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Naughty and Nice Ch. 04

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“Remember Amanda’s party when we more or less announced our relationship?” Lauren looked at me with a mischievous smile.

“How could I forget?”

“What you might not remember is that Amanda said she’d be ‘watching us two.’ Then I kind of replied ‘Yes, you will.'”

“I think I remember. You said that would be a good hint for a wicked girl like Amanda.”

“Nice memory. And Amanda remembers too. In fact, she joked about it last week, saying something like she supposed to be watching our behavior, but she knows she’s missing all the naughty moments.”

“Ain’t that the truth.”

Lauren laughed. Then she looked down. “If you wanted, we could let her see a little deeper into our relationship.”

Suddenly, my cock got hot and pushed into my pants. “What do you have in mind?”

“Amanda is always the instigator in our friendship. I thought that maybe we could turn the tables a bit and mess with her mind. Would you think it’s too crazy if we asked her to watch us fool around?”

“You mean like full-on sex?”

“Maybe even more. I don’t know why, but I’ve got an itch to show her how you satisfy my private weakness.”

I think a spurt of pre-cum bubble out of my cock. “You mean…?”

“Bryan, you know what I mean. Think you could handle that?”

“You want me making love to your ass while Amanda watches?”

“By George, I think he’s got it!”

We both laughed, but Lauren’s little joke also gave me some time to wrap my head around what she was saying. Based on some of the crazy hot things my naughty girlfriend had already initiated, I figured she was serious.

“Lauren, I think you’ve got my number as far as our relationship. If it means I get my hands on your hot little body, I’ll do about anything.”

Lauren smiled. “That’s why I love you.” Then she spun into my lap. “Why don’t we rehearse our performance?”

Later, after we had showered, I took Lauren into my arms. “I’m willing to rehearse as much as we need.”

“I figured that, you horn-dog. But I think we have it down. I’m inviting Amanda over for dinner and a show this weekend. And I’m going to ask her to spend the night. I bet she won’t be able to drive, she’ll be so horny.”

The next evening, Lauren came over again. “I like to ask my questions personally. Amanda and I talked, and she is definitely in. I didn’t give her all the details–just a hint that we would be extra naughty. She said she didn’t know if she could watch without playing with herself. I trust you’re okay with that?”

“I may blow it if I look over and see that.”

Lauren laughed. “That’s okay. I know you have more in you. Especially with another girl in the room. So don’t worry about it.”

Lauren and I planned a good meal for Amanda, and we started preparing Saturday early afternoon. We finished chopping up some ingredients, and Lauren got them stored in the fridge. She came into my arms.


“Yes, Lauren?”

“I wanted to set some expectations for the evening.”

“I’m all ears.”

Lauren looked deep into my eyes and spoke clearly. “You may be planning to take things cautiously tonight. Don’t. Make love to me like you would if we were alone. Don’t hold back.”

I cupped her ass and gave her a deep kiss. “Message received.”

“Now it’s time for me to prepare, Bryan. I have some very thorough washing to do. So I will be as squeaky clean as I’ve ever been. Get the hint?”

“Hint taken.”

“Good. Come over about 5:30 to get ready for Amanda at 6?”

“Got it.”

I cleaned up and presented myself at Lauren’s door at 5:30. I had already brought the wine and flowers earlier, so I walked over with nothing but anticipation.

“Wow, it smells great!” I remarked as I kissed Lauren and walked in..

“Thank you, Bryan. Beef burgundy is Amanda’s favorite. This will be a night to remember for her.”

“For all of us.”

Lauren laughed. “Well said.”

We got things ready and treated Amanda to her favorite dinner. We all enjoyed the evening, and the anticipation added spice to our conversation. We cleared the plates and sat back down with the rest of our wine.

“Shall we transition to part two of the evening?” Lauren asked.

“If it’s as good as part one, I’m in for a treat,” Amanda offered.

Lauren laughed, then looked down to gather her thoughts. Then she looked up again.

“Amanda, you always tell me that you suspect I have an extensive naughty side. It took Bryan’s little speech on the subject to start opening that up. I had my eye on him, but I decided to move things along when he said he wanted women a little–or a lot–naughty, and he would respect their privacy because he didn’t want them to suppress their desires out of fear. We started dating, and I learned I could trust him. I started to open up, and he responded very positively. Since then, we’ve been taking each other on some amazing journeys, and I’ve been sharing more and more of my secrets. Bryan is more than I could have imagined.”

“Nice to know that my intuition was tuzla escort correct, and that the two of you fit so well together. And Bryan, how has this been working for you?”

“Never, in a thousand years, would I have thought that I could meet someone like Lauren. She’s smart, friendly, accomplished, and beautiful, but she’s also a sexual goddess. She brings out parts of me that I didn’t know existed. I’m the luckiest guy in the world.”

“Yes you are. I can tell that there’s something deeply sexual going on between the two of you. You put out an aura that just screams ‘major backstory here.'”

Lauren laughed. “If you only knew. However, I’d like to share a little of that backstory tonight. Amanda, I trust that you’ll be okay with a little naughty behavior?”

“Lauren, you know that I’ve confessed that passion rubs off on me. And that I’ve wanted to watch a couple make love. So for both of you, know that I want this. If there’s passion, I’m good with anything. And Bryan, I know Lauren told you I’m going to get off on this. So don’t be surprised if my hands wander and some clothing moves out of place.”

I laughed. “That is certainly no problem.”

Both ladies laughed with me. Then Amanda added, “I’ll confess a secret, since you’ve been confessing some of yours. I love to masturbate, and I’ve thought about you two a few times when I’ve been getting myself off. My pussy will be rubbed raw in the morning from reliving this all night. So please, let loose and don’t worry about me. I will be in a very good place.”

“Why you naughty little thing!” Lauren exclaimed. “That’s going to make me even hotter than I already am. Let’s move to the bedroom and get started before I melt down.”

We followed Amanda in, who exclaimed how inviting the room was.

“Thank you, and please make yourself comfortable,” Lauren replied.

I had helped Laurent set up the bedroom for the evening, so I was prepared for the bed already turned down, the lighting to be good, the candles to be romantic, and Amanda’s chair to be strategically placed for a good view. There were also bottles of water on the nightstand as well as on a small table beside Amada’s chair.

But I also noticed a small bag of very fine cloth sitting on the nightstand next to a rolled up towel of plush cotton. A companion towel lay rolled up on Amada’s table. Lauren must have made some additional private preparations for the evening. She saw that I noticed and whispered. “Might as well have everything convenient.”

I squeezed her ass, and she giggled in reply.

Amanda sat down in her chair and crossed her legs.

“Thank you for the ringside view,” she said.

“You’re welcome, and please let us know if we should adjust our position to give you a better angle.”

Amanda laughed. “I think all of the angles are going to be good.”

Lauren turned to me and moved close. She took my hands and put them around her, and I bent down to kiss her. We stood at the end of the bed where Amanda could see both of us.

When my lips touched Lauren’s, I felt the heat and passion burst out. Wow. She was hot to trot. Any nervousness I had melted away in the face of that heat. I responded, and Lauren climbed even higher knowing that I was with her. My hands roamed her back, then they cupped her ass. Lauren moaned loud enough for Amanda to easily hear.

My hands roamed possessively over Lauren’s body. At the same time, her lips possessed mine, and at a deeper level, she possessed this moment. She had set the situation up, and she had told me how to act. In the heightened sense of passion coiling through my brain, some thoughts snapped together in a new way. My submissive little girlfriend had been directing a lot of our relationship. I was lead actor in the scenes, but she was writing the script. And it was a damn fine one, too.

I chuckled to myself as I realized what I had gotten myself into. Lauren pulled back and looked up, a question in her eyes.

“It suddenly hit me how often I get in these crazy hot situations with you. And how you instigate every single one, and you egg me on to boot.”

I saw a couple of gears click, and Lauren’s eyes widened in recognition. A blush crept up her neck.

Amanda piped up. “I told you that Lauren was a thoroughly wicked girl that kept it carefully hidden. Now you’re figuring out what it’s going to be like.”

I smiled back at Lauren. “I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else.” I leaned in and kissed her again, and I could feel another layer of passion in her lips. I had discovered something about the two of us that was always there, but not recognized. She was thanking me for discovering, and accepting, who she could be.

We made out for a while, neither in a hurry to break the spell. But I could feel us both heating up, so I made a move, bringing a hand up to cup Lauren’s breast. I heard a sigh from Amanda’s direction, and it hit me that this was probably the first sexual thing she had seen with her own eyes. People kiss and caress all the time, but they don’t typically go further tuzla escort bayan in public. Lauren’s body tingled in my hands as similar thoughts went through her fevered mind.

With the sexual ice broken, I reached down to the hem of Lauren’s dress. She hummed approval, so I lifted it up, and she raised her arms to help me. The lifting material revealed Lauren’s sheer white bra, her excited nipples clearly visible in the material. Lauren unbuttoned my shirt and lifted it off, then she reached around to unhook her bra. I helped her pull the material away, and then she moved in for another kiss. I pulled her close and rasped my chest across her hard nipples, feeling her groan into my mouth. Lauren always loved that feeling, and I gave her a long time to enjoy it while we loved each other with our lips.

Then it was time to move things along. I gently twisted her waist, and she took the hint, turning in my arms while her breath caught to display herself to Amanda. I nuzzled her neck, and she turned to find my lips again. My hands cupped her breasts, and I gave Amanda an intimate view of how Lauren liked her nipples pleasured.

After a suitable period of hotting her up, Lauren surprised me by breaking the kiss and looking directly at Amanda. I raised my eyes and did the same. I jolted to see Amanda’s hooded eyes deep into the lust zone. She had crossed her legs, and one hand absently drifted along her upper thigh. I knew where that hand wanted to go.

The same conclusions must have occured to Lauren, because she reached up and unbuttoned her jeans herself. Wow. I expected her to want my leading this, but she felt comfortable enough to bare herself to her friend. I knelt to help her, and I peeled the tight denim over her hips and then worked the jeans off while she held my shoulder for balance.

I played with Lauren’s chest a little longer, then I dropped my hands to cup her ass and tease around her panties. She moaned, but he also took my fingers and hooked them inside the waistband.

Really? I thought to myself. She wants to be naked while I keep my pants on?

I took the hint and started easing the material down, but kept it slow in case I missed the idea.

“Mm-hmm,” Lauren sighed,

With that affirmation, my hands confidently slid under the material, and I started sliding it down. Amanda cocked an eyebrow, and I saw some messages flash in her eyes. I kneeled again to get the panties off, and Lauren’s excitement washed over my nose. I rose behind her and cupped her breasts again. They rode tight in my hands, and I could feel Lauren’s excitement come off her skin like smoke. I looked up at Amanda while she studied her friend with frank intent.

After a suitable period of feeling Lauren up, I twisted her in my arms again. She winked and moved in for a long kiss while my hands descended to show Amanda how I played with her friend’s ass. I started gentle and moved to more vigorous caresses and squeezes. Lauren gave her friend a good soundtrack, sighing and moaning to show she was loving this.

Finally, I felt her hands move to my belt, and she unbuckled it, then moved to work my fly loose. Kneeling, she got my pants off then reached for my boxers. When my erection sprung free, Amanda uttered “Nice,” and Lauren giggled. She got the boxers off, then kissed up my leg, around my balls, then out along my cock. When she got to the head, she took it inside, then popped off with a snack of her lips.

“Get there a little later,” she announced while she kissed her way back up to my lips. We made out a while longer, then I guided her back to the bed. I laid her down near Amanda’s chair, then I kissed my way down Lauren’s jawline and on to her upper chest. After a little teasing, my lips ranged along the slope of her breast. Finally, I captured her nipple in my lips. Lauren arched her back and cradled my head while I pleasured the hard nub, then I ranged over to the other. I could feel her hips start humping the air, and I knew I had her where I wanted her.

I began my long, tortuous journey down Lauren’s body. She knew I was teasing her, but she patiently endured my attack, continuing to stroke my hair while I kissed and nibbled down her sides and abdomen.

“Damn, girl, does he always tease you like this?” Amanda’s amused voice drifted over us.

“I think he’s showing off,” came the exasperated reply. I chuckled and continued my exploration. I worked over her upper legs, then finally, slowly, zeroed in on her burning pussy lips.

After teasing the poor girl long enough, I turned to pleasuring, licking outside for a bit and then lapping up Lauren’s center. She moaned, and Amanda rustled in her seat. I played with Lauren’s inner lips for a while then moved to circling the hood of her clit.

“Yesssss,” Lauren responded. I kept up the action until I felt Lauren shift and push her pussy into my tongue. With this signal, I started writing the alphabet directly on the exposed knob of her clit. Lauren’s legs grew tense, and her breath got rapid.

“OK, the teasing was worth it. escort tuzla You look pretty happy, girl.” Amanda’s voice had lost the edge and replaced that with admiration.

“Oh, yeah,” Lauren managed to get out, and both ladies laughed. Those were the last words out of Lauren for a while. Her tensed, and tensed some more, then she bucked into my face with a long, keening moan. Her pussy spasmed against my lips, and she writhed around me, releasing the tension from every muscle in her body. I flattened my tongue to let her ride her orgasm out just the way she liked, and she rode out a long one.

Eventually, she sagged back into the bed, spent.

“Oh, God, Bryan, that was wonderful.” I soothed her pussy while she recovered, then she tugged me up, and we made out while Amanda squirmed beside us. I felt a tug on my hips, and I twisted under Lauren while she straddled me, rubbing her pussy along the underside of my rampant cock. We kissed some more, then she raised herself and used her hands to shake out her hair. This thrust her chest out, and it hit me that she wanted Amanda to see her nipples getting hard again. Lauren lightly stroked my erection, and then lifted herself to place me at her burning pussy lips. She slowly sank down, letting Amanda see my cock part her lips and push inside. We both groaned, and Lauren didn’t stop her slow descent until her ass was flattened on my hips.

Lauren placed her hands on my pecs and used them as anchors so she could drive me into all of her hidden recesses. She looked deep into my eyes, telling me to enjoy the love she was giving me.

“You two look beautiful,” Amanda said. Then she giggled. “And hot, too.” That’s when we heard some more rustling, and I was sure that one of Amanda’s hands had wandered inside her panties.

Lauren winked, then slinked a hand between her legs. Amanda gasped. I’m sure she didn’t expect that.

“Damn, girl, you need to stop holding back.”

We all laughed at that one, then Lauren started working her clit. I could feel her fingers dance over my shaft while she frigged herself. The eroticism of the moment triggered my body to start its journey to orgasm. Lauren saw the change, and her fingers sped up as she moved with me. We could both hear the sounds of Amanda’s fingers rubbing under her clothes, and a sense of heat flowed through me to share this with her.

I reached up to play with Lauren’s breasts, and she arched her back to push them into my hands. Her nipples jutted out, snapping under my rasps. Her pussy gripped my cock in a fiery embrace, stimulating every nerve ending from tip to base. Her hips writhed over mine, continuing to drive my cock into every hidden place inside her. Lauren was just so damn sexy, her natural instincts honed for lovemaking.

We drove each other higher and higher. Lauren’s fingers sped to a blur, flinging little droplets from her drenched folds. Amanda moaned, caught up in Lauren’s eroticism just as I was. I clamped down on the pressure building inside, then I twisted Lauren’s nipples just the way she liked before a big orgasm. Her breath stopped, her back bowed in tension, then she exploded, arching her back, whipping her hair over her head, and crying out. I watched as long as I could, then screwed my eyes shut while a convulsion swept through me. My back bowed off the bed, driving my cock deep into Lauren while I shot ropes of cum into her spasming pussy. Some sort of hoarse grunts escaped my throat, but it was hard to know with my brain on overload.

When I could think again, I opened my eyes to find Lauren’s very satisfied pair looking into mine. We gazed for a while, then she lowered herself and pressed her lips to mine for a long, languorous makeout session. My body felt really good, and her lips expressed the same feeling. She pulled back again, and her eyes asked Ready? I nodded, and she lifted her hips while I gently eased out of her. She turned over on her back and cuddled beside me.

“Wow, that was fantastic. We need to do that more often,” she said to the ceiling.

Amanda and I laughed.

“I don’t think Bryan’s going to argue with you, missy,” Amanda offered. I felt Lauren chuckle beside me.

“Was the show good for you?” Lauren asked.

“Yummy. I had a great orgasm watching. You were a hot little thing riding Bryan. Nice to see him letting you take charge.”

“I’m a lucky girl, Amanda. Bryan lets me play in any position. I figure we’d take a short break to recover, then we’ll show you another one.”

“Bryan’s got a second round in him?”


“Damn, Lauren. That’s just unfair. Can I borrow him sometime?”

Lauren laughed. “I know how lucky I am. My job is to keep Bryan so happy that he can’t think about other girls. Plus, he likes the naughty ones, and that definitely fits me.”

“I remember telling Bryan that a big naughty streak ran in you.”

“I think he’s figuring that out.”

“Oh, yeah,” I answered. Both ladies laughed.

“Let’s take a refreshment break and then see what other trouble we can get into. I’ll get us some hot washcloths to clean up.” Lauren got up and went into the bathroom, still comfortable in her nudity around Amanda. She came back with two, and even got Amanda to blush a bit when she gave her one.

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