Temmuz 17, 2024

My Sleazy Mom

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You could say my mother was on the sleazy side. When my parents split up three years ago, my Mom changed. She would tell me she was going out with her friends on the weekend. Mom would put on these tight skirts and tops that would reveal everything. She might say she was out with friends but she wouldn’t return until the next morning. She would come back disheveled. I may be only nineteen but I knew something was up.

One night I was in bed asleep when I heard my Mom come stumbling in. It sounded like she was knocking over some things. I just had my briefs on but I went out into the living room to see what was going on. My mother was clearly drunk. She was having trouble standing. I could only think that she drove herself home this way.

I went over to her and I wrapped my arm around her waist.

“Help me to bed Rob.”

I somehow got her to the bedroom. I took her shoes off and then Mom tried to undress.

“Unzip me,” she said.

I got onto her bed and I unzipped her outfit that she was wearing. Don’t ask me how but Mom wiggled out of her clothes. She was sitting on the edge of the bed in just her bra and her panties. I was going to have her lie back so I could cover her. She wouldn’t let me do that. Instead she wrapped her arms around my neck and pulled me close to her face.

“You’re such a good son, I don’t deserve you.”

She was probably right about that. Mom fell back onto the bed and she pulled me down on top of her. I could smell perfume and beer. Our faces were just inches apart. My crotch was rubbing against my mother’s panties. I was starting to get hard.

“Rob, is that your cock I feel?” Mom asked me.

I was embarrassed. Here I was getting turned on by my şişli üniversiteli escort drunken mother. Don’t get me wrong. Despite partying all the time, my Mom managed to maintain her looks. She had big breasts for sure and a curvy body. My Mom was out of it.

“I should have married you instead,” she told me.

Just like that she pulled me down and our mouths touched. Mom opened her lips to me and we had a hard kiss. I gave into my Mom’s passion. As we kissed I began to grind my crotch into my mother’s wet panties. What can I say? I reached down and I pulled my Mom’s panties off. Mom broke off our kiss and she unfastened her bra. Her big tits came tumbling out on her chest. I was so out of it now. I lowered my face and sucked on her large nipples.

“Oh God Rob, you’re making me crazy!”

I was fingering my Mom’s pussy as I was sucking and kissing her boobs. Mom was getting into it.

“I need you baby,” she kept repeating to me.

It was one thing to be kissing and fingering my Mom. It was quite another to go all the way. Mom kept telling me that she wanted fucked.

“It’s okay Rob, I’m on the pill.”

My resistance was at an all time low. I stopped to pull my briefs off. My bone came springing out. Mom took a good look at me.

“You’re fucking huge!” She said to me.

There was no more discussion. I rolled onto my Mom’s body. My cock head found her slit. I started to push my hard prick into my Mom’s sopping wet pussy. Mom let out these screams. She was getting into the fucking I was giving her.

“Go hard Rob,” she kept urging me.

Mom didn’t have to tell me twice. I buried my eight inch dick all the way inside taksim anal yapan escort my Mom’s hole. My Mom threw her legs around me and her pussy muscles gripped me hard. I could hardly believe I was fucking my mother in her own bed. One thing I was sure of. Mom needed cock. She kept pleading with me to make her cum. I wanted to ask her if she was fucked earlier in the night but I couldn’t bring myself to do that.

Mom placed her hands on my ass as if she was urging me to go deeper. I lost whatever reluctance I might have had. I pounded my Mom’s pussy with hard strokes. Sweat was pouring from our bodies. I looked down and spied my Mom’s erect nipples. I lowered my face and began to chew on each one. Mom was crying out.

“Bite them, chew them,” she kept telling me.

I was quite sure my Mom was having multiple orgasms. Her pussy muscles would grip me and then let go of my cock.

“It’s okay, I want to feel you cum in me,” she told me.

I didn’t think that was such a hot idea but I was too far gone by then. I kept feeding Mom my cock until I got to the edge. A few more hard pumps and I blew my load inside my Mom. Mom’s body tensed up and she squeezed my dick with her muscles. I knew my batter was flying out of the tip of my mushroom. I just kept grinding into my mother.

“Oh Fuck! I can feel all your hot cum in my tummy,” She kept saying.

Somehow we managed to calm down. It took quite awhile. I slowly pulled out and looked down. My baby cream came spilling out of my Mom’s opening. That was one exciting moment. Mom reached down with her fingers and scooped some of my cum up. She brought it up to her lips for a taste.

“I’m going taksim bdsm escort to need more of that,” she told me.

I don’t remember much more from that night. When I woke up the next morning, my Mom was on her side and in my arms. She turned around and she spoke.

“Do you think you could go again?” She asked me.

I was pretty sure I could. Mom had me get on my back. She knelt between my legs and stroked my cock. It didn’t take much to get me hard again. Once my cock was standing straight up, Mom mounted me. She rubbed her muff across my shaft and then she lowered her pussy onto my hardness. Mom took my hands and she moved them to her chest. I was milking those large melons as Mom rode my dick.

This was almost like some fantasy. My hot bodied Mom needed my cock inside her pussy. I fed her my staff as she pushed down onto me.

“Do you think you can cum again?” she asked me.

I had no idea. Maybe I had a little bit still inside me. There was only one way to find out. Our pubic mounds slapped down hard against each other. I drove my cock deep inside my mother’s womb. We fucked for maybe a half hour or so. If I was going to cum, the time was now. I pushed up deep into my Mom’s belly and I let go. I was surprised when I shot a few streams of my cum into my mother’s body.

Mom let out this scream when I let go. She obviously still needed me fucking her. I pinched her erect nipples as my cum entered her gash. I watched as Mom’s body shook from the fucking she was taking. My mother fell onto my body and we held each other.

“I think I’m going to need you from now on,” Mom told me.

Mom quit going out on the weekends. That time was reserved for her and me. Mom did tell me that after my Dad left she felt lost. I told her she didn’t need to feel that way anymore. I found out that Mom was a cum nymphomaniac. She had to feel me explode inside her pussy in order to have her orgasms. That is fine with me. I wasn’t getting much sex before my mother and I took to her bed. My cock is constantly raw from screwing my Mom over and over.

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