Temmuz 14, 2024

My Mother’s Vagina

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This won’t be so much about sex, so read something else if that’s what you’re looking for. Instead I wanted to write something about love and its natural poetry. Some of you who have been following my writings should know why I am doing this right now, because this is the first time in my life I truly feel like I’m in love because the baby is here and I wanted to share that with you.

Me and mom were active with oral throughout the pregnancy, as I have mentioned, nut now we are making love again for the first time since the birth and it’s been better than ever. We aren’t using contraception, if there’s going to be another baby on the way, so be it. We’ve been trying different positions, but reverse cowgirl is still our favorite because it’s the easiest to reach simultaneous orgasms like that.

Love is a complicated thing, you know that, we’re all adults here. It can strike suddenly, or it can build up slowly without you even realizing it until the critical moment. Most people love their mothers, even ones who are having some kind of problems with them usually do love them in some way.

It’s that very special place inside her which complicates things especially for boys. The womb, and the fascinating entrance to it, which could be used to shoot something of you back into it like they teach in the birds and bees class. You want to feel pangaltı escort that familiar pulsating and throbbing around you that happens during both giving birth and when you ejaculate into your mother and she has an orgasm. The willingness and possibilities of fulfilling those wishes is, however, often more unlikely than not.

In some cases it is the mother who starts it. She shows this by wanting to be close to you. You can hold your mother, feel her breasts against you. Maybe kiss her, look her in the eyes, caress her hips a little. You’ll eventually know what her feelings are, sooner or later. You will have to talk about it if you want to proceed, as awkward as that may be.

It will be more difficult, of course, if she has never shown affection like this. Then you just have to somehow let your feelings get known and see how she’ll respond.

Seeing her naked will be an important moment. The breasts, the nipples, the hips, the bush of course. Getting to this will take time for most people, and it’s a good idea to move your kisses towards these interesting areas when you have reached this point. Just lightly kissing your own mother’s bush a few times can be an entirely new kind of a feeling.

The next crucial moment will be when she opens her legs. Many people will find themselves becoming shy pendik escort and reluctant at this time. You own mother’s vagina won’t look like what you’ve seen in the movies or on the internet. Take it easy. Remember to first give it a kiss. Let mom help you. She knows what she’s doing even if you don’t.

When you finally fire into your mother for real for the first time and know you’re truly in love, it will be a fascinating time for you. There’s no need to hurry to get there, it will happen in its time.

Learning how to achieve simultaneous orgasms in different positions with your own mother would be good practice and learning for any young man. Just pick a theme position for each week that you try to finish until you succeed. Another good idea is to practice cunnilingus orgasms with mom looking you in the eyes. This kind of a connection doesn’t even have to be erotic. You don’t have to find her attractive, if you’re worried about that. She’s just teaching you valuable and useful life skills which would really be helpful to many people. Even some younger women who find the “mom fetish” weird could surely appreciate sharing a bed with someone who is used to patiently and reliably bringing his own mother to shuddering multiple orgasms.

Purveyors of fictional erotica don’t often seem to understand the whole rus escort thing. You don’t want to ejaculate inside your mother because she’s “a hot chick”, you want to do that specifically because she is your mother. That’s the what it’s about. Your mother. That womb where you grew in.

If you really want to make a baby, I highly recommend the reverse cowgirl position because of the deep penetration it allows and the possibility of cervix-opening orgasms, which I’ve talked about “That Special Moment”. You can find more information by googling about these things or just consulting a healthcare professional, as usual.

My Mother’s Vagina

I want to tell you
About my mother’s vagina

Opening surrounded
By bristly hairs

Which gave me birth and life
How it reacts to a kiss

My tongue works
As I look you in the eyes
And feel every little shiver

I move on top of you
Penetrate slowly and deep

Gently at first
All the way in

It opens well and wide
Like when giving me life

The rhythm starts slow
Getting faster all the time

Mom you make me sigh
With the birth-giving wonder
Between your wide-open thighs

Your hips move so well
Life experience
Tender emotions
My own mother

Let mom’s vagina do the work
It’s the natural way

The warm pulses
Of births and orgasms

The womb is open
I’m going to fire
Deep into you
Where it’s safe and warm

You make me shout when I come
My mother

It’s all inside you now
And I’m in love

Mother carry my child
Safely into this life

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