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My Niece Angel is a Slutty Tease

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My niece Angel is a gorgeous eighteen year old. She has a great body and she knows it. She turned eighteen just last fall. From then on her flirtatious teasing got more aggressive. Anything with a cock it seems she needs to entertain. It reached a boiling point for me the summer after her birthday but we will get there shortly.

Angel is a tall slender 5’11” babe and weighs about 125 pounds. To put a picture in your head she reminds me of Megan Fox. Angel is taller though and a bit thicker. She has a bigger full C chest, nice wide hips, and is told she has a ghetto booty. Basically she has a really sexy hourglass like figure. Her hair is long, thick, dark brown, and has dirty blonde highlights. She wears it up a lot in the back. When she lets it down though it goes down just a few inches above her ass.

Her eyes are a sexy green and her soft full lips were made to be around a cock. Angel added piercings and tattoos in all the right places. To complete her slutty look she pierced her tongue and belly button. On her hips she has a mix of sparkling star tattoos. One set identical on each side running downward as if pointing to her goodies. No slutty tease tattoo collection would be complete without the dirty flower tattoo on her lower back. She even makes sure both her nails and toenails are done. Always painted and sparkling.

It isn’t just her body and accessories that makes her hot she wears provocative clothing. Her tops are always sleeveless with an open back. She wears nothing but girly colors like pink and purple. Angel rarely wears a bra and her tits are so perky she doesn’t need to. The tops show a lot of cleavage and sit just above the nipple. They are pretty loose though so if she bends over you can see just about everything.

She only wears three kinds of bottoms too. Her standard at night or around the house is sweatpants. The kind you get from the mall with words like pink, juicy, booty, or cheerleader written across the butt. Its like she is begging to get fucked. When its hotter she wears the same sweat type shorts with writing on it. Those make it even harder since they stick to her ass. When she gets up off the couch and walks away the perfect outline of each cheek its like shes not even wearing shorts. I never see any panty lines either so I know she wears nothing but thongs. Lastly when its colder or she has to go out Angel will wear the jeans with the ripped holes in them. When she wears those you can always see her thong from the back.

She is an absolute goddess put on this earth to service cock. She looks like a perfect fuck machine and with her height she has legs that go on forever. She is really anal about shaving her legs, arms, and so on every other day. It makes me believe she definitely has a shaved pussy too. Some of the things she does I’m sure is subconscious like playing with her tongue ring. She always has it out and moving around her lips. Another thing is when she bends over to pick something up its just instant erection the way she does it.

Before we go any further I should talk about myself a little bit. I’m not much older than my niece only a handful of years. I live at her house with her mom and other siblings. I’m pretty tall 6’3″ or so and average build. I was more athletic in high school but kind of let myself go a little with college and the couple years after. I don’t pretend to be special in any particular way. I’m your average joe so to speak except a bit taller. My cock is about six and a half inches. Around its like the inside roll of a toilet paper cardboard circle. My best asset probably though is it is rock hard and I have decent stamina. Years of masturbation and reading articles about control have helped me. I know my body well enough now to know when to slow down.

Anyway back on track you get the picture though she looks like a total slut. The way she has acted though since turning eighteen though is where the story really starts. Her mother never really gave her any boundries and never cared about her actions. She never really had a father figure in her life either. Now that she was eighteen and legal she was definitely out having sex. Angel would openly come to me talking about giving blow jobs and swallowing. Her mother said nothing which encouraged her to continue.

She had a boyfriend around her age for a while but seemed to like slightly older guys. That is to say mid twenties. I remember the first time she had sex she came to me to give all the details. She said his cock wasn’t any bigger than she’d sucked before. However it didn’t really fit which made her believe she must have a smaller and tighter pussy than most women. Angel went on to tell me she didn’t even let him finish and it wasn’t very good. In addition to just coming to tell me her stories she would leave stuff behind. She would use my computer and left instant messages from conversations with the guys she had been with.

That started to really get to me. I never had thought of her in that way before. etiler eve gelen escort The constant visuals and slutty outfits though wore me down over time. I began to jackoff at night in my bed thinking of her. Sometimes I would read the chat conversations and pretend it was me. From the number of guys she talked about or I read about it seemed she was definitely a slut. Toward me though she would only flirt and tease me to the brink. Those advances became increasingly more forward over time.

I would be sitting on the couch watching TV and she would come sit down. After a few minutes she would lay down and put her feet across my lap. She would always ask me to rub her feet and legs. This one really hot day in May she did just that. After getting home from work and changing she came down stairs. I was on the couch watching some show and she came down and sat on the far side of the couch. We had some small talk like about the weather and she asked where everyone else was. I told her they walked down to the park and she said ok.

After a few minutes of watching tv she laid down and put her head on a pillow. I was sitting with my legs apart. She placed her feet onto my lap. At first they were crossed and on my thigh. Over time she would keep moving them to get comfortable Crossing them having each of her foot on top or bottom. Eventually she stopped in a position that must have been comfortable for her. Her left ankle rested on my left thigh and her foot went just further past into air. Her right foot though she put onto my currently soft dick. I was wearing just a T-shirt and shorts. The heel of her foot sunk into my lap pushing my dick into my body and against my balls.

I looked over at her and she was watching T.V. She must have seen me turn to her out of the corner of her eye. She looked over at me and smiled. I asked if she was comfy and she said very. Her head turned back to the T.V. but I kept looking at her. I finally had realized what she was wearing and how good she looked.

She was wearing one of those usual purple tops it had a little bit of lacing/doyle fabric around the outsides. It was cut low and showed a good portion of the top of her breasts. Since it was so hot or maybe to tease me she had her shirt pulled up. She would often pull the shirt up from the bottom. It left her entire stomach visible including that belly button ring and sexy tattoos on her hips. It made it more of a bra than a top. She had on a pair of tiny blue shorts that you would wear to bed or maybe go running in. I bet in those shorts if she bent over enough you could see her ass out the bottom.

I could feel myself begin to stir so I grabbed her right foot and moved it down next to her left. My cock immediately popped up and started to get bigger and harder. I buried my ass into the couch and crouched forward a little bit. The age old guy trick that never really works but we all do it. I’m sure she felt it starting to grow before I moved her feet. She called out uncle and I looked over at her again. Angel rarely called me by my first name usually she said uncle or one of many nicknames she made up for me.

The look that she gives when she wants something is like hypnosis. She puts her head down a little submissively and looks up at you with those big green eyes. She gives a pouty face on her lips and talks in this higher pitched sexy voice. She usually pushes her chest together a little too and with her head down its this perfect view. Angel gets in her hot sexy favor asking look and asks me to rub her feet and legs. She said after such a long day at work they hurt real bad. Of course I can’t resist and agree to do as she asked. I got another sexy smile and she looked back over at the T.V. Her feet moved back toward my package and rubbed against my ever stiffening cock.

At that point I wasn’t quite half way but I’m sure she could tell it was getting bigger. She rolled her right ankle around in a circle clockwise and counterclock wise a few times. The top and bottom of her foot rubbed against my cock as she did that. I quickly grabbed her foot in my hand and started to rub it. She liked a rough massage so I would knead my knuckles into the archs on the bottom of her foot. After doing that for awhile I would do firm circles around the top of her foot with my thumbs. Whenever I finished with one foot I could crack her toes one at a time or all at once. She always squeeled or giggled when I did it and I know she liked it. After that I did the same for the other foot.

At this point I definitely had a full 100 percent tent in my shorts. There was no hiding it and any one who looked toward me would see it. Sometimes the foot massage would end there or sometimes I would do her calfs/shins too. This one time I’m describing though was a whole new level. Basically I said done gave her a friendly slap on her thigh and looked at her. She gave me that same pouty look again and said but “my wegs weeeeally hurt” in etiler grup yapan escort that high voice of hers. I said fine a little more and then I got stuff to do. By stuff I was thinking about how I had to go rub one out real quick.

She scooched down the couch a cushion so that her butt was now against my left thigh. She set her feet up and past the arm rest and said there now I’m ready. She had never gotten into this position and it was a little difficult to get at her. At times I had to have my arm come up from between her legs to reach her calfs. What ended up working best was me resting my arm on her inner thigh. I was kneading, pulling, and rubbing her lower legs slowly working up them. She was giving off some low moans saying how good it felt.

At this point she wasn’t watching T.V. her eyes were closed, head back, and she was almost falling asleep. In this position that worked best her feet were touching. However her legs had to be spread apart far at the knees. Angel’s right thigh/knee was resting against me and her left was hanging over the couch. Then as you look up her legs they comeback together as they connect into her. Thankfully with her legs elevated she wasn’t touching my cock anymore with her feet. However the sight before me put a tear to my eye.

With her laying there legs spread I got quite a view. When she scooched next to me to get into position her shorts had rode up. She had a serious camel toe. I could for the first time make out the nice meaty lips she had on her pussy. That weren’t like huge or anything but they were a little bigger than I’m used to seeing. Also with her legs propped up I could see up her shorts from the bottom. She had on a black thong covering just enough so that I couldn’t see her pink.

I continued the massage up around her knee and started working on her thighs. Laying there I could see she was really getting into it. Her nipples were pointing through her top. She continued to let out some noises and her breathing was heavier and sporadic. Her skin was really soft and she had a little tan going on. Angel was always pale enough though that you could see her turn red sometimes. At this time her face was definitely turning a bit red. It took all the strength in my body not to ravage her right here. I couldn’t stop though.

The massage turned more into me slowly moving up her inner thigh as if reaching for her womanhood. I took another look at her camel toe and seen it was wet. She was soaking through her panties and shorts. It didn’t show up easily against the blue but I could see. I leaned forward trying to get a better look and maybe smell it. With my hands just inches away and my eyes fixated on her snatch she opened her eyes. She said thanks uncle that was great rubbed her legs against my cock briefly as she got up. Her shirt fell back into place and she left to go up stairs. As she walked away I could see her ass perfectly with her shorts stuck to her cheeks.

I couldn’t believe I didn’t explode in my boxers from all of that. I was going to quickly masturbate on the couch before she cameback. I ran to the bottom of the stairs to make sure her door was closed. As I got to the stairs I knew immediately the sound of her in full orgasm. She must have gone upstairs to finish herself off. I started stroking my cock in the hallway. After a minute I was about to cum when I heard her door open. I ran back to the couch and pretended to watch T.V.

She came down the stairs in nothing but a towel another thing she liked to do. It was just long enough to cover her at the top and bottom. As she walked it would open just a little near the bottom but not enough for my liking though. She came over and stood in front of me on the couch. It took all of the strength in my body not to cum right there. She said thanks again and put her right hand on my cheek. Her fingers were still a little wet and the smell of her pussy was clearly there. She must have just used that hand to get herself off not two minutes earlier. The aroma was intoxicating. I seen some liquid running down her legs she didn’t even bother to wipe herself off. She went into the bathroom and turned on the shower.

I flew up the stairs faster than I had ever run before. I knew her panties would be up in her room soaked with her scent. They were sitting right on her bed like she wanted me to see them. The smell in the area was pure sex. Her entire room smelled like she sprayed sex perfume. I picked up her thong and the whole thing was soaked. It had a picture of the playboy bunny on it too. There was wet spots all over her blanket and sheets. She must have cum so hard she squirted all over.

I took another pair of panties I seen in her laundry basket and pulled out my cock. I started to stroke my dick with her other dirty panties. When I got her black thong up to my face with the strong smell I was overwhelmed. I put my tongue out to give her juices a nice taste. I was furiously etiler masöz escort jacking my cock and came the second my tongue touched her juices. Till this day that was still the best masturbation orgasm I ever had. I must have had a multiple orgasm if that is possible for a man. The pink boy short panties I had came on were darker where my cum had landed. I never came so much in my entire life.

I collapsed down onto her bed too weak to move. I continued to lick and suck on her pussy juice from the thong. After a few minutes I put the thong back down on her bed. I tried to hide the pink cum filled panties in her laundry and left the room. I went to my bedroom closed the door and laid down. Thinking of what I had just seen, smelt, and tasted. Soon after she had gotten out of the shower and went up stairs to change. A little while later I heard her yell my name down the hallway.

When I got back to her room she was fully dressed in a similar top and sweatpants. She had her laundry basket in her hand. Immediately I was frightened and must have given a weird look and gone pale. She had put the pink panties I had just cum on to the top of the basket. She looked at me, smiled, and said she needed me to take her clothes down to the basement. She said that she didn’t have anymore clean underwear and I think gave me a little wink and licked her lips. I didn’t meet her eyes but took the laundry and headed downstairs.

After I set her basket down I picked up those pink panties again to look at. I remember leaving a pretty big mess of thick white cum. They looked cleaned up a bit and I realized. She must have licked, sucked, and eaten the cum off of it as best she could. I got hard again in the basement just thinking about it. I rubbed one out again real quick sniffing that black playboy thong.

That was just one example of the many things that started to go down into the summer after her eighteenth birthday. I might talk about them at a later date but for now we continue our story. That was back in May and in July things reached the boiling point. We hit the place of no return essentially. We were going to go camping at the beach for the July fourth weekend. Everything was packed and we were ready to go.

We all piled into the car waiting for Angel to come out. I was in the backseat by the window. Thats when we realized there was no room. She shut and locked the front door and walked toward the car. She was wearing her bathing suit a two piece blue thin fabric with flowers on them. Basically a bra that tied in the back and booty shorts that showed the bottom of her ass cheeks in the back. Someone in the front said how are we going to do this. Angel looked at me smiled and said I’ll just sit on uncles lap. She was carrying a beach blanket. Angel walked toward the car to get in. I was in for ninety minutes in a car that I will never forget.

I thought quickly what the best way to do this was so I tucked my dick between my legs and kept them close. She sat on top of me and her legs were spread a little so they went on the outside of mine. She leaned back into me and I could smell her sweat perfume. Angel wears a really sexy kind that I like. It is like a mix of fruity, flowery smells, and I cant describe the rest other than it just smells sexy. She must have just gotten out of the shower too as her hair was down and still wet.

The second I got a wiff of her I got hard as a rock. It was so uncomfortable I had to move my legs apart a bit and my cock flung straight up. Angel was squirming around on top of me not making things any better. It took a while for her to settle in. My legs close together and my cock sticking right up. Her legs were spread a little but her pussy was resting slightly against my cock. The only thing between my dick and her pussy was the thin fabric of her bathing suit and my swim trunks. Swim trunks have that mesh like underwear which is not very comfortable when you have a hard on.

The car was going down the road windows open and her hair was blowing back into my face. She yelled up to the front seat to turn the radio on. Angel made them switch it to her station playing the popular club, dance, and hip hop songs. Listening to the radio about girls grinding up at the club and her sitting on my lap made me even harder if that was possible. Angel slid down a little pushing my member closer against her womanhood. With my legs basically closed there was nowhere from my cock to go except against my thighs. She kept moving down and forward slowly until she was sitting totally on my member. My cock was trapped between my legs and her pussy.

The next song came on and she got excited. She yelled turn it up this is my song. It was a more explicit song with innuendos of sex. The music was fast with techno and synthesizer noises. The passenger in the front seat looked back and asked if she was comfortable. I heard her say that now she was very comfortable. Angel started to dance on my lap. She started grinding on my cock. Her bikini fabric and my swim trunks and that was it. Her pussy was moving forward and backward. Slower and faster she moved front to back. She moved back to front and sometimes in circles. The next song started and she arched her back. She put her hands in the air above her head and snapped her fingers. The entire time grinding on my cock as she moved.

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