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My Mother in Law Surprise Pt. 02

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As you know in the first part, I had the luck to have an affair with my mother in law and during this wonderful time I learned a lot from her. She had many fantasies; she never had the chance to experiment in her younger days. It was not well seen to be sexually opened then. Her husband is old fashion and has a next to nothing libido which leave her with having to take care of sexual appetite by herself (solo), until we got it on. It was fun and has we discussed she admitted that she always wanted to try with a man and another women at the same time. After discussion she found out that my daughter Kristina and I are having some fun and that my daughter is Bi. I could try to get her involved. She agreed but warn me to be incredibly careful in the steps leading to the actual reveal.

I got home and was talking with my daughter about a few things. My wife Linda was laughing at the discussion which was far from sex related. Then Linda left to prepare dinner. Kristina looked at me and told me that her friend Helen kept saying how much fun we had together and Kristina said she also loved it has she was able to use her Bi side. She asked when we would be able to play again and I said soon, I hope. That is when I started to explore the possibility of getting Kristina involved with her grand mother.

“Kristina, what were you girls laughing at, the other day with Louise. You kept looking my way.”

“Nothing dad! It was just girl talk.”

“I overheard you guys a bit you know! The part where Louise was saying she would love a fuck boy and you said that was fun! Did you tell her about us?”

“Noooooo! I did not and mom was there anyway, I would not dare.”

“Anyway, you guys looked hot that day and I could feel the sexual tension between you and her. Do you think she was aroused by your conversation and by you?”

“Frankly, I do not know if she was, but I sure learned that she is still very sexually turned on, but that her boyfriend is not.”

“Yes, I agree what a waste, she is still incredibly good looking and sexy. You know I do get aroused by her sometimes and I think she knows it. Maybe I should try to offer my services to her. What do you think?”

“Hummmm, Dad you serious? What if she gets angry and tells mom?”

“What if she says yes and I get to fuck her. I bet it would be fun. She is in great shape, has been a long time without any sex. It would be a great fuck, don’t you think?”

“Yes, I guess you are right, and she is sexy.”

“What if she would make a pass at you Kristina? Would you accept?”

“I never though of it but frankly speaking, it could be weird fun!”

“Imagine if we both took care of her needs, that would be such a turn on to see you both while I fuck you from behind like you love?”

“Dad stop it now! I am getting aroused thinking about it and I know it could not happen.”

“Yeah! I guess you are right, maybe one day.”

At that point I got up to go to the kitchen and momentarily stop by my daughter, grab her hair, and pulled her face to mine and kissed her deeply. I lowered my other hand into her loose pants and slip a finger to her now very wet pussy, flicking her clit a bit. Then pulled back and said, “I see this had you turned on, I must go now and let’s dream that one day we get to live this fantasy.”

“Yes dad!”

A couple weeks went by and I had discussed with Louise and told her about Kristina feeling and arousal for her. I then told her, one day we would get it on. I saw an occasion come up and decided to act on it without any of the two knowing about it to avoid the cold feet syndrome. Linda was gone for the weekend to her fathers’ side of the family for a visit has they live out of town. We were home alone and I invited Louise for diner. She did not know Linda was not there and had told me during the week that her boyfriend was going to the cottage for the weekends with the boys. So, I told her to drop by for diner. At the same time, I told Kristina the weekend was going to be ours and she was going to be my slave. She loved it, not knowing what I had plan.

On Saturday I told Kristiana kurtuluş escort since she is my slave, she was to walk around the house naked all day with just a leash and collars and wrist/ankle bracelet that can be tied at anytime and of course high heels. She looked so good, this petite princess with small perky puffy nipples. The day was full of teasing, I would grab her from behind and put my cock in her mouth, then withdraw. Other time I would finger fuck her to a point of orgasm and stop before she could cum.

Toward the time where I expected Louise to arrive, I told Kristina to go to my room and I tied her to the bed. Then I blindfolded her and put ear plug in her ear. I said to Kristina that I was going to have some fun and did not want her to anticipate my next move. She got soooo excited and wet, you could smell the musk in the air from her wet pussy and you could see the cream leaking from it on her legs.

Once tied I left and closed the door. Louise arrive and knock at the door. I opened and let her in. She looked at me and said, “Where is everyone?”

“Oh! I did not mention Linda is away for the weekend!”


“Sorry! I should have, but you see you are my dinner tonight and I intend to fuck you like no tomorrow!”

“What!! But what if Kristina comes home, you should have said something and I would have invited you to my place has I could use a good fuck!”

“Come with me but do not say a word, I want to show you something!”

I grab Louise hands and brought her to my bedroom door. I slowly opened the door and there she was naked, legs spread open, on the bed was my daughter. Louise looked at me and pulled me away and said in my ears, “You crazy! Does she know about us?”

“Louise, tonight you will fulfill both your fantasy and Kristina’s! Now watch me for a bit! Then when I tell you to join you will follow what I say, you are both my slave and do not know for each other!”

“You are certain?”


I grab Louise and kissed her passionately, then I bit her earlobe and she shivered. I went back in the room removed the earpiece from my daughters’ ear and said, “Kristina! My little slut, I will lick you, then fuck you with toys and do things to you that you have not done yet!

“Daddy! I am yours and I need it!”

You should have seen Louise face when she heard this, she was in shock and aroused at the same time. I got beside Kristina and had a feather in my hand, I was slowly brushing her legs going up to her pussy, slowly touching it. She was already breathing hard. Then went up and around her breast for a few minutes. Her nipples were so hard and puffy. I brought it down to her pussy again and forced it between her pussy lips, as I was doing this I wave to Louise to get close to me, when she arrive I removed the feather and place it to her nose. She took such a long snif! Then I brought it to Kristina’s nose and did the same, she also took a long snif!

While she was sniffing it, I waved at Louise to get undress. She started to undress and I could see she was so excited. Her nipples were completely erect. When she was in the nude, I removed the feather from Kristina’s nose and pushed it between Louise pussy lips. She was so wet that the feather was soaked. I brought it back to Kristina’s nose and she smelled it longer, she then licked the feather and said, “Wow! Daddy I taste so sweet today!”

“It must be all the excitement! Would you like for me to lick your pussy!”

“Yes Daddy, you know I love this!”

To that, I wave at Louise to go ahead and lick her grand daughter’s pussy. She was so nervous for many reasons, first it was her grand daughter and second it was her first time with a woman. She slowly got between her legs and slowly lick Kristina’s inner thigh going up to her pussy lips. Kristina was positively responding with her body trying desperately to meet her tongue.

“Daddyyyyyy! Fuck lick my pussy I need it, you keep teasing!”

“I will hon! I will.”

That is when Louise tongue made it between her pussy lips going up to her clitoris. levent escort Louise was taking deep smell and her eyes were telling so much on her excitement. While she did this, I got undress, got behind Louise, and slowly penetrated her from behind. She pushed so hard on my cock and was doing all in her power not to yell. Louise tongue went faster and faster on Kristina’s clit to the point that she orgasms yelling really loud, “DADDYYYYYYYYYY Fuck you are really good tonight! Fuck yes!”

I pulled out of Louise and waved at Louise to back off. When she was off, I wave at her to come with me and I brought her to the head of the bed. I said to Kristina, “Honey! I am not the one that lick your pussy. It is a good friend of mine and she now needs you to lick her pussy!”


“Yes, you know her but first lick her pussy.”

I look at Louise and said, “Get on top of her and lower your pussy to her tongue and I want you to tease her pulling up and down she must work hard for the juice that is going to flow down her mouth!”

She followed my instruction and lowered herself to Kristina’s mouth. You could see the juice dripping and she was having trouble staying silent has she is normally loud. I could see Kristina’s tongue going in deep and she was sucking on the clitoris. Louise was starting to shake and I knew she was close to orgasm. As she started to orgasm, she could not hold her sounds anymore and just yelled, “FUUUUCCCCKKKKKK! I’M CUUUUMMMMIIINNNGG!”

The expression in Kristina’s face when she heard the sound. She then realises that this was probably her grand mother. As she kept licking the juice that was flowing out of Louise pussy, I removed her blindfold. The shock in both their faces not knowing what to say. I looked at them and said, “Remember ladies you are my slave tonight, now Louise untie Kristina.” She got off Kristina and untied her feet, then did the same to the arms. All this was done in complete awkward silence. I looked at them and said, “Ladies I want to see you both French kisses now!”

I pulled Kristina up a bit while I pushed Louise down and when they got close, they slowly kissed and it turned into a slow French kiss. You could see the awkwardness was leaving, making more place for sensuality. They started to really kiss and it turned into passion.

Louise broke the kiss and said, “This is so sensual and sexy, I have never done this with a woman before!”

Kristina said, “You taste so good and I would have sworn you hate pussy before has you were so good!”

I looked at both and I said, “ladies I will walk away for a bit while you get comfortable exploring each other!”

They looked at me with a wicked smile.

I walked away but stayed near to see what was going on without them seen me. I heard Louise say, “Are you ok with this!”

“Yes, I am if you are. I am Bi and love a woman as much as I love a man in me!”

They started to kiss again and their hands was exploring their bodies. Kristina got on top and was kissing Louise and slowly made her way to her breast. As she did, she was turning slowly. I could see Louise finger going in and out of her grand daughter’s pussy. Then Kristina reached Louise clitoris and started to lick it. She straddled Louise mouth and they were in a full 69, sucking and licking each other pussy.

While I watch I was stroking my cock, it was so hard. I could ear the slurping from the licking has the juice was flowing. Louise been multi orgasmic started to convulse and came so loud. Has she did I saw her finger push inside Kristina’s asshole and it was Kristina’s turn to shake and cum all over her grand mother’s face.

I walked in and said, “you now both going to fuck me. I want to cum inside Kristina and I want Louise to lick my juice out of her. Louise stay like this and lick Kristina’s clit while you watch my cock go in and out of her.”

I got into position and started to push my cock inside of Kristina’s pussy and you could see that it was really tight, especially because I was so excited that my cock was engulf, maçka escort hard and long, ready to burst any moment now.

All Kristina was able to do is been down on her elbow, pushing hard on my cock and kept yelling how it was tight and felt good. Louise said, “I never though this would have been possible in any lifetime and I am so turned on, I think I will cum just by looking.”

Then she licked my balls and Kristina pussy alternatively, the feeling was out of this world. I felt a finger on my butthole, it was Louise pushing her finger in. That made it and I started to cum like crazy inside Kristina. I must a drop a gallon of cum inside her has I was soooooo excited. When I was done, I slowly pulled out, I was picking up my cell phone from the night table and started to film Louise face, licking my cum that was slowly leaking out of Kristina’s pussy. She was taking every drop, while looking at my phone with those wicked eyes. She was in trance. Then I ordered them to start using toys on each other while I rest and got hard again. Louise said, “You will fuck me next and I want to cum again!”

The girls started to lick each other and I saw the dildo go in and out. Kristina took about 1 minute and was cummings yet again, while Louise pelvis was meeting every thrust from Kristina’s dildo. I was filming the show for my viewing pleasure.

My daughter looked at me and said, “Dadddyyyyyy! Thank you so much for this gift. Mamie I am so happy we get to do this together, I hope you are happy as well, as I want this to continue!”

“Kristina! I am also incredibly happy that your father made this possible and yes, I want to play more often! I never knew it could be so wickedly fun!”

Then Louise looked at me and said, “Now fuck me!”

I got on top of her and started to fuck her. I was going in deep, pulling out then pushing back in hard and picking up speed with every thrust I did. Kristina was fingering her clitoris while watching. Louise was breathing heavy and grab my ass with her legs to keep me in her and said, “Fuck me hard, I will cum!”

As I fucked her hard, I felt her pussy lips milking my cock and she started to yell! “I’MMMMMMM CUUUUUMMMMMMIIINNNGGGGG!”

Kristina started to kiss Louise and I collapse on them, drained. We looked at each other pleased we had this fun. Louise broke the silence and said, “We should all go into the jacuzzi with wine!”

We got up; they both went to the jacuzzi while I got the wine. When I arrived to the jacuzzi the girls looked at me and said sit between us. I did and we started to slowly caress each other lightly while sipping wine. I said, “Ladies I hope you liked it, so now tell me where we go from here!”

Kristina was first to answer, “The only place it can go and that is in Louise bed next time and if you are not able to be there daddy cause mom is around, I will go on my own if it is ok with you Mamie!”

“I think it is a deal young lady, and like you said if your dad is not available, we can play anyway. One thing I would like it is for both of us one day to be fucked real hard by more than one guy has that as always been a fantasy of mine to fuck multiple guys but to see you getting it as well would be so sensual.”

“Ok ladies! This is what I will do, I will organise a gangbang into a hotel room and I get to watch and film it.”

“I love the idea Daddy! If you organise it make sure that there is at least one black guy in the group!”

“Hon! It was already in my plan has I have a friend that I play golf with, he is black and when we shower, I can tell you he has a big cock, he must be at least 12 inches. I also have a few other friends all single that would probably agree to join and they do not know you guys or mom. I could have 4 or 5 guys to service you ladies.”

Louise said, “Ok call them now I am already excited and dripping wet!”

“Louise I can’t, let us plan it for another day maybe a daytime encounter has Linda would be at work and it would be easy to meet. You could just say you are going shopping with Kristina.”

“Ok! It sounds great!”

“Mamie, sit on the edge I will give you another orgasm with my tongue!”

As Kristina sucked Louise clit, I started to fuck her asshole and it was so much fun and tight.

And that is how the evening went on. We kept playing with each other until we all passed out, too tired to do anything else.

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