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My New Employee Ch. 01

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Well here it was. The first day AM — After Mary. We had her going away party last Friday and now she was in the midst of her big move out west.

Mary had been a mainstay in the finance department and this company for almost 25 years. She had done almost of the jobs in this department and had written the job descriptions for them as well. Mary was our main go-to girl when things were not going well.

Unfortunately, there was no where for her to grow. She had been there and done that in every job. The only exceptions were mine and several other top jobs but they required an accounting degree. So she was dead-ended.

I didn’t know what to do until about a year ago, there was talk of us opening a new office in the mid-west and we needed a manager to run the place. It hit me like a brick. Why not Mary? She knew all about the finance department, had worked closely with every other department and was well liked and admired in the whole organization. Everyone thought she was the perfect choice. Accepting the position moved her into management, a big pay raise along with all its perks, gave her new responsibilities and would revitalize her determination.

Luckily her husband was able to arrange a transfer in his company so off they went.

This meant a new employee was coming today. Usually between 10:15 and 10:30 HR would bring them up after they were done the paperwork and had given them the twenty five cent tour.

At 10:20, I heard a knock on my door jam and looked up to see Shelly from HR. She said to me, “Richard, I would like you to meet Kelly.” At that, Shelly moved back from the door frame. Kelly stepped into my line of sight.

The first thing you notice about Kelly is her height. She stands six foot one. That was interesting as I am six foot five. When she moved forward and the lights from my room illuminated her face better, the second thing you noticed was that she was very pretty but her eyes were sunken and she had big black bags under them. She looked gaunt and sickly.

I quickly shot Shelly a look and all she did was shrug her shoulders. Then she said, “Kelly, this is Richard White. He is the VP of Finance and will be your boss.” At that Shelly handed me Kelly’s file folder. Kelly stepped forward to shake my hand.

As I took her hand, I said, “Thanks Shelly.” She waved, turned and walked away. “Come on in Kelly and have a seat. I like to have a little talk with my new employees just to learn more about them.”

“Thank you Mr. White,” she said as she came in and sat down. I watched as she sat and noticed her skirt ride up a little to reveal long and very shapely legs.

I sat at my desk. “This is very informal. I just like to know about my staff. Remember, you have the job this is not an interview.” I laughed and Kelly smiled. I then asked her things like if she was married, husband’s name, had kids, her birthday, etc. etc. We talked about her education and work experience even though I had copies of her application and resume in the folder. I just wanted her to feel comfortable and talking about oneself does that. Of course I made notes in her folder just in case I needed them later.

As we talked, I was studying her face and trying to figure out what was wrong. I didn’t arrive at an answer.

I then took her out and introduced her to her supervisor and then left to let them get acquainted.

We have a very loose lunch time code in this department. People are allowed to leave when they are hungry or when their work allows them to take a break. Sometimes you just can’t leave a job in the middle. Most leave from twelve to one though. It was sometime after twelve when I left my office that day to head to lunch. Our office is in a large office tower with a number of food establishments on the ground floor.

As I entered the main office area, I noticed the place was empty except for Kelly who was sitting at a desk and working on the computer. I decided to walk over. “How’s it going?” I asked.

“Pretty well. I’m just trying to learn this accounting package.”

“Ah, the first day! It can be a challenge.” I happened to looked down at her desk and then into the garbage pail and saw there was no mess anywhere. “Not going to lunch?”

“I will in a bit thank you. I just wanted to get this section done.”

“Ok suit yourself. Will talk with you later.” I turned and walked away.

When I got to the first floor, I had my usual hamburg and milkshake. Then I went back up. I usually don’t take more than 20 minutes for lunch.

I could see through the glass that Kelly was still at her desk. I stopped just before entering the office. It finally hit me, Kelly was starving and malnourished. That was why she had the sunken eyes and dark circles. She hadn’t eaten and did not bring a lunch.

I just stood there for a few seconds thinking about this then turned and headed back downstairs. I bought a ham sandwich with lettuce and cheese, an apple and some milk. I then went to the ATM and took out some money.

As I entered the office, I called to Kelly to meet me in my office. As she güvenilir bahis came in, I told her to sit. I placed the food on my desk and told her to dig in. “Oh Mr. White. I can’t. Thank you very much but I can’t.”

“Yes you can young lady. It took me a while but I finally figured out the eyes. Now eat. I won’t have my employees wasting away.”

Kelly looked at me nervously. Slowly and timidly, she reached for the sandwich and carefully unwrapped it. The first bite she took caused this warm smile to cross her face. I stood up, almost closed my door all the way then sat down again. “So tell my, how long has it been since you ate?”

“About two weeks.”


“My husband Darrel lost his job about 4 months ago. This recession hurt his company badly and he was laid off. It has been terrible trying to find another job. We used up all our savings. The last of our money went to rent and we didn’t have any left for food. I was told I had this job three weeks ago so we just had to hold on until I started.”

“I thought it would be something like that.” I reached into my pocket and pulled out the money I had taken from the ATM. “Here’s $300. Buy food for you and your husband. Unfortunately, you don’t get a pay check for two weeks here so this should tide you over. If your rent is due, have them call me and I’ll make arrangements for you to pay after you get your check.”

“Oh Mr. White. I can’t take this. This is too much. No! No! I can’t.”

“Yes you can and you will. This is a loan and no one will know about this. Just you, me and your husband. I expect you to repay me $20 a week until you’ve paid it off. Do you understand? And by the way, this is a no interest loan. I just want you to get healthy.”

“Yes sir and thank you so much.”

“Now eat up and enjoy. I think I covered the food groups there. Anyways, it is a good sound lunch.”

“Delicious also.”

“No doubt especially if you haven’t eaten in two weeks. Mud would taste good now.” We both laughed.

Kelly finished her lunch, thanked me again, put the money into a pocket in her skirt and went back to work. She was at the computer when others started to come back in so no one knew our secret.

The next day Kelly came in looking so much better. She was still gaunt but the black under her eyes was diminishing. She looked happy and cheery. Kelly looked at me and smiled. I gave a quick thumbs up and went into my office.

Two weeks past. Friday about 12:15 there was a knock on my door and looked up. It was Kelly. She came in and put a new $20 bill on my desk. “Thank you again Mr. White. It was so kind of you. I don’t know how I would have survived if you hadn’t helped out.”

“Sit for a second Kelly.” She did. My eyes made a quick trip to her long legs then back to her face again. We had a nice little talk about her, the job and some nothings at all. It was nice. Kelly stood and I said, “By the way, call me Richard. The Mr. is nice but I prefer the first name.”

“Ok, Richard it is.” She then left for lunch.

So every week, Kelly came in and re-paid the loan. During that time, we had some nice conversations and I looked forward to her coming and talking on Fridays. The leg show alone was worth it. A couple of months past and Kelly came in one Friday all excited because her husband finally landed a job with a trucking company as a driver. He had been out of work for a long time and was happy to be working again.

After the loan was re-paid, her visits became less frequent. It was a little disappointing but understandable.

About six months after Kelly started with the company, my wife and I separated. She had had enough of my long hours at work and claimed I ignored her. We had quite a fight and she moved out. To tell the truth, I think she had a boyfriend and it was just an excuse for her to leave. Her hours were almost as long as mine.

I guess I was not the nicest person in the office for a few weeks or so. I was upset and tried to hide it but I was not too successful.

Friday at lunch there was a soft knock on my door. Looking up, there was Kelly looking radiant. She had her hands held in front of her and her head was tilted to the side. “Can I come in?”

“Yes of course you can. What’s on your mind?”

“You!” she said as she sat down.

“Me? What about me?”

“Well Richard, you’ve not been the happiest for the past couple of weeks and everyone is wondering what’s wrong. Is there anything I can do to help you?”

“No. There isn’t really.” I paused. “DAMN!!!!” I almost shouted and I hit my fist on my desk. Kelly jumped a little. “Sorry Kelly. I guess I’ve not been very good at hiding my problem.” Kelly just sat there and watched me. “My wife and I separated. I guess it is hitting me harder than I thought.”

“Oh Richard. I’m so sorry.”

“Thank you. But now I know what I have to do. Ok. Thank you Kelly for coming in and telling me. I’ll take care of this today. You don’t say a word. I’ll get the word out to everyone.”

“Sure Richard. And if there’s anything, anything at all I can help you with, türkçe bahis will you promise you’ll tell me?”

“Yes Kelly, I will. Thank you again.”

That afternoon, I called in my managers and told them. I asked them to tell the supervisors and let the staff know I was going though some personal problems. By Friday afternoon, the whole place knew and understood. Surprisingly, it made me feel better as well.

A few months later, it was time for the annual Christmas Party. Our company does it up big. The top management rent tuxes, the staff and their spouses all get dressed up. A big hotel ballroom is rented and a live band plays all night. The dinner is fabulous and the booze flows.

I went stag of course and was able to dance with quite a few ladies. I really enjoyed myself.

Near the end of the evening, Kelly started over to me. I saw her coming from a distance and I’d never seen her look more beautiful. Her dark hair was up which it never is. Her black sleeveless dress hugged her body to perfection and her hips flicked from side to side with each step. She looked incredible. When she was in front of me, she asked for a dance. I agreed.

I have to tell you, it was great dancing with a woman almost my height. My ex was only five foot six and I always had to look down to her. Usually the best I could do when we danced was kiss the top of her head. With Kelly, she was almost eye ball to eye ball with me. Very nice. Besides, she felt soft and warm in my arms. Was I starting to get turned on by her?

“So where is your husband?” I asked trying to distract myself.

“He is on the road. Being a trucker, he makes long hauls. He left yesterday and is gone for over a week.”

“It’s a shame he’s missing this party.”

“Oh maybe it’s for the best. He’s not much for parties and getting dressed up. So how you doing tonight?”

“Fine thank you. I’ve had a great time dancing.”

“I’ve noticed. A girl can hardly get a dance with her boss.” We laughed. “I have a favor to ask if I may.”

“Sure you can. What is it?”

“Richard, can I hitch a ride home with you tonight? I know I live on your way home and I don’t feel like calling a cab.”

“Sure! I would be honored.”

“Besides, I have a Christmas present for you and I don’t want to give it to you at work.”

“You don’t need to give me a present.”

“I don’t need to but I want to. So when you drive me home you can come up for a Christmas drink and get your present.”

“Ok, if you insist.”

“I do insist.”

When the evening was over, Kelly met me by the car park so others would not see us leaving. The drive home was like being in the office again. Nice conversation about nothing in particular. Kelly was so easy to talk to. The big difference was the amount of thigh I could sneak a peek at. Her dress had ridden up her legs a fair bit and I really enjoying the show. I could see she was wearing black stockings and the thought went through my mind as to whether they were real stocking or pantyhose. My imagination was all over the first option.

At her apartment building, since it had been snowing, I told her to wait until I could help her out of the car. I quickly moved around the car and opened the door for her. As she got out, she swung leg out first which opened her thighs. Her dress slid higher up her legs and exposed a large amount of thigh. What a sight. I think Kelly caught me looking at her legs but I didn’t care. At least my imagination was proven correct. I could see she had on real stockings.

When we got upstairs, she hung up our coats and then helped me take off my tux jacket. Kelly asked what I would like to drink. She poured them in the kitchen and then came into the living room. After handed me my drink, she then turned on the stereo and put on some nice soft music. As Kelly stood there, she started to sway to the tune. I was sitting on the couch and was intrigued by her swaying ass. It was incredible to watch.

Kelly turned and came over to me. She took the drink from my hand and put it on the coffee table. She then took my hand and pulled me to my feet. “I would love to have another dance with you,” she said.

So I took her in my arms and pulled her in close. Not too close but I could feel her boobs on my chest. Her perfume was intoxicating. We moved around the room to the music. Kelly put her head on my shoulder and moved into me a little closer. I tried to keep some distance between us as my cock was responding to her presence.

When the music stopped, Kelly lifted her head, looked me in the eye then came in and kissed me on the lips. Of course I responded. We just stood there for a few seconds afterwards and looked at each other.

Finally Kelly said, “I think it’s time for your present.” With that, she turned away from me and stepped to the stereo. She took an envelope off the top of the tape unit and handed it to me.

“What could this be?” I mused.

“Only one way to find out. Open it.”

I opened the envelope and pulled out the card inside. As I did this, a piece of paper fell out and landed güvenilir bahis siteleri on the floor. I read the front of the card then opened it and read the inside. It was just a nice Christmas card signed by her and Darrel.

Before I could bend down for the piece of paper, Kelly was at my feet picking it up. She stood and handed it to me. I put the card on the coffee table and opened the paper. It was written in Darrel’s handwriting. Here is what it said.

Dear Richard,

Kelly and I can not thank you enough for all you have done for us. Not only did you figure out we were in trouble with our finances, you took the steps needed to correct the problem. You will never know how important that money was to us. I think it literally saved our lives.

Then on top of that, you became a good friend to Kelly. Being her boss you have to keep your distance but you talked with her and made her feel welcome in the company. Again, you went above and beyond. You are truly a wonderful person.

So what can we give to a man who has given us so much? It took us a bit to come up with an answer.

Since you are separated, we are sure you are deprived and neglected like Kelly was when you first met her but only in a different way. She was in need of food. We are sure you are in need of sex.

Our present to you is to have and enjoy Kelly all weekend in any way that would please you.

We will not take “no” or “I can’t” or “You are my employee and this would not right.” You are in need and Kelly and I want you to have this gift.

Merry Christmas and enjoy yourself. Kelly is truly wonderful. Darrel

To say the least, I was dumbfounded. I didn’t know what to say. I looked up. Kelly was standing right in front of me. She took the paper out of my hands, put it on the table and stepped into me. Her arms wrapped around my neck and she kissed me. At first I didn’t know what to do. My cock did though. It was performing as it should and was laying up my stomach. Kelly stepped in closer and pressed her belly onto my cock. Her hips moved and she rolled my cock side to side.

I felt Kelly’s tongue playing with my lips and I involuntarily opened them to welcome her tongue. I was becoming so excited in her arms.

Suddenly, a wave of guilt washed over me. I broke the kiss and pulled my head back. What was I doing? She is my employee and this is not appropriate. Kelly looked me in the eyes and said, “I’m yours all weekend and I’ll not let you back out. I’ve waited for this for months now and I am so hot for you……. I need you Richard.”

She kissed me again and that seemed to melt the last of my resistance. It was a long and very sensual kiss that seemed to last forever. I was so turned on.

When we finally broke the kiss, Kelly leaned back. She had a dreamy look in her eyes. “I knew you would be a great kisser,” she said.

“You’re pretty damn good yourself.”

“Don’t you think it’s time for you to unwrap your present?” asked Kelly. She then turned her back to me and with one hand, slid the few hairs on the back of her neck upward completely exposing the top of her dress.

My hands were shaking. I don’t know if it was anticipation, fear or lust. Maybe all three. Clumsily I managed to get the little hook undone. Next, I found the little tab on the zipper and proceeded to slide it downward.

As I was moving down her back, my fingers felt her bra under her dress. Soon the zipper exposed the black material of her bra. I could tell from the back it was going to be a very sexy piece of undergarment.

Down her back I moved and then I at her waist and starting to expose the top of her panties. Black also and it was evident they matched the bra.

When I was finished moving the zipper, Kelly turned to face me. She moved her arms out in front of her and held them there. It took a few seconds before I understood. She was waiting for me to slide the dress off her shoulders.

I reached up and behind her. Clasping the material on the back of her shoulders, I slid the dress around her shoulders. Kelly shrugged a little to help me. Then the top of the dress was moving down her arms. She pulled her arms free of the dress and I let the top fall to her stomach.

WOW!!!! She stood before me in her black bra. It was a see-through material with lace. I could see her dark areolas. Her nipples were hard but mostly confined by the bra. Kelly looked more than stunning. She was gorgeous.

Kelly did not move. She let me drink her in. My cock was a rock in my pants. After a few seconds, she said, “This is your present. I’m not going to unwrap it for you!”

I stepped to her and put my hands on either side of her face. I pulled her face to me and we kissed. Her arms went around and hugged me. My hands then went to her soft back. I moved them upward and ran them over the back of her bra. I have always been a lingerie man. This was heaven for me.

As we were kissing, my hands moved to either hip. I started to push her dress over her hips. It was a tight fit. We stopped kissing and Kelly’s hands covered mine. She wiggled her hips and finally the dress started to move downward. I was right, the bra and panties were a matched set. The panties were see-through lace. Her dark Brazilian landing strip was visible through the thin cloth.

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