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Naughty Fiance

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Mary sat and looked at the ring on her finger. The perpetual smile on her face had been there for the last two days and showed no sign of leaving. She sighed heavily, the sigh of a woman lost in love not sadness, and her mind slipped back to the night that Greg had proposed. It had been so beautiful; a romantic dinner, a loving walk along the river, and then the proposal. Her smile widened as she recalled him taking her hand and kneeling in front of her. He was a handsome man, rich black hair and deep green eyes. His tanned skin was taunt and his lips were full and kissable. Greg had bowed his head as if collecting his thoughts and then he had looked up, eyes full of hope and fear as he presented the ring.

“Mary, you are the love of my life. Your hair is like golden sunlight shining in my sky. Your lips like moist roses, your eyes like blue diamonds. I will cherish you forever, never clinging to you or holding you against your will. I will treasure you as a gift from God that must be shared with the world. You are everything to me and I am nothing without you. Will you marry me?” His voice had almost cracked with emotion as he spoke and even though his speech was a little corny she saw in his eyes that he was sincere.

“Yes, oh yes!” Her answer had been quick and from the heart, and both of them had cried when he slipped the ring onto her slender finger. And what a ring it was. Greg had certainly not skimped when he bought the symbol of his love for her. Inside the box was the certificate proclaiming the purity of the gold and the authenticity of the one-carat diamond solitaire surrounded by another half-carat’s worth of smaller brilliant cut diamonds. She couldn’t wait to show it off to her friends tonight when they all went out.

She smiled again, this time for a little different reason. Tonight was Becky’s turn to take the girls out on the town, and Becky was always the wild child of the bunch. Mary wondered what her friend had planned. Would it be the same now that Mary was engaged? Or would Becky tone it down some? She looked down at the ring, imagining the envy it would generate. Tonight would be a great night! So what to wear? She usually dressed as slutty as she could get away with when Becky was taking them out. Tonight she decided to tone down her dress, if not her lifestyle, and she chose a simple white pullover that zipped in the back and left her navel exposed. With it she wore a white cotton mini-skirt with just a single button on the side holding it on her hips. The skirt was short enough that she would be flashing her panties if she wasn’t careful but she didn’t mind giving a show every now and then.

After dressing Mary looked at herself in the mirror and smiled. She looked hot and she knew it. She picked up the phone and dialed Greg’s number. He picked up on the third ring, just before his answering machine kicked in.

“Hello?” His beautiful voice sounded a little tinny over the phone, but Mary still felt a small thrill talking to her fiance.

“Hi lover.” She said smiling into the phone.

“Mary! Hi. How are you?”

“I’m fine dear. You know that I’m going out with the girls tonight. I finally get to show them my ring. It is so beautiful.”

“Not as pretty as you are, Mary.”

Mary blushed. This was one of the many reasons she loved Greg. He always said so many sweet things to her. “I’m probably going to be very naughty tonight.” She said, her smile widening. “Becky is in charge tonight and you know how she is.”

“Mmm, naughty huh, what are you planning?”

“I’m not planning anything, but I know Becky. Why don’t you come over to my apartment around midnight and wait for me. I know how you love to lick my pussy after I’ve been bad.”

“God, Mary, you are already making me hard. I want to come over there right now and fuck your brains out!”

“Not yet lover, but be here when I get home and I’ll tell you all about my evening.” Mary kissed the phone and then hung up. Her pussy was dripping wet and she had only talked to him for a few minutes. She smiled and then looked at the clock. It was almost nine so she headed out the door and drove over to Becky’s apartment. When she got there Paula was already there and Mary immediately started showing off her ring. Both her friends were suitably impressed and of course envious.

“So I suppose we have to be good tonight then?” Paula said after giving Mary a warm hug.

“Oh no!” Becky said with a mischievous grin, “Mary only has a few months of freedom before she is tied down to a ball and chain. Tonight we party!” Becky grinned at her friends. “We are going to Samson’s!”

Mary turned bright red remembering the last time they went to the male review at Samson’s. She started to protest, but the memory of the hunky guys there, and what they were willing to do, quieted her. After all she wasn’t married yet and even so being married did not mean being dead.

“Yeah, you remember the last time, Mary. You didn’t know how far they yenibosna escort would go in the private rooms did you?” Becky grinned and looked over at Paula. “And you want to go back too, don’t you? Come on, once Mary gets hitched we may never get to do this again.”

Mary grinned, her face flushed and her body already beginning to react to her memories. Her nipples were already hard beneath the soft material of her bra and a warm, pleasant sensation was starting between her legs. “Okay, let’s do it, but don’t give up on me after I get married. You never know when I’ll need a girls night out!”

The three girls piled into Becky’s BMW and sped off to the bar. Mary was almost surprised they didn’t get a ticket on the way but they made it there safely, laughing and giggling like giddy schoolgirls. The bouncer at the door carded each of them before admitting them, causing even more giggling. Becky picked a table near the stage and ordered them all boat drinks.

A hunky man, whose stage name was Mario, had just started his routine and the three girls watched him closely as they talked about his muscles and butt and the obvious bulge in front of his costume. When he discarded his shirt all three girls fell silent. His chest was perfect and his shoulders literally rippled with muscles. They all watched with rapt attention as he gyrated around the stage, finally ripping his slacks from his body leaving him in just a g-string.

Mary gasped at the size and shape of the bulge filling Mario’s last little bit of clothing and Becky grinned as she took a ten-dollar bill from her purse and walked up to the stage. Becky slid the money into Mario’s g-string letting the back of her hand press against his cock. When he bent down to give her a kiss on the cheek she whispered to him. “Can you do something special for my friend over there? She just got engaged. I’ll make it worth your time.”

Mario smiled down at Becky. “Sure, as soon as my set is over I’ll come by.”

“Bring a friend or two, okay?”

It was only another fifteen minutes or so before Mario showed up with two other dancers. “Hi, I’m Mario and this is Rico and Sven.” He said as he got to the table. He was dressed again, in a tight shirt and even tighter jeans and Rico and Sven had on similar outfits. They sat down with the three girls and then Mario looked at Becky and asked, “So who is the lucky girl getting married soon?”

Becky introduced Mary and then Paula and the six made small talk for a few minutes, almost having to shout over the loud music. Finally Mario turned to Becky. “So what did you have in mind?”

Becky smiled at him after looking Rico and Sven over carefully. “Last time we were here we got a set of private dances, full nude. That’s what I want this time.”

“Sure, we charge fifty a dance, for each of us. How many dances do you want?”

“Let’s just start off with three and then we will see how it goes.”

The three men smiled and said sure. Mario called the waitress over and Becky handed her a platinum AMEX card. “Just run the card, I’ll sign it at the end of the night.” Becky told her and then they all made their way back to one of the larger private lounges.

The three young women took their seats on a long divan with Mary sitting between her two friends. The three dancers followed them into the room and they all talked for a few minutes as they waited for the next song to start. Finally the music started and the men began to strip.

Sven, a tall Swedish hunk with flowing blond hair and swelling muscles moved in front of Becky swiveling his hips suggestively as he peeled first his shirt and then his pants and then finally his g-string off. Becky hooted and whistled, encouraging him to get wilder and wilder and almost fell out of her seat when his big cock flopped into view. He was still mostly flaccid but even in this state his cock was at least seven inches long and as thick as three fingers.

Rico, shorter than Sven, with golden brown skin, coal black hair, and a bright dazzling smile, did a tight gyrating grind in front of Paula. He was a little slower taking off his clothes and finally Paula grabbed his pants and yanked them down to speed him up a little. He got the hint and quickly removed his g-string so that he too was nude and then went back to his suggestive grind, occasionally turning to shake his tight butt in Paula’s face. His cock was a little smaller than Sven’s but he was already beginning to get aroused and his shaft stood up a little.

Mario danced for Mary, and managed to get his clothes off before she emulated Paula. When he slipped his g-string off, Mary grabbed it and licked it seductively. He grinned at her and then started swinging his hips and letting his semi-hard cock almost brush her lips. He was almost as big as Sven and was beginning to get stiff and Mary was barely able to keep herself from diving for his cock and sucking him furiously right then and yeşilköy escort there. She looked over at her friends, both engrossed in the nude men in front of them and then returned her attention to Mario as he strutted his stuff for her.

Two dances went by and then three but before the three men started to get dressed they asked Becky if she wanted more.

“Mmm, yes, how much more are you boys willing to do?” Becky’s face was flushed and she didn’t even try to hide the second meaning of her words.

Mario grinned. “Here at Samson’s we are always willing to do whatever it takes to make our customers happy.”

“Then stick around for a while. Do you mind if I get more comfortable?” Becky didn’t wait for an answer before she began to coyly unbutton her blouse. All three men stared as she unhooked one button after another until her blouse was hanging open revealing her sheer white bra.

Sven, ever the gallant gentlemen, smiled at her with truly lecherous desires filling his eyes. “May I help you with that?” He asked as he leaned forward and slid her blouse off her shoulders. He was caught a little off guard when Becky suddenly thrust her head forward and licked his semi-flaccid cock from the base to the head, but he didn’t jerk away from her, instead he waited for her to make the next move.

Becky pulled back and then grinned over at Mary. “Why don’t you and Paula get more comfortable too?”

Paula eagerly lifted her pullover shirt up over her head, revealing her bare breasts for all five of the others. Her breasts were not large, rather small in fact, but her nipples were hard and sticking out. Becky’s breasts were much larger than Paula’s but still covered by her bra. She saw that Paula had not been wearing a bra and was already topless and was not about to be outdone by her friend so she quickly slipped her bra off, proudly displaying her chest to the strippers.

Mary was now the only one in the room still fully clothed and she didn’t hesitate. She turned her back to Becky. “Beck, be a dear and help me with my zipper.” Becky quickly reached over and gently tugged on the zipper holding the back of Mary’s blouse together. Paula watched and then reached over to help Becky as they pulled Mary’s blouse up and over her head. Mary had worn a flimsy silk bra and her nipples were clearly visible through the thin material. She looked down at her breasts, only slightly smaller than Becky’s, and then grinned. “Well, one more night of fun won’t hurt.” She said to her friends and then discarded her bra revealing her nearly perfect breasts.

“Mmm, you ladies are beautiful!” Rico said with just a hint of accent.

“So come over here and dance for me.” Becky grabbed Rico’s hand and pulled him in front of her. Mario moved in front of Paula, leaving Mary with the tall Swede and the three dancers once again began to gyrate in front of the girls.

Becky stood up to dance with Rico, pressing her body into his and letting her hands slide over his thick muscles. The other girls took the hint and also stood up. The men just smiled to each other and then pulled the ladies to them. As the music faded, Becky once again took the lead, stepping back from Rico and quickly pushing her slacks down and off. She stood in front of the dancer with only her panties on and smiled at him.

“Hmm, would you help me get out of these?” she asked slipping a thumb under the waistband.

Rico grinned, “Of course, anything to help a lady such as yourself.” He knelt in front of her and slowly pulled her already damp panties down. Becky kept her pussy shaven and her swollen aroused lips were clearly visible as she stepped out of her last bit of clothing to stand completely nude in front of Rico. He didn’t need any more encouragement than the obvious scent of her sex in front of him and the sight of her glistening pussy. He leaned forward and gently kissed her nether lips and then slid his tongue between them to taste her nectar. Becky moaned and grabbed his head, forcing his mouth tighter onto her pussy. Her legs were shaking and her breath became ragged. Mary thought her friend might collapse in front of her so she took her shoulders and eased her down onto the divan. Becky smiled over at her friend.

“He’s very good. You should let him eat you too, right after he finishes me.” Becky spread her legs wide and pulled Rico’s head back down to her gaping hole. “Come on baby, eat my pussy good. Make me cum ion your face. I cum a lot, you’ll like it.” She groaned to him.

Paula had been busy removing her own slacks and was now completely nude herself. She had a sparse bush of dark black hair nestled between her legs, but she wore bikinis frequently enough that she kept it trimmed from around her pussy. Her juice was already beginning to flow and it glistened between the pink folds of her engorged slit.

Mario had been distracted by Rico’s exploits, but when Paula knelt in front of him and zeytinburnu escort took his thick cock between her lips he immediately focused on her. She worked her mouth down over his big cock, taking it to the entrance of her throat and then pushing down. She could feel his shaft expanding inside her mouth as his erection grew and this excited her even more. She massaged the underside of his thick cock with her tongue, sliding it up and down his shaft and then slipping it up and over the head. She pulled off his cock almost all the way and gave him her best puppy dog look, batting her eyes sexily before pressing her head down hard and forcing the head of his cock down into her throat. Mario groaned and let his hands rest on her head as he slowly began to fuck her mouth.

When Mary heard Mario groan she turned from staring at Rico lapping on Becky’s pussy and watched Paula suck the dancer’s cock until Sven moved forward and gently kissed her on the neck. Her voyeur reverie broken, she turned and pulled the tall Swede’s lips to her own, letting her tongue explore his mouth. His hands slid over her breasts and then down to the short skirt she was still wearing.

“Do you want to take this off?” He asked when they finally broke their kiss.

“Mmm, yes. I want to feel your cock in me.” Mary said with a sultry look on her face that brought a lecherous smile to Sven’s eager face.

He knelt in front of her and released the button on the side of her skirt allowing him to slide it down her long thin legs. Next he removed her panties, revealing a thin strip of blonde pubic hair nestled above her bare pussy. He leaned forward, breathing in the scent of her sex, and then almost teasingly he touched her swollen lips with his tongue.

Mary gasped at the touch and lurched back to the divan falling down to sit next to Becky. She quickly spread her legs as Sven moved forward and pressed his face to her dripping pussy. She looked over at Becky who was lying back with her eyes closed, her hands gripping Rico’s head and holding it between her legs. Becky looked so beautiful with her auburn hair twisting around her head, her mouth open and her eyes screwed shut in obvious pleasure. Mary reached over and let her hand trail up her friend’s slim stomach, brushing over her heaving breasts, lightly playing over her puckered nipples before slipping it up to her cheek. She turned Becky’s face just a little and leaned over to kiss her soft panting lips. Becky returned Mary’s kiss with enthusiasm, pressing her tongue between Mary’s lips and into her mouth and the two women kissed each other passionately.

Paula stopped sucking Mario’s cock just long enough to see Mary and Becky kissing with Rico and Sven lapping between their legs. She looked up at Mario and grinned around his cock before pulling back a little. “Do you want to fuck me?” She asked her hunky stripper. “Would you like to shove this beautiful cock up my cunt while I suck Mary’s sweet titties?”

Mario just grinned and nodded his head. He waited while Paula kneeled in front of Mary and then leaned forward and took one nipple into her mouth. Mary gasped into Becky’s mouth when she felt Paula’s mouth on her breast, then she moaned in pleasure. This was certainly as wild as the last time here, she thought and then returned her concentration to kissing Becky’s sweet mouth.

Mario knelt behind Paula and slowly guided his large cock into her dripping pussy. He was amazed at how very tight and hot she was, but he was still able to enter her in a single stroke. He held still for a few seconds and then began to pump into her slowly. As he did he slid one arm around her front, sliding it down until he touched her hot clit. His touch brought a low moan from her as she continued to suckle Mary’s full breast. Sven looked up from between Mary’s legs and realized that Mario was fucking Paula. He sat and watched his friend’s cock sliding in and out of her for a minute or so and then turned to watch Paula sucking Mary and Mary kissing Becky.

“Damn you girls are hot!” He said finally unable to stay quiet any longer.

Mary stopped kissing Becky long enough to look over at him. “Then do something about it. Fuck me.” She said grinning at him and then turned back to kiss Becky again.

Sven grinned back at her and moved. Kneeling on his knees in front of her put his cock at just the right height and he let the head rub up against her swollen wet lips before pushing into her. Paula saw what he was doing and she reached down and took his cock into her hand. She guided him into her friend’s pussy, pulling him forward. As he thrust into Mary’s spread pussy she turned loose of his cock and let the tips of her fingers slide up to Mary’s extended clit. Paula rubbed Mary’s clit, slowly at first, and then with more vigor, keeping time with Mario’s thrusts into her own pussy.

Becky realized that she was the only one not getting fucked and even though she was still enjoying Rico’s tongue on her pussy she grabbed his head and pulled him up from between her legs.

“Fuck me now, Rico.” she said with enthusiasm. He positioned himself between her legs and pressed his cock into her pussy. As his cock slid into her she turned back to Mary. “Let me suck your titties Mary.” She sighed and then leaned down to take Mary’s free breast into her mouth.

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