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Natalia’s Naughty Daddy Ch. 02

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Group Sex

Just as soon as Natalia’s world had gone on a upswing, it took a downward turn, although only momentarily.

McMillan sent her father out on a promotional tour with one of her favorite authors, Silvia Anders, who was known for being somewhat eccentric. “Get me an autograph Daddy!” she said to her father, who said with a wink, “Sure thing kitten!”

Natalia had gone sexless for nearly 4 days and her father was going to be away for another 10. She knew she’d remain faithful to her daddy-lover, but the frustration was driving her crazy. Not only that, but she was bored, bored, BORED!

Most of her co-workers at the story were married, TV was all re-runs. She couldn’t find a new book to read and there were no movies at the local Cineplex she wanted to see. She was thumbing through the latest issue of PEOPLE magazine when the phone rang.

“Hello?” she said in a dulcet tone.

“Tally? Hi, it’s Carly!”

Natalia’s mood immediately brightened, Carly was her soon-to-be-ex sister-in-law, the only member of Jim’s family she still had any affection for. Carly had welcomed her into the family immediately.

“Carleeeeeee!” she squealed. “Oh baby, it’s so nice to hear your voice again. How are you?”

Carly’s voice over the phone said “Lonely hon. George is on the road again and I’m not overly thrilled with my brother right now and …”

Natalia felt the warm glow she always got when talking to Carly. “I’m bored too Carly, Daddy’s on a book tour. With Silvia Anders, can you believe it? So I have no one to talk to. Why don’t you come for a visit?”

Carly responded “I’d love too! George is hauling a load of freight and won’t be home for 4 more days, so if I left tomorrow morning, I could be there in time for lunch!”

“That’d be great and you could stay for a few days. Oh Carly, we’ll have a ball!”

Natalia remembered how much Carly liked to dress up, so she did herself up. She put on a sheer, blue summery dress, her favorite pair of dangly silver earings, washed and brushed her hair until it gleamed. She opted for a sexy G-string and put on heels, she loved being a girl and she knew Carly did too. She realized now how much she’d missed Carly, having her around was going to be great.

The doorbell rang and Natalia practically raced to answer it. She saw her friend standing there and squealed “Carleeeeee”, throwing her arms around her.

“Talleeeeee!!” Carly returned her greeting, hugging her tight.

“Let me get a good look at you!” Natalia said, pulling away from her sister-in-law. “Damn girl, you look good!” It was true. Natalia couldn’t get over how great Carly looked.

Carly was wearing a tight-fitting red dress, with an oval in the middle which revealed a generous expanse of cleavage. The dress was short, coming to just above the knee, but also slid up the side to the hips. Natalia could see Carly’s nipples, she wasn’t wearing a bra and her tummy was flat and smooth. She’d been working out, Natalia surmised, because she’d lost a fair bit of weight, although she always appreciated Carly’s curves. Carly had also let her short-cropped blonde hair grow out and it fell in waves past her shoulders. Her eyes, sometime almost grey and sad, were now a dancing shade of blue.

She’d been out in the sun too, her sun was bronzed and sexy. She wore no stockings, her legs were bare, but she wore a sexy pair of black heels – heels that Natalia remembered giving her for her 30th birthday, 2 years back.

“Wow, you look great. Really, really great.”

Carly’s cheeks reddened. “Thanks. I’ve been working hard at it.”

“You can tell hon.”

“I’m glad you noticed, George hasn’t.”


Carly giggled. “Yeah, men. Hey, I’m famished. Do you have anything to eat around here?”

“Well, I’m glad to see you’re not starving yourself!” Natalia said happily. “Yep, I fixed us a nice Caesar salad and some grilled swordfish. My Daddy likes to eat and I’ve been doing a lot of cooking.”

The women lunched and gabbed a goodly part of the afternoon. Natalia found out that her sister-in-law was almost as unhappy in her marriage as Natalia had been in her own, but for vastly different reasons.

“It isn’t that George is having an affair with another woman … ” Carly told her ” … I don’t think sex even enters into his mind. He comes home from being on the road, calls up his buddies, goes to the bar, or bowling, or fishing. Sometimes he forgets he has a wife.”

“Looking at you, I can’t believe he’s that much of an ass.” Carly looked down ans said quietly “Thank you Tally. I always feel better when I’m around you. What was my stupid brother thinking, cheating on someone as lovely and kind as you?”

Natalia shrugged. “Okay, so we’re both married to idiots, although in my case, I’m going to do something about that.”

A sad look crossed Carly’s face. “I’m so sorry about that. I’m going to miss having you as a member of my family.”

Natalia flashed Carly her warmest smile. “You’ll ALWAYS be family to me Carly,” mecidiyeköy escort She leaned forward and kissed the pretty blonde.

Carly’s eyes glazed over. “I still remember that special night we had, Tally.”

Natalia nodded. She’d been married to Jim only a few months, he was working late grading papers and told her that he would be home in the morning, he’d sleep at a colleagues. In retrospect, Natalia wondered who the “colleague” might have been, but too late for that now. Carly’s husband was on the road, almost exactly like tonight.

Carly had invited herself over to dinner that evening and brought a couple of bottles of good wine. She wanted to let her hair down and have a good time with Natalia, to let loose.

It had been the middle of summer and she was dressed in a pair of satin shorts and a loose halter. Carly was wearing a light yellow sundress that flattered her tan and she was barefoot. The sun was streaming in through the window, it backlit Carly and Natalia could see her beautiful figure. The continued drinking and having fun until the sun went down and it turned into a very lovely summer’s evening. The two women got blitzed. Natalia, in particular, was getting very silly.

Suddenly, on an impulse, Natalia let out a large “Whoop” and began stripping off her clothes, piece by piece, like the trashiest Exotic Dancer. Carly’s eyes went wide as saucers as she watched her much-younger sister-in-law parading naked before her. She couldn’t believe her idiot brother had managed to capture someone so lovely and full of life, and how much of an idiot he was being by taking her for granted.

Natalia’s body was so beautiful, legs long and supple, her breasts were … Carly knew she was smashed, she shouldn’t be thinking this way about another woman. But Natalia pulled her to her feet and said, in a husky voice, “Come on Carly, dance with me.” She was mesmerized and felt herself being led around the room by her sexy, seductive sister-in-law. She just went with the feelings and gave into the giddiness of the moment.

It was if time had stopped still, nothing else mattered and Natalia and Carly were both on the same wavelength. They leaned in together and kissed, lips seeking lips, wanting to share warmth and affection. Natalia’s tongue sought out Carly’s and they met, the kiss full of love, affection, lust. It promised a night of magic, a night both women needed desperately.

They didn’t speak a word for a moment, both were just swaying together, myriad thoughts going through their minds, bodies pressed together. Carly pulled away and went upstairs. Natalia felt as if her sister-in-law was just now reacting to what they’d done. She went outside to the pool and sat on a chair, wondering how she’d make it up to this woman she loved so much.

“Tally?” Natalia turned around to see her sister-in-law standing there, a vision that nearly took her breath away.

“Oh … my!” Natalia said as she looked at Carly. She was standing there in a sheer black ensemble, a top and skirt that were completely see-through and trimmed with red. The briefest of black thongs covered her pussy and she was wearing heels. Tanned and lovely, she was one of the most wonderful things Natalia had ever seen. The moonlight was streaming behind her, she looked so breathtaking that Natalia wasn’t sure if she could stand up, she was so nervous.

“We don’t … we shouldn’t …” Natalia said, but Carly shushed her.

“I’m completely sober now, and I think, you are too. I think you’re wonderful. I know I want this and I think you want it too, Tally. Am I wrong?”

Natalia shook her head.

“Okay. We have a chance to share a magical evening, but we have to agree – no regrets, no recrimination’s. Okay?”

Natalia nodded, trying to gather her thoughts. Who had seduced whom? Or was this a feeling both of them had been having all along and had just surfaced. Whatever it was, she decided to enjoy it. “Wait here!” she told Carly and ran for her bedroom.

She came outside a minute later, the breeze blowing in hair. “Carly” she called out softly and the woman turned, to see her sister-in-law in a sheer, flowing white negligee and matching panties and bra. Against Natalia’s dark beauty and the bluish tint from the moon on the pool’s water, she was ethereal in her beauty. The two women walked towards each other and this time, their kisses were fierce, demanding, giving in to the mutual lusts both of them shared.

Neither of them had ever been with a woman, but both women knew what they wanted. Kindness, gentleness, sweet sensuality – Natalia allowed her dear friend to lead her to the chaise and be set into a reclining position. Lips met hers again, Carly’s eyes were filled with nothing but love and affection. Her hands reached out and stroked Natalia’s forehead, along her face, caressing her cheek. “You’re so lovely, so truly lovely” Carly said as she kissed the girl again.

Carly’s kisses were soft and gentle, like butterflies nişantaşı escort caressing her as Natalia felt her body being loved. She was tingling, all her senses were alert, she’d sobered up in the merest of moments. She reached out and caressed Carly’s sweet face, her cute blonde hair, her pouty lips begged for Natalia’s kiss, which she gave freely.

There was no rush, no hurry. Carly’s hands explored the silky, slim body underneath her, marveling at the beauty of this young woman as she, in turn, let Natalia make her way about her soft form. She’d never know the softness, the intensity, of another woman’s caress and all her senses were heightened.

Carly’s hands slid under the negligee Natalia wore and found each breast, cupping them softly, pinching nipples, loving the feeling of their warmth in her hand. She squeezed them together and kissed the cleavage, a small dusting of freckles delighted her, she kissed there too. She slipped the negligee down, slowly, baring the top half of Natalia’s body and followed, kiss to kiss, down the girl’s flat stomach, sliding and inching the lingerie down Natalia’s form. Natalia lifted her hips to allow Carly to remove the negligee and aside from panties, lacy and sexy, and her shoes, she was naked and sexy in the moonlight.

Carly hesitated for only the briefest of second. “I’ve never done this before, have you?” Natalia shook her head, but she was still smiling brightly. “Are you sure you want to?” Natalia’s sweet smile said it all. Carly began licking the pretty girl all over, her breasts, her tummy, nipples were kissed gently, she even kissed her arms and fingertips. No part of Natalia was left untouched, until Carly tugged down her pussy.

There was a brief moment of hesitation on Carly’s part – but only brief, she knew they both wanted this. Carly removed the cute, lacy white panties, baring Natalia’s sensual, musky pussy to her view. She licked tentatively at first, but hearing little “Mmmm’s” of joy escaping from her sister-in-law, she became more ardent in giving pleasure to Tally. She worked her tongue all over the girl, her fingers strummed the clit as she licked and sucked, tasting the sweet juices on her lips and wanting more.

Natalia arched upwards towards Carly’s seeking tongue and orgasmed from the licking her sister-in-law was bestowing upon her. It was time for her to return the favor.

She loved the sexy outfit Carly wore, she wondered why Carly had brought it? Had there been a subconscious desire on her part to have this happen? It mattered little, she wanted to feast on Carly, there was a wild side to Natalia and she knew this would be a new addition to her arsenal of carnality.

She got up and pulled Carly into a tight embrace, Carly could barely catch her breath. She squeezed her lover’s ass, feeling the sexy, round cheeks and loving the feeling of Carly’s breasts pressed hard against her own naked form. She moved up and down Carly, starting at her neck, loving her round, bouncy tits, her smooth, tanned tummy and down to her pussy. Carly’s legs were great, she loved seeing her in heels, they accentuated the sleek line of her legs and calves. She kissed up and down those silk-smooth legs, watching Carly shudder with pleasure. She moved her face into Carly’s tight pussy and licked, sucked and feasted on the sweet, blonde pussy, still running her hands up and down her legs and thighs. Natalia then turned Carly around and buried her face in Carly’s pussy and ass, sucking her from behind, the lewdness of the act setting off a fire in Carly. She had a series of small orgasms, flooding her playmate’s face with juices.

They carried on for hours, playing in the moonlight, jumping in naked and frolicking in the pool, then drying each other with towels and tongues. Their lesbian play had gone on well into the morning. When the awoke the next day, they cuddled, agreed it had been wonderful, but they shouldn’t repeat it again, lest their spouses find out.

Now it seemed there was an unspoken question hanging in the air. Natalia looked over at Carly and said “I remember it too baby, and …. “

Carly walked over to Natalia, still stunning in the red dress and hugged her close. “You don’t have a husband to worry about anymore. Mine doesn’t seem to give a shit what I do! Why not be with someone who loves you? Who are we hurting?”

Natalia couldn’t argue with that logic, although she had taken another lover. But, as she had said to her father, she wanted her lovers “to be kinky, sensual and uninhibited.” Carly was offering her that, and she felt a great deal of love for the sexy blonde. She sighed.

“No one. Come here Carly.”

Carly walked over to Natalia and she looked at her with obvious love and affection. She was even more beautiful now then she’d been that night, she was sensual and confident, the earrings were sexy and the blue dress looked so wonderful against the coppery tone of her skin. She pulled Natalia close to her and their lips met again, for otele gelen escort the first time since that night, girl-to-girl lusts returned. Little whimpers came from both women, they both knew this was meant to be, desire for each other’s flesh was too strong. They were wrapped in each other’s arms, tongues in each other’s mouths, hands squeezing buttocks, teasing, with promises of delights yet to come.

They separated and Tally giggled “Damn girl, you HAVE been working out!” She squeezed Carly’s tush again.

Carly laughed, the first time in a long time, she felt desired and happy. She brushed a stray lock away from Natalia’s lovely face and kissed her cheek. “How did I EVER think I was going to not want you again? Who was I fooling?”

Natalia warmed. She realized she had been feeling the same emotion and said “No more `no mores’. We’ll take things one day at a time.” She took Carly by the hand and went to lead her upstairs to the bedroom, but Carly stopped her.

“Right here darling. Right on the couch. I don’t want to wait even one second.”

Natalia smiled and the two lovers made their way to the plush couch. Natalia lowered Carly down to the couch and kissed her, the forehead, she lightly kissed across Carly’s eyes, closed in passion, the bridge of her nose, her lips. Slowly, she began to slide the red dress from her lesbian lover, baring her round, full breasts and pink, erect nipples. She started to suckle them. Natalia was loving having them in her mouth again. Sweet, perfumed perfection and so kissable. Her hands manipulated and played with them as she assisted Carly in getting the dress off. Carly was wearing a cute pair of red panties, tied at the side with little white bows. Natalia literally ripped them off, saying in a teasing manner “I want you naked, bitch!” Carly giggled and stuck out her tongue, which Natalia took in her mouth and bit gently.

She wore only the black heels now, skin golden tanned and soft. Natalia ran her hands all over Carly, pleasuring her, fingertips stroking the side of her body, trailing across ever inch of the sexy blonde. She could see the goosebumps rise on Carly’s skin as she kissed her from head to toe, she could see the dew forming on Carly’s slit as she avoided the sweet spot for the moment. Carly was groaning and thrashing now, aching for Natalia to taste her sweet spot.

Finally, Natalia buried her face in Carly’s wet quim, Carly went wild. Why, why, WHY she had thought she could never do this again, never be with Natalia again, was beyond her reckoning. The feeling of the woman’s tongue on her cunt was like needles throughout her body, she was wracked with delight, she surged upwards as Tally’s fingers stroked the lips of her pussy. She let Natalia fingerfuck her and rested her heel-clad feet on Natalia’s back as her lover ate her out, feasting on her, making a buffet out of Carly’s aroused body.

Wave upon wave of pleasure washed over Carly, she had never had lovers as good as her Tally. It was as if Natalia knew just where to touch, to kiss, to lick, to set Carly off in another violent orgasm. She was panting, taking all of Tally’s lips and tongue, flooding her with pussy juice.

Natalia moved away, face shining with pussy juice, still sexy and radiant. “Okay, do you remember how to do me, Carly?”

Remember? Carly thought it likely she would never forget. She’d played that magical night over and over in her mind many times, during boring nights with George or nights alone. Every mark on Natalia’s body, every lovely expression on her face, they all came rushing back in a flood of memory and emotion.

She pushed Natalia back on the couch, moving the girl as far up as she could. She ran her hands all over Natalia, delighting in the familiar feeling of her body, the way her eyes blazed when being touched, the sexy curve of her smile when being caressed. Her hands traveled up Natalia’s smooth, long legs, the muscles still taut under her fingertips. She played gently with Tally’s ears and the dangly earrings. She took in the sight of a woman she truly adored and had missed more than she had known.

She slid her smooth hands under Natalia’s pretty blue dress and removed the tiny G-string Tally was wearing. She brought it to her nose and inhaled the scent of her former – and now again, current – lover. She was wrought with desire, she slid the dress upwards and began kissing, slowly, teasingly up Natalia’s bare legs, tasting, inch by inch, the sweet taste of her skin. Natalia moaned softly as she felt every delicate kiss, she ran her fingers through Carly’s blonde hair as the blonde kissed upwards. When Carly reached her pussy, she became more ardent, more lusty, breathing in the aroma and plunging her tongue deep within Natalia.

For Natalia, it was like an electric shock within her body. Only her beloved Daddy, her Steven, had made her feel like this. Perhaps the years apart had made Carly crave her more, but as Carly licked and lapped at her pussy, Natalia felt orgasm after orgasm being wrenched from her body.

Carly adored her lover with all the talents she could muster. She loved how feminine, how lovely, Natalia looked. It pleased her to know that Natalia had taken the time to doll herself for Carly – as Carly had done in turn – and she was going to prove to Natalia that it had been worth the effort.

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