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Needs and Desires Ch. 01

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Bobby was just getting out of the shower and heading to bed. It was a normal Friday for him, school, work, gym and then home.

He was your average looking twenty year old nerd. Clean cut, always presentably dressed with collard shirts and khakis. He didn’t look imposing by any means but that didn’t mean he was a push over. Bobby took up training at a boxing gym three days a week, Monday, Wednesday and Friday since he was seventeen. He started because he got beat up one day and thought he needed to learn how to defend himself. He continued because he enjoyed the freeing of the mind experience he got when he was training or sparring in the ring. In his free time he enjoyed going out and taking pictures of structures or nature, whichever sparked his interests, and entertained the idea of hiring a female model but never followed through with it. Photography wasn’t something Bobby thought about as a profession but enjoyed as it also allowed him to enjoy the moment and capture a piece of it through his perspective.

His phone rang once his head hit the pillow.

“Hello?” He answered, the caller ID displayed a number he didn’t know.

“They kicked me out,” she was crying.

“Lindsey?” It sounded like his cousin.

“Help me,” she cried, “I don’t have anyone else to call.”

“I live two hours away,” Bobby was concerned. “Where’s your mom and dad?”

“They disowned me,” She bawled.

“Where are you?” Bobby asked getting out of bed.

“I’m at the diner down the street from where…I lived.” Whatever happened had Lindsey in tears.

“I’m coming, stay there, get something to eat.” Bobby didn’t want her to wonder off.

“I don’t have any money,” Lindsey cried.

“I’m on the way now,” Bobby tried his best to reassure her. “I’m coming for you.”

“Thank…you…I love you,” she hung up.

Bobby got into his Honda Fit and went as fast as he felt comfortable. The trip was just over two-hundred miles and he made record time, lucky not to have gotten pulled over, it was raining the whole way.

The town Bobby was returning to was a small bible town that was very close knit. Church on bible study Saturday’s and Sunday Mass were mainstays in the small town where everyone knew each others business like no other. The town was divided into the have’s and the have not’s and you never wanted find yourself on the wrong side of the fence when it came down to it. Bobby could see through all the bullshit because his father married into it when he was just a teen. His father was always semi-religious but when he met and married his wife he went in deep but Bobby waited for his eighteenth birthday and moved as far as he could afford.

He called his father on the drive over and found out that Lindsey was video taped drinking at a boy’s house and the boy was a have not. There was also some other boys there and she was dancing with them provocatively and that is one of the reasons what she got kicked out for. The most damning was she was drinking alcohol in the video. The boys claimed to have had sex with her but doctors said she still had her virginity in tact. The family can’t look past the rumors and the church had chose to follow the rumors over the doctors.

Bobby was disgusted his father wouldn’t stand up for her but he sent the video and Bobby didn’t think it was a damning as the church and her family thought. She was drinking and the boys did flip up her skirt, showing off her panties for the camera. She playfully pushed their hands away until their hands started touching her panties clad bottom. She told them to stop once they started getting close to pulling down her panties. She left in a huff and before the video stopped one of the guys said “I’m gonna tap that.”

He pulled up to the cafe, just over the two hour mark, and saw his eighteen year old cousin sitting by the dumpsters. She was curled up against the building and the dumpster for shelter from the rain. She was 5’2 and maybe a hundred pounds wet. Her shoulder length dirty blonde hair plastered to her head, ocean blue eyes bloodshot and teary. She had a slender, healthy, body, perky small B-cup titties, slim waist, nice hips and a tight ass. She was wearing a light denim jacket, white t-shirt that fit her frame perfectly and stuck to her body with rain. Her black pleated skirt hung heavy with water. She was soaked and shivering when Bobby got out and greeted her with a hug.

“Let’s get you out of the rain,” Bobby said leading her to his car.

“So what happened?” Bobby asked as he got in the driver seat.

“I was hanging out with some boys,” Lindsey sobbed. “We were drinking and I was dancing with one of them recorded it.”

“What happened in the video?” Bobby wanted the truth, “I need to know Lindsey.”

“I was drinking, they kept flipping my skirt up and flashing my panties but I told them to stop and they did.” Lindsey bawled.

“So nothing more happened?” Bobby asked, putting his hand on her shoulder for comfort.

“Nothing happened,” Lindsey cried, “You have to believe Gaziantep Anal Escort me Bobby.”

“I believe you,” Bobby tells her. “But I don’t want to deal with any drama.”

“I understand,” Lindsey said softly and scared.

“I am not rich but I can take care of you but I can’t afford trouble.” Bobby was only twenty, what did he know about taking care of someone especially a eighteen year old girl.

“I promise I won’t be any trouble,” Lindsey answered.

“So you have been giving your parents a hard time?” Bobby asked, not sure if she was going to be a problem he wanted in his life. “I don’t have the time to play rescue Lindsey so if you’re going to live with me you’re going to have live by my rules, understand?”

“I promise I will follow your rules,” Lindsey pleaded. She didn’t know what would happen to her if he wouldn’t take her in as her head fell into her hands, crying uncontrollably. “Please, I’ll do anything, don’t leave me!”

“You do know you’ll be leaving this place and I don’t plan on coming back.” Bobby informed her. “I only came back for you.”

“Thank you,” Lindsey’s crying was starting to settle and she leaned over towards Bobby and hugged him, repeating. “Thank you.”

“I guess we’re finished here.” Bobby said as he got in and started the car.

“Can we turn the heat up, please?” Lindsey was shivering from her wet clothes.

“I saw the video,” Bobby said.

“I swear I didn’t have sex with them!” Lindsey immediately pleaded with him, “please don’t leave me Bobby!”

“It looked like you were enjoying them showing you off,” Bobby questioned as he turned the heat on full blast.

“…” Lindsey didn’t know what to say. “I didn’t do anything.”

“I didn’t say that,” Bobby couldn’t help but see her sexually after what he saw. The way she was dancing and playfully pushing the boys hands away from her showing her panties to the camera. “Do you want to be treated like a whore?”

“No!” It scared her to hear Bobby question her about this.

“Do you want me to drop you off with them?” Bobby wanted to see how she reacted.

“NO!” Lindsey cried in fear, “please I don’t want to be with them.”

“Then why did you let them record you dancing for them and let them flash your panties?” Bobby was enjoying this feeling of power.

“I…I don’t know…I was drunk and did something stupid.” Lindsey was hard on herself but Bobby knew all to well how alcohol could affect a person’s judgment.

“But you’re going to be a good girl for me right?” Bobby asked, knowing all to well how bad it sounded but wanted to see her reaction.

“Yes…I’ll be a good girl.” Her tone was soft and unsettled but she didn’t delay in answering him besides her pause.

“I will bend you over my knee and spank you if you want to keep acting like a child.” Bobby just help himself as this feeling of control was powerful and encouraging. “You are my responsibility now so you understand I will have to punish you if you’re naughty.”

“I won’t,” Lindsey replied quietly.

“You won’t what?”

“I won’t be a naughty girl,” Lindsey said shakily.

“Good girl,” Bobby could see this turning out in his benefit. “Are you still cold?”

“Yes,” she said softly.

“Take your clothes off,” Bobby couldn’t believe he said that out loud.


“The wet clothes are taking the heat from your body and I can’t have you getting sick.” Bobby explained but really he just wanted to see what kind of power he really had over her and also cover his previous comment.

“Yes…you’re right.” Lindsey said as she started to take her denim jacket off. Her white t-shirt was transparent, being soaked, and Bobby could see her plain white bra underneath as her perky tits heaved with her breathing. She then lifted her ass off the seat and slid her skirt down her young delicious legs. She then peeled her wet shirt from the bottom up and over her head. Her soft tender body almost naked to Bobby’s eyes as goosebumps formed across her exposed skin.

“Better?” Bobby asked, taking in her petite sexy young body.

“Actually yes,” Lindsey replied a little surprised to find it warmer.

“You look wet still.” Bobby said as he casually reached over and cupped her bra cover right tit. The fabric was cold and wet to the touch so he slid his hand to her other hidden breast. It too was wet and cold to the touch when he moved his hand down her soft midsection and to her panties which were wet from the rain as well. “You need to take off all your wet clothes.”

Lindsey was frozen, not knowing what to do as Bobby’s hand touched her like no one else has. He wasn’t forceful or rough. He was moving his hand over her clothing and didn’t linger too long before pulling his hand away from her body. She knew he wanted her and in some small way she felt like she couldn’t say no to what he wanted even if she wanted to. She pushed her chest out and undid the clasp on her bra and dropping it on the floor before again raising her ass up to pull her panties off as well.

“So in that video you flashed your panties and now here you are naked in the front seat of my car,” Bobby said with a satisfaction he never knew he could feel. “I don’t think good girls would do that, what do you think?”

“No,” Lindsey agreed with embarrassment. “I haven’t been a good girl.”

“Put this on,” Bobby said as he took his light jacket off and handed it to her. “I can’t be expected to drive with you like that.”

“Thank you,” Lindsey was grateful to cover up.

Bobby pulled out of the parking lot and drove out onto the freeway. It was pretty much a straight shot from that point on and Bobby was doing his best not to freak out. He was excited to have this feeling of power but he also felt guilty for taking advantage of Lindsey too. He wanted to believe he was the same guy that drove out to that little fucked up town. He wanted to help Lindsey but something went awry.

Lindsey was full of mixed emotions too. She was scared, she didn’t know what her life was going to be like. All she had known was the sheltered life her mother raised her in. Church, all girl schools, and after school athletics. She was always a good girl but then she met them. At first the boys seemed really cool and they had a lot of fun. She never experienced anything like it and she enjoyed the way they reacted to her. She didn’t like any of them in particular but did find the attention enjoyable. But even though she didn’t have sex with them she was excommunicated from the church and her family. The only person to come and help her was Bobby’s dad by giving her the only number she could call, Bobby’s.

Bobby and Lindsey were cousins only by marriage. His father married her mother’s sister which in turn made them step-cousins but they never included the word step as per church tradition. Bobby had only been involved with the church when he was thirteen and his father married that cultist. He dove into it, out of loneliness, and it gave him something more than just a woman. The church made it possible for Bobby and Lindsey be around each other a lot so they weren’t strangers. They were two years apart so they did play together but since Bobby went to public school and Lindsey went to an all girls private school they didn’t see each other outside of church functions which meant they didn’t know each other closely. Lindsey had always found Bobby interesting and had fantasized about him sexually a couple times. That was because he was different than all the other boys. He seemed experienced and he always questioned the church and some of the things he thought didn’t feel right. He intrigued her and what was happening now with both of them seemed like a dream.

“We should be there in thirty minutes.” Bobby broke the silence as they hadn’t spoke since the trip started. “How are you feeling?”

“Honestly?” Lindsey had time to process what had happened and didn’t know if she would have the willpower to stop it.

“Lindsey,” Bobby had time to think about his actions too. “I want to know that this is still what you want?”

“I didn’t want any of this,” Lindsey regretted ever meeting with those boys. “But I’m lucky that you kept me.”

“Kept you?” Bobby liked how she said that.

“Nobody in my family helped me, wanted me…but you at least want me.” Lindsey said knowing fully she had just committed herself to Bobby and whatever he wanted. “You will protect me right?”

“I will always take care of you Lindsey,” Bobby said truthfully.

It wasn’t long before Bobby pulled into a large apartment complex and parked in front of one of the many building of similar design but different color. Lindsey wasn’t impressed with the building but she was with how Bobby was able to escape the town all on his own.

Bobby got out and waited for Lindsey to collect her wet clothes from the car. He then led her to the apartment at the corner he parked in front of, unlocking, and opening the door for Lindsey to enter. He watched her ass as she made her way into his small studio apartment. The kitchen was directly to the left as she entered and a closet and bathroom to the direct right. Then she found the mostly empty space that made up the living and sleeping area which looked large enough for a single person or a married couple. He didn’t have much furniture, a love seat, small TV with a stand, computer desk and chair with his laptop and his double sized futon bed.

“I’ve only been here a couple months,” Bobby felt ashamed for his lack of furniture even if his lust was absolutely full.

“It’s more than I could ask for,” Lindsey admitted honestly.

“We will go shopping this weekend,” Bobby said. He had some money in his bank that he planned on using to furnish his place.

“I don’t need anything, I don’t want you to spend…” Lindsey feared he would overextend himself started to argue.

“Stop it!” Bobby didn’t shout but said with authority. “I know what I can and can’t do and as for you we have a punishment to deal with.”

Lindsey was red with embarrassment. She knew what kind of punishment he was talking about and she knew what she was wearing. She was still standing near the center of the apartment and just a few steps away from the double futon.

“Put your clothes over there,” Bobby pointed to his hamper in the corner near the bed as he said firmly. “take off my jacket and then come back to me.”

Lindsey did as she was told, she didn’t try to hide herself and resigned herself to his control. Her naked body came into view as she put his jacket off and into the hamper. She then dutifully, timidly, turned around and approached Bobby.

“Have you seen a cock?” Bobby asked, his dick had been hard so long it ached.

“No,” she answered.

“Do you want to see one?” Bobby asked not knowing what he would do if she said no.

“Yes,” she said. Her eyes wondering down to his member as it pressed out against his khaki pants.

Bobby couldn’t take his eyes off her young curvy body. Her nipples poked out like pencil erasers on her dollar coin areolas. Her fit, soft stomach and waist angled perfectly down to her seductive hips and furry, trimmed dirty blonde patch above her pussy. Her legs were toned to perfection and did nothing but accentuate her total beauty.

“You are very beautiful Lindsey,” Bobby said in all honesty. “I am lucky to have you suck my cock.”

“Yes,” Lindsey complied to his desires and lowered herself to her knees. She reached up and unbuckled Bobby’s pants and pulled them down with his underwear. His cock was impressive and not only because she was a virgin. She had seen porn before and his was just as big as what she’s seen.

“Do you want to suck my cock?” Bobby asked now knowing it didn’t matter what she said he was going to have her completely before they slept.

“Yes,” Lindsey replied softly.

“Do you really want my dick inside your virgin mouth?” Bobby’s lewd question surprised even him as he stripped his shirt off leaving then both naked.

“I want to do what is needed.” Lindsey said seeing his body come into full view as he took his shirt off. His body was lean and stronger than he appeared when he was dressed. He looked healthy and athletic with his body exposed and it helped her want to comply to his desires.

“Tell me what you really want, be honest with me Lindsey.” Bobby put his willpower to the test as he resisted shoving his dick into her mouth.

She took his cock into her mouth, she sucked just the tip, and worked him like a lollipop. Her hands worked his shaft and she kept her eyes to his like she had seen in porn videos. Bobby was shocked, he never had a blowjob before and more so never thought it would be by someone as beautiful as Lindsey. The way she focused her effort on his tip made his hips buck and spasm with pleasure which inadvertently stoked himself within her hungry mouth.

“This is amazing,” Bobby huffed with excitement as his cock was being pleasured beyond what he thought could happen. “I’m going to make you mine tonight. I’m going to fuck your pussy…ass…I’m going to cum inside your each time!”

Lindsey responded by taking him further into her mouth. She slowly, purposefully began to bob her head. His member moving within her mouth, enclosed by her lips and her eyes still dutifully looking to Bobby’s.

“I’m going to cum,” Bobby said. Taking her head into his grip and thrusting his hips.

Letting him take control Lindsey focused on suction as her slurps were audible when her lips lost their seal. He was only stroking half his cock into her mouth but it all he needed as he felt his balls churn and his cock twitch, shooting his load into Lindsey’s young sexy mouth. Each spasm his dick experienced Bobby shot more of his cum into her mouth until he began to soften and her efforts were overstimulating him.

“Enough!” Bobby called out happily as he pushed her off his cock.

“Did I do something wrong,” Lindsey asked worriedly as she wiped some cum from her chin.

“Absolutely not,” Bobby replied with a smile.

Bobby reached down to help Lindsey up and he led her to the bed. He laid down on his back and spread out, commanding the futon, and holding his flaccid cock while watching Lindsey’s naked body as she joined him. She sat at the foot of the bed, sitting on her knees, and at Bobby’s feet.

“Did you like sucking me, swallowing me?” Bobby asked as he enjoyed her young tight body at his feet.

“Yes,” Lindsey replied honestly.

“Sixty-nine me, suck me hard again while I eat that virgin pussy,” Bobby ordered.

Lindsey naturally, sexily crawled up Bobby’s body, crossed his torso with her leg and moved her wet pussy above his hungry face. She was clearly wet as her excitement glistened on her pussy lips. Bobby wrapped his arms around Lindsey’s thighs and pulled her ass cheeks apart before pulling her pussy to his lips for his first taste of woman. Her skin felt firm and plush all at once as his hand held onto her ass. Her mush was intoxicating, her taste was indescribable but delectable. He didn’t know what he was doing but he saw plenty of porn and did what he thought looked good.

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