Temmuz 13, 2024

My Neighbor Fucks Me Ch. 02

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Big Balls

As Harold walked out of the room, I struggled to stand up and walk to his bed. My legs felt weak and with my hands in cuffs behind my back, I had trouble with my balance. I ended up knee-walking over to the edge of his bed where a minute ago I had been mercilessly face fucked and fed his cum. His order was ass up, face down and I leaned against the bed as I stood up. Without the use of my hands, I awkwardly feel forward onto the bed and shimmied forward till my knees were far enough up that I could raise my ass in the air. I turned my head to the left to breath and listened for Harold.

He had gone to take a piss and I heard him flush. Then I sensed he was standing in the doorway, looking at me. I had spread my legs a good bit and felt completely vulnerable. It made me horny and nervous about what he was going to do to me. I heard him somewhere out in this apartment. I realized his computer was still showing the video that had been on when I came in his bedroom. I chanced taking a peek at it. The young dude was tied to a bench by his wrists and ankles and knees. He was being roughly fucked by three or four guys; always one in this mouth and one in his ass, taking turns and changing positions. I recognized Harold’s voice and wondered if I was going to be a play toy for him and his friends.

“You like what you see?” I don’t know how long I had been watching or how long Harold had been standing in the room. Suddenly, his hand was wrapped around my erect cock and he was squeezing and pulling my ass toward him.

“I can tell you like it, boy. Your hard cock shows me that. And, yes, after I’ve broken you in for a bit, I’m going to be sharing you with my friends.” As he said this, I could tell he was getting on his knees behind him, still gripping my cock. “But you’ve got a long night ahead of you before you have to worry about that.”

His tongue began to slide all around my asshole. I had never been rimmed before and I realized I had immediately spread my legs wider and started pushing my ass bahis firmaları back to him. He pulled away and slapped my right cheek making me start. He had a firm grip on my cock so I couldn’t really go anywhere.

“Be still, boy, you’ll be moving plenty when you’re riding my cock later.” I relaxed and he used my cock to guide me to lift my ass up some more. He began to explore my ass with his tongue, sometimes licking fast and then pushing his tongue inside my ass hole. He let go of my cock and spread my cheeks open with his hands. He pushed his tongue deeper inside me and licked up and down. I was feeling incredibly light-headed and hoped this moment would never end.

Suddenly another hard slap on my ass brought me back from my daze, and Harold said, “I didn’t tell you that you could moan, you little slut.”

I didn’t know I had been moaning. Harold pulled my ass open farther and starting tongue fucking me ass and spitting inside my ass hole. Then he began to finger me. First one finger, then more tongue and spit. Then two fingers going in and out and pushing deeper inside me. I tried not to squirm, but I kept adjusting my ass to give him a better angle to penetrate me. If I moved too much, I was rewarded with another hard slap. My right butt cheek felt like it was burning. Harold kept going back to that wonderful tongue and then his insistent fingers. Without seeing, I just knew he had three fingers in me and was not going to stop until his fingers were all the way in. I pushed my sphincter against him and felt his fingers slide deeper inside me.

He pulled them out and buried his face between my ass cheeks and attacked my hole with his tongue in such a frenzy I felt like I was having an out of body experience, or the only part of my body that existed was my asshole endlessly responding to his tongue. This time when he pulled away, I heard him get up. I was absolutely unable to move even though I could feel my body vibrating. Somewhere behind me a drawer opened and Harold walked back kaçak iddaa to the bed and laid several dildos and butt plugs near my face.

“Which one should I start with,” he said. He picked them up and showed them to me one at a time. The dildos all seemed like regular cocks expect one had three heads, each wider than the other going down to the base. The plugs were glass or metal and had large heads tapering down to smaller necks and then large bases. A couple of the metal ones had shiny glass in the base, as though they were jewels or diamonds. Harold picked up the three-headed dildo and one of the glass plugs and disappeared behind me again. He smacked my ass again and again, seeming to enjoy my jumping at the pain. Then his tongue was inside me again and his hands were pulling me open to allow him deeper penetration. It went on and on until I felt the head of that dildo pop inside my asshole. Harold pulled it and put it right back in, fucking me with just the first head.

After a minute or so, it was back to the tongue assault and then the first head of the dildo, but now he pushed harder and I pushed back until the second head was in. He fucked me this way for a while, two heads of the dildo going in and out, over and over. Suddenly, it was his tongue again. My god, how far up my ass was his tongue, I wondered. I was shaking all over and pushing back against him. He pulled back and the first two heads of the dildo slide inside me. The widest head pressed against my asshole and slowly began to stretch me out. I was gasping for air and pushing back. In a few seconds, we reached the tipping point and Harold’s insistent pushing and my insistent pushing back. My ass hole opened up and the third dildo head went inside me with my hole closing around the base.

“Fuck, yes,” Harold cried with glee. He began to turn the dildo in my ass like you would turn a dial. I could feel my ass being opened from inside. “It’s coming out,” he said.

I could feel him pull and my ass resisted but he was stronger kaçak bahis and it popped out of my ass. He must have already had the glass plug in his other hand because he immediately had that plug going up my ass. It was about as wide as the third head of the dildo, but the dildo was latex and had some give. The glass plug was absolutely solid. Harold spit and licked and angled and pushed that glass plug inside me. It felt heavy and I could feel my asshole squeezing against it.

Harold rolled me onto my back and pulled my head to the edge of the bed. His cock was raging hard and he held me by the throat and fucked my mouth. I realized I was grinding my ass against the bed to feel the plug inside me. Seeing this, Harold grabbed my legs and adjusted me so that my ass was at the edge of the bed with him standing over me. He pulled the plug roughly from my ass, making me jump. He tossed the plug aside, positioned his cock at the entrance to my ass and with one plunge, buried his cock all the way inside me.

“Oh my god,” I cried out. Ankles were on his shoulders and he placed his hands on the backs of thighs and began to fuck me like he hated me. He pounded into my ass over and over until he slammed into me so hard, it was knocking the breath out of me. When he came inside me, his body was vibrating. He stayed on top of me and then, as he pulled out, he put a metal plug in my ass.

Looking down at me he said, “Clean me off, boy.” His cock was back in my mouth and I slowly and passionately sucked him and took him down into my throat. Once he was satisfied, he stepped back and took a collar from the desk drawer. He clasped it around my neck and pulled a dog bed out from underneath his bed. He clipped a chain to the collar and gently pulled me down onto the dog bed. He wrapped the chain around a bed leg and attached it to itself.

“You’ll sleep here tonight,” he said, “and in the morning, be ready to suck my cock the second I wake up.” He got into bed and turned off the lights. I got as comfortable as I could laying there. My throat was sore, my ass cheeks still burned and I could feel the weight of the plug in my ass. I couldn’t wait for Harold to wake up so I could service his big, thick cock in the morning.

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