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My Second Husband

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My Second Husband
 My Second Husband
My name is Amy. I work at a large company as the assistant to the VP in charge of new product development. I’ve been married to my husband Jim for 6 years and have two lovely c***dren. Jim and I met in high school and have been an item since. The summer after graduation Jim took me on a weeklong camping trip and forgot to pack condoms. We had been sexually active for the past 4 months and took every opportunity to have sex but never without a condom. The first few days of camping we tried to just have oral sex but both of us were getting antsy. So, by the third day of our camping trip we decided to risk it and have bareback sex. Let me tell you that it was amazing and Jim shot off way earlier than he expected and he only managed to pull out after the second rope of cum. Nevertheless, I got knocked up and we got married the following fall. We had planned a nice honeymoon down in the Florida Keys but Jim got a little too drunk at the wedding and ended up getting arrested for driving one of the Country Club’s large mowers into a few parked cars. After paying to repair the cars we had to skip the honeymoon. Fast forward a bit and I had my second c***d a little over a year after the first. We never did go back to consistent condom use after discovering how good bareback felt. Jim ended up getting a snip after that and we settled into a married routine.

About a year ago at work we started in on a large new product development effort. The company would do parts of the work but also integrate with the software from a few select vendors. One of these vendors was represented by this very handsome black man Roger. Roger would come in every week and work with our team. He always was very friendly with me and would bring me flowers on occasion. He also would ask me to dinner and our inside joke was I would need to ask my husband first.

About this same time my husband Jim started bringing home adult DVD’s to spice up our sex life. He seemed to like the interracial ones the best. I think maybe it was because I had briefly dated a black football player in high school before I met Jim. I never had sex with him other than one quick hand job. Thinking back about that time is one of my regrets for not going further but also a source of many fantasies of what might have been.

One Friday night after the k**s went to bed Jim put in another DVD he had just gotten. Jim said he specifically picked this DVD as the girl looked like me. I thought she was prettier but Jim kept saying how close we looked. I was getting pretty turned on by all this talk and the plot of the movie. It was about a black co-worker asking a married secretary out to dinner. It was similar enough to what was going on with Roger at work that I paused the movie to mention it to my husband. I told Jim all about Roger and how he always asks me to dinner and how I say I need to ask my husband first. Jim asked me if I wanted to go out and said he thought it would be hot. I got even wetter at the thought and said to Jim what would happen if I got carried away, possibly kissed Roger or even more. Jim just groaned, flipped me over and fucked me hard. After he came in my pussy he wasn’t done like usual. He ate me to another orgasm and fucked me a second time.

The next night we got back to watching the DVD and as expected the black co-worker and the secretary have a torrid affair with her getting knocked-up and having his c***d. Jim and I were again incredibly turned on and went two rounds again. When we finished Jim asked me if I really wanted to have dinner with Roger and told me to go and just have fun. I told him I was seriously considering it but didn’t want to hurt our marriage. He told me he loved me no matter what and that it excited him to have me go out. I told him how handsome Roger was and that I wasn’t sure it would just me dinner. Jim was hard again. I started stroking him and cupping his balls. I whispered in his ear, cum for me and I’ll tell Roger we can go out. Jim moaned. I whispered again, cum for me and Roger and I will go out and I might end up giving him a blowjob. Jim moaned even louder. I whispered again, cum for me and Roger and I will go out and I’ll fuck him and let him cum in me. With that Jim lost control and spurted. As I got up I said, I guess I know how you feel about this.

The following week at work I was going to tell Roger I would go to dinner with him when shit the fan. We were getting to a critical milestone and Roger needed to make a presentation to the company’s top leadership. I had a couple of large packages for him at my desk from the delivery service but one seemed crushed and the delivery guy had said how his truck was rear-ended that morning. I let Roger know what that guy said and Roger checked the packages. He looked really upset as he said he couldn’t make the presentation that evening with these damaged items and that there was not time for his company to send replacements. He said this was bad enough to possibly affect the entire project if he couldn’t make a spot-on presentation. I told him I often worked with a local shop and that I could take a vacation day and get illegal bahis this done for him. He looked like a k** at Christmas and said he would find a way to make this up to me. Long story short I managed to get everything ready for him just in time for his meeting and his company managed to secure the contract.

The following week he stopped by my desk with a huge vase of flowers and told me how grateful he was for all my help. He said this deal secured his spot as the top salesman and that he was getting a paid trip to the tropics. He then floored me by asking me to ask my husband if I could go with him. With a large grin, I told Roger I would ask my husband Jim and let him know.

I was a little hesitant telling Jim but once I did Jim couldn’t get his hands off me and we had another marathon session. Jim basically said how the thought of me going on a trip with Roger excited him and how badly he still felt for wrecking our honeymoon years ago when he got arrested. Jim said his only request was that I send a few pictures every day. I asked a few times if he was sure and each time he showed me how hard he was. I guess that was my answer. I reminded him I was not on birth control and that he had gotten a snip after our second c***d was born. I was sure Roger was virile and I could be risking pregnancy. Jim said not to worry and he would pack enough condoms for me to use. I reminded condoms are not 100% effective but he just placed my hand on his erection instead of commenting.

I let Roger know and we planned the trip for the following month. The entire month before the trip Jim was so excited and we fucked even more that when we first met. Jim started helping me pack and wanted me to skip my normally modest bikini and instead wear one of those mini Wicked Weasel types. I stopped what I was doing and said that Roger would be wanting to fuck me on this trip and that if I wore one of those tiny suits he would probably fuck me even more and possibly knock me up. Jim said whatever happens, happens and again ravished me. I thought to myself, if I was going to get this much sex from Jim then I would continue to date Roger after this trip.

On the day of the trip I hugged the k**s and Jim and thanked him for letting me go. The k**s both gave me colored pictures they drew of an island and palm trees and two people on the beach. They told me to give them to my friend Roger. Apparently, Jim had told them a little bit about Roger. I wondered what other surprises were in store. I’ll skip ahead to when Roger and I finally arrived at our bungalow by the beach. It was amazing, the clear blue water, the warm tropical breeze, the romantic bungalow, and Roger.

Roger said to get our suits on and head down to the pool bar. When I opened my bag, instead of my normal bikinis were 3 tiny micro bikinis. Thank goodness, I kept myself shaved bare. I thought back to what I told my husband might happen if I wore this type of suit and felt a growing excitement. Oh well, I warned him. I then thought I better check for the box of 2 dozen condoms he packed. Well at least it was still there.

Roger was all grins when he first saw me in one of the new micro bikinis. I must admit I did look very hot in it and felt oh so sexy. My husband Jim did a good job in picking these out. Remembering my promise to him I had the bartender take a few pictures of Roger and me. I made sure to get a pose emphasizing my near nakedness and Rogers prominent bulge.

Roger wasn’t bad himself. I had only seen him in suits before at the office but now in his swimsuit you could tell he was blessed with good genes and spent some time in the gym. We spent the late afternoon lounging by the pool and having a few, or more than a few, of those lovely tropical cocktails. Around 5 PM Roger suggested we head back to the room to rest up and get ready for dinner. I wanted to head to the room but resting up was low on my list, I was horny as hell.

Roger let me have the shower first. When he came out I was still dressed in a sheer robe sitting on the bed. I motioned him over and started kissing him. He wrapped his strong arms around me and it felt just so right. I reached down and undid the towel around his waist and started tracing my fingers lightly over his cock. Roger’s cock quickly grew to full size. I shrugged the robe off my shoulders, pushed him back on the bed and moved my head to his crotch. I told him I’d been waiting to do this for a long time as I engulfed him in my mouth. He told me how long he wanted this and warned me this first time was going to be quick but that he would make it up to me. I said not to worry and this was just my appetizer before dinner as I was hungry for food as well. I continued to suck him as my tongue worked the sensitive underside of his cock. My hand cupped his large balls and lightly stroked his rosebud. I could feel his balls contract and knew my reward was imminent. Roger moaned and started shooting ropes of cum into my mouth. I swallowed as much as I could with some still dripping down my chin. Roger bend down and French kissed me. God, how I love a man not all squeamish about a little cum. I wowed to do something special tipobet later.

Roger wanted to return the oral favors but I said desert only after some food and we got ready to head down to the restaurant. Dinner was wonderful. Roger is such a great conversationalist. After dinner, we danced some and then walked down by the beach. We sat down at the end of a small pier and started kissing. Our kisses became more and more intense. When we finally took a little breather, we realized more than half an hour had just passed. At this point I was ready for anything Roger wanted, anything at all. We headed excitedly back to our bungalow.

As soon as we got back, I stripped, laid on the bed, and told Roger to fuck me. I said my husband Jim knew this would be happening and even packed me a few dozen condoms. I asked Roger to grab the box out of my suitcase. When he opened it, it was empty except for a small note. “Amy, you know I’ll always love you and I want you to have the best possible time. I apologize again for wrecking out honeymoon. Treat this trip as your delayed honeymoon and as a honeymoon, condoms are not allowed so enjoy and whatever happens, will happen. I love you, Jim.” Wow, I thought. Roger asked if I was sure about not using condoms and offered to go out and look for some in the morning. I told him I couldn’t wait, that tonight was safe in my cycle, and that we could figure things out in the morning.

I told Roger I didn’t need any foreplay and just to fuck me but he said he wanted to taste me. Taste was an understatement, he ate me through two orgasms until I pushed him away. When he finally entered me, it was like a knife through hot butter. I pitied the staff would be changing the sheets in the morning. I was on my back and wrapped my legs around him pulling him in deep as he thrust. Roger said he was getting close and asked me if he should pull out. What a gentleman. I told him to just let it go and cum inside me, just like what would happen on a honeymoon. I told him I’m probably safe but maybe he would knock me up anyways. With that he almost bellowed and I felt him shooting inside me. That triggered my orgasm which was so intense I think I passed out for a bit.

Afterwards as we cuddled I teased him about knocking me up and how hard it made him cum. He admitted just the thought of it pushed him over the edge. He asked me what I thought my husband Jim would think if I returned home pregnant. I reminded him how Jim had packed the empty condom box and what did he expect. I surprised myself by admitting to him how excited I was by the risk of an interracial pregnancy. I also told Roger if he did knock me up that I expected him to be a part of his c***d’s life and not just the sperm donor. He told me he was secretly hoping I would be thinking that. Roger was rock hard again and made love to me cumming inside me a second time of the evening. Before dozing off I remembered I needed another picture for Jim. I had Roger take one of me that showed my puffy pussy lips and some cum still leaking out. When I sent it I wrote thanks for the empty box.

The next day we had a wonderful time exploring the island and I even gave him a blow job when we pulled our Jeep off the road. I had worn one of the micro bikinis Jim had gotten me. Roger kept commenting on how sexy my ass looked. Even after two k**s and being married for 5 years, I did have a great ass. It was fuller than when I graduated high school and Jim first knocked me up but I kept myself in shape. Since Roger seemed to like it so much, I was going to give it to him when we got back.

When we got back I showered first getting myself all ready. While Roger was showering I got on the bed on all fours with my ass up. A bottle of lube Jim had also packed was by my side. When Roger came out I told him I had a special treat if he wanted. I had done anal a few times with Jim so I knew what to expect but Roger was a bit larger. He lubed both of us up and started out by working one then two and finally three fingers into me. When I was open and relaxed he lined up his cock with my little rosebud and slowly entered me. I was fingering myself and could feel his cock as it entered me. Roger said how he couldn’t get me pregnant this way. Is that all you think about I teased back. You can fuck me properly later. Roger came quickly into my ass. Jim would always say how ass was very intense and he would always cum quick as well.

The week progressed as I’ve described with Roger and I enjoying ourselves during the day and having intense unprotected sex each night. On one of our last nights I was especially horny and discovered I was very wet. I thought through the dates and realized I was exactly mid-cycle. If I was going to get knocked up, tonight was the highest probability. That evening in bed, I told Roger how much fun I had and how thankful I was for him taking me along. I told him he could fuck me anywhere and cum anywhere all night. I told him I thought I was ovulating and that if he came in my pussy I would get pregnant if I wasn’t already. Lastly, I said if he did get me pregnant then I expected him to be around a lot to spend time with his tipobet giriş c***d and also with the mother of his c***d.

Well, I guess I knew Roger’s answer. That night he fucked be four times and came deep in my pussy each time. I was sure I would return home to my husband Jim carrying Roger’s baby. And with Roger being black we could not use the excuse of Jim’s snip failing. Everyone would know I had slept with a black man, gotten myself knocked up, and that Jim was now officially a cuckold. I hope he was going to be OK with all this.

I was nervous when we pulled up to my house. I knew Jim knew I had slept with Roger and even done it bareback. Jim had given me the empty box of condoms and we had even sent a few pictures of me in bed with my pussy full of cum, classic cream pie pictures. I suspected he even knew there was a good chance of me being pregnant. My fears were immediately relieved when we arrived. Jim and the k**s surrounded me with hugs even including Roger. Jim even hugged Roger and thanked him for taking good care of me. He then asked Roger if he could stay and play with the k**s while he had a bit of private time with me. Jim and I got to the bedroom and Jim was all over me passionately kissing me and telling me how much he missed me. We were quickly naked on the bed and Jim went down on me. After he brought me to orgasm I said we needed to talk. I told him I loved him but I might be pregnant with Roger’s c***d. He just said he thought that might happen and that he loved me more than ever. He then made love to me.

When we finally left the bedroom, Roger was on the floor playing with both k**s. They seemed to really like Roger. Jim thanked him again and asked him to join us the following Friday evening for dinner. I was no longer nervous and now thinking this was working out far better than I thought. The next day Jim confided in me that he had always wanted more k**s and had regretted getting his snip a couple of years back. He was thrilled I might be pregnant if I was happy. I told him I really did want another c***d but we would just have to see if I got knocked up on the trip. He then shocked me by telling me I should meet Roger at his hotel a few times this week after work if I wanted. He said he had mentioned it to Roger just so there would be no surprises. I think I’m starting to like this new change.

The first time I spent with Roger after work at his hotel, Jim was waiting up for me. The k**s were all ready for bed and I just needed to tuck them in. After they were all set Jim guided me into the bedroom and was all over me. I told him I should to shower first but he wouldn’t wait. He undressed me and got me on my back on the bed. After a few minutes of kissing, Jim started working his way down. While I’m a big fan of oral, I wasn’t sure Jim would want to see and taste proof of Roger’s and my lovemaking. But it turned out that was exactly what Jim was after. Jim ate me enthusiastically to orgasm slurping up all of Roger’s cum. When he came up to kiss me I could taste the cum on his tongue. He told me he had to perform oral on me with Roger’s cum still inside me to show me that he fully approved and loved me. He then admitted that he enjoyed it and looked forward to doing it again. That was fine with me, I also really enjoyed it, both getting the cum put in and having the cum sucked out.

During the following month Roger spent a lot of time with us and playing with the k**s. They even started calling him uncle Roger. One evening about 6 weeks after our so-called honeymoon while the 5 of us were having dinner, I mentioned I had not had my “monthly visit” yet and that I bought a test I’d take after dinner. After cleaning up the dishes I went into the bathroom to pee on the test strip. After a bit, I looked and saw the plus sign. I was pregnant with Roger’s c***d. I left the bathroom with the test strip and handed it to Jim. He looked for a bit and then to my surprise announced to all, including the k**s, that I was going to be a mommy again and that Roger was the proud father. He then called for a group hug. The k**s, being as young as they were, did not understand the ramifications of cuckolding and pregnancy outside marriage, they were just excited about having a baby brother or sister and for having Roger as another daddy.

After the k**s went to bed, Jim invited Roger to stay the night to celebrate. All I can say is I loved being the center of attention by two loving men. I can’t remember all the details. I think I had five or six orgasms and Roger and Jim came at least two times each. At one point, I was on all fours with Roger fucking me and I was blowing Jim. I guess they call that a spit-roast. Then I remember Jim climbing under me to eat me while Roger continued to fuck me. I could feel Roger’s cock and Jim’s tongue at the same time. I think Jim must have also licked Roger’s cock just by where I felt him. Roger quicken up and push deep and announced he was coming inside me. When he finished and pulled out I immediately felt Jim’s mouth all over my pussy. I could not believe it. He was eating all of Roger’s cum out of me. That sent me into one of my many orgasms of the night. Jim did not seem to mind cum at all.

That was 6 months ago and we now all live together in a larger house Roger could purchase. It’s a five-bedroom home so I’m suspecting Roger wants one more baby with me. I can hardly wait.

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