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On my way out of the ABS

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On my way out of the ABS
The wife is away for the weekend (again), so I took the opportunity to hit one of the local adult bookstores smack dab in the middle of the weekend. It was a typical, fairly busy, weekend visit, and I might write it up – but this isn’t about that. This is about what happened on the way out of the adult bookstore.

I had parked in the back of the place, which I always do. Most other regulars do the same, so their car isn’t seen from the road and recognized, and so that they aren’t seen and recognized walking in or out. And that’s where my problem began.

The driveway to the rear lot goes around the right side of the bookstore, which is on the left end of one of many strip malls. On the left and around back is a high hedge which provides privacy for everyone from the outside world, and there are a few rows of parking spots, along with a few handicap spots right up next to the back door of the place. I usually pull in and park in the farthest spot from the entrance, which is all the way in the back row, and all the way to the right. I figure this is the safest spot for my car and for me walking in and out. However, it does have one fatal flaw, which I never realized until today – it’s also the furthest spot to walk to when you leave.

Typically this isn’t a problem – contrary to what I’d heard or read before I started going there, everyone is pretty cool and laid back, and no one is really there to cause problems for anyone else. Everyone is just looking to have a little fun, most of the time without their wives knowing. Which is fine with me, since that’s why I’m there too. But the danger of going to an adult bookstore in the same area that you live is that there is a possibility – however remote – that someone may park and walk in while you’re walking to your car who you absolutely DO NOT WANT to recognize you.

Like, let’s say for example, YOUR PARENTS’ NEIGHBORS, who they get together with every week to have dinner together and play cards. And of course, that’s exactly what happened to me.

As I opened the rear door of the bookstore and started walking out, I noticed a familiar older car. I knew I had seen this beige late model Ford Taurus before, many times, in the driveway across the street from my parents’ house. They are a Polish couple, just a few years older than my parents. I immediately recognized the husband in the driver’s seat. He’s a short chubby gray haired senior citizen named Peter, who at 73 is 2 years older than my father. Of course, his wife Sue was not in the car with him. I have talked to her a few times. She’s a nice older Polish woman, also short and with gray hair, but much thinner than her husband, with fairly large breasts like I often see on Polish women, except that they hung much lower on her frame than I imagine they probably did a few decades earlier. I remembered she had recently celebrated her 75th birthday with her husband and my parents, and it was clear from the cocktail dress she wore that even her bra couldn’t raise up her large breasts, which now sagged down until the bottoms were even with her waist. They brought my late grandmother’s to mind, which sagged down to her waist in exactly the same way (which I noticed for many years before she passed).

Anyway, I saw Frank, but he didn’t appear to see me, so I turned around and went back to the store door. He parked in the first spot in the back, so I figured as long as I didn’t draw attention to myself or my car, he wouldn’t notice that either. There were quite a few parking spots, and parked cars, separating our two vehicles, and before I went back into the store through the back door, I watched for a moment from the dark entryway in the hope that he would start walking directly towards the door without surveying the parking lot, which he did.

I breathed a small sigh of relief and retreated back into the bookstore. The video booths are arranged in two rows of 6 booths. They all have gloryholes with no door to pull closed between the booths – the end booths have a single gloryhole, and the 4 booths in between have a gloryhole on both sides. The booth I was in this time was the one just before the end booth on the back row, making it the booth almost furthest from the bookstore’s rear entrance. Of the 12 booths, 4 were currently occupied in the first row, and 3 were being used in the back row. I took back my previous booth, which meant 4 booths full in both rows. Since there were empty booths on both sides way before Peter would get near the one I was in, I figured I would just wait until he got in a booth, and then get to my car and get out of there.

I sat on the tiny bench seat built into the booth wall and waited. Since it was the weekend, and the place is always pretty busy on the weekends, it didn’t surprise me at all when the end booth next to me became occupied. I tried to catch a quick peek in, just to make sure it wasn’t Peter (which it wasn’t), and relaxed a bit.

I didn’t recognize the man in the end booth, but I often don’t. I guessed he was probably in his mid to late 50s, and took note of his body size (fat), his hair (short and salt and pepper), along with the wedding band on his left hand. As I said, I don’t run into too many unmarried men here. They’re mostly all older married men who are either here for some fun without their wives, or here to explore that bi/gay side that seems to creep into most married men as we age, or both.

Older married men are what I really like, so I kept watching him. I figured as long as I didn’t exit my booth and run into him on the hall on the way out, I was pretty safe – so why not have just a little more fun? The man fed the video machine, which lit up the booth, making it easier to see him. He never looked at the gloryhole or me watching, but I watched as he slipped off his T-shirt. I was right – he was married, fat, and hairy. His chest and belly were covered in the same salt and pepper hair as his head, broadcasting his approximate age. He also had a really nice set of man boobs (one of the things I love about chubs) that illegal bahis would put quite a few women to shame, except for the hair on them.

A combination of things mean that I don’t usually get too big or hard anymore, and if I do, I can’t usually keep it up. It also means I usually cum prematurely these days, sometimes before I can even get it out of my pants, and sure enough, I could feel my soft cock making a wet spot in my boxers already while I admired his hairy married man tits.

I’m not a fan of big dicks, and wondered what he was going to have. He didn’t keep me waiting though, and quickly slid his pants and underwear down around his ankles, exposing himself completely. I always love seeing a nice married man come in and expose himself in those booths, knowing full well the occupants of the booths with the connecting gloryholes can see him if they have the nerve to look through the hole (although not as many have the nerve to do it as you would think). While they undress, I always enjoy thinking about what his wife, family, and friends would think if they saw him now.

As he slid his pants and underwear off, his already hard cock stuck out, just clearing his belly. Mmmm, I thought, what a perfect size to match his hot body. Not too big, but still able to get hard and stay hard, at least for a while (lucky guy). It wasn’t overly thick or wide, and I guessed it was probably around 5 inches long, with a mushroom head that flared out wider than his shaft. I wondered for a moment if his wife no longer put out, or if he was here because cheating turned him on, or if like me he was here because his wife moved on to real men.

He sat down on the tiny bench, his ass just catching part of it, and started stroking his cock. I watched intently, trying not to shift around too much, as I didn’t want to draw too much attention to myself if he didn’t want to be watched, and I didn’t want to blow the load from my already aching (again) balls in my pants or too soon. He watched the video, which I glanced at to see what he was watching. No women – this older married fatty was watching a fat guy like himself fucking a much younger man.

I looked back at him as he lifted a hand to his tits. He started playing with his own fat boobs as he jerked his hard little cock with his other hand. He would alternate from closing his eyes momentarily as he tweaked his nipples to watching the video. It was such a hot scene I forgot about Peter completely, and dropped my pants and boxers to the dirty floor. I stepped out of them, and put my face back at the gloryhole, watching this bouncy old husband play with his sexy mantitties and stroking his hard cock. He would occasionally drop the hand from his boobs to his belly and jiggle it, then lift his apron and let it drop down, slapping his cock head with his own fat apron.

Fuck, I thought, that’s so hot. Like so many of us, this old daddy got off on himself being fat… he loved his own round fat feminine body. I watched intently as he would alternate from his tits to his belly, lifting his gut and letting it slap his cock, and then bouncing and teasing his giant daddy breasts as he slapped his cock against his belly.

I watched and idly played with my flaccid cock. I pulled my own T-shirt off so my own man tits were exposed. Watching his sexy fatness got me so hot that I reached into one of the pockets of my cargo pants and pulled out one of my wife’s bras, which nicely fits both my chest circumference and my cup size (if you have seen my wife, you know she doesn’t have huge tits for a BBW her size; if you haven’t, go look at some pictures of her in my galleries – I’ll wait… see what I mean? Many guys who look at her say the same thing – her tits are small for her body size… but that makes her bras fit me, so it works out). I put my wife’s bra on, which made my own tits stand out quite nicely, and adjusted the shoulder straps a bit so they were perfect.

I returned to the gloryhole to see my sexy fat daddy, who was still in his routine as it only took me a few minutes to get the bra on. My cock got to about half mast and throbbed as I kneeled there at the gloryhole in her bra watching him. A few more minutes passed, and suddenly the video that was playing ended abruptly. The video playback network system returns to a blue screen between movies for a moment, before proceeding to the next movie you selected, or a random movie, or the menu.

That solid blue screen is plenty bright enough to light up the entire booth… which I completely forgot in my excitement was also plenty bright enough to light up the gloryhole in the wall of that booth. For the first time, with a hand on his fat tits and a hand on his little throbbing dick, his eyes glanced to the now-illuminated gloryhole, and looked directly at me. I was caught. I was right in the opening, obviously watching. He couldn’t see my cock, but my face and my bra-covered tits were clearly visible. For a moment, he freaked out – I am sure he must have seen men watching his sexy body before, but he didn’t know I was there so I think he was startled.

I put my hands under my tits and pushed them up with my bra, as I whispered, “please don’t stop” to him. He must have liked my wife’s pretty bra, because he quickly returned to stroking his cock. I asked him softly if he liked my tits, and he whispered that they were better than his wife’s have ever looked. With that compliment, my body jerked slightly but uncontrollably with a premature hands-free orgasm as my small partial erection dribbled my cum out on the floor of my booth at his words.

I played with my nipples through the bra cups as I shook slightly with the last few drops, then lifted my tits to make them look pretty for him through his viewing hole. He asked me softly if I just came, and I nodded. Then noticing my own wedding band, he asked if my wife knew I was here. I told him never, as I suspected his wife didn’t either. He said, “my wife would kill me if she knew I was here, even before she found out what I like here.”

“And what do you like here, daddy?”, perabet I asked him as I did my best to make my tits look as big as possible.

“I come here when my wife can’t give me what I need. When I need to be gay. When I need to watch gay porn and watch other live men here explore their own gay sides.” I just nodded, and he continued. “And when I want to show off my fat belly and ass and my huge tits to little gay married boys”, he said. “Do you like my hard daddy cock and my fat hairy belly and tits?”, he asked me.

I nodded again, but he wanted more. As he stroked his cock and his tits, he said, “I can’t hear you son… do you like my fat hairy daddy body? Are you glad to be here instead of home with your wife?” I swallowed hard and started to shake a bit as I hissed, “Yessss daddy I do”, as another small spontaneous orgasm leaked from my soft cock down my chubby hairy legs.

He started stroking his beautiful cock hard, and looked me right in the eyes, Nd said, “Did you just cum boi?” It was obviously turning him on a lot. I said, “Yes daddy, for the second time since I started watching you.” With that, he stood up. He fed the video machine so he didn’t get any complaints, and started shambling towards my gloryhole. He dropped his arms to his sides, which allowed his tits and belly to drop to their natural positions. Everything was bigger than mine – his belly, his cock, and his tits.

I couldn’t help it; seeing this married older daddy’s body coming towards me, and knowing he was here cheating on his wife just like me made my hand go instinctively to my own little cock. And every time I touch my soft little cock, I remember exactly why my wife moved onto real men about 8 years ago. Others might try to claim it’s their wife’s fault they turned bi or gay – but not me.

My wife was the one who first put a bra on me too, and slowly started to dress me, complete with wigs and makeup, to make me a non-passable part-time crossdresser. I’ll never be passable, but I did gain 2 cup sizes since that first bra she put on me.

When my wife gave me a female name when I was dressed (“Danielle”), and moved from calling me, her own husband, a fag in that context, to calling me it anytime… well, I knew the writing was on the wall. The last time she touched me was 8 years ago, but I know she helped me to become who I am now…

My mind snapped back to the now as my fat married daddy approached the gloryhole, only a few inches from my face. He moved forward another step, and lifted his fat apron with both hands. My god, that is so sexy. I so wanted to touch that big soft feminine sexy hairy belly, but my older daddy had other plans.

He said, “And does your wife know that her husband is a big tit bra wearing cock sucking faggot?” I moaned, as he continued, “Because I know that you are a cock sucking faggot. I’ve seen you suck cocks from the other gloryhole a few times boi.” Oh fuck, this sexy fat daddy has got me now. He remembers me, he knows what I am, he knows what I will do.

I opened my mouth and leaned forward, squashing my bra covered tits against the bottom of the opening as I took his bare daddy cock in my mouth without a second thought. I moved my eyes up his body as I swallowed his entire cock over and over, and watched as he pulled and twisted his own nipples. This beautiful fat sexy married daddy started getting nastier with his words, as he started moving his wide hips in and out, fucking my mouth with his little fat dick. I closed my eyes and lived in the moment, enjoying his cock and his words…

“Suck it faggot… yessss you are a good little cock sucking bitch… I wish my wife had your tits you fat little tranny slut… I knew I wouldn’t need condoms for you… yeah suck daddy’s dick deep you little fag slut boi!”

When he said my first name, I lost all control. I reached through the opening and put grabbed his fat ass with both hands, pushing him further into the opening and further down my throat, as my own cock briefly hardened and exploded all over the wall between us. That pushed him over the edge, and his hard little cock exploded. I moaned as his first rope of bare cum hit the back of my throat. I felt the tube along the bottom of his cock pulse with each rope of cum he shot down my obviously gay throat. He told me my mouth, like my tits, blew his wife’s away. He said my first name one more time as his last shot hit my tongue.

As he slowly pulled out of my mouth and started to back away, I heard him say that this was his first blowjob here. He said he had been coming and jerking off, but never worked up the nerve to do anything more… and wasn’t sure he was ever going to be able to actually cheat on his wife of 32 years… until he saw me and my tits in his gloryhole. That’s when he decided it was the time.

Meanwhile, my own senses started to return. My brain started back up. I didn’t know this sexy married gentleman, so how did he know my first name? He did say he had seen me sucking before, but I’m not sure I’ve ever given anyone my first name. But I know that hearing him say it was like he dropped an atomic bomb on me… I lost control completely. I was going to ask him, but as my faculties returned and I snapped back to the reality of my situation, I realized that: a) daddy said he watched me through the gloryhole other times; b) I had totally lost track of Peter, my parents’ neighbor; and c) the other gloryhole on the other side of my booth was lit up from the video screen. In the depths of my service to my fat old daddy, I never noticed the booth attached to the other gloryhole in my booth became occupied.

My heart skipped a beat. I was on my knees, naked except for one of my wife’s bras supporting my fat tits, and I had just swallowed a stranger’s cum… and my parents’ neighbor and friend might have seen the whole thing? I pushed that thought from my mind. I figured by now, if it WAS Peter, he would have left so I didn’t know HE was here. Wouldn’t he be worried I would tell HIS wife or my parents? Or if he wanted to confront me, he would have done it by perabet giriş now and called me out. I relaxed slightly at the thought.

My new daddy was starting to get dressed, but he was looking at me now. So I leaned back on the dirty floor of the booth, still only in the bra. My bare ass was now in contact with the filthy booth floor, and that disgusting thought made my cock hard finally. I tilted my head so I was looking down my own cleavage as I started stroking my cock, putting on a show for daddy.

He finished dressing, and just watched me through the hole from his side now, at the obscene view on the floor of my booth. I lifted my ass slightly from the floor, to show him that I have a nice round fat ass too. My new daddy said, “Are you gonna let your fat daddy in there next time, baby?” I kept stroking and put my other hand under my ass, then lowered my ass down on it, inserting a finger in my ass as I did. Then I smiled at him and nodded. He said, “Let me hear you say it, son.” I whispered that I would, and he said, “LOUDER.” I closed my eyes, pushed another finger in my ass, and said out load, “YES! I WANT MY BIG FAT DADDY TO FUCK MY ASS AND CUM IN IT!”

I didn’t realize he had unzipped his pants and was jerking off. And at hearing me practically yell that, he stuck his cock through the gloryhole and shot his second load. It felt like slow motion, and then suddenly it hit me, and I was covered in his cum. It was on my legs, my cock and balls, my belly, my tits, my face…

And before I could get up, he said he will see me again, and left his booth. I certainly hope so. As I laid there with my head closest to the other gloryhole, covered in his cum, I could hear the telltale slapping of the man in the other booth jerking off. I couldn’t see him, at least not from my angle; I figured he might be sitting on the little bench.

I got up, still covered in my new daddy’s cum, and walked over to the gloryhole. I said through the hole, “Do you want me to suck your cock?”, and filled the gloryhole with my bra (and now cum) covered tits and my open mouth (cum still dripping from my chin to my cleavage).

The man in the next booth didn’t say anything, but got up and moved to the gloryhole. From what I could see, he was kind of short, chubby, and covered k gray hair, just what I like of course. He shoved his cock in my mouth and hit the back of my throat. I gagged, which prompted a quiet moan from him, followed by another thrust to the back of my throat, another gag, another moan, and so on. I stopped for just a moment to ask him if he liked my fat titties. He just moaned and I took him back in my mouth.

Suddenly, this new older stranger who had been fucking my throat was reaching his point of no return. I could feel his balls tense when they hit my chin. I pulled the bra down, exposing my bare tits to him. That was more than he could handle… the first rope of cum hit the back of my throat and went down before he even got the words out…

And then he said, “oh FUCK I’m cumming!”. And I thought, OH FUCK. I recognize that voice. It WAS Peter, my parents’ neighbor. I was on my knees, sucking his cock, and he was cumming down my threat. And then he said my first name, which caused another spontaneous orgasm to drip from my soft cock. Finally Peter unloaded the last of his spunk down my throat, the throat of his friends’ son, and said, “I never knew what a fat faggot you were! Swallow it all son!”. And I did, fuck yes I did. I swallowed every single drop of Peter’s load. God I love older men, and like I said at the beginning, Peter is 73. I feel so lucky when I get a man over 70.

He slowly backed out of my mouth. I was still on my knees, my tits pulled out the top of my bra, still covered in cum, and I had just sucked off an old man who not only knew who I was… he knew who my parents are, AND he sees them every week. I had no idea what to say, so I waited. He got dressed, and then he spoke…

He said my name again, and then said, “You just sucked my dick better than Sue ever has.” (Sue is his 75yo wife with the big saggy breasts) “And there was a time Sue had better tits, but not now… her nipples reach her belt!” And for proof, he showed me a few pics on his phone… of his wife’s huge sagging tits. I couldn’t help it, I started stroking my cock seeing these. As he kept swiping through pics, he got to his most recent… pics of me sucking my new daddy off! Oh FUCK… I thought… what is he going to do… he can show those to my parents, and it would only be my word against his photos. He had also captured a few videos of me doing it. I was suddenly terrified… and couldn’t stop stroking my cock.

He said to me, “Don’t worry… these are just for me to enjoy… if you’ll let me keep them. If not, I’ll delete them right now.”

To me there was only one choice. I WANTED Peter to keep the pics and videos. And I told him that. He smiled big. Then I told him, “Get the camera ready!” He pointed it at me and started taking pictures of me… of the son of his neighbors and friends… totally nude, with cum still on me, my big tits out, and jerking my cock while he photographed me. It was obvious Peter was making sure my face was in every frame – when he looks at these, he wants to know they are ME. I couldn’t take it… not only was I letting him keep the pics he took… I was helping him take MORE that exposed me with my face! He just starting recording video when I lost it… I leaned back and my cock exploded. He said my name as I shot rope after rope in the air, first hitting my own belly, then my tits, and finally my face. Before he stopped the video, he said, “Wow, you ARE a faggot!”.

Peter is right. I AM a faggot. I have been for years. I love the word, and I’m proud to have the label.

I got dressed and we walked out to our cars together. He showed me that last video… I can’t believe he has a video of me giving myself a facial. It was so hot!

I gave him my mobile number and a few of my private chat usernames, so we can chat without Sue or my wife knowing about it. He promised me that neither my parents nor anyone else would ever know about this or see the pics and videos. I believe him.

We are going to meet at the bookstore again next weekend. He is going to bring one of his wife Sue’s bras and a pair of her panties for me to wear. I can’t wait!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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