Temmuz 13, 2024

On Silent Feet

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(wrote for fun enjoy)

I move quietly into the hall, my bare feet slipping noiselessly across the thick carpet. I pause by our parent’s room. Dad’s snores sound lightly through the crack in the door. I’m tempted to open the door and cross to the bed. To slide a hand under Mom’s nightgown till it’s filled with her soft breasts. As I’ve done before. I know I could get away with it again. She takes pills to help her get to sleep.

Tonight though I have other breast in mind. My older sister Sandra had moved back in for a few weeks till she can get an apartment.

I’d heard her crying earlier. Looking into her room I saw Mom trying to comfort her. Mom had told me to go get the bottle of pills from her bedside table.

Sandra had taken two.

I pause at her door and listen. My breath is harsh, almost a pant as the excitement makes me shiver. I silently turn the knob. As the door opens I listen, but hear only her soft breathing. A nasally inhale that’s not quite a snore.

Slipping into the room I close the door and start towards the bed. I stop quickly and have to bite down on my bottom lip to keep from cussing as my big toe hits the caster of her suitcase.

Silently swearing I rub at my toe for a few seconds.

Damn that hurt!

Moving to the side of the bed I look down on my older sister. She lays in a sprawl, the way she has always slept. Her face is at peace now. The large bruises under her eyes are purplish black, but the swelling has gone down.

Sitting down on the side of the bed next to her I pull the sheet back a little. Her silk covered breasts rise up from her chest like small hills ready to be climbed. The thin black teddy she’s wearing is more for fun than comfort, but she packed in a hurry. Just dumping drawers into suitcases really.

First I place a gentle kiss on her lips, near the angry red split. I gently caress the soft material back from her shoulder. The bruising is darker there. Hard hands had gripped her with terrible force. Leaning in I kiss her shoulder, then her neck, all the while breathing in her scent.

I place gentle kisses on her lips then sit back up.

Slowly I peal back the cloth from her breast till the dark nipples appear. I watch her face, but see no change as I cup her with my ankara escort hand. I kneed her breast gently pinching the nipple between my fingers. Her breasts are still very firm. At twenty-eight she’s ten years older than me, but like Mom looks barely out her teens. Hell Mom still gets carded when she’s buying alcohol.

Baring her other breast I fill both hands with warm skin. My courage grows with the passing minutes. Leaning down I suck her nipple into my mouth, gently mouthing the dark skin. I push her breast together.

I go from nipple to nipple sucking hard now.

My breath catches in my throat as I hear a soft moan escape from her mouth. Now that I notice her breathing is faster now as well.

Stopping I sit back for a second, just watching her. Getting up I go to the door and listen to the sounds of the house. Dad’s snores have grown in volume a bit.

Going back to Sandra’s bed I pull the sheet off her. My eyes roam from her delicately painted toes, up across her slim ankles. Past the rose tattoo on her calf then across her knees. I place a hand on her silky thighs.

My fingers slide under the lacy edge of the teddy and under a thong. I smile as they go through fluffy curls. For some reason I had been sure she would be shaved smooth. Turning my hand a bit I spread her outer lips a bit till my thumb touches her clit. I gently rub it in slow circles, feeling it swell under my touch.

Leaning in I look at her face. She moans softly and her thighs open. My heart nearly stops then her hips lift up to my touch. She is slick under my fingers as I go back to gently rubbing her clit.

Looking at her face I see her panting, afraid I’m about to wake her I take my hand away. I pull the sheet back up to cover her, lifting my shaking hand to my face to wipe sweat away from my face I stop cold.

Oh god the smell of her!

I bury my fingers under my nose breathing in her rich scent. I lick the side of my thumb tasting the thick juices that cover it.

Panting in a near mad rush I pull back the sheet. Not caring if I wake her now I open her thighs and start kissing her inner legs. I pull aside the small bit of lace; the smell of her is overpowering. I bury my face into her pussy, my tongue licking and lapping at the slick folds. escort ankara I suck the taste of her off her skin and into my mouth reveling in the flavor.

She begins to moan now shifting her hips on the sheets. I slip my hands under her hips and hold her ass keeping her still as I devour her. I lick deep into her; the juices there are thick and strong flavored. I scoop them out and swallow them like honey. I feel fingers come to rest on my head, brushing my hair.

As I lash her clit with my tongue I feel shiver run through her thighs. Then they clasp hard on my shoulder and she moans deep and guttural.

And loud enough to worry me. I pull back quickly from her. Looking up at her face it’s aglow in the dim light. Her breast are rising and falling as she pants.

Her eyes are still closed! As I watch she slowly settles down to an even breathing. She rolls to her side. Her plump ass temps me for a second, then I figure I’ve pushed my luck far enough for one night.

I gently cover my sister back up and start to go. Then I stop and turn back to her. I gently knee walk onto the bed and leaning down place a soft kiss on her cheek. She snuggles down into her pillows.

Getting up I leave her side and make my way back out into the hall. As I pass Mom and Dads room I notice Dad’s snoring has stopped. Then I hear the flush of their toilet.

Trying to step lightly I hurry down the hall to my room. I hear heavy footsteps in the hall just seconds after my door is closed. They go past my door and down the stairs.

I know my father’s routine. He’s going to go make coffee. Mom won’t get up for a bit.

I have time.

Reaching down across my stomach I plunge fingers into the wet pudding between my thighs. They slide between my lips and into me easily. My thumb’s knuckle finds my clit from old habit. I shake and quiver as I rub my fingers up and down. Oh how wonderfully wet I feel.

I curl up on my hand grinding myself against my fingers. I moan, I can’t help it. I turn my head into my pillows. They muffle my sobs of pleasure as I continue to finger myself.

I hear my door open

“Honey are you alright?” asks my Mom sticking her head into the door.

I curl up around my self a little.

“Yea Mom just some cramps.” ankara escort bayan I tell her softly.

She crosses to the bed and sits down beside me laying her hand on my side.

“Poor baby.” She whispers. “My goodness you must be hurting your all sweaty. Why don’t you go take you a long hot soak? Breakfast will keep.”

She leans down and plants a kiss on my cheek. I notice a strange look cross her face then she’s getting up and leaving.

Sitting up I shake my head in frustration. Damn it. Giving a shrug, I get up and head for the bathroom. I can at least hope for some privacy if I’m naked in a tub. I’ve cum there more than once before.

Just as I’m about to open the bathroom door it opens before me. Sandra steps out looking like a raccoon with her two black eyes, but she gives me a smile. She steps up and gives me a hug. I feel her pause for second then she leans back giving me a strange look. Leaning in she sniffs at my face then a slow mischievous grin appears.

Her hands pull me in tight to her and I feel her bury her face in my hair.

I gasp as I feel her teeth sink into my neck and her mouth sucking at my neck just under my ear. I shudder as her tongue teases the skin pulled into her mouth.

Then she’s back away from me looking me I the eye smiling at me wickedly. “You are a very naughty little girl sis, but thank you.”

She brushes a hand across my breast giving my nipple a pinch as she walks past me towards the stairs. When I turn to watch her she looks back at me and winks. She runs the tip of her tongue across her teeth and grinning skips down the stairs.

I plunge into the bathroom and all but rip my clothes off in my haste to get at myself. In the mirror I see the hickey my sister just gave me. Leaning on the vanity, I bury my fingers up inside myself. Shuddering I look up at my sweaty face. Fingers aren’t enough. I grab up a brush from by the sink and run the handle into me.

On trembling legs I bite my lip to keep from screaming as I cum all over the handle of my hairbrush.

Panting I pull it slowly from out of me. The hard plastic brushes across my clit almost causing a second orgasm just that easily. I look up in the mirror at myself and give myself a grin at how sinfully flushed my face looks.

Turning on the water I fill the tub with vanilla bubble bath. Sinking into the warm suds I lean back and relax.

I shake my head wondering what tonight will bring. Once Mom and Dad are asleep.

And the house is quiet.

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