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My pantyhose fetish grows to obsession… PART 2

I wore the pantyhose Nick had taken for me from his basement for a very long time. Well over a year, maybe even nearly two years. They were all the same brand and style, sheer to waist, sheer toe and off-black. I always had a crush on Nick and I doubt he picked up on it in the beginning. After what he had done for me my crush deepened so that when I was older I had many masturbatory sessions in pantyhose while fantasizing about him.

Approximately six or seven months after having been given the bag of pantyhose, my parents, Maria and her fiancé made plans to go out together for dinner. Their plans included bar/club hopping afterward which meant they would be out quite late. At the time we lived in a new and very rural neighborhood and my parents wanted to be sure that whoever sat for me would be okay with that. They never did tell me who was going to stay with me. When I would ask who was coming they would just say “I think you will approve.”

It was around 5:30 pm and the sun was just beginning to set on that mid-autumn Saturday. A black car pulled up out front of my house and I heard Mom say “He’s here.” Dad went to the door, opened it and whoever was outside came in. I didn’t recognize the car and was not able to tell who had gotten out. Once they walked into the kitchen I heard him say “Hi Pat” I thought I recognized the voice but wasn’t sure. In any case, there was no mistaking that the voice was male. The three of them exchanged pleasantries and then Dad pointed out cash on the counter for pizza. Dad showed him that soda and beer were in the fridge as well as chips and cold cuts. I heard him say “Help your self to anything in the fridge. I hope a six pack is enough for you. While you’re sitting I would appreciate it if you wouldn’t touch any of the hard stuff in the bar.” The strange voice replied “Sure Bob, that is more than enough beer. I’m sure everything will be fine.”

Seconds later Mom called me down to the kitchen. Standing with his back to me as I entered into the kitchen was a young man of average height with jet black shoulder length hair. He was wearing blue jeans, a tan leather jacket and white Chuck Taylor sneakers. Just as Dad began to speak the young man turned toward me. Dad said “Look who’s here. Nick has agreed to stay with you tonight.” When I looked at Nick and into his eyes I immediately felt a tickle in my groin. Nick grinned and held out his right hand as he said “Hi five, Dude!” Dad went over their plans again and because there were no cell phones back then Mom said she would call in from time to time. A few minutes later they were headed out the front door to Dad’s car and then they were gone.

Nick had never been to my house so he asked me to show him around. He double checked that all the doors were locked and then followed behind me so I could show him the second flood. He looked around and then said “You have a nice room Dude. I guess I’m sleeping in here with you?” I stammered “Huh? You’re spending the night?” “Yeah, don’t you want me too? Your parents aren’t getting home until very late. Which bed is yours?” I pointed out my bed and Nick said “Okay, cool. Then this one must be mine.

Okay, come downstairs with me while I run out to my car and get my things.” Nick popped out the front door as I stood in the foyer. He went to the trunk of his car, pulled a small duffel bag and a pillow from the trunk and headed back to the house. Once inside he locked the front door and headed up the stairs to my room. I followed behind him. Nick dropped his bag and pillow on the spare bed then sat down on the edge of the bed and asked me “Would you like a huge surprise?” I never was fond of surprises so I hesitantly replied “Maybe.” Nick chuckled and said “It’s not a bad surprise; I think you will like it. So, what did you do with all of those pantyhose I gave you?” he asked. “I still have them. I have them hidden in here” I replied. Nick shook his head from side to side as he laughed. “You still have all of them?” he asked incredulously. “No, I don’t have all of them. Some of the pantyhose got runs and I threw them out. It’s like 40 pair.” “I see, so you have about 40 pair left?” Nick said. Exasperatedly I answered back “Nick, I have thrown about 40 pair away!” Nick fell back on the bed while laughing hard. Finally, he sat up, red faced and grinning as he said “Dude, you are too much! I can’t believe you have so many left. Where are they hidden? Your Mom and Dad never found you with any of them?” “Nope, they don’t know anything.” I said. “Show me where they are Michael.” I got down on the floor and flipped one side of my bedspread up. Nick got down on the floor too and looked under the bed. “I don’t see anything” he said. The tops of our heads were next to one another. I could smell his cologne and I liked it. I wanted to touch him but instinctively knew it was too early to try it. “Look up” I said. “What?” Nick slid his left arm under the bed and began to press on the bottom of the box spring. “Hmm, oh I see. Very ingenious idea Dude. Your hiding place rocks! I really never expected you to have so many left. Actually, I thought you would have been caught with them but I’m glad you haven’t been because I don’t know how you would explain it. Well, now I’m beginning to second guess things” he said.

“What do you mean?” I asked. “Dude you’ve got like hundreds of pairs of ladies pantyhose hidden under your bed!” Nick answered. Through clenched teeth I rapidly shot back “They are not ladies pantyhose! They are for whoever likes wearing them!” Nick fell back on the bed again as he laughed hysterically which only added to my anger. I pounced on him and began shaking him by the shoulders as I growled “boys can wear them too!” I wasn’t hurting Nick in the least. As a matter of fact I believe I only added to his amusement. After a few minutes, Nick regained his breath as he grabbed hold of me by the shoulders and lifted me off him. “Okay, Michael, I get it. You are correct Buddy.”

“What are you guessing?” I asked. Nick didn’t immediately answer. Growling I aid “Tell me, tell me! What are you guessing?” Nick chuckled again then said “I’ll tell you but you need to calm down first.” I sat on my bed and inhaled and exhaled deeply. Calmly, Nick stated “I brought the rest of the pantyhose from the trunk for you. I’m second guessing bringing them in because you have so many now and is three times as many in the car. I don’t know where you are going to put them all.” “I want them, I want them all! Let’s go get them!” I said. Nick resumed his laughter. This time he laughed so hard he was crying. “How the hell did I know you were going to say that?” he said through tears.

After a few minutes, Nick regained his composure then said “Okay, let’s go.” We went downstairs to the foyer. Nick went out to his car while I stayed inside. I could see him open the trunk lid and reach inside. Seconds later he pulled two large objects from its confines. As he approached the house the bags grew larger. Nick came in, dropped the bags on the floor and locked the door. “Okay, let’s go up to your room” he said. The plastic bags were huge and I said so. Nick replied “I told you they are bigger than the first bag. There is probably three times as many pantyhose here as the first bag I gave you. I took all of them. The trunk is empty” he said.

“Won’t Maria miss them?” I asked. “Of course she will and I don’t give a damn. I’ve told her to get that trunk out of the way. I threatened to burn it. She wouldn’t listen to me so now I’ve gotten rid of the pantyhose. Besides, she kept adding to it” Nick said. “Isn’t she going to be mad?” I asked. “I don’t care, she might be at first. Too bad, so sad. The pantyhose have just been sitting in the trunk for months and months. That night, when I saw you rummaging in the trunk, I admit I was a little surprised, but then I thought it was cute how you knew what pantyhose are and how determined you were to have them and confident you are when wearing them. Maria isn’t wearing them. She will probably never wear them so when I saw you wanted them I thought why not give some to Michael?”

“I like that she didn’t get runs in them. So far none of them have had runs” I said. “Oh Dude, you thought she had worn them? They are all brand new. You may find a defect once in while but I’d be surprised if you find any with runs” he said. The bags were huge and I began to open one. I tried to turn it out and Nick helped me. From the bag spilled off-black and jet black pantyhose. They were all the same style and brand as my previous bagful. Fortunately, the vast majority of the pantyhose were individually balled up. Which made it easier to separate them for sorting and placement into the box spring? “They are all the same as before. Dark grey and black” Nick said. “Off-black and jet black” I quipped. “Dude you are too funny! Let me help you or we will be here for a week” Nick said. Nick got down on the floor with me and began helping me stuff pantyhose into the box spring. We were about a third of the way through the bag when Nick realized the netting would soon no longer hold the weight of the pantyhose.

“Dude, I think we are done here. Let’s move on to the other bed. Nick tore two small holes in the netting on the edge of the box spring and began stuffing pantyhose inside. He did the stuffing as I handed him the hose. We progressed much faster this way as he could stuff several pair at once with each hand. We reached the point with the spare bed where it too was packed and looked as if the netting might come down. We had yet to open the second bag of pantyhose and still had approximately 100 pair remaining from the first bag.

“Well Dude I think we are done here” Nick said. I poked my head under the bed. “No, we can put more in” I answered. “Michael, the net is going to fall down if we put any more in” Nick shot back. Nick untied the second bag and began scooping up from the floor the pantyhose that remained from the first bag and dropped them inside. As he tied the bag shut I stood silent, in a bit of a panic while my mind raced for a place to hide the pantyhose. Nick picked up the bag and began to leave my room. I followed behind and as we went down the stairs I asked “What are you going to do with the bag?” “I don’t know. Do you have a place to hide it?” he asked. “No, I can’t think of one” I said. “Okay, stay inside, I’m going to take a quick walk into the woods and dump it there. I’ll be right back” he said. “No!” I shouted. “Michael, you can’t get caught with them!” Nick retorted. “Where’s my jacket? I’ll just put the bag in my car and get rid of them later.” “No way, I want them. You brought them for me and I’m going to have them one way or another!” “Well then you had better come up with an idea before you parents get home!” Nick fired back.

I proceeded down to the basement as Nick followed behind. He dropped the bag of pantyhose in the foyer. Once in the storage/laundry/workshop area of the basement I began looking for hiding places. There were a few but as soon as a cabinet were opened the bag of pantyhose would be discovered. Nick walked over to the workbench. He picked up something shiny then turned toward me and said “Dude, I’ve got an idea. Come on up to your room with me. Nick grabbed hold of the bag of pantyhose, yanked it from the floor and we headed up stairs. Once in my room Nick pulled the covers off the spare bed. Next he pulled the mattress off and leaned it against the wall. Nick bent down and yanked up on one side of the box spring. “What are you doing?” casino siteleri I queried. “I saw this downstairs. I think it might work” he said. “Huh?” I looked at his hands. In Nick’s right hand was a silver staple gun. He began stapling around the perimeter of the box spring while leaving two, one foot holes open along the length of the box spring. He tore open the bag of pantyhose and began grabbing fistfuls of them. He stuffed them through the holes he had left open. The box spring was packed full of pantyhose now. Nick put the box spring and mattress back in place while leaving the two holes open so I’d have a way to retrieve the pantyhose. We quickly remade the bed and then he moved over to my bed. My box spring had more pantyhose stuffed inside than the other bed. “Dude, this is it. Anymore and this netting could collapse” he said. I looked at the bag and it still contained pantyhose. I eyeballed it and guessed there could still be 150 pair of pantyhose inside. Nick put the box spring and mattress back and told me to remake my bed as he went down to the basement to put the staple gun back.

Just as I finished with the bedspread Nick was standing in the door frame. “You hungry? You ready for me to order a pizza?” “Yes” I said. “Okay, let’s go down to the kitchen” he said as he scooped up the trash bag and pantyhose fell out. Nick said “Oh I ripped the bag. Go downstairs and bring another trash bag up.” I returned with another trash bag and saw that Nick had scooped up the remaining pantyhose and had them in a pile. He reached for the trash bag and began pushing the pile of pantyhose inside. “What are you going to do with that?” I asked. “I’ve got to throw it away or take it with me. There isn’t anymore room under the beds to hide them. Besides you’ve got plenty. You have got to have thousands now” Nick answered.

As Nick remained kneeling on the floor I walked toward him and pressed my forehead against his and growled “I want them all!” Nick shot back in disbelief “Are you shitting me? You’re concerned with these when you have God knows how many under your beds? Dude… you are a fucking pain in my ass!” Nick snorted. I pressed my head against Nick’s again. He began to think it funny that I was trying to show dominance over him and tried not to laugh as I glared into his eyes. “Grr I don’t care!” I snapped back. “What a surprise, I know you don’t care. What about shoe boxes?” Nick queried. “No, they are full and my games are full too” I answered. “Well take the shoes and games out then” he said. “I can’t because they are full of pantyhose from when I was at your house for spaghetti” I answered. “Damn it Michael, now you have more than enough. You can probably play with a pair everyday and have three or four year’s worth. Not having these isn’t going to kill you Buddy.”

My mind was spinning like mad. No way in hell was I about to let that many pairs of new pantyhose slip through my fingers regardless of what I already had. I especially wasn’t going to let them pass me by when they were literally laying on my bedroom floor. Perhaps because I had not yet replied to Nick he seemed to get the impression I may be on the verge of a meltdown. “It’ll be okay Bud; I’ll bring them to you another time. I’ll keep them in my car. I promise. You’re going to have to use up some of these first though” he said.

Suddenly, I had an idea for a storage place. “I know where we can hide them!” I shouted. I began tossing pair after pair into the bag. “Hmm, Dude, let me do that. I can do it faster” he said. Nick reached down with both arms and scooped up several large loads of pantyhose and dropped them into the trash bag.

We headed down to the basement. In the back of the basement was an old console stereo. The phonograph no longer played but the stereo radio did. In either case, we no longer used it and it was pushed into a dark corner of the basement. I tried to pull it from the corner but was having difficulty. Nick asked “What are you planning?” I told him that I wasn’t sure but I thought the entire back could be removed. He pulled the stereo out and spun it around to get a look at it. Sure enough there were several large plastic “pins” that rotated and held the back panel in place. Nick went to the tool bench and retrieved a pair of pliers. After turning all of the pins he pulled the back off. The console had a fairly large open space. Nick shoved the bag of pantyhose inside. It fit inside with ease. He then placed the panel on the back of the console and secured it. Once finished he looked at me and said “If anyone told me that one day I would take thousands of pairs of pantyhose for a dude, not once but twice, and then help him hide them I would tell that person they are crazy!”

We headed upstairs and Nick ordered the pizza. While Nick waited in the kitchen for the delivery man I went up to my room to change into my pajamas. I’d already had a bath before my parents left. While upstairs I slipped a pair of off-black pantyhose on over my briefs before I put my pajamas on. I waited for the pizza in my pajamas and slippers while Nicked poured me a cola. He had no idea that I had put pantyhose on. Not much later the doorbell rang. Nick paid for the pizza and then served me a slice. We headed down to the recreation room to watch television. He asked me if I wanted any more and I told him I didn’t. Nick took our plates up to the kitchen while I remained in the recreation room. When he returned he was carrying a bottle of beer. Nick sat on one end of the couch and I at the other end. Nick twisted the cap off the bottle, then looked toward me and asked “Want a sip?” I looked at him bizarrely and said “No, I don’t like it. It tastes like soap.” “Good answer, just checking” he retorted.

After a few minutes I began squirming about on the couch just enough to make my left slipper pop off. I left it off pretending to be none the wiser. I continued watching television as Nick drank his beer. “I’m going upstairs for a minute. Do you want anything Michael?” Nick asked. “No, I’m good” I said. Nick was up and back within minutes. He was holding a second bottle of beer and more pizza. We resumed watching the show as he drank his beer and ate pizza.

After Nick had consumed a few sips of his beer I began popping my foot in and out of my right slipper. “Go ahead. Do it. I know you want me to know you are wearing pantyhose. You might as well take your other slipper off. I’m not going to ridicule you for it.” I kicked my foot in the air and watched as the slipper fell to the floor. I brushed my foot against the first slipper and sent it too to the floor as I then sat somewhat reclined on the sofa with my legs stretched in front of me. I began to wiggle my little toes in the soft sheer nylon. I enjoyed watching them move within the confines of the soft nylon as well as the feel of the nylon from toes to waist. Sipping his beer and looking at my feet, Nick said “Well, Bud, I see you like way pantyhose feel on your toes and feet.” Nick reached toward my left foot with his right hand and with his index finger his rubbed it up and down the sole of my foot a few times. I giggled softly which made Nick smile. A couple minutes later he reached for my right foot while holding the beer cap in his hand. He gently raked the bottle cap across the underside of my right foot. The cap caught and snagged on the nylon. I suspected Nick wanted snag the pantyhose until they developed a hole or run but I wasn’t sure. I knew better than to give him any grief about it after the gift he had given me. He raked the cap across my sole a few more times and I could see a few threads wafting with the movements of his hands. He appeared to be enjoying himself while I remained silent and enjoyed the attention he was showing my pantyhose feet. After seven or so sc****s across my foot he looked me in the eyes and announced he should probably stop before he makes my pantyhose run.

Nick got up from the couch and took is bottle and plate with him. While he was upstairs I slipped my pajama bottoms off. As he came down the stairs he saw me lying on the couch in my briefs, pantyhose and top. He grinned and winked his brow at me twice before resuming his seat on the couch. At the same time he reached out with his right hand and grabbed hold of my right leg by the ankle and held it firmly as I giggled. “Oh, so… like I wouldn’t notice this huh? How much more obvious can you be?” he said between laughs. He continued to hold on to my leg as he brushed me with one stroke from the couch onto the floor.

I jumped up from the floor and said “Hey you!” as I stood before him trying to squeeze his muscular biceps and thighs. All in a feeble attempt to cause him pain. Nick roared with laughter as he repeatedly asked “Is that all Dude? Is that the best you’ve got? You’re killing me! No you’re not! Not even close Buddy! Ha ha!” When squeezing his thighs I had a sudden thought and I let it spill from my lips without censoring myself. “Hey Nick?” I said cheerfully. “Have you ever worn pantyhose? You ever wear any of the pantyhose in the trunk?” I asked. Nick’s eyes bugged out for a second as he continued to show me I was no match for his strength. “No, I haven’t. Well, that’s not entirely true. I tried pantyhose on once. They were Maria’s and I was a senior in high school. They were too short for me in the ass, and the thighs were not big enough. My thighs are pantyhose destroyers! When I sat down the pantyhose blew out in the ass, crotch and thighs.”

He winked his brow twice before leaning his forehead toward mine as I stared at him wide eyed Nick grinned. Suddenly, Nick jumped up from the couch and began to flex his biceps, then his leg muscles. He began sliding his palms over his thighs as he grunted deeply while chanting “Pantyhose destroyers! Must get pantyhose. Must destroy pantyhose!” I sat on floor looking up at Nick thinking “who is this crazy man?” Nick plopped himself on the couch and I took the opportunity to plop myself beside him. Nick didn’t flinch so I stayed seated next to him. “Nick? Did Maria find out you have worn her pantyhose?” I asked. “Nope. You’ve seen how many she has, well how many she used to have. She would never be the wiser. She never missed the pantyhose I gave you the first time. She sell’s them part-time so she gets hers for free and has no idea how many she has.

In an effort to get things playful again I layback on the couch and plopped my feet into Nick’s lap. For a few minutes he ignored them. I have no doubt it was he who was actually in control of the situation though I deluded myself into thinking I was in control. I began to wiggle my right toes then my left alternating from foot to foot. Nick ignored me as he continued to watch television which was frustrating me and I’m sure he knew it. Next, I began to rub the balls of my feet against one another then went back to wiggling my toes. Finally, Nick acknowledged me. He said “Michael, you are not subtle, nowhere near it” as he swallowed my feet in both his hands and pulled me brusquely toward him as I let out a squeal of delight. With my buttocks resting against his right thigh he quickly flipped me over on my tummy and gave me three soft swats on my hosed clad buns. He then let his finger tips run down the backs of my legs to the soles of my feet which he began to tickle. As soon as he realized I was ticklish he held my legs firmly with his right arm so I couldn’t kick as he tickled the soles of my feet unmercifully with his left hand.

Suddenly, Nick gently pushed me to his right as he got down on all fours on the floor. He pulled his white polo shirt off and casino şirketleri I literally swooned. I had never before seen a man with so much body hair on his chest and tummy in my life. It wasn’t curly but very silky and black. I wanted desperately to touch it as I was in disbelief that it was real. Nick reached for his Chuck Taylors and pulled them off. “Oh my! Wow! I’ve got the hottest hunk ever right here with me!” I thought. Nick was on all fours in his blue jeans and white athletic socks and I was his captive audience. Nick looked at me and growled as I began to giggle. On all fours he roamed the room while growling and saying “Wolf man hungry! Wolf man eat!”

Nick came closer and closer to the couch with each pass through the room. Finally, he came very close and stopped. He began sniffing and growling as he leaned his head forward enough to press his nose into the underside of my right foot and bury his nose in my nylon toes. He held it there sniffing deeply as he scrunched his face then backed away and grunted “pee-you!” I let out a squeal of delight as Nick tried to remain in character. He began pacing back and forth in front of the couch. All the while he was grunting and growling. A couple of times he scratched his hairy chest and I thought I would slide off the couch in a warm puddle. Nick leaned in again and began sniffing at my left foot but had not yet pressed his nose into it. I waiting in anticipation as he continued growling and sniffing. Finally, he pushed his nose into the bottom of my left foot and kept it buried there. Quickly, before he could react I reached toward him and buried my hands in his hair and made a mess of it. I said “Now you really look like a wolf man!” Nick attempted to stifle his laughter by firmly pressing the bottom of my foot against his nose and mustached mouth.

I’d never before experienced the touch of a mustache and I liked how it felt against my hosed foot. Nick regained his composure and backed away from the couch. He moved to the far side of the room then came charging toward me growling as he grunted “Tasty pantyhose feet.” Nick knelt in front of the couch with both hands resting upon its edge as I sat back deep into it. With his tongue hanging out and panting he gave me side glances then growled “Hungry!” With his right hand he pawed at my left leg then grabbed it and pulled it toward him. He held my foot to his face then began to kiss its sole beginning at the toes and ending at the heel. Next Nick opened his mouth and began to lap at my toes and when he saw my eyes go wide he knew that was all the encouragement he needed. He continued lapping at the underside of my left foot as I giggled while he grabbed my right leg with his left hand so that I was at his mercy. I was enjoying the feel of Nick’s hot breath against my foot and the feel of his hot saliva dampening the nylon was intoxicating. Nick lapped at my left foot until he had saturated the nylon sole. He then moved to my right foot and did the same thing. All the while I giggled as he grunted and growled at me. Occasionally he would grunt “Mmm, pantyhose feet tasty!” Once Nick was satisfied with his work he took hold of both my feet and pressed them together. He leaned forward and began to insert them both into his mouth at once. He took them in no farther than the balls of my feet but I was still titillated by it. He held my legs by the ankles firmly as he grunted and gently tossed his head from side to side. I could feel his hot tongue darting between and across my toes and it was driving me crazy. Not even thinking to look in that direction, I happened to notice Nick’s crotch and I could see he was sporting a nice boner in his jeans. I wanted to touch it so bad with either my hand or a foot but didn’t think it would ever happen. Nick released his left hand from my legs and just as quickly took hold of them with just his right hand. As he continued grunting and growling he pawed at me. Mussing my hair, gently pawing at my chest and then pawing my legs. He was never rough. Always gentle and playful and using just his finger tips to rake over me.

Suddenly he released my feet and slunk across the floor. He returned to all fours and knelt in a corner as he growled at me then said “Wolf man eat pantyhose feet!” Nick leapt toward me which startled me and as a result I let out a little yelp. Kneeling before me again and growling Nick leaned over the couch and took the toes of my right foot into his mouth. He began sucking on my hosed toes furiously as I let loose with squeals of delight. I could feel his tongue darting between my toes as he held my foot. I couldn’t stop staring at his beautiful chest. Without hesitation I moved my left foot the top of his chest and began to rub it gently up and down his upper chest, across his nipples and then down his tummy. I was mesmerized by his thick, dark happy trail. I’d never before seen one and thought it was the most masculine thing I’d ever seen. Nick exhaled deeply a couple of times as my foot ran across his chest and tummy but he didn’t get angry so I figured all was okay.

Nick released my foot and moved to my left foot. Just before he took my toes in his mouth he looked me in the eyes and grunted “Pantyhose feet tasty.” Nick sucked my left toes furiously. By now I had a little boner. I really wanted to touch it but knew instinctively if I did everything would come to an abrupt end so I left well enough alone. Nick was sucking so hard on my toes I thought he might suck them through the nylon. Because he hadn’t stopped me previously I decided to use my right foot to rub over his chest. Moments later Nick released my foot and went back to the center of the room. When he approached again he began kissing my sheer clad legs beginning at the toes and working his way up simultaneously. He stopped just above my knees before returning to my feet.

Nick bit down on the toe seam of my left stocking foot then pulled back a little bit leaving two inches of nylon hanging from my toes. He moved to my right foot and did the same thing. Nick announced “Wolf man eat stinky pantyhose feet! Pee-you!” He took the nylon dangling from both toes into his mouth and began to slowly and gently pull back as he grunted, growled and shook his head from side to side like a dog. Through clenched teeth he said “Pantyhose tastes good!” Nick pulled and tugged until he had pulled half the stockings from my legs. He released the stockings from his mouth and crawled toward me. He scooped up my feet in his left hand and began to gently bite on the soles of my feet. He lowered my left foot to provide extra attention to my right foot and I took the opportunity to raise it and place it on his right shoulder. Half the stocking was dangling down the front of his chest. I began to rub my leg against his five o’clock shadow. It was heavy and made scratching sounds as the nylon brushed against his face. When Nick lowered my right leg I lifted it too and placed it on his left shoulder. Both stockings were now dangling down his chest as I rubbed my legs against his face. Nick gently kissed on my legs a few times then rubbed them from thighs down to toes.

“Dude, I’ve got to do something soon!” Nick stammered. “Do you have a pair of scissors around here?” he asked. I pointed out a drawer where a large pair of scissors were usually kept. He crawled over to it and then pulled the scissors from the drawer. Nick crawled back over to me and asked “Promise you won’t be mad?” “Yeah, I promise” I said. Nick took hold of the stocking dangling from my left leg and tied a knot in it at my toes. He then moved to my right leg and asked “Are your pantyhose pretty even? Yeah, they are the same length” he said before I could respond. Nick picked up the right stocking and tied a knot in it too at my toes. He then pulled each stocking taut thus ensuring the knots were tiny and tight. Nick picked up the scissors and looked me in the eyes and said “Remember, you made me a promise.” He took hold of my left foot and snipped the dangling nylon off just below the knot. The nylon fell to the floor. Nick then moved to my right foot and repeated the process. Nick scooped up the two stockings and made a dash for the bathroom. The way Nick moved so quickly and with no words led me to suspect he might be sick. As he headed into the bathroom room he turned toward me and said “I’ll be out in a minute. Just watch television.”

Nick went in and closed the door. I was very suspicious so I crept over to the bathroom door. I could hear him breathing inside. I lay on the floor and peaked under the door. I could see that his jeans were down around his ankles and he was standing. I stood up and continued listening. His breathing was beginning to get deeper, Nick was panting and I could hear him moaning under his breath “Fuck yeah Baby, that feels so good, those pantyhose feel good on my hard cock.” I knew there was no way anyone could be in there with him. I was so confused and afraid he was sick. Scared to death but determined to do so, I suddenly grabbed the door handle and turned it. Nick hadn’t locked the door. The door flew open and Nick stood before me with a raging boner, one stocking was on his right hand and the other he had pulled over his hard cock. Nick was pumping his cock furiously with his stocking covered hand as he sighed deeply. I thought what I was witnessing was highly erotic and masculine. He knew I was there but ignored me. His cock was achingly hard in the nylon and beads of perspiration were visible on his forehead, temples and just below his hairy armpits. Even to me it was obvious he was not about to stop now.

“Oomph, oomph, oh yeah Baby, going to cum in this fucking nylon” slipped from his lips. I just stood there, staring and mesmerized. Prior to that occasion, I would never have believed I could be any more in lust with Nick. He continued stroking his hosed shaft when suddenly he bent his knees and leaned back slightly as he arched his hips upward. Now his cock was at full attention poking straight up. A deep growl emanated from Nick as he grabbed hold of his cock with both hands and pumped it furiously as if he were fucking his hands. “Ugh, ugh, oomph, oomph. I’m coming. Oh yeah, I’m coming in these fucking pantyhose. Oh, oh, ugh, ugh!” I saw three blasts of cum shoot through the nylon and hit the mirror. I was a little scared for him. I was afraid he may have hurt himself. Nick collapsed on the toilet as he worked to collect his breath. He sighed deeply. It was then that he acknowledged my presence. “Dude, go watch television” he said. I stammered “Are you okay?”

All the while I never took my eyes off Nick’s twitching and still hard cock. The cock that was in the nylons I had just been wearing. Nick sighed again as he wiped sweat from his brow. Nick chuckled as he answered “Yeah, I’m great Dude. Fantastic.” I was beside myself at seeing Nick in the nude. So much so, that I was not about to voluntarily let it end so I just remained standing there as he grabbed some facial tissue and wiped his brow. Nick reached for his cock with his left hand and slowly stroked it from the base to the head then he shook his cock a couple of times against a wad of toilet paper. Next, Nick peeled the stocking from his arm and dropped it into the sink. He hooked his left thumb and index finger under the stocking at the base of his shaft and slowly pulled the soaked nylon from his tender cock. Nick had soaked it with what looked liked to me like thick milk. As the stocking passed in front of me to be dropped in the sink Nick said to me smiling “See what your pantyhose did to me?” “I’m canlı casino siteleri sorry” I replied. “Oh Dude, don’t be sorry. Believe me, I’m happy about it” Nick sighed. “Hey, are there towels in here? I have to take a shower or I WILL be pee-you!” I pointed out the towels. Just then Nick stood up and I got a full back view of him. Nick had a head of thick, black and wavy shoulder length hair, smooth shoulders. His upper back was also smooth and there was a little bit of black fuzz in the center of his lower back. It looked as if it came up only a few inches above the waistband of his underwear. His legs and butt were evenly covered in short, black, straight hair. From a distance one might suspect he was wearing a pair of sheer to waist ultra sheer pantyhose but I would never say that to him.

Nick turned around and asked “You still here? Well I guess I’m going to have an audience?” He pulled the curtain back and turned the shower on. A few moments later he was inside and I could hear that he was enjoying the hot, soapy shower. “Hey Nick? Nick?” I asked. “Yeah, what’s up? I’ll be out in a minute” Nick answered. “I was wondering something. Do I really have stinky pantyhose feet?” I asked. Nick began laughing and when he stopped he said I’ll tell you in a minute. Let me finish up in here.” Nick stepped out and began to dry off. By now he was digging that I hadn’t left him. “Well, Michael, now I know who my number one fan is don’t I?” Nick said as I blushed. Nick dried off then brushed his hair as he stood in the bathroom still nude with me sitting in the doorway. Before he hung the towel he began drying his cock for a second time. He gently patted his balls then patted dry his cock for a third time while making sure I got a good look at it.

He reached down to the floor and slipped his briefs on then sat on the toilet and slipped his athletic socks on before pulling his jeans up. We walked into the recreation room and he scooped his shirt up from the chair and pulled it on.

“I am thirsty! Do you want anything? Any more pizza or snacks?” I answered that I wanted more cola. Nick told me to stay put as he went up and got the drinks. He returned with another bottle of beer and cola for me. He sat on the sofa. I was at the far end and moved over next to him with my left leg resting against his right. As we resumed watching television I said “Hey, you told me you would tell me if I really have stinky pantyhose feet!” Nick chuckled and said “You’re right. I did say I would tell you. Bring those feet up here.” I turned to my right and brought my feet up on the couch and plopped them in Nick’s lap. He began to caress my feet then announced “Hey, that worked out pretty well didn’t it?” “Huh? What worked out?” I queried. “Tying your pantyhose in a knot then cutting the excess off. They aren’t bagging around your ankles now. You don’t have to keep pulling them up either. They fit you much better. Do those knots bother you?” he asked. “No, they don’t bother me” I said. “They might when you wear shoes though. Something to think about, cutting them off or just leaving them alone.” “I like pulling them up. I like the way it looks to keep pulling them up when I stick my legs out and slide them up” I said. “I bet you do! In any case, ALL THOSE PANTYHOSE are yours now Buddy!”

“Nick, you still didn’t answer my question” I said with exasperation. Nick laughed and then pretended to act seriously. “You are right. I didn’t. Let me take a look at those pantyhose feet” he said as he resumed rubbing them. He leaned forward slightly as he brought my hosed soles to his face. Nick began to inhale and exhale deeply as I lay on the couch staring at him in anticipation of his answer. “Ugh these pantyhose feet. Pee-you! These pantyhose feet stink!” I looked at him in disbelief just as he fell back against the couch and pretended to pass out. I said “Very funny, you’re not funny Nick!” He wouldn’t budge. He continued to lay back and slowed his chest compressions. I jumped up and placed my head on his chest. I couldn’t heart anything so I pulled his shirt up and attempted to slide my head under it. At this point Nick couldn’t keep from laughing. “Get out of there you Little Nut” he snorted.

Still sitting on his lap I asked “Were you teasing me?” “Yeah. I was teasing. You don’t have stinky pantyhose feet. Your feet smell like soap and pantyhose.” I slid off Nick’s lap and resumed sitting next to him. “Nick, would you play Wolf Man again?” I asked. “Why do you want to play?” he queried. “I want you to suck and bite on my pantyhose feet and toes again” I said. “Maybe next time. No more tonight” he said. “Awe come on, please, please” I begged. “I said no more tonight. Here, put your feet up. I’ll give you a foot rub if you want but the Wolf Man isn’t coming back tonight” he said. I raised my legs and plopped them in Nick’s lap. He rubbed them gently from toes up to mid-thigh. His touch was like electricity flowing through my body. A couple of times he would raise my foot to his face and kiss my soles and/or toes.

It began getting late and I kept dozing off. “I think someone needs to go to bed” Nick declared. I whined about it but knew he was right. Just as my feet hit the floor I spewed “Oh Nick! Don’t forget the pantyhose you left in the bathroom sink!” “Oh my gosh! Dude, thank you! I forget all about that. Wait here for me.” Nick went into the bathroom. I heard water running, then smelled some bathroom cleaner, then the water again. He emerged from the bathroom with the pantyhose wrapped in toilet paper. We headed up the stairs and he asked me if we had any plastic sandwich bags. I showed him where they were kept. He retrieved one from the drawer and dropped his cum soaked hose inside. He sealed the bag and carried it with him up to my room. He opened his duffel bag and dropped the sandwich bag inside. “Dude, that was close. Thanks again for reminding me about those nylons. So, do you wear pantyhose to bed or do you need to take them off?” Nick asked. “Oh I can wear them. No one will ever know because of the bedspread. I’ll take them off tomorrow morning” I answered. “Okay, I just don’t want you to get into trouble and especially while I’ve been here. Oh hey! Look at me! The fun we had, everything that happened here is between you and me. Am I right? Are we Buds?” Nick asked. “Yes. I won’t tell anyone. I promise. I had the best time I’ve had in a long time” I replied. I climbed into bed and lay down as Nick pulled the covers over me. “Sleep tight, Dude” Nick whispered just before leaning in and giving me a kiss on the forehead.

I never did hear Nick come up later. Nor did I hear my parents arrive home. That is really unusual for me and I think it could only have been because I was in an extremely deep dream sleep. No doubt I was dreaming about hunky Nick.

The next morning I was awake before everyone else. I crept out of bed then over to my bedroom door and quietly closed it. I crept over to the bed where Nick lay. I knelt down beside him and stared at him. For what seemed like the longest time he wasn’t aware I was there. I watched him breath as I took in the beauty of his complexion and long eye lashes, his sexy mustache and the little bit of chest hair I could see poking above the covers. Suddenly, Nick stirred. He reached out and grabbed me and pulled me on the bed with him. He wrapped his arm around me, enveloping me in bedspread as held me tight. “I’m not ready to get up yet you little creep. Just lay here quietly for a little while. Your parents are not going to be up for a while so just be quiet and lay down.” Who was I too ague? I had just been grabbed by a hunk and pulled into his bed! I never really fell asleep again but I did luxuriate at being snuggled up to Nick. I couple of times I thought I felt his boner poking the back of my legs but it could have been wishful thinking on my part.

About two hours after I had first awakened Nick began to stir. “Hey you! What are you doing in my bed you little creep” he whispered. I began to answer when Nick slipped his hand over my mouth and said “I’m just teasing. Shh! Your parents are asleep and sick. They are going to be sick all day.” I popped out of the bed and Nick followed behind. He went into the hall bath to clean up, and then returned to the bedroom. “Have you brushed your teeth? Brush your teeth and get dressed and I’ll take you out for breakfast so your parents can recuperate” he stated. “No, haven’t brushed them but I will now. I have to wash my face and hands too” I said. I came back to my room and Nick was already dressed other than his shoes and socks. As he sat on the bed I stared at his hairy feet as he pulled his socks on. “Stop it and don’t play dumb” he said. I slipped my pajamas off and headed toward my dresser to find something to wear.
After selecting clothes I pulled the pantyhose from under my covers. I had removed them when I had first gotten out of bed. I began to gathering them up to put on. Once the pantyhose reached just below my knees a small hole in the center seam could be seen. I noticed and continuing put them on anyway. Nick sat across from me on the other bed. He noticed the hole too and whispered “Oh, okay. Stop. What did you do there? I don’t remember you having that last night with me. They must have split between you getting in bed last night and when you first got up.” Somewhat embarrassed I softly stammered “I don’t know. This is the first time seeing it. I don’t remember it happening. I didn’t do it on purpose.” Now staring at me disapprovingly, Nick whispered “You do know no self-respecting boy wears pantyhose with rips in them don’t you?” Raising his hands to his face as if in horror Nick whispered “You can never have a run in your pantyhose Michael. Don’t ever let me catch you with runs in your pantyhose!” I had stopped to listen to him and then resumed pulling the pantyhose up when he had finished. Whispering Nick said “What did I just say? Isn’t that a run in the crotch?” he asked. “No, its just a little hole. I’ll change them later, when I get home” I said. “Oh I can’t go out with someone who has runs in his pantyhose” Nick said. I began to explain that the hole was not running when Nick leaned forward and inserted his index finger in the hole then brought his finger to the level of my knees. “Look now, I think that’s a run” he said. “Well, it is now that you stuck your big finger in the hole” I snapped. Nick softly laughed then reached down to my toes and quickly, but gently yanked the pantyhose from my legs. “Get another pair. We both know that will not be a problem. Go ahead” he said. I retrieved a new pair from inside a pair of shoes and slipped them on as Nick watched. Nick suddenly became aware he was still holding my old pair. He balled them up and stuffed them in his front right pocket as he grabbed his bag and we headed downstairs and out the front door to breakfast. We stayed out for nearly two hours before he brought me home. He brought me into the house and checked to see that all was well. My parents were still out of commission but I would be fine. Nick gave me a bear hug then kissed me on the forehead and I snuck one in on his right cheek.

An hour later Ms Jean called the house. I answered. She wanted to know the condition of my parents. She said Maria was hanging her head over the porcelain bus. I asked what she meant by that and she told me I was too young to know the answer. I told her my Mom had thrown up a couple times and that Dad hadn’t gotten up yet. “Oh goodness gracious! I hope they begin feeling better soon. If they are not up by 1:00 o’clock you call my house and I’ll send Nick over to look after you, you hear?” (Oh hell to the yes, I hear you loud and clear!) “Yes, I will call you” I answered. Perhaps an hour and a half later Mom was up but looking like death warmed over. Oh well, no more Nick for awhile I thought.

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