry, Maria but I’m still suffering from jet lag, besides my husband will not be coming and I’d prefer to rest now rather than enjoy the sights without him. Please pick me up for the carnival tonight.”

The frenzy of colourful costumes and spontaneous dancing of sweating bodies of bare-bellied women and half-naked men in beautiful colourful costumes swaying to samba had engulfed me to the madness of the hour. I have accepted that I am alone and decided to enjoy the electrifying festive mood.

Despite the nearing early dawn it seems that the whole of Rio de Janeiro had never slept and was gloriously alive with smiling, dancing locals and tourists from different countries. It seems that the mardi gras festivities at the sambodromo had just exploded!


I have watched the non-stop dancing led by different samba schools in the confines of my luxury suite, but I can’t seem to feel the rhythm and the pulsing life of the colourful samba performers. I wanted to get out in the street and I’ve told Maria of my desire. “I understand. It is not the same when you do not have your dear husband by your side. Of course you are free to get out and join the dancing, but please stay close and don’t get lost in the throng.” She laughed, “Anyway your hotel is just half a kilometre away. In case you wanted to get back to your suite and you missed your service bus, take a taxi.”

The heat and the frenzy of the crowd’s movements met me when I sauntered out the suite. I was engulfed with the happy mood and I felt elated and began dancing.

Everybody in the crowd danced in complete abandon including a guy gyrating before me. He has his back to me and was facing the crowd. He was wearing a jungle man’s costume and his well-muscled body glistened with sweat.

He turned around carried away with the rhythm of the music. He was without mask and was smiling. He has a dimple at his left smooth face, his pearly white teeth showing behind soft kissable lips. As he pumped provocatively as if in intercourse, he looked intently at me and asked, “Are you a local?” he shouted in the din of merry making. He kept pumping as he danced in front of me. His smooth chest was well-muscled, his stomach bahis firmaları rippling with abs. I noticed he was wearing a white g-string behind the spotted-leopard designed sash and his well-formed bulge strained at the knitted cloth.

“The name is Carlo, I am an American tourist,” our bodies touched as other dancers crowded on us as they milled around a passing float with beautiful scantily-clad dancers. As strong men cordoning the float and its participants passed before us, his hard muscled chest rubbed at my sensitive breast. My nipples hardened and I was not able to avoid body contact with him as more spectators crowded on us.

He continued rubbing his body to mine. I could feel his hard dick brushed at my mid-section grazing at my hole sending waves of desire to my pussy. I closed my eyes as we danced. I tried to imagine how it feels to have his enormous erection inside me. I blushed not because of the heat but because of this imagination of having his penis inside me. But the more I thought about it, the more excited I am and the more I liked it.

I was mildly surprised when his strong arms closed around my body in an embrace which prevented me from dancing back. He was already rubbing his hardened dick on my pussy and I trembled with a numbing desire.

I wanted him.

I wanted his scorching, scraping live part to enter my screaming, wet hole.

I closed my eyes to really feel him. I put my hands on his hips and met his pulsing manhood with my already wet cunt. Only our scant clothing prevented total skin contact.

I felt his embrace tightened crushing my body to his. Joined in a tight embrace, I let myself swayed with him. Our dance no longer relate to the tempo of the deafening music. Our body had created a dance of our own.

I boldly met his kiss when his lips touched mine. I opened my mouth when I felt his warm tongue searched a passage through my mouth. My tongue met his and let him sucked me. His breath was sweet; his saliva sweeter. And I liked it. And I sucked him hungrily in return.

The excitement of this kisses sent reeling sensations to my whole body. I shuddered and held to him tightly. The thought of my husband’s kisses dimmed from my memory. My detestation on his kisses that tasted tobacco or alcohol I’ve shoved at the back of my mind.

For the first time, I enjoyed the prying of a male’s tongue. It brought me to a height of excitement I have never felt on a kiss before.

My moral Catholic upbringing whispered guilt on me. I should not do this. I am a married woman. But I reasoned out this will be my first. This will be the last. I’ll never do it again. With this handsome, powerfully built stranger, in a far-away foreign country where nobody knows me, I will enjoy this exciting experience- just once.

I was surprised when I felt hard walls. Carlo was able to dance me to a wall partly hidden from the frolickers. He was still kissing me hard. His proving tongue sent a giddying feeling of excitement in my core.

One of his hands touched my breast, feeling its tender curves. It gingerly passed over my nipples straining from my soft bras. I gasped in utter desperation for I was expecting for more. One of his hands took mine and let me hold his extended part. “Feel me, baby. Hold me real tight,” he whispered harshly breathing deeply. His manhood was already out from its scanty g-string.

I grabbed his dick. “That’s it. Oh, squeeze me hard, baby. Ah fuck! I love that.” It pulsed as if it has a life of its own. I circled my fingers at its massive, bulbous head. There was already moisture at its head as I crushed my fingers on its hardness. The feel of a strange penis on my hand other than my husband’s had numbed my senses. I was terribly excited! Ironically, I’ve compared the two and I’ve found Derek’s penis pales in size with this I’m holding now.

I closed and opened my fingers sizing it and felt its heat scorching me to an unthinkable madness. “O baby, you’re driving me crazy.”

I surveyed its long shaft and felt his balls, and ever slowly played with its length. Fuck, but it was long. I circled my fingers on the expanded cap of his sword. It was simply gargantuan. “That’s it baby. Ahh. I like it; loved it. ”

Extreme desire to hold, kiss and lick his love bone burned through me. I almost forgot we were still in public. I started masturbating him the way Derek taught me. Slowly I teased the head with my fingers. I grasped his shaft and moved my hand up and down his hot hardness. I heard Carlo sighed, breathing heavily. “Ahh. I feel like a hog in heaven.”

I flicked the skin of his balls. I played at his sacs softly. “Baby, my seed is aching to mix with your juice. I like to fuck you but not here, please. “

His hand moved and found my mound. Unsatisfied by the obscuring sheer fabrics of my bikini, he pushed it down. I gasped when he touches my already wet pussy. “Ahh, baby, you’re so wet.”

When he massaged my labia I gyrated in ecstasy. I forgot kaçak iddaa we were still in a crowd, I removed his finger on my cunt and guided his penis to my entrance.

When I gently prodded its head in the softness of my labia he whispered “Hey baby, you’re hot. I like you. Let me have you. Let’s go to your place,” he almost gasped in my ear. “Please. Let me love you in your room. I wanted you to enjoy my loving in private.”

I was tempted to say yes, but I’ve left my passport on my dresser. I do not want him to know my true identity.

I still held his still pulsing dick. Holding it, I thought I now own the most precious thing in the world. Fired by this intoxicating feeling, I lost all the right reasons of what was right or wrong. There is only one right thing to do to have this man inside me. And shedding all my prudence and reservation I made that unbelievable decision I will not do if I’m home in New Manila. “Okey, let’s go to my room,” I said.

The distance was nothing compared to the intense desire of wanting him inside me. I even forgot about my guide.

I opened all the lights in my suite and looked at the man with me. He had removed his headgear releasing a swath of curly blond hair. He was smiling at me exposing pearly white teeth. There was a mysterious glint in his green eyes. He still wore the knitted g-string which almost hid nothing of his virility. I could see at the monstrous strain on the cloth that his manhood was ready for me. I swallowed hard as desire to touch it overtook me.

Carlo must be the most attractive man I’ve ever met.

Derek pales in comparison with this exciting man. True, he was always considerate to my financial needs. But he was always busy at work and he seldom had time for my needs as a woman.

He had given me some times in bed but he always left me wanting and unsatisfied. I seldom climaxed; and seldom experienced orgasm with him.

But I have been used to his wantonness. He was my husband. Being a subservient Filipina wife, I can’t ask for more.

And now that I have met someone to satisfy me sexually, I wanted to experience what a woman feels when a man made sex with her unconditionally. Now more than ever, I wanted to release all my pent-up unsatisfied yearnings for Derek’s coupling.

Now is my moment to feel how it is to be fucked with a man I desired. I will enjoy it wherever the consequence may lead me.

Carlo smiled and approached me hugging me tenderly. The touch of his naked hard body to my soft and silken skin, sent shivers and goose bumps that I gasped and shook uncontrollably. He sought my lips and kissed me softly while his hand sought the clasp of my bra. He unclasped it and gazed at my exposed breast. “You have beautiful brown tits, baby. So firm it seems untouched. Are you still single?”

I just looked at his green eyes and did not say a word.

He gently touched my puckered dark brown nipples and rubbed it tenderly. As if wanting to taste me, his mouth sought my taut nipples. He nibbled and suckled my nipples one after the other sending fires all over my hot body. Desire exploded inside me coursing through my veins. I felt my pussy pulsing, anticipating his dick to enter me. I am already very wet and orgasm might explode any moment now. But I wanted him to fuck me before I came.

My hands cupped his handsome face to stop his suckling my breast. And ever slowly as if memorizing the contours of his body I touched his jaw, his neck, his hard chest. I followed the trail of fine hair which sloped down to his stomach and above his bulging crotch. I stopped the urged of exploring his body with my touch when he held my hand and put it on his crotch. He smiled at me and removed his g-strings.

I am now shaking in urgent need to be satisfied. When my fingers found his dick, I closed it over its bulbous pink head. I looked at it the way I have wanted to do it with Derek’s penis. But I have never done it because Derek always fucked me with the lights out.

I held his sword at its shaft and looked at its reddish pink head. I saw the pre-cummed juice already at its small mouth and the desire to kiss it mounted strongly in my senses.

I obeyed my whispering impulse and knelt before him. I kissed the inviting head and tasted his pre-cum. It tasted sweet! I felt for the first time in my life how fulfilling it was. I put his swollen meat in my mouth and found it does not taste bad at all. Carlo held my head and moved. His penis sank half-way through my mouth. I almost gagged when it’s head reached my throat. But it was only temporary for when he slowly moved again, I felt his penis sliding out of my mouth. And when he pushed it back again, I almost fainted in an amazingly sweet surrender.

Carlo hugged me fiercely. “O baby, you’re driving me crazy. I want you. Please let me get inside you.”

“Yes. Yes, please fuck me. Let me have all of you now.”

Carlo removed my remaining underwear. But instead of penetrating me, with his kaçak bahis sword which was posed menacingly before me, he gazed and slowly passed his hand at my naked body.

I strained at his touches as it slowly passed at my nipples aching to be sucked. And when it passed at my leaking cunt it caressed its pubic mounds and touches the two labia opening it with fore and thumb finger exposing my pearly clitoris. He gently inserted one finger at my hole and removing it, he brought it to his mouth. “Mmm you tasted so sweet baby. I never tasted any cunt juice as sweet as yours.”

Delirious now with a desire to be fucked, I pushed him to the soft bed. I grabbed his penis and guided it to my entrance hugging his buttocks so that he slowly sunk inside me. With eyes closed I sighed a half-satisfied, “Mmmm, that was heavenly.”

I bit my lips as Carlo hugged my butt and without removing his huge penis laid me on my back and began his too slow pumping.

Wave after wave of delicious feeling gripped me as I feel his monstrous muscle slipping in out of the walls of my vagina. Satisfaction exploded in my brain and I groaned indelible grunt of happiness. It took just a moment before orgasm rocked me to tender oblivion.

Carlo continued pumping and another orgasm hit me before I felt him came inside me. Our joint warm juice flowed and it was only then that I remember we were not using protection in my haste to have him inside me.

But I dismissed the idea for now I do not regret having this man. Not even Derek has sent me soaring to a blissful plane of complete satisfaction.

When I opened my eyes, I found him smiling down on me. “Oh baby you were fantastic.” and kissed me tenderly. “I’m sorry we did it without proper protection.”

He rose up, his penis still prodigiously aroused. I rose up too and impulsively kissed it.

Oh how many times have I wanted to do this with Derek. I wanted to touch every part of him but propriety seems to accompany his every move. Even in bed he was proper. He never pet me. He never asked me what will make me enjoy making sex with him. He is the type which when aroused will simply shed off his pants and briefs. Often times I was still clothed but he will make intercourse with me in haste. When satisfied, he will rose, washed himself in the bathroom and that ended whatever emotions he had woke in me. He never really made me happy in bed.

Carlo smiled and let me touched him. He laid on his back and let me explore his body. I caressed his eyes and lips kissing him softly. When he opened his mouth, I inserted my tongue which he met with his eager tongue. He tasted sweetly. When he sucked my tongue I wanted to forget Derek. I only wanted the sweet kisses from him.

I explored his muscled body with my lips, kissing and teasing his erect slightly brown nipples.

I gingerly bit it feeling it hardening. This was a new experience for me as I ran my finger tips on his swollen nipples. “I thought only women’s nipple hardened to touches.”

Carlo gargled a laugh and teased me, “When were you born baby?”

“Please stop calling me baby. My name is Michelle,” I snarled at him.

He laughed softly. “I thought you wanted to remain incognito.” He cupped my face and kissed me deeply.

“Let me returned the favour this time, honey.”

He gently rose and helped me stand. He embraced me from my back and began kissing the nape of my neck. Tingling sensation I have never experienced before coursed through the nerves of my spinal cord, exploding in a giddying frenzy in my cunt. His lips slowly travelled the plain of my shoulder and back sending more erotic sensations to my whole body.

As he rain kisses in the valley of my butt, one of his hands started massaging my breast in circling motion. It settled on my nipples and rubbed both alternately. With the other hands, he made circular motion at my labia till he found my hardened clit. He hand-fucked me till I was almost delirious with excitement.

“Now, please Carlo. . .” I moaned.

“Not yet my darling,” he softly purred.

I almost exploded with the sensation he was doing and hearing the word of endearment, I almost could not contain it anymore. Derek never called me darling. This word came from the lips of a stranger I never even met before. This endearment engulfed me in a complete feeling of happiness.

“Please, please fuck me now,” I almost screamed. I tried to reach for his penis but he just kissed my aching flower which is now directly in front of his face. His mouth bit my brown labia tenderly. His tongue sought my pearl and tickled it with thrusts and withdrawal of his tongue.

I could no longer bear the sensations brought by his probing tongue, I knelt in front of his face and took his mouth. I kissed him deeply and hungrily. I pushed him backward and grabbing his dick inserted it in my pussy.

I pumped like mad with guttural sound escaping from my throat. I was happiest now as his swollen member gets in and out of my hole. I felt his pulsing love bone sowing his seed inside my womb but I kept pumping till I felt myself at the verge of orgasm. I tried to control it but it filled my inside and I came for times I can no longer count.

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