Mayıs 30, 2024

My New Neighbours Part 3

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My New Neighbours Part 3
I didn’t have much to do today so decided to go for a walk in the nearby park, have a seat by the pavilion and watch the joggers hobble by, there is a little café to get a cold drink and an old toilet in case you need to recycle quickly.
When I got to the park there was a few joggers which I had pleasure in looking at as I walked round to the pavilion, I was always intrigued as to why guys would wear tight shorts if only to show off their bulges, mind you I would probably do the same if ever I took up running.
I got to the pavilion and walked up to the little café bar there to get a drink, “Hello Mary” I said the server, “Just the usual” I replied knowing that she knew what I had.
Now Mary doesn’t say much, spends her days standing here serving teas and coffees and nipping round the back by the toilets for a sneaky fag. She is always pleasant and in a strange way quite good looking for her age which I would put at early 60’s, she was quite slim and always wore the same dirt white coat, god knows what she had on under it.
We exchanged a few pleasantries and then I took my drink and sat down at one of the benches to do some jogger watching, it wasn’t very busy and only a handful of joggers went by. Mary was just wandering about as she didn’t have many customers which made it for a nice and peaceful atmosphere.
I finished my drink and decided to have a quick pee before walking home and headed down past the café and around the back to the old wooden toilet, there was no men’s or women’s just a rickety door to a wooden shack that had ‘Toilets’ written on the door.
The door creaked open and it was very dimly lit but needs must so I walked in and there was no urinal but just 2 cubicles, I walked into one and shut the door looking at all the graffiti on the walls, it was all quite amusing. As I was standing there with my cock in my hand doing the business I was totally oblivious to someone walking in and going into the cubicle next to me, I was far too busy thinking about the few joggers I had seen and reading the walls and it was as I was reading the walls, cock in hand, when I noticed the hole in the wall to the adjoining cubicle, it was about 6” in diameter which was quite big and I was standing right in front of it with my cock in my hand and my shorts around my ankles.
For some strange reason I wasn’t shocked, I didn’t jump back and pull my shorts up, no I just stood there like a statue trying not to look at the hole in case I made eye contact with whoever was in there, it was weird as I felt my cock getting hard in my hand and instinctively I started to slowly rub it.
I turned slightly so I was fuller on to the hole not really knowing what to do but the thought of some jogger secretly watching me through the hole was quit a turn on and I found myself wanking for the benefit of my voyeur. I decided to pull off my shirt so I was effectively naked apart from my trainers and was happily masturbating for an unknown stranger.
I moved closer to the hole and was an inch away from it when this hand appeared and took hold of my hard cock and pulled it through the hole, my belly was hard up against the wall and my meat and two veg were stuffed through the hole completely at the mercy of whoever is there.
It actually felt good having an unknown pair of hands rubbing your cock güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri and balls and before I knew it I felt this warm and wet feeling and my cock went into their mouth, I could feel a tongue flicking the helmet and I grabbed hold of the top of the partition and just enjoyed the moment.
Whoever was sucking my cock was good, great use of the tongue up and down and all around and licking and sucking my balls, it was an awesome experience and even when I felt my cock hit the back of their throat there was no gagging, a true expert and I was loving it.
I felt my balls tighten, my knees started to shake and I held on to the top of the wall for dear life and my cock started to pulsate and I was shooting my hot load into the mouth of the person next door, I felt their mouth tighten around my cock as they swallowed my creamy load and suck every last drop out of me.
I was still hanging on to the walls trying to get the feeling back in my legs when I heard the door open and whoever it was next door disappear into the night.
I slipped my shirt back on and pulled up my shorts before casually walking out, I had a dry mouth and decided on another drink and reflect on what had just happened, if whoever it was is still around then they saw me come out but I have no idea who they are, a very frustrating situation.
“Another bottle please Mary” I said to the old girl, was it her? OMG, what if it was, I was so confused. I took my drink and sat on the bench and was asking the same question about everyone who was mingling around, some I was hoping it was and some I was hoping it wasn’t but would I ever find out anyway.
“Hi, it’s Frank, isn’t it” came a voice out of nowhere, I looked up and saw this guy looking down at me, I recognised the face but could put a name to it, I looked puzzled, “It’s me, Bob, your neighbour” he said with a grin, what if it was him and didn’t know it was me in the cubicle, it couldn’t be? “Sorry Bob, I didn’t recognise you in your jogging gear, I only seen you leaving your house in a suit” and we both laughed, I couldn’t help but notice the bulge in his running shorts but that’s not the kind of thing you mention to another guy.
I don’t know what was worse, sitting talking to this guy in the knowledge that I had sex with his wife and daughter or wondering if he was the phantom cocksucker. Did he know that I fucked his family? If he is the phantom cocksucker does he know it was my cock he sucked so expertly? So many questions.
We sat and chatted for a good half hour so I am sure he doesn’t know I fucked his family but I dd notice how he liked to show off his bulge, he probably didn’t realize he was doing it but the way he was sitting didn’t leave too much to the imagination and in some ways I was now hoping it was him.
We decided to walk home together and just before we got there Bob stunned me, “Fancy a Beer? Come in and meet the family”, he said, well this could be awkward I thought but nodded in agreement and we slipped into Bobs house.
Jean greeted us but Bob introduced us and Jean went along with it, lets just hope that Emily plays along too. Jean looked like the perfect housewife in a baggy tee shirt, no bra as I could see her boobs swaying slightly and an old pair of shorts, she had no make up on and looked nothing like she güvenilir bahis şirketleri did earlier in the week.
Bob passed me a beer and I have to say it went down quicker than it really should have, just to steady the nerves, even Jean took a beer.
We stood in the kitchen talking, drinking and generally having a laugh, me and Jean trying hard not to make eye contact too much in front of Bob and give the game away and all the time conscious of the way Bob was standing, legs apart with his back to the sink showing off his manly goods in front of his wife and neighbour. Emily walked in and Jean was very quick to introduce me to save any embarrassment and I am sure Bob was convinced we had all never met before but what was interesting is that he never changed his pose with his daughter present and Emily didn’t bat an eyelid at the view of Bobs bulge.
The awkwardness soon lifted as we all chatted about this and that until Bob announced that he was going to shower and without any embarrassment at all her pulled off his shirt and threw it in the washing machine, I must say at this point that he did have a pretty good body from the top half, I can guess the rest although he just pulled off his shorts in front of the three of us and put them in the wash too.
I stood there open mouthed at the sight of Naked Bob, pretty well hung and seeing it just hanging free, Jean was red faced and looked at him with thunder in her eyes, “Oh Jean, I am sure Frank has seen a penis before” Bob said looking at me for approval until Jean blurted out, “Oh I am sure darling, but I am also sure Frank doesn’t know that your daughter has too” which was a fair point and all but confirmed where Emily learnt her skills, interesting family.
“It’s all good” I said looking at Jean, “you’re a lucky woman” I continued with a grin. Emily giggled and Bob went off for his shower and Jean offered me another beer which was accepted.
When Bob returned with just a small towel around him he grabbed himself a beer and the girls disappeared off to the shops. “You’re not shy of a bit of nudity are you Frank?” he asked obviously not knowing me too well, I responded with “Nah, not at all mate, it’s your house and you dress how you like” which put a reassuring smile on his face, I still didn’t know who the phantom cocksucker was and hadn’t yet eliminated Bob from the discussion.
We sat and chatted and I have to say that Bob did have a good body and I could see the outline of his cock under the towel and the occasional glimpse as he moved his legs.
We sunk a few beers and the talk got around to women, we were both in good spirits and both feeling the buzz and I got the feeling that this was quite an open family and I could feel myself getting aroused, “So what you got packed down there Frank?”, he asked completely throwing me off track, I stuttered back, “Not as much as you mate” thinking I was talking myself into a cock size competition.
He opened up the towel and I must say that my jaw dropped, standing in front of me was a half hard trojan, must have been 8-9” and wasn’t even fully erect, “Wow!!” was all I could muster.
I dropped my shorts and my cock sprung out loud and proud, I looked across at Bob seeing if there was a reaction that he had maybe seen it before through the hole at the park but I didn’t see anything canlı bahis şirketleri to confirm it, “Very nice Frank” he said and I could see him getting more aroused, “Why don’t you take the shirt off and we’ll hang out naked” was the suggestion which I had no problem with, “What if the girls come back?” I said and he just winked at me so off came the shirt.
I must say I felt a little uncomfortable at first but after another beer and Bob’s reassuring words I was more relaxed, he walked me into the lounge and suggested we put a porno on, “Sure, sounds fun” I said and sat on the sofa with thoughts running through my head on who he had fucked on this sofa. He sat down beside me and started the movie. It was a standard movie and we both laid back and started to rub our now fully erect cocks, every now and then our eyes diverting from the TV to watching each other.
It was very erotic watching this man jerk off and it wasn’t long before our hands wandered and we were rubbing each other’s, his cock was rigid but had soft skin, uncut and then I pulled his skin back to expose his big purple head, seeing my hand holding this monster was a big turn on.
Bob had a nice touch, his soft hands exploring every part of my cock and balls and I could sense that this wasn’t the first cock he had played with, he was very much an expert.
We had sort of forgotten about the movie as Bob leant over and started to lick around my exposed helmet and when he put it in his warm mouth I knew from that point on that Bob was the phantom cocksucker, I would never forget that blowjob. After a minute or so her got up and I guessed it was my turn so I lent over and pulling his skin right back started to slowly run my tongue around his swollen tip, I licked up the pre-cum as I slowly put his monster in my mouth, it tasted nice.
Bob had hold of my head and was pushing me down taking half of his cock in my mouth and I started to suck on this mammoth member, I pulled my arm around and started to rub his swollen balls, sucking like my life depended on it I suddenly heard a groan as Bob’s balls tightened and I felt his cock starting to pulsate in my mouth, it spurred me on to suck harder and suddenly I felt his hot sticky cum hit the back of my throat. I swallowed as quick as I could as spurt after spurt unloaded into my mouth, the taste was nice and I drank all he could give me.
“Wow!” he said as he slumped back on the sofa, “That was good man”, he continued with a grin looking down at my still erect cock, “Your turn” he said pointing to the sofa for me to sit which I immediately obeyed and watched as he positioned himself between my legs, I laid back and watched as he slowly started to get to work on my throbbing cock.
As he got to work my suspicions were confirmed and I was thinking how much nicer it was laying here naked being sucked that standing in that old toilet and sticking my dick through a hole in the wall, both had their merits but I know which one I prefer.
Bob was good, better than I had experienced before and I can see where Jean and Emily get their technique, it was all fitting into place now and I was so turned on by this guy sucking my cock I knew I was close.
As Bob put his hands under my arse I could feel he was searching for the hole and started to probe which was an even bigger turn on and I could hold it no longer, I tensed up and Bob didn’t miss a beat as my cum filled his mouth, like a true expert he swallowed every last drop and kept on sucking me until there was absolutely none left, what an experience.
I was excited at the prospect of having this family as neighbours, it was going to be a long summer.

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