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My New Life as a Slave Ch. 02

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Chapter Two: Punished

Uncle James came back into the room and unlocked the cage. Pulling my leash he led me through the house to the basement door. I hadn’t been down there since before he built his office. Opening it he motioned me down the step. It was dark, the only light coming from behind me, illuminating the stairs. I reach the bottom and realise Uncle James hasn’t moved. I turn to look up at him but cannot see his face. Suddenly light blinds me. I blink and rub at my eyes as they adjust and I glance around the room. Gasping I fall to my knees and sob “Why are you doing this to me?” He had led me to a torture chamber. Everywhere I looked, I could see sex toys and instruments. It was a dungeon, the kind I had only ever read about in books. From various hooks on the walls hung paddles and whips, handcuffs and gags. On table tops sat dildos and butt plugs, beads and nipple clamps. But there were also things I didn’t recognise. Dominating the room were two large pieces of furniture. I large metal table with restraints attached to the corners and a horse, kind of like that piece of gym apparatus that you had to jump over at school. Only this one had restraints and a large fleshy dildo. From the ceiling hung a circular hoop and a bar and various small hoops stick up around the floor and out of the walls.

I looked up at the man I could no longer think of as Uncle James. He was a stranger in my eyes. He was watching my reaction, enjoying it. Slowly he made his way down to me. I was kneeling on the floor so I had to look up to him as he grabbed my leash and dragged me over to the table.

“Strip.” He commanded. I obeyed.

Once I was naked again he told me to stand as he moved the restrains. He slide the rope hoops closest to us down the legs of the table and lifted my feet into them. I stated mumbling. Begging him not to do this to me. He didn’t listen. Once I was securely tied, he pushed my top half forward. I gasped at the feel of the cold metal against my skin and nipples. He walked around in front of me and pulled my arms up to the edge, looping the ropes around my wrist. I couldn’t move, helps, exposed, vulnerable.

He moved away from me quietly and my mind, as jumbled and scared as it was, registered the fact that as big as he was, he didn’t make a sound when he moved. Master (I was trying very hard not to think of him as Uncle James, it made the ordeal all the worse.) was around six foot tall, if not more and liked to work out so was in very good shape. He had dark hair and eyes and was always dressed in a suit. He returned to the table and stood at my left. He had pulled over a small table on wheels with various items on top. I tried very hard not to look. I didn’t want to see what my punishment entailed. He removed the long leash, replacing it with a shorter version and clipped it to a small hoop on the table. It forced my head down and I could only lift it about an inch now.

“You’ve been a bad bitch, haven’t you?” he asked softly.

“Please don’t do this.” I begged again though knowing it was useless.

“You have broken two of my rules. You have defied me. You have disrespected me in my own home.” He continued as if I had never spoken. “Four offences. Four separate punishments. They elmadağ escort will be painful punishments pet as you must learn that I am your Master. I am in control. After today you will see that disobedience will not be tolerated and will come to heel.” As he spoke he moved around me, his fingers trailing across my skin. “Now I am going to ask you a question, and I want you to be completely honest. If you are not then I will add lying to your list of offences and punish you accordingly.” He waited a moment, trailing his fingers across the cheeks of my ass and down my thighs before asking me. “Are you a virgin, pet?”

“Y-yes.” I stammered.

“Yes what?”

“Y-yes Master” I mumbled feebly. He chuckled and slide his finger tips up my spin making me arch. That was always my sensitive spots and he knew that.

“I shall punish the least serious offence first Sweetie, and we shall work our way through the list. Each punishment shall be worst than the last and at the end you shall have — hopefully — learnt you lesson and I shall not have to punish you like this again.” By know he was standing back in front of me and was stroking the hair out of my eys as he looked down at me. For a moment I imagined I say the old Uncle James looking back at me, but his actions proved otherwise.

“I am now going to punish you, pet, for your disobedience. Though it is serious and will most likely be the most frequent thing I punish you for, I can understand why you disobeyed. It is natural for you to be defiant at first. It will take some time for you will to break and for you to surrender yourself wholly to me. I promise you I will be understanding and fair and will do everything I can to ensure your surrender.” He spoke as if this was what I wanted. Like he was doing me a favour by beating me and breaking my will. What kind of sick, twisted pervert was I dealing with here?

“Why are you doing this to me?” I sniffled. Pathetic and weak.

“Because, Sweetie, this is your rightful place. You will learn to please me, to serve me and to obey me. You will live here with me and have my children and you will be thankful.” He never raised his voice as he spoke, his tone was the same as if he were discussing the weather with a friend. Confident, sure and unyielding. My PLACE? His CHILDREN?

“But I don’t want to stay here, I don’t want to have your children I want to go to college, I want to travel, I….” I never got to finish my sentence as he slapped me hard across the face again, shutting me up.

“I don’t give a fuck what you want little girl. I am Master here. I decide what you do and where you go. ” He snarled in my ear. I whimpered and ducked my head, afraid he would hit me again. “It is time you learnt that.”

I squeezed my eyes shut so I didn’t see him walk around to the small portable table. As I lay there, shaking and afraid, he picked up a thin wooden paddle. He ran his hands over it and the look on his face was gleeful. I lay there motionless. The anticipation almost unbearable. Where was he? What was he going to do? Would it hurt? Suddenly I felt the first hit. It was hard and my ass felt like it was on fire. He waited a long moment before hitting me again. And again. esenyurt escort And again. Over and over and I lost count of how many smacks I got. I screamed and beg for him to stop but this just made the smacks harder. When he did finally stop though I felt as if my ass was raw. It stung and burned. He put his hands over my cheeks and moaned, squeezing them tight. It hurt and I screamed out a sharp gasp of pain.

“God, your ass looks so good red and raw, baby.” He muttered, rubbing at my now bruising cheeks. “I’m going to have to spank you more often.” Then the bastard bit me. Nipped my ass between his teeth and that REALLY hurt.

By that point I was a wreck. My eyes were streaming and I couldn’t see anything in front of me. My nose was running and I was making an awful sniffing nose to stop it all running into my mouth. Putting the paddle down, Master untied my wrists and ankles and had me sitting up on the table. It was really sore to sit down and I winced but did as instructed. I lay down and he reattached all the ropes. I closed my eyes and tried to imagine I was somewhere else, that this was happening to someone else.

“Now I am going to punish you for disrespecting me in my own house.” He told me as he moved my hair out of my eyes. He turned slightly and picked up a riding crop. I was to be hit again. And again I started crying. My realised that I had not really stopped crying since I walked into Uncle James room. He ran the end of the crop over my nipples and the little nubs hardened at the contact. I didn’t understand why. I wasn’t turned on by my treatment or the man doing it to me. But the feel of the leather did feel good. As my thighs were spread, my pussy was on show. He ran the leather down my stomach to my thighs and back. It felt kind of relaxing. And just as I relaxed, he raised the riding crop and smacked it down. Directly onto my nipple. I gasped and arched and sucked it a huge breath. But I didn’t get a chance to recover as he alternated between my tender nipples, slapping one then the other hard and fast. I could feel the blood thumping in my little red nipples as it rushed to the front.

After about ten hits on my chest he stopped and started running it over my stomach, letting me catch my breath. I mistakenly thought my punishment was over and looked at him. He smiled at me with an evil leer. The riding crop rose and as I waited for it to land on my sensitive little buds, I got the shock of my life when it landed square against my pussy lips. I begged and I pleaded with him to stop but he laughed and finished another ten smacks. I wanted to close my legs. I felt painfully sore and beaten. When the ten smacks were done, he put down the crop and kissed my little outie belly button.

“Good girl pet.” He whispered as he stroked up my thigh with his long fingers. “You took your punishment well.” He lay his palm directly over my cunt and I gasped and squirmed. I had never allowed anyone to touch me there. But his big hand seemed to soothe the burning throb of my outer lips. He rubbed his palm gently over my mound and let his fingers trial up and down the slit. “Time for your last punishment Sweetie. Time for you to learn who is the master and who is the whore. This etiler anal yapan escort is a lesson you must learn pet. You will soon come to understand what it means to be a slave. To be totally at your Masters will and you must learn that your Master can please you….” he gently slid his middle finger over my clit, strumming it like he would a guitar string. With his free hand he pulled the ropes around my wrists down to shoulder height and told me to slide my bottom to the edge of the table. I did this and my legs were forced up and open. Totally on show to Master. He moved between my legs and looked down into my eyes. His finger were slowly playing with my little clit and I could feel my pussy juices flowing. My body was betraying me. I didn’t want him to bring me pleasure. I wanted him to leave me alone. I wanted this all to be a nightmare that I would soon wake from. But what he was doing felt so good after all the pain. And I moaned as he slide his middle finger into my virgin cunt. He used the pad of his thumb to flick my clit and I could feel my hips starting to move on their own. I didn’t fight the feelings and allowed my uncle to give me one good thing after all he had inflicted on me.

“Do you like that Sweetie? Do you like it when your Master plays with your little clit? When he puts his finger’s into your wet pussy? Do you want more pet?” he asked me but I was too far gone to answer or care. My head was shaking back and forth and my hips were pumping his finger further inside me. I wanted more.

Almost as if he was reading my mind, he asked me that. “Do you want more Sweetie? Do you want to feel Master’s hard cock sliding inside you? Feel him pumping his meat into your little cunt? Mmmmm yes. You are a dirty little slut aren’t you? Look at the way your humping against my fingers! God what a little whore! Yes baby, you need to learn that Master can bring you great pleasure….or great pain.” With that he thrust his cock into my unprepared virgin ass. I didn’t even know he had pulled it out, but I felt it all as he rammed all nine inches to the hilt. I felt my flesh tear and liquid dripping down onto the table. I knew I was bleeding. I wanted to scream but I had no breath in my lungs. I felt paralysed with pain. He pounded into me hard and fast. Each time pulling out until only the head remained. Then slamming back into me, going a little bit deeper every time. I slid up the table and with his hands on my hips he pulled me back to the edge. I vaguely heard him moaning and groaning and could not believe he was finding pleasure in my pain.

“God, bitch you feel so tight around my cock! Mmmm yea. FUCK. Feels like my dick is burning, your so hot. Aaawww I’m gonna love fucking you here aren’t I?” he asked rhetorically. After what seemed like hours his dick started to throb and twitch inside me, he swelled and trust and all his hot sticky cum shot out and deep into my bowls. He slid out of me slowly but quickly replaced his cock with a large butt plug.

“Don’t want any of my cum dripping out of you. I have plans for that later.” He explained as he twisted it into me. I just lay there. Unmoving. Uncaring. Unable to get away. He untied me and sat me up. I cried out as my raw bleeding bottom was too sore but did not move or complain as I knew that doing so would only make my life worse.

“You were a very good slut. Lets get you up stairs and in the shower. I have a friend coming over later and you can’t meet him looking like this.” He told me as he put my leash back on and made me crawl back up stair.

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