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Obsessed with Aunt Laura Ch. 05

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I woke up to the sound of my phone buzzing on the nightstand beside the bed. I reached over and grabbed it and looked at the screen. The first thing I noticed was that it was almost noon. So much for waking up early. I then saw I had 13 text notifications from Lauren. I was worried something had happened but when I read them, they were all messages wondering if I was awake or if I had initiated my pool plan yet. I couldn’t help but smile and wonder if I had created a monster. A horny sex crazed monster. I rubbed my eyes a few times and then started typing a reply.

“Hey babe, I just woke up.” I sent. “I totally should have set my alarm.”

I then realized I was still naked from the waist down. Not the first time that’s happened recently, but this time I was at aunt Laura’s. I wondered if she came to check on me before she left and saw me in my glory.

“Omg finally! I thought you were doing stuff without me!” Lauren’s text said. “I could barely sleep I was so excited!”

It sounded like Lauren was enjoying this more than I was, even if I was sporting a serious case of morning wood that was causing the bed sheets to form tent suitable for a family of five to camp in.

“Sorry, I must have been really tired from the train ride here.” I said, while I was also secretly blaming last night’s activities for my fatigue.

“Well now you missed your chance to ride your aunt!” she quickly replied. Did she expect it to go that far, on what she thought was my first attempt at seducing aunt Laura? Or was she still horny as hell and just thinking up scenarios?

“Jeez! Someone’s feeling porny this morning!” I sent. All things aside I did really want to take a morning swim. But based on the time I guess I’ll have to settle for an afternoon swim.

I pulled the covers aside and got out of bed. I remembered I left my pants upstairs in aunt Laura’s room, so I figure I’d just put on my swim trunks and head to the pool. I actually hadn’t fully unpacked yesterday so I had to dig around for a second before I found them. Instead of putting them on, however, I left my room with them in hand. Something about having my hard cock out in aunt Laura’s house was so exciting, like she could come around the corner at any time and see me. I made a pit stop in the bathroom when Lauren’s next text came in.

“Well yeah I’ve been waiting forever for you. You should be grateful I’ve been saving it and I didn’t jack off last night or this morning.”

I’m not quite sure why but Lauren also used the term “jack off” for herself, even though she was missing a key appendage for that activity. It was kinda weird and hot at the same time.

“Speaking of which, I had a nice tent in the covers when I woke up. I didn’t have my pants on just in case aunt Laura came to check on me.” I said.

“Oh I wonder if she did!”

“I hope.” I said as I finished in the bathroom and, now wearing my swim shorts, made my way down the hallway to the pool.

Uncle Mike and aunt Laura added the pool on when they first moved into this house, since it is located where the gym used to be before they moved it to another room down the hall. They renovated the entire room so it was a lot bigger, and because of this they were able to convert it to a walkout style pool room that went right into their huge backyard that faced a small lake. If you were to see an aerial shot, their house would resemble the ‘T’ brick from Tetris. They made the ceilings mostly glass so the sun could come in, and only the wall facing out to the backyard had windows so the neighbors couldn’t see in. The wall attached to the hallway inside the house also had windows looking into the pool room.

When I got to the door I stopped and looked through the window and what I saw made my stomach do a flip. Inside was aunt Laura, in a very revealing lime green bikini, getting some sun asleep on a lounge chair. Her bikini was so tiny that the huge pair of sunglasses she was wearing looked like they covered more surface area. My cock sprang back to life at the sight of her. I couldn’t believe it and immediately had a naughty idea.

“Babe you aren’t going to believe this.” I sent to Lauren.

I switched to my camera app and, while trying to adjust for the glare in the window, took a picture of aunt Laura and sent it to Lauren. I sent another, more zoomed in picture that was clearly focused on her tits and sent that one too.

“Holy shit! Is that your aunt?!” she quickly replied. “Good lord she’s fucking hot! Her body is so sexy and her boobs are huge!”

“I told you! I think she’s sleeping because she hasn’t moved at all.” I sent. Hearing Lauren get excited about aunt Laura was in turn making me excited. Or, at least, more excited than I already was.

“You should go in and get a closer look.” she said.

“What?!” I replied, acting as if I wasn’t sure that was a good idea. Of course I was going to go in, I just had to put on a show.

“C’mon, just be careful and if she wakes up adalar escort just say you were going to go for a swim.”

I quietly made my way in and began my plan. I carefully put my towel down on another lounge chair and slowly walked over to her. When I was standing beside her, I took another picture and sent it to Lauren. This time I had angled it so you could see my swim shorts at the bottom of the frame, with my hard cock causing them to tent.

“Oh my god you’re really doing it!” she said. “You look excited baby.”

“I’m so afraid she will wake up!” I replied. In truth I wanted her to be asleep while my plan unfolded. “I want to try something.”

“What are you going to do?”

I flipped back to the camera app and began recording a video this time. The camera was pointing down at aunt Laura for a few seconds before I angled it to bring my lower body into frame again. I brought my hand to my cock and started rubbing it through my swim shorts. After a moment I slowly pulled them down, causing my cock to spring free. I stroked my cock for a few seconds while I made sure to keep aunt Laura’s tits in frame. I stopped the video and then sent it to Lauren.

I moved back a bit so I didn’t accidentally bump aunt Laura’s chair. I was starting get that warm familiar feeling as I realized I was basically reenacting what I did last night in aunt Laura’s room. I wondered if the same thing would happen. Or better yet, if something more would happen.

“Oh my god I can’t believe you just did that! I’m so fucking horny baby!” Lauren’s text said. “I want more!”

I wanted more too but I didn’t want to go crazy just yet. I slipped off my shorts and then carefully stepped over aunt Laura’s chair so I was now somewhat straddling it. I lowered myself so my cock was now hovering an inch above her cleavage. I opened up the camera app and started recording again. I started at the base of my cock and slowly panned upwards, past her massive tits that surrounded most of my shaft, until the camera reached the tip of my cock which was resting directly under her chin. I held the camera high enough that I could get everything in frame. I wanted to fuck her tits so badly, and if I lowered myself an inch more I’d basically be doing just that. Instead I took hold of my cock again and stroked it a few times before stopping the video.

“How’s this? I want to fuck her tits so bad.” I said before sending Lauren the video. I stood up somewhat and looked back down at aunt Laura, and at that angle my cock blocked almost the entirety of her face. I wanted nothing more than to rub my cock against her lips and force my way into her warm mouth again. But I knew if I did then she’d definitely wake up, which means we’d possibly do some sexy stuff, which also meant I’d have to make up some excuse as to why I stopped texting Lauren so suddenly.

As much as I didn’t want to, I stood back up and took a step back from aunt Laura. I was surprised I was able to do all of this without her waking up. I now pondered what I wanted to do next. I still somewhat wanted to try my pool idea, but I knew it wouldn’t make sense to Lauren at what aunt Laura would probably do instead of what she thought she’d do. My phone buzzed in my hand again, and I saw Lauren sent two messages.

“Oh fuck! Her tits would look so good wrapped around your cock baby!”

“Those are definitely bigger than game store girl’s.”

For the brief moment they made contact in the shower last night, I had to agree with her first text. I almost wanted to get back in my straddling position and try putting my cock between them for real. I took a few steps away so I was standing near where I dropped my towel.

“I’m not sure what else I can do without waking her up.” I said to Lauren. “I’m at the point where I might try something and she will freak if she catches me!”

I already knew, based on last night, that aunt Laura wouldn’t freak if she caught me doing something to her. Of course Lauren didn’t know that, but I had to keep up with the illusion. Just like street magic.

“So I guess you won’t fuck her, huh?” Lauren asked.

I nearly dropped my phone after I read that message. Other than picturing it happening when I was with Lauren, I never actually thought of fucking aunt Laura for real. It was always just a bunch of foreplay. But was Lauren really expecting me to try to do that already? By the sound of it she seemed like she was ok with it happening, too.

“Yeah right, want me to get in trouble with my whole family?” I replied. “I feel like doing this much was crazy enough.”

Just then I heard aunt Laura shift around in her chair, which startled me because for a second I forgot she was even there. She rolled over so she was now on her stomach but was still asleep. I looked over and saw that her ass was now on full display. I got a bit closer and took another picture for Lauren.

“Aunt Laura rolled over and I almost had a heart attack!” anadolu yakası escort I sent to Lauren and included the picture I just took.

My cock was aching and seeing my practically naked sexy aunt in front of me was driving me crazy.

“Oh god, you should stick your cock between that.” Lauren replied.

I walked back over to her and got on my knees by the foot of the lounge chair. I let my cock rest in the space between her feet and took another picture. I ever so gently grabbed one of her feet in each hand and moved them closer together so they were now touching either side of my cock. I took another picture and then sent them both to Lauren. I put my phone down and then grabbed aunt Laura’s feet again and gently pressed them together, sandwiching my cock between them. I started to move them slowly up and down the length of my shaft, finally getting the foot job I wanted last night. If I had an extra hand I could have recorded this for Lauren. I kept going until I heard my phone vibrate on the floor. I gently put aunt Laura’s feet back in their natural position and checked my phone.

“Oh baby! Fuck her feet!” she said. I loved getting foot jobs and Lauren knew that first hand.

“I tried a little, but I couldn’t record since I had to use both hands. God I need to cum so bad!” I sent back to her.

I straddled the chair again but this time I was farther up and right over aunt Laura’s juicy ass. Her bikini bottoms were so tiny that the string of fabric disappeared between her ass cheeks. I slowly lowered myself again, not wanting to accidentally bump her with my steel hard rod. I stopped half an inch above her ass, when I suddenly thought ‘what the hell?’ and lowered myself all the way so my cock was now resting nicely on her ass crack. I took a picture and sent it to Lauren. My cock started leaking precum and it dripped down and landed right above aunt Laura’s waistband. I rubbed more of my leaking precum around the tip of my cock, pulled the tiny piece of fabric from between aunt Laura’s ass out and to the side, replaced it with my cock, and began recording a video. I started dry humping between her cheeks for a few seconds until until I couldn’t take any more. I needed to cum, and if recording it for Lauren while I used aunt Laura’s ass was what sent me over the edge then that’s what I was going to do. I pulled back a bit, aimed my cock down and pushed forward. It began disappearing between the valley that was her ass cheeks and I didn’t stop until I felt the tip reach her asshole. I wanted to keep pushing forward until I heard a soft moan come from aunt Laura.

I stopped the video and quickly stood up, suddenly afraid of getting caught. I took a few steps back and made sure aunt Laura wasn’t waking up. Once I took a second to regain my senses, and remembered aunt Laura probably wouldn’t have minded what I was doing, I sent the video to Lauren.

“Was I just trying to fuck aunt Laura’s ass?” I thought to myself. The past few minutes felt like a blur and I couldn’t believe what I was doing, not to mention showing it all to Lauren as I was doing it. I looked back at aunt Laura and took hold of my cock, stroking myself slowly as I tried to decide what part of her I wanted to use next. Lauren’s next texts came in.

“Holy shit! You put it in her ass?!” she asked. “Was that her moaning at the end?”

“God baby I almost did but I thought she was waking up when she moaned so I stopped the video and got up.” I replied.

My head was spinning I was so aroused. I couldn’t decide if I wanted to fuck my aunt’s feet, ass, or tits. Not to mention my girlfriend cheering me on via text messages. I felt like the luckiest guy in the world.

“Oh fuck babe I almost came when I saw you put your cock between her ass. I bet that felt so good for you.”

“It felt amazing. I think I should stop before she really does wake up but I wanted to cum so bad.”

“You should cum on her ass, or try rolling her over and cum on her tits!”

While both options did run through my mind, I was hoping aunt Laura would be awake and actually helping me get off.

“Is it weird that… I want to cum in her mouth?” I asked Lauren.

“Fuck no, I want to see that happen!” she quickly replied.

The only way I see that happening is if she was already awake, but then I wouldn’t be able to record it. It wouldn’t be believable to Lauren if aunt Laura just happily took my cock in her mouth and sucked me off until I blew my load down her throat. Not yet anyway. My cock was still leaking precum as I was exploring my options.

“She would definitely wake up if I jammed my cock in her mouth.” I said. “I do really want to cum on her tits though.”

Almost as if she could sense my text, aunt Laura shifted on the lounge chair again, returning to her original position on her back. Thanks to all the moving around she was doing, her tits had popped out from behind the tiny pieces of ataköy escort fabric and were now proudly on display.

“I think today is my lucky day!” I sent to Lauren. I moved back beside aunt Laura, snapped a picture of her now bare tits, and sent it as well. I got on my knees and bent over close enough to her that I could smell the lotion she must have used before falling asleep. I looked up to make sure she was still asleep, and when I knew for sure that she was, I lowered my face down to her tits. I opened my mouth and was about to close it around her nipple when my phone started to buzz. Another perfectly timed text!

“Her tits are amazing, they look so yummy” Lauren said. “I want to watch you cum on them!”

I shook my head smiling at the words of encouragement I was getting from my loving girlfriend. Or were they instructions?

“Believe me, I’m almost at that point.” I replied.

I started stroking my cock again. I opened up the camera app, this time flipping to the front facing camera and aimed so the lower half of my face and aunt Laura’s massive tits were in frame. I lowered my mouth again, this time not stopping for anything, and closed my lips around her nipple. I was finally tasting aunt Laura’s tits and I almost blew my load as soon as my mouth touched her skin. I sucked and licked her nipple gently, not wanting her to wake up. I was getting close so I gave her tit one last suck and stood up and reassumed the straddling position I had earlier. I aimed the camera downwards so my cock was in frame just below aunt Laura’s tits, or at least I hoped it was since I was still using the front camera and couldn’t watch what I was recording. I stroked faster as my orgasm hit me and I started cumming. I aimed at her left nipple and started covering it with shot after shot of cum before switching to her right and covered that one too. At this point I didn’t care if she woke up, I was in heaven and was enjoying every minute of it. As I was swapping between each nipple I shot a few ropes upwards that landed on her neck, which almost made me want to finish on her face. I made sure to, hopefully, keep everything in frame as I finished coating her tits. I brought the camera in close to show off my work and then stopped the video.

I noticed Lauren sent me a text during my filming session. I opened it and saw the attached image she sent. It was a POV style picture with the camera pointed down her body, showing her naked from the waist down. Her legs were spread and she was touching her pussy. She had two fingers inside herself and the message said “Wish I was there.”

I wished she was here too, so all three of us could have fun together. I sent her the video, stood up, and took a seat on one of the lounge chairs beside aunt Laura to catch my breath. My knees were really sore from all the various straddling positions I assumed but how it all ended was worth it. I looked back over at aunt Laura and thought about cleaning her up but I didn’t want to wake her. Plus she might like the present I left for her. I looked down and saw my cock, still rock hard as if I hadn’t just blown my load a few moments ago. I started wondering if aunt Laura would wake up soon and then my phone buzzed again.

“Oh my god baby that was so hot! I fucking came so hard watching it!” Lauren said. “Now I really wish I was there, I would be cleaning all your cum from your aunts tits myself.”

“I would love to see that.” I replied. Thoughts of Lauren feasting on aunt Laura’s cum covered tits started flooding my head. I can’t speak for aunt Laura, but I knew Lauren has never been with a girl before and just her talking about it was giving me more fuel to cum again.

“You should see if you can talk her into letting me come over!” Lauren said.

I actually liked that idea. I wouldn’t be missing Lauren all month and who knows, we might get to do stuff with aunt Laura. The only problem was that aunt Laura didn’t even know Lauren existed. How was I going to explain I had a girlfriend back home who wanted to come visit, when I’d just shoved my cock halfway down her throat last night?

I started to feel like I was in a really bad spot that I couldn’t get out of, when suddenly a towel landed on my head. I was startled for a second and then realized there was only one person who could have done it. I turned my head to my right so I was facing where aunt Laura was sitting and then pulled the towel off.

“Aha, nice try…” I started saying before I noticed she wasn’t on her lounge chair. I turned my head left and saw she was standing right beside me looking down. Her tits were still out of her tiny excuse for a bikini top.

“Having fun?” she asked, pointing to my erection.

“Uhhhhhh…” was all I could say.

Aunt Laura then stepped up onto my chair and put one foot on either side of my hips and stood over me for a second. She brought her hands up and forward and grabbed the top of the chair just behind my head. This caused her to lean forward and bring her tits within range of my mouth. She looked down at me, smiled, and then lowered herself so she was now straddling my lower stomach. My cock was sticking straight up and she made sure her ass was now nestled right up against it.

“So who were you texting, your girlfriend?” she asked with a grin.

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