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I undress immediately after I close his front door and place my clothes on the back of the couch so he knows that I did as instructed while cooking dinner. I walk around the furniture and plug the charger to my phone into the wall behind an end table. As I stand back up I knock over a glass vase, sending the white lilies that decorate the sitting area, across the floor and water spewing everywhere. Glass shards scatter in all directions.

I run to get the broom and step on a shard sending pain through the ball of my left foot.

“Owie! Owie! Owie!” I cry hobbling away from my mess.

I step on my heel each time I place my injured foot on the floor, picking up the broom, dustpan, and the mop. I make my way back over to my mess. I relocate the majority of the large glass shards into the dustpan and then swept up the rest. I mop up all the water I could see. As I was finishing up, I noticed some glass behind the chair. The only way I know to keep my cut foot off the ground, and retrieve the glass, is to position myself so my knees rest in the seat of the chair and let my feet hang over the arm. My ass is high in the air facing the entryway and my left leg hangs straight off the arm rest. I lay my breasts flush against the other arm of the chair and reach down for the broken piece of glass.

The front door opens as I grasped the shard and I hear him walk in. I lift myself up way too fast hitting my head on the lampshade sending it to the floor as well and my hand tightens around the glass as I cringe to yet another item of his I dropped. I pout at the further mess I created.

“Son of a-,” I called out, stopping just before I cussed in front of him. He hates to hear me cuss.

I loosen my grip on the glass, and then release it quickly like a bad habit from my now bleeding hand.

“Well damn.” I mutter softly.

I am kneeling in the center of the chair straight up, my left leg jutting out straight behind me, foot still bleeding. I am holding my right hand now trying to keep the blood localized. He had seen me with my ass in the air and only my bra and panties on as I sent his lamp flying. I won’t lie, I get a little wet knowing he sees me this way.

Great way to say hello, Genesis… Real good.

“Having a bit of trouble there?” He asked as he started laughing.

I start moving my hands in all directions trying to explain myself. “I got undressed so I could start dinner, but my phone was dead, so I plugged it in and knocked my lilies over, and stepped in glass. And then I was trying to clean it up and… well you saw the rest.” I finish my rant. I drop my shoulders in defeat.

“Yes I did little lady, yes I did.” His smile is wicked and dark, malicious. But I know he is being playful.

I smile shyly through my embarrassment, but it instantly falls away as Aiden walks away.

“I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to.” I call out.

I pull my left leg in, under me and my body slouches in the chair as I sigh in humiliation. illegal bahis I can’t very well move without getting blood on the furniture, so I am stuck.

“Don’t move.” He calls from the hall.

I stay in my awkward position taking my wounded hand back into my grasp. He strides back into the living room with cleaning and medical supplies.

“Arms around me.” He commands.

I obey hugging him around his neck after rotating my torso to face him. He hoists me up under my arms and sets me on my bottom in the chair. He cleans and bandages my foot first. The gauze tickling my arch making me laugh out loud.

“Stop!” I cry. “Please it tickles I can’t take it! Stop!” I laugh harder.

I hear him chuckling as he finally wraps a cloth around my foot.

“You did that on purpose, didn’t you?” I cry out still laughing.

“Maybe.” He says not looking at me. He is smiling again.

I gasp at his admittance. “Ugh.” Is all I can utter.

“Ugh? Huh? That’s all I get?” He starts laughing now. It is a rich dark laugh; a genuine laugh. The one I love so much.

I beam at his happiness and I begin laughing as well. I have to hold my bloody hand, palm up, away from me and clutch my stomach I am giggling so hard. It feels wonderful. The two of us finally able to let go.

“I love you.” I blurt out as I come down from my ecstasy.

I don’t even think before I say it. It just escapes me. I get scared when he doesn’t say anything in return, and I hang my head.

“I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to…”

Before I can continue, a tight grasp is pulling at my chin. It isn’t sensual at all. It is rough and hungry. Aiden pushes his lips against mine without mercy. My mouth opens to his and he takes advantage of my invitation. Our tongues dance fast and hard as my hands are at his jacket. I rip it off of him not caring I am smearing my blood all over him. I loosen his tie next. Instead of untying it I grab it and wrap it around my good hand a couple of times and pull him hungrily to me on the chair.

I position myself so that my feet are in front of me so as he comes to his knees, from his squatting position, my legs wrap around his back and hold him to me. We don’t speak, we don’t break this kiss. I moan as he becomes hungrier. He was waiting for me to make the first move. I know this now. He waited patiently for me to get close enough to him. His hands reach to the clasp of my bra as mine unbutton his shirt.

We pull apart just long enough for him to throw our garments off. We both have naked torsos now. I keep hold of his tie, ripping him forward, and start kissing and biting his neck. I bite his flesh just under his ear. He growls so loud I feel it in my groin. My legs tighten further as he undoes his slacks.

He pushes his clothes down exposing his cock to me. He knows I won’t move my legs so he reaches between us and rips my panties off in one swift move. I threw my head back, still holding his leash, bringing him illegal bahis siteleri with me. I moan as the fabric leaves my body and his mouth covers my right breast. I can’t concentrate anymore. I lose hold of the tie, and run my hands through his chocolate hair. I grip tighter, as his teeth graze and bite at my areolas.

I whimper in pleasure as he continues. He runs his tongue down my stomach and pulls back, taking my with him, making my ass hang off the chair. I know where he is going and I sway my hips wanting it.

“I need you!” I scream. “I need you now!” My voice doesn’t sound like my own. I sound possessed, raspy, and dark. Maleficent.

He chuckles as he weaves his upper body down through my legs so his mouth can nip at my belly button. I jerk at the sensation, and he twists his body, breaking my hold around him. He grabs my lower legs and pushes them up to me folding me into myself.

“Hold your legs up and open. Don’t fucking move.” He rasps out. He is just as hungry as I am, and he wants his control back.

I give it back immediately as I grab them, and rip my legs wide open to him. I am an open offering begging him to eat me, have me, take me, whatever he wants; I want him. Period. I want his tongue on me, in me, everywhere. I have to have him. He is my drug of choice. He growls low as he descends down on me, and moans in pleasure, sending vibrations through me tightening my muscles.

“Oh God. Oh God! Oh Jesus!” I cry out louder and louder as his tongue run across me.

“He can’t help you, little lady.” He says as he dives in for more.

He pushes one finger into me sending shivers through me.

“Hold still.” He rasps as he pulls out. His hands grab my ass and squeeze tight. The pain causes more pleasure to race through me.

I scream out as his attack gets harsher. One more time, with two fingers, he enters me. One finger of his other hand slid into my ass as his two fingers fucked me. I cry out louder. It feels way better than I ever imagined.

“Oh, Aiden!” I scream.

I focus on his fingers fucking me. My breath shortens as he fucked me faster. Harder. All of a sudden I come so hard, I scream. He pulls his fingers out of me and sucks me dry. My body shivers, he takes his other hand and starts running my folds, keeping me wet and jolting to his touch.

“Don’t move. Keep yourself open like his until I tell you differently. If I want to eat dinner and stare at your wet cunt I will. Understand?” He rasps.

My back muscles tighten at his commanding mode again. Dominating me. My head falls to the floor, I know I am not to look at him while he commands me like this.

“Yes sir.” I say looking down, while biting my lip.

“You may look at me today.” He grants.

“Thank you, sir.” I look up at him graciously.

“Lick your cum from my fingers.” He says as he places his fingers in my mouth.

I close my mouth around his fingers and started sucking them clean. canlı bahis siteleri The hand that is rubbing my folds pinches my clit sending painful pleasure through me.

“I said lick not suck.”

I immediately open my mouth and started running my tongue along the length of his fingers as he asked. I feel uncomfortable with the command, but I was with Aiden, I knew this only stayed with us. My grip on my extremities starts slacking as his finger turns to fingers in my folds. I feel a snap of pain as he flicks my clit. My grip tightens and I am wide open again.

“Good girl.” He says.

All of a sudden his hand is gone and a quick thrust he is inside me. My head falls back, causing his fingers to slip away from my mouth. One finger hooks my bottom teeth bringing my head back up.

“I never said you could stop licking me.” He says darkly.

I immediately begin licking his digits again taking all of my taste with my tongue as he plunges into me over and over again. Finally he pulls his fingers from my mouth and let my head fall back in pleasure. He is trying to teach me that he could command things of me, hint towards being a pet and a dog. He can say pussy and cunt and it not be vulgar.

I want pain. I need it. I trust Aiden and I need him to hurt me.

“More. Please more!” I cry.

“More what?” He bites out.

“More Sir, I want more. Pain please!” I cy in desperation.

I hear him gasp. I look up to see a pain in his eyes. I can’t help it, I glare at him spelling out a death to anyone who doesn’t listen to me.

He pulls out of me and flipped me over. I let my legs go, and I am granted a slap across my ass.

“I didn’t say you could let your legs go! Hold yourself open. Now!” His voice vicious.

I grab my knees and pull them out tight. My feet are hanging off the chair and my toes are rubbing against his legs. I can feel his muscles flex under me as he moves up again.

“Ass or pussy?” He asks as he rubs the head of his dick up and down my entrances.

“Whatever you feel is best sir.” I say. I know it’s what he wants to hear.

He moans his approval as he rubs my arousal to my rectum.

Immediately, he thrusts into me so deep my head flies up and I am staring at the back of the chair. He pumps in and out of me so fast and so hard that as soon as he slaps my ass I barely feel it. The pain feels invigorating. I revel in it. I come with him still deep inside me. He groans and fucks me even harder.

I moan out letting my jaw fall open to my cry for more. “Oh Aiden! Oh Ai-,”


I screech at the pain. White hot pain courses through to my core. It feels so wonderful I start calling him by his name just so I can have another. Before he can finally get off I come three more times. His punishments let something in me out, and I feel whole again.

He finishes and pulls out of me. I whimper at the vacancy. I am spent but I feel amazing. He flips me back over and sits me on my ass at the back of the chair. I hold my legs tight and open just for him. When I am set the way he wants me, I rotate my hips, pushing my pussy out to him, offering my open body to him.

He can use me when he wants and I don’t mind. I trust him.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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