Temmuz 17, 2024

One of Those Days

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Thanks to Cyonis for reviewing and editing.


From the moment I got up that morning, I knew it was going to be a special day; sometimes you just have one of those days that everything goes wrong, everything you do backfires and you just can’t seem to do anything right, no matter how hard you try.

My name is Beverly, I am 46 and this is the story of what was supposed to be an ordinary Saturday, but turned out to be one of those days.

It started off as soon as I got up. I glanced at the alarm clock and realized I had overslept. It was 9.10. Normally, I go to the hairdresser’s on Saturday, but I was already ten minutes late for my appointment and I was still in bed. So I jumped out of bed and grabbed my cell phone, which was dead. Battery dead. Since hubby had to work on Saturday, I couldn’t use his so I had to go downstairs to get the charger from my purse. In getting up, I walked past the mirror of my bedroom closet and noticed a glob of sperm on my grey t-shirt, right where my tits were.

“Jeez Ryan,” I said as I looked at my shirt for a few moments, it still looked fresh and gooey. Truth be told, it was quite an impressive load. My husband likes to dump his morning load on me, especially my clothes before leaving for work. Usually I think it’s kind of funny, or even sweet, but right now, I was already very late and so it kind of annoyed me. I took it off, threw it on the floor and crossed the hallway into the bathroom to put on my chamber robe. Unfortunately, my 20-year old son was taking a dump right at that moment and got an eyeful of my naked body. Startled, I closed the door and walked back into my room, heading for my wardrobe, planning on putting on a clean shirt.

Unfortunately, I stepped on the soiled t-shirt with my right foot, smack in the middle of Ryan’s cum load. I cursed, sat down on the bed and used the inside of my soiled shirt to clean off my foot.

Then I put on a clean shirt and proceeded downstairs to go and get my charger. By the time my phone was sufficiently charged to make a call, another minute had passed and so when I called my hairdresser, my time slot had passed and there was no way of giving me another. With nothing else to do, and not in the mood to get back to bed, I decided to start breakfast. As the twins rarely get up before 10 in the weekend, I figured I had plenty of time. Keeping in line with today’s events, I spilled some milk on the floor. While I was cleaning that up, I suddenly heard Tyler gasp.

The shirt I was wearing barely covered my ass standing up, let alone bent forward; as I wasn’t wearing any panties – Ryan had shafted me pretty good last night – Tyler had just seen my cunt and ass in all of its glory, even a little spread open. Embarrassed and startled, I jumped up and scampered in behind the kitchen island.

“I am sorry mom, I didn’t know…” he stammered.

“It’s not your fault, hon,” I replied as I brushed the hair out of my face, cursing myself for not being more careful and not having put on underwear as quickly as possible.

Tyler sat down at the breakfast table, dressed in light grey pajama boxers and a loose black shirt. Moments later, his twin sister Dani walked in, wearing a sleeping gown and white panties, which were visible through her gown. I didn’t share my daughter’s lack of embarrassment and so I headed upstairs to go and change. When I came down, I continued making breakfast. Instead of helping me, they both sat across from each other, their eyes glued to their screens. Dani was texting someone – probably her boyfriend – on her cell phone, while Tyler was once again playing that infernal game.

“No cell phones at the table,” I gave them their first warning.

As usual, they ignored me, so I repeated myself, “Tyler, Dani, put the phones away!”

“Mmmm,” was all I got from Tyler.

“In a minute mom,” was Dani’s response.

On top of everything else, I burnt myself briefly on the pan and so, on top of all the minor setbacks I was having this morning, I was really started to lose my temper and any patience I had left.

“Guys, that minute’s come and gone, put it away please!” I said, doing my very best to stay calm. Even after I put down the pan with eggs, returned to the kitchen to get the orange juice from the fridge, they were still at it. I just stood there, waiting for an extra ten seconds, before giving them their final warning. “That’s it, any device that’s not switched off within five seconds, will be confiscated and the owner will be punished!”

Whether she was really impressed by the ultimatum or simple done texting for now, I don’t know, but Dani almost immediately switched off the phone and put down her cell phone at the edge of the table.

Tyler however continued playing feverishly and said, “One more minute mom, I’m close to defeating the level boss.”

“I don’t care if you’re playing in the Olympics right now, put… it… away!” I said. As Dani poured herself a cup of coffee, I walked over to the table, put down the orange juice and ataşehir escort bayan seeing that Tyler wasn’t even thinking of stopping, I realized I had no other choice.

“Five,” I started my countdown.

“Four… three,” I continued.

Tyler was getting nervous, but too caught up in the game to actually stop.

“Two… one, ” I said, moving towards Tyler, realizing I might actually have to make good on my treat.

“Zero, that’s it,” I sighed, “Hand it over!”

But instead, Tyler quickly stuffed his phone in his pajama boxers, thinking it would be safe there. Seeing the smug smile on his face as he looked at his sister across the table – who smiled back amused – only enraged me further. I was steaming mad by now, so I wasn’t going to let a little awkwardness stop me from making good on my treat.

I made a judgement call and leaned in, reaching into his boxers and grabbing the first thing I could find. Unfortunately it wasn’t his smartphone, but Tyler’s big, fat, ridiculously hard cock.

Tyler gasped and pushed his back against the back of the chair, looking down at my hand in his boxers, his mouth open in shock. By leaning back, his crotch was no longer hidden from sight by the table and so Dani now also had a clear view of his enormous erection, tenting his boxers. The fact that I had my hand wrapped around his massive shaft only made her gawk and stare even more. If I redrew my hand in shame, I would surely be the laughing stock for the rest of the weekend, so in the spur of the moment, I decided to make him as uncomfortable as I could.

“You think this is funny?” I asked angrily, flopping his cock around from left to right, probably loosely rubbing his shaft up and down in the process..

“Mom… I… that’s not… you’re holding my… ” Tyler whispered.

“Don’t interrupt me Tyler, I am really not in the mood… you’ll walk around naked for the rest of the day so you can’t hide your cell phone anymore, is that clear?” I asked, callously smacking his cock around, against his thighs and his stomach.

“But… [grunt] that’s my [grunt]… oh my god!” Tyler gasped. Feeling him tense up, I realized I had taken this a little too far and had underestimated how much excitement his young cock could take before spewing its contents. Reacting mostly on instinct, I stopped slapping his fat cock around inside his boxers, but because there was no reason to be cruel and ruin his orgasm, I was left with an impossible choice and only a brief moment to make it.

Feeling sorry for him after all, I began running my closed fist up and down his throbbing mast, jacking him off. The poor boy didn’t know what was happening, he howled and screamed at the top of his lungs as I could feel squirt after squirt of warm, thick cum gushing out of his cock, creaming my hand, the inside of his boxers and probably his cell phone, which was still in there too somewhere.

Dani couldn’t believe her eyes and just stared with her mouth half open as she watched her brother getting a lewd handjob from his mother. Her eyes grew even bigger, when after Tyler’s balls were emptied, I pulled my hand out of his boxers, held it up for everyone to see and whispered, very uncomfortable but staying in character, “Well… I think we’ve all learned our lesson.”

As Tyler hung his head back, moaning and enjoying the aftermath of this unexpected climax, Dani and I stared at the thick cum hanging down – and dripping down – my hand, onto the table. There was no code of conduct for this sort of thing, I was making this up as I went along. After ten seconds or so, I turned around and walked into the kitchen, wiping my hand off on the kitchen towel. As I walked back in and took my seat next to Dani , I threw the towel next to Tyler’s plate and said, “All right, let’s eat!” trying to normalize the situation.

A few seconds later, Tyler poked his head up, looked down at his crotch, reached into his boxers with his right hand and carefully pulled out his cell phone, which was completely drenched in spunk. After carefully putting it next to his plate, he picked up the towel and stood up.

Dani , who was just about to sip from her coffee, froze completely when she saw the enormous discoloration in her brother’s boxers, caused by his morning load. I was trying desperately not to stare as well.

“Were you serious, about my punishment?” he asked, looking at me.

Truth be told, with everything that had happened in the last two minutes, I had forgotten all about it, but now that he had brought it up again, I couldn’t go back on it, so I said, “Yes, no clothes for the rest of the day… well, let’s say until five thirty, no need to include your father in this.”

“Starting now?” Tyler asked.

“Yep,” I replied firm.

Taking a moment to gather his courage, and forgoing all shame and reservations, Tyler turned to the left and lowered his boxers, bringing his cock into view. Dani and I both gasped when we saw his massive cock. Even in the semi-flaccid state it was currently escort kadıköy in, it was pointing forwards instead of downwards. It was bigger and fatter than any cock I had ever seen before… and it had just climaxed. We gawked – nearly drooled – as Tyler used the towel to clean his cock and scoop up most of the cum in his boxers. Then, he took off the boxers, threw them on the floor behind him and sat back down, taking off his black t-shirt and throwing it on the floor behind him as well.

“There, happy now?” I said, as he began using the towel to clean his cell phone.

“And no cell phone for the rest of the day!” I added, figuring a more severe punishment would compensate for my inappropriate behavior.

“Mooom!” he whined.

“No tv, no laptop… and just so I’ll be to verify it, you’ll stay downstairs all day, where I can keep an eye on you,” realizing this was going to be hell for both him and me as I took his cell phone and put it next to my plate. God, how did I get myself into this. And to think that I was supposed to be at the hairdresser right now…

“Can I at least go and take a shower?” Tyler asked.

“What did I just say, Tyler?” I replied.

“But there’s cum everywhere,” Tyler stated, standing up and pointing at his crotch. Dani coughed up some coffee in her cup as her eyeballs nearly fell out of her sockets. I too took a few moments to gawk at his glistening balls, thighs and shaft – which still looked fat by the way.

“Too bad, you’re not going upstairs!” I said, getting my act together again.

“Can I clean up at the kitchen sink then?” he asked.

“Certainly not, that sink is for food and dishes, not for cum!’ I replied, realizing I was no longer punishing with my mind or my heart, but with my wet pussy.

“Fine!” Tyler exclaimed angry as he picked up his black t-shirt and began using it to scoop and clean off all the cum from his lower body, right in front of us. Although his back was towards us, we knew what he was doing, especially when he wrapped his t-shirt around his shaft and gave it a proper, probably longer-than-required, rubbing/polishing.

After throwing the t-shirt on the floor again, he turned around and asked, “Can I at least go and sit in the living room?”

“Yes, but no tv,” I replied, gawking at his massive cock, veering up and down as he walked away.

Dani , also flabbergasted by the size of her brother’s cock, just stared out in front of her, waiting for her brother to leave the room.

“I got it!” Tyler snapped angry as he walked into the living room, his massively hard cock leading the way.

“Was he… hard again?” Dani whispered softly, still staring out in front of her.

“It sure looked that way,” I sighed and swallowed.

“May I please be excused?” Dani replied.

I nodded, which was enough to send Dani galloping to her room. It didn’t take a genius to know what she’d be doing up there… anyway, I figured she wouldn’t come down again unless absolutely necessary, which suited me just fine. The less complications, the less awkward this day was going to pass by.

Unfortunately, I was wrong once again, because Dani came back down, not even ten minutes later, clearly relieved and suspiciously perky. After clearing the breakfast table and cleaning up the kitchen a little bit, I headed into the living room and sat down in the adjacent couch, grabbing a magazine and began reading. I had promised to keep an eye on Tyler and so I couldn’t leave him unattended. Tyler was reading a book, he had started over a year ago, but never finished. His cock had diminished in size and although it seemed to be completely at rest, it still looked massive. Dani, wearing a dark blue sweater and thick white socks, was sitting next to him, reading a book of her own.

For about an hour, I thought the worst of the day had passed and I was pleased to see the three of us reading, even if one of us was stark naked. Dani had slumped down gradually and reclined partially, her feet directed at Tyler, but since she wasn’t bothering him, I didn’t think anything of it.

Around 10.45, I put my magazine down and asked, “Who wants a cup of coffee?”

“Me,” Dani replied without looking up from her book.

“Yes please,” Tyler replied as he looked at me briefly.

I got up and headed into the kitchen.

About five minutes later, I walked into the living room and noticed that the atmosphere was a lot different than before. Dani was playing with her hair, something she only does when she’s nervous and Tyler was squirming uncomfortably. After glancing down between his legs for a moment, I realized why.

His cock was fully erect and throbbing. Although I suspected something, I couldn’t be sure, so I pretended to be none the wiser and headed back into the kitchen. I waited for about a minute and then carefully peeked around the corner. Dani , the little bitch, had both her feet – in white socks – in his crotch; her left foot at the base of his cock, while she rubbed her right foot up and bostancı escort down. She was unskilled and Tyler would never be able to cum like that, and she probably knew that. Her bitchy smile and her tongue flicking her lips confirmed my suspicion; she wasn’t doing this for his benefit… she was tormenting him. She knew he couldn’t do anything about it, or leave. I grabbed my cup of coffee and headed back in.

Except for Tyler trying to hide his throbbing cock behind his book, everything seemed fine. I put my cup of coffee down and then pretended to just then notice his large erection.

“Oh my,” I said, “Do you need to take care of that, Tyler?”

“What?” he asked flabbergasted, “Right here?”

Before I could say no and grant him an exception to go to his room and jack off in private, Dani interceded and said, “Off course, where else?”

“No, what I meant to…” I started to say.

“Or maybe mom can give you a hand again,” Dani snickered.

“Dani!” I exclaimed, fed up with her behavior.

“What?” she asked, genuinely confused as to why I was upset.

“Stop pestering your brother,” I warned her.

“You’re one to talk, you wanked him off!” she stated, feeling quite high and mighty there on her moral high ground.

I might have taken things a bit too far, but I was not going to stand for this kind of insolence, so I got even angrier and said, “Take off your clothes Dani, let’s see if you think it’s still funny then!”

“What, no way,” she said and got up as she walked towards the door.

Again I was forced to make an impossible decision, give up this fight, giving both Dani and Tyler a free pass to disobey me, or force her to take off her clothes in front of us. I had done it with Tyler and he seemed fine, so, determined not to take any crap from them today, I said, “Dani, if you want to go to that concert next weekend, you will turn around, take off your clothes and sit down next to your brother… and leave the attitude at the door.”

“That’s blackmail,” she shouted as she shot me an angry look.

“Call it what you want. It’s your choice, it’s either this punishment or another one…”

“And would dad say if he knew you jacked off Tyler, huh?”

“I don’t know… can’t be worse than hearing you giving Tyler a foot job, now can it,” realizing I was going to have to bluff my way out of this one. Although it was going to make this day even more awkward, I couldn’t stand for this insolence.

After weighing her options for a few moments, Dani sighed and took a few steps closer and began taking off her sweat pants, then her hoodie, leaving her with just her underwear. Hesitantly she took off her socks, then her bra and finally her panties.

“There, happy now?” she asked defiantly and sat down, crossing her arms in anger.

“Happy isn’t the word I would use,” I said, “Now that that’s settled, let’s return to the question at hand; Tyler, do you need to take care of something?” Cause if you do, you’re welcome to use the downstairs bathroom.”

After glancing over at Dani for a moment, ogling her curves and whatever was visible of her tits and legs, he said, “You know, why not?” and got up, heading for the bathroom, his massive dong veering up and down as he left the room.

Dani and I didn’t speak and didn’t even look at each other while Tyler was in the bathroom. After five or six minutes, he came back out with a flaccid, clearly spent dong. Dani looked up from her book as he passed her by and for a moment our gazes met across his shrunken cock.

With Tyler relieved and Dani in line, I was hoping the rest of the morning would pass by without a hitch. Unfortunately, I was wrong once again. About ten minutes later, Dani asked to go to the bathroom, which off course I allowed. Seconds later, she came running in, shouting, “Oh my god Tyler, you fucking pig, you’re so disgusting!”

“Hey, watch your language… what’s going on?”

“There’s cum all over the lid and the toilet seat,” she exclaimed furiously.

“I don’t care if you punish me or not, but I am going upstairs to pee… there is no way I am sitting down in… that,” she said, not even waiting for my response and scampered up the stairs.

I didn’t say anything as I could hardly blame her. I did however turn my attention to Tyler, who got up and headed to the downstairs bathroom, “I’ll clean it up,” he said.

I followed him, wanting to see this cum for myself, convinced that Dani was overreacting and that it was just a drop or two spilled in the heat of the moment. When I saw the toilet for myself, I had to discard that theory… the lid was open and the inside of it contained several globs and ropes of gooey cum, the seat itself was covered in dozens of drops. There was no way this had been an accident, this had been done on purpose. Tyler had whacked off and deliberately positioned his spunk in such a way that we were bound to notice…

“Jeez Tyler, Dani was right… that is so disgusting!” I said.

“I am sorry mom,” he said as he used toilet paper to wipe it all off.

I sighed, realizing I was going to have to punish him for this… I couldn’t very well stand for him shooting his cum anywhere he wanted. Dani came back down, at about the same time that Tyler had finished cleaning up.

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  2. whoah this blog is wonderful i really like reading your articles. Keep up the great paintings! You realize, a lot of people are hunting round for this info, you could help them greatly.

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