Temmuz 13, 2024

My Mother’s Adventures Continue

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As you might have read in my last journal entry, my mother and father visited my family for Christmas last year and my step-son Tom and my mother became involved in a passionate love affair. Well, one might be more inclined to say intense sexual escapades. Regardless, it is a year later and one again we are all together.

My mother and I one night sat together sharing drinks while all the men were out and I asked her about how her relationship with Tom had progressed through the year. In her intoxication, she willingly confided to me all the details, plus a great deal more that I had not expected. Here I share her story, written by myself from her perspective.

To provide a little background, if you have not read my previous entry, Tom is a very masculine young man, 24 years old, a 6’4″ college football player at over 300 pounds with a deep manly voice, a strong domineering personality, and a penis of magnificent dimensions. My mother is 49 years old and still possesses her long, thick black hair, showing only a tinge of grey, which she does not dye over. Having had four children she had grown a little thicker through the hips with the years, but she still has the general proportions of a voluptuous woman. She is 5′ 2″, possesses a slender waist in proportion to her hips, a curvy butt, and a rather generous bust line. With the weight she added with passing years, her bra size has expanded to a 44F. Otherwise, she remains pretty, dainty and generally quite innocent and sweet in her demeanor. My father in contrast is rather older than my mother. In his early 60’s, he is quite fat, of poor health and unable to please my mother any further. It is in this context that Tom was able to seduce my dearest mother last year.

But before I tell you of her most recent history that she relayed to me, I shall briefly recant what I saw of them together last year, a memory that will remain forever burned deeply in my mind.


I noticed during my parents visit to our home over Christmas that Tom and mother were spending large amounts of time together and appeared to glance at each other in a sensual and provocative manner when they thought that they were unobserved. I conspired to learn of their secrets and contrived to have a secret camera installed in Tom’s bedroom to spy on their activities. On New Year’s Eve my husband, my father, my mother, Tom and myself celebrated with food and drink. After supper we all spent the evening hours sharing drinks and stories, and while my mother stayed close to my father when he was around, she clung desperately to Tom’s arm when only they and I were together.

I observed that Tom would on occasion slide his hand down and rub my mother’s bum through her long skirt and that she only pushed his hand away when I looked directly toward them. At other times Tom would stand behind my mother and wrap his hands around her waist and lift her heavy breasts from beneath the sweater. She would pretended that he was only giving her hugs and let him freely play with her chest in front of me. As the night proceeded and we all got more tipsy on wine, and when we were alone without the men,

I watched as Tom slid his hand under my mother’s skirt and up over her bum as we stood together chatting. Though fairly obvious to me what was occurring, she again pretended as if nothing was going on. She told me with an innocent expression of various happenings in her neighbourhood as Tom caressed the flesh of her pantied ass. She would only pause occasionally in her conversing, flinching or briefly moaning when Tom teased her by, as I must assume, inserting a finger into her vagina.

Tom and my mother would also exchange brief kisses when I was not looking directly at them, but certainly in a position to know what I saw. Later still, when my husband John was showing my father his power tools in the garage, Tom and my mother sat snuggled together on the couch opposing the one I was seated on. As my mother and I conversed of simple matters, I watched as Tom slid my mother’s skirt up over her knees and put a hand on her calf. Our conversation was not interrupted as Tom ran his hand up the length of her leg, letting it settle upon the inside of her thick thigh. Without losing her train of thought or our eye contact she continued our discussions while parting her legs slightly to provide him better access and leaned her back deeply against his chest. He placed his free hand on top of her sweater and began to squeeze and grope her boob. She did not respond, but merely listened to me as I explained about the shoes I was looking to buy. Drunk by now she had become clearly something of a tramp, uninhibited and unconcerned that I knew that my stepson was her lover.

She glanced occasionally at me to see if I had an expression of concern. But I pretended to find nothing suspicious in their activities. She placed a blanket that was on the couch over Tom, supposedly to keep him warm, and cuddling up close to him slipped her hand under the cover. Soon it was apparent that she was rubbing his cock through his pants. I could later tell that she had unzipped his pants and had his cock out, the lump in the blanket and the movement of her hand up and down not overly well concealed. Tom slid his hand bahis firmaları under her sweater and squeezed and pulled at the soft flesh of her evidently bare breasts beneath, both moaning in pleasure. After some time Tom said that she looked tired and suggested she lay down her head to rest. She agreed and tucking her head under the blanket laid her head on his reclining belly. Placing his hand on her head outside the cover it became obvious that she now had his cock in her mouth and was starting to slowly suck it gently back and forth. Unbelievably my mother was giving my stepson a blow job not six feet from me! With one hand upon her head and other on her breast, soon my stepson’s face bore the expression of an orgasm and I knew that my mother was now gulping down his explosive load of cum. She then raised her head from beneath the blanket and announced that she had had a good little nap, while licking from her lips the dribbles of semen that I could clearly see still dripping from them.

Still unsatisfied she pulled her skirt high up onto her thighs so that Tom could reach her pussy, covered by her black thick hairy bush. Taking his one hand she thrust it between her legs, and then grasping her sweater pulled it up around her neck to fully expose her bare breasts. I was surprised by how big they actually were, and though while they did droop somewhat, her breasts maintained much of the elasticity of when she was a younger woman. Her nipples hung low, but I was shocked by how large and dark the areolas were, and how thick, long and erect her nipples remained. I found myself unable to resist staring in fascination as Tom pinched and pulled at her firm nipples and as he dug his fingers deep between her thighs. My mother in turn lowered her hand back under the blanket to his groin and began to rub his penis, trying to get it hard again. She was very drunk, and slurred her words as she spoke. It was at this point the nature of her conversation changed. “Dearest daughter, your step-son Tom and I need to spend a little quality time together upstairs tonight, and it might get a little bit loud. Could you do your mother a big favor please and take the men into the basement, turn on some music, loudly please, and dance the night away with them.”

I replied “Well, I do see that you have your hands quite full over there mother, as does Tom.” Both smiled and they exchanged a deep and passionate kiss.

“Thank-you for understanding dear. And of course, mum is the word.”

“Of course mother.” I said and got up to make the requested arrangements.

Turning on the video recorder to the camera in Tom’s room I led the men to the basement as Tom and mother pretended to be too drunk to carry on the night any further and said they were going to sleep. I turned the music loud and danced the hours away with my husband and father. Though from time to time I could hear the sharp screams of my mother coming down through the floors, the men did not notice and the night continued on with dancing for us, and evidently more for them.

Watching the video once alone the next day I saw Tom and mother proceed upstairs. Entering his room and closing and locking the door behind them, mother quickly stripped and said that she was ready now to her first ever ass fucking, as they had earlier agreed to. Though I could hear our music playing in the background on the recording, I could still make out their words. She staggered with her drunkenness and fell into Tom’s arms. Tom pushed her face first down onto the bed and slapped her ass roughly, ordering her to raise her hips and ass to him. Obeying his commands she got on all fours and raised her ass high for him. “So Arianna, is my married fuck hungry slut ready for a cock in her ass now?”

“Fuck yes Tom, fuck yes. Ass fuck your dirty slut. Ass fuck her hard. Punish my ass for being such a whore behind my husband’s back, ass fuck the sin out of me!” She begged.

Rubbing lubricant onto her ass and over his dick, he placed the head of his dick to her hole and he commanded “Music is loud now bitch, beg as loud as you can to be ass fucked. Now slut. Beg.”

Crying out loud my mother exclaimed “Tom, lover, please, ass fuck me now, I want to be your bitch, I want you to fuck me as your slut, I want you to abuse me as you would a whore. Fuck my ass lover with your gorgeous big cock, make me into your anal fuck toy and don’t stop no matter how loud I scream.”

With this Tom started to feed his cock into her bottom inch by inch. Tom’s cock is very thick and long, and she screamed loud with each motion of his hips. He spanked her ass beet red and raw, as she cried out for him to feed more cock into her ass. In a while his full length was in her. Tears rolled from her eyes, her screams could be heard in the basement, saliva filled her gaping mouth and drool ran from her lips. He called her a slut once more and pulling out most of his cock slowly, then slammed it fully back into her fast and hard. Her eyes rolled back far into her head as she let out a sharp scream. She then begged him to fuck her ass more, to repeat the rapid deep thrusts. He did so, reaming her ass as first slowly, and then quickening his pace. As the songs went on one by one, his rhythm increased to the cycle of a full out fast fuck. He ran kaçak iddaa ten inches of thick iron hard dick in and out of my mother’s ass as fast as he could, and she only begged for more and more. He then suddenly pulled his cock free from her. Falling onto her back she assumed he was done, gasping deeply for air. But he grabbed her legs and thrusting a pillow under her ass to raise her hips higher, he sat on his knees between her spread thighs and told her to prepare for more ass fucking. Grabbing her legs he placed the head of his dick to her now permanently enlarged anus. His dick slid in easily and naturally. Her head convulsed backward as she found herself once again been ass fucked.

Grabbing her arms he pulled her forward, he continued to ride her. Her breasts were bunched up and compressed between her extended arms and he held her head so that she could see his cock going in and out of her. “Look at your big floppy tits, sexy wet cunt and horny wide ass getting fucked Arianna. Tell me what you see.”

Alternating her looks up to his eyes and back to her vagina and his cock in her butt, she said “I see breasts that have spent a fabulous two weeks being played with by the rough hands of a big masculine man. I see a pussy well satisfied, so grateful to have met you and your big wonderful cock. And I see an asshole that is absolutely loving her first ever fucking and that hopes to have many more encounters of having her lover’s big cock driving into her nasty tight hole. And I see a cock that I truly love and adore deeply, and that I hope to spend many years to come satisfying with my hands, mouth, tongue, tits, cunt and ass. “

Letting her collapse onto her back, he continued to fuck her ass. He slapped and pulled at her breasts, and he pinched her clit and finger fucked her vagina. He crushed her plump breasts together and flopped them around, then slapped them back and forth when he released them and they collapsed to her sides. Seizing upon her rigid nipples with the tips of his fingers Tom pulled them upward until the massive flesh of her boobs was suspended well above her chest. Continuing to fuck her ass he shook her breasts vigorously by her nipples and she cried out in both pain and pleasure. Tom called her his big titted bitch, and my mother replied that she was his willing slut and anal fuck toy. I watched as they continued until her ass was eventually filled with pulsating streams of hot cum.

The next day my mother could barely walk. She moved slowly and carefully, trying not to draw attention to herself. When my father asked if she were alright she said that the booze had gotten to her. When alone she said to me “Darling, please don’t tell your father.”

To which I replied “Tell him what mother? That you are a slut. That you spent the last two weeks sucking and fucking my stepson’s cock, offering him your mouth, tits and twat at every opportunity afforded to you, like a horny high-school girl. That you sucked him off while laying on the couch across from me. That you spent the hours last night when we were dancing having Tom fuck you in the ass. No mother, your secret is safe with me. It would break father’s heart to know what a whore his wife and the mother of his children has become.”

With her eyes to the ground and looking deeply ashamed she just whispered “Thank-you.”


And so this is where our story begins. Sitting and having our drinks I asked my mother if she had indeed continued with their secret liaison of passion. She explained that Tom’s college was only four hours from where she and my father lived, and so she had told dad that she wanted to drive up occasionally and visit her grand-son, and would stay the weekend as the drive was long. My father thought this a great idea and was pleased that she was bonding so well with her new family members. Tom had told her to buy a large butt plug and to make sure that she had the plug inserted in her ass during the drive up so he could start her weekend visit with a nice hard ass fucking. She obediently bought the plug, and in early February drove up to see Tom.

I arrived at his apartment, she explained, with the plug in my bum, with a low cut semi-transparent blouse and without a bra, a short skirt without panties, and high heeled shoes, with my hair down and ample bright red lipstick, dressed just as Tom had ordered me to present myself to him.

I had changed along the way in a gas station bathroom, and on returning to my car felt like a slut for the remainder of the ride, my skirt riding high up on my thighs and my breasts swaying freely with the motion of the car, barely covered by the thin material, so exposed that they frequently threatened to bounce free of my clothing. My bare vagina was aroused by her new found freedom and the jiggling of the butt plug in my bottom, resulting from the jostling of the car along the bumps of the road.

Exiting the car to ring his door bell I was surprised to feel a heavy stream of fluid run down the length of my thighs from my extremely well lubricated vagina. Embarrassed, I couldn’t resist the urge to be with Tom and rang the bell regardless of my irregular state. He opened the door and quickly pulled me in, closing the door behind me.

Glaring kaçak bahis down at me from his towering frame he kissed me immediately and hard upon my lips, and filling my mouth with his tongue I sucked upon it vigorously. As we embraced his hands explored my body to evaluate my level of obedience to his commands. He squeezed my boobs through the thin blouse to ensure that I was without a bra. His hand slid under my skirt to confirm I was without panties. Discovering my sopping wet vagina and lubricant covered thighs he took a breath to utter “good little slut” as he rammed fingers into me, making me moan deeply. Then his two hands grasped the flesh of my bare ass beneath my skirt and spreading them wide explored for the mandated butt plug. Finding it he began to tug it from me and then to force it back in, over and over, making me bite his lower lip and causing my legs to quake and buckle.

Satisfied that his slut had obeyed his every command he led me by the hand into the living room. Imagine how shocked I was to find another man sitting in the room, watching TV but in an orientation to have full view of our brief encounter at the doorway. I am sure that I must have blushed a beet red as he introduced me to his roommate, a handsome young black man, a first year student and fellow football player. The boy was as tall as Tom, but slender in comparison, though still very strongly build. A running back Tom explained. Tom introduced me as his grandmother through marriage. I could only stare at the floor, ashamed of the position that Tom had put me in. Tom sat on the couch by his friend Alex and motioned for me to sit between them.

Both cradled a beer, one of many I guessed they had drank that day by the accumulation of bottles scattered on the floor, and I sat between them, trying hard to maintain my modesty so closely nuzzled between Tom and this unfamiliar but very attractive dark complexioned stranger.

I sought to pull my skirt down over as much of my legs as I could manage, and to raise my blouse so that my cleavage and the flesh of my breasts was not so deeply exposed, but as Tom continued to drink he would have none of it. He placed his hand on my knee and continually ran it up my thigh almost to my dripping vagina, forcing the skirt up along the way. Holding me in his arms, he fondled my breasts through the blouse before his friend, never flinching to hide the shame of our actions. Tom Undid two buttons of my blouse and then he told me to fetch fresh beers for him and Alex. On returning I stood before them, a woman twice their age, with a skirt to just below my bare crotch and my blouse barely containing my large boobs. Holding the beer I stood and observed as the eyes of each of them explored the curves of my boobs and legs.

I felt like a tramp. And strangely, I loved it! I was surprised that two young bucks as these were excited by the image of an older and somewhat pudgy woman as I. But then I understood. Men just like a woman who dresses sexy, exposing her breasts and legs. They like big tits, and even chubby thighs, as they know that there is a cunt hidden between them. Men enjoy the feel of any tits offered to them, will fuck any pussy spread open for them, and enjoy their cock being sucked by the lips of any woman who will offer herself to them, regardless of weight, race or age. Standing before them virtually naked, I was just a piece of meat, a female to fuck with their meat until their cum sprayed itself into me or over me. I realized then that I truly enjoyed being that piece of meat. I craved cock. Not just Tom’s cock, but Alex’s cock, every man’s cock. I wanted to be fucked. Needed to be fucked, in every hole, every day, a fuck slut for horny men. A strange compulsion overcame me and I deliberately bent over very deeply to hand each young man his beer, letting my boobs hang freely before them.

Bent over and handing Alex his beer Tom reached out and clutched on my bare heavy breasts beneath my almost completely open blouse, squeezing the flesh firmly. “What do you think of these big fat tits, Alex? Are they are wonderful as I told you they would be?”

Momentarily shocked by Tom’s words, I was even more shocked by Alex’s response. “Magnificent Tom, you know I love a lady with massive boobs and a well-rounded plump ass, as all black men do, and her tits are perfect. I can’t wait to feel them wrapped around my cock.” Shocked by these words, and never having imaged a black cock between my boobs let alone having experienced one, I remained bend over with Tom grasping my breasts until he patted the space on the couch between himself and Alex, indicating that I was to sit. Taking my place Tom began to kiss me profusely, running his hand up my thigh until it reached my burning and drenched love nest. Then he fondled my breasts and continued to unbuttom my top until no restraints remained. He then positioned me up upon my knees such that I rose higher than the men, my fully exposed tits each just lower than their opposing faces. Tom seized upon a boob and yanking my flesh toward him shoved my large erect nipple into him mouth and bit and tugged on it with his teeth, making me squeal out loudly. As Tom chewed on one nipple and shoved is fingers up my horny crazy cunt, I felt as Alex began to explore the flesh of my free breast. Turning my head I found him massaging and lifting the flesh of my boob with both his hands. “Such amazing big floppy tits you have.” He said, looking up at me, and then promptly shoved my tit into his mouth.

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