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My Lust for a College Stud Ch. 03

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I awoke the next morning naked and temporarily forgetful of how I ended up that way, it didn’t take long though to recall the events of last night and promptly cringe. That encounter with my college dorm mate Tom in the bathroom, both of us scantily dressed and me getting extremely aroused over his near perfect body and a bulge that hinted at an extremely large dick. Me then having a very intense masturbation session in my dorm room, my thoughts never leaving the image of him in that bathroom, and then… the realisation that Tom was in the dorm next to me and he might have (probably did) hear last night’s vocalisations through the thin walls. I also recall last night concluding that it was irrelevant whether he heard me or not, what the hell was I thinking? I must have been in some sort of post-orgasmic bliss state where I didn’t care much about anything because this morning the risk that Tom had heard me was very real and very worrying.

Curled up in a ball I wrapped the bedsheets around me tightly, seeking some sort of comfort from them. I tried to calm myself down. “I’m being stupid, I don’t know if he heard me I just need to get up and carry on as normal”

It seemed I spent most mornings these days pondering some predicament regarding Tom and I figured that probably wasn’t particularly healthy but I pushed such thoughts the back of my brain as I knew deep down that things were unlikely to change anytime soon.

I threw the bedsheets off rose to my feet and wrapped a towel around me in preparation for a shower. I admit the thought of running to the bathroom with only a towel protecting my modesty made me uneasy, last night’s events were still fresh in my mind but poking my head into the hallway all was deserted and I can happily report that I made it to the empty bathroom unnoticed where I proceeded to enter one of the shower cubicles.

With the steaming hot water running over my naked body and my lathered hands wandering all over (perhaps lingering a bit too long on my sensitive areas) you can understand when I say it didn’t take many mental images of Tom’s naked body and I found myself getting aroused again. “NO” I thought shaking the images out of my head, this wasn’t normal I didn’t like this raw animalistic sexual desire I had for Tom, truth be told it frightened me. Now I don’t mean this in a sinister way but I’d always appreciated how predictable the sexual aspects of relationships were and how (for lack of a better way of putting it) us girls could use sex as a means of control. I don’t mean that in a bad or manipulative way but rather it felt reassuring that whenever I was with a guy I was 99% certain he wanted sex just as much if not more than me, even from day one of a relationship you could be confident the thought had crossed the guys mind and he was probably ready to take things further, all he was waiting for was the OK from you. A lot of girls might have seen that as some kind of pressure but I never did, I always laid out boundaries early and from then on I could let the relationship go at a pace I was comfortable with knowing that basically I held all the power. I hope you understand what I mean by that.

With Tom though this control was gone, I barely knew him and yet I desperately craved him, I couldn’t help myself, it was a raw, powerful feeling deep within me and I wasn’t comfortable with it in the slightest. I needed a way to extinguish this burning desire within me. The most logical solution jumped out at me immediately, I just had to make him seem less desirable, “Yeah easier said than done” but seriously nobody was perfect I just had to stop putting him on a pedestal. Hadn’t I met guys like him in high school? The muscular athletic jock type who was a complete jarhead and a dick to those he thought beneath him? Well that wasn’t exactly true, sure there had been a few guys like that in high school but none of them could even hope to match Tom physically, on the looks front he really was one of a kind… “STOP I’m meant to be pulling him down not building him up”

Well no matter how great his looks I’d never be into a guy that couldn’t even spell his own name correctly. That argument didn’t hold up to much scrutiny either though as in the few days I’d known him (only one really when you consider we didn’t see each other on the second and barely spoke on the third) he’d successfully charmed me with his quick wit and used many words that I’m pretty sure would have went way over the head of your typical jock. I couldn’t put a definite measurement on his intelligence but a jarhead he clearly was not.

Well then that confirms it, the guy must be an asshole. Nobody can be that perfect and not become an arrogant dick in the process. Truthfully even then I wasn’t quite convinced by this argument, he seemed like a really nice guy “That’s what he wants you to think” my brain was telling me “It’s a big nice guy act to get into your pants” Well if he’d just wanted to get into my pants he’d certainly had plenty of opportunities bahis firmaları since we met…

As I left the shower I decided to ignore such thoughts though. I had a weird mix of emotions, I was determined to (and happy that I might) find something to peg on this guy, something to bring him down a notch and kill this crazy lust I had for him but deep down I knew that even if he turned out to be a grade A dick I’d still probably be into him (a thought that really scared me) yet I was still hopeful. However thrown into the mix was a feeling of dread, I didn’t want him to turn out to be a piece of work, I really liked him and I wanted that to continue, I didn’t want reality to ruin my fantasy man. Not quite sure what I wanted I wrapped the towel around myself and returned to my room and got changed.

I re-emerged fully dressed into the hallway and decided to investigate the sounds of laughter coming from the communal area. I moved down the hallway and hovered in the doorway where I saw Tom and another one of my dorm mates Frank sitting on the couch playing video games together. I shuffled nervously not wanting to reveal myself, I still hadn’t forgotten this morning’s inner turmoil over whether or not Tom heard me masturbating, but aware I couldn’t hide forever I revealed myself.

“Hey guys what’s going on here” I said in my most innocent voice.

Tom and Frank both turned around, Frank giving me a warm smile while Tom added “Just hanging with Frank, helped him get his system set up here what with the larger TV its better than being stuck in his room”

“Yeah thanks again for the help with that” Frank said with another warm smile for Tom.

“Don’t worry about it” Tom grinned back at him “Hey pause for a second I just need to check something”

Frank obliged, paused the game and quickly became engrossed in his phone while Tom moved around the couch and quietly ushered me into the hallway. I was nervous now, what was he going to do? Was this about last night? I calmed myself down sufficiently to see Tom had a slightly concerned look on his face but I relaxed when he started talking about Frank.

“Hey listen Emily hope you don’t mind about us commandeering the dorms TV, it’s just you know Frank he’s a really shy guy and I didn’t want him cooped up in his room all the time. I was speaking to him yesterday and the guys feeling a little down, you know this is his first time away from home and he’s feeling a little homesick” The creases around Toms eyes told me his concern was genuine, he continued…

“None of this helps when his confidence is already pretty shot to hell what with him being picked on in high school so I thought we could kinda ease him in a bit, get him used to hanging around people, maybe boost his confidence a little” He finished with a wide smile on his face clearly passionate about what he was saying.

“Err…yeah its fine” Urgh! This nervous chick routine was really getting old.

“Thanks and hey also you up for a movie tonight? Me and Samantha are going with Frank to see that new Sci Fi film, you up for it?”

“Sure” I said with a smile, feeling a sudden rush of emotion I added “Just so you know it’s really sweet what you’re doing for Frank” So much for the guy HAS to be a asshole…

After getting the details I decided to sit and watch Tom and Frank for a while. I felt weird, firstly I was hugely relieved that last night’s moaning had went unnoticed or at least unmentioned out of politeness. Second a large part of me was disappointed that Tom wasn’t a jerk, my entire plan regarding getting back to normal relied on me realising he wasn’t anything special now though watching him laugh and joke with Frank I liked him more than ever. The rest of me though was thrilled he turned out to be a genuinely nice guy (from what I could tell) it only added to my fantasies about him. As my thoughts once again turned sexual I again felt moistness spreading down below. I sighed since I knew were this was headed and figured there was no point in delaying the inevitable. I casually returned to my room (making up some excuse about classwork even though classes didn’t start until the next day) and once securely locked inside I removed my jeans and panties and repeated last night’s masturbation session, cumming several times to lurid fantasies involving Tom.

This is how events unfolded for the next few weeks. My studies were interspersed with distracting thoughts of Tom (the classes I shared with him were particularly distracting) When I returned to the dorm things would go as normal but my interactions with Tom always drove me wild, he was definitely being a little flirty but nothing more came of it and it always left me feeling hugely aroused and I’d have to retreat to my room for release.

After a couple of weeks of this though I ran into a problem. I suppose the bluntest way of putting it was I was running out of material. I quickly realised that just the thought of Tom had desensitized me to regular porn I kaçak iddaa would often sit at the desk in my room, leaning back on my chair, wearing nothing below the waist, one leg propped up on the desk, aggressively fingering myself while videos that I’d longed stopped watching played on my laptop. My eyes closed I’d often come down from orgasmic bliss to face a blank screen, my laptop having been left for so long it entered rest mode without me even realising. I did get the odd sneaky look at Tom like the time he walked down the hallway with nothing but a towel wrapped around his waist, his muscles rippling as he nonchalantly strolled down the hallway. Me trying (and failing not to stare) as I drank in his smooth and athletic body wanting more than anything to lick every inch of it.

Aside from rare moments like this though I found myself wanting for more. I’d literally become delirious with lust. I hated how despite pushing myself to multiple orgasms every night for the past few weeks, each orgasm stronger than any I had ever had before I met Tom, I still never truly felt satisfied, I would still go to bed with a tingling in my pussy or awake to find my panties drenched. I seriously considered planting cameras in his room or in the bathroom, to catch a glimpse of his nakedness in all its glory, but I quickly moved on from that idea, things were weird enough I wasn’t going to go adding to it and besides I couldn’t figure out a practical method of implementing such a plan.

I had to resign myself to what I had for the moment which certainly wasn’t easy considering the frequent interaction between me and Tom. We had developed a very close relationship but while we spent a lot of time together and he would often make flirty comments to me, he never made a move and since I was far too nervous to even attempt initiating something with him nothing ever happened. However it was on one of these slightly intimate occasions that something interesting occurred.

It was initially like one of many times before it. Me and Tom were laying on his bed watching TV (the large communal TV was obviously being used by Frank) We were watching some nature documentary that truthfully I wasn’t paying the slightest attention to, I was mainly here just to be with Tom. I was snuggled next to him, his arm wrapped around me while one of my hands played with the fabric of his T shirt. It was almost romantic in a casual “we’ve been dating for years now kinda way” (Oh how I wished) when his cell phone suddenly vibrated, he read the text he received and grimaced.

“What’s up?” I asked inquisitively.

“Nothing just…stuff” he quickly typed back a reply and put the phone down. Little use though as another text came through moments later. As he was typing the reply I playfully tried to grab the phone, easily holding me at bay with one arm he smiled and said “Really leave it it’s just Ex stuff”

This certainly piqued my interest “Oh come on you can tell me” I put on the best puppy eyes I could and stared at him.

He laughed “How can I say no to that face (he laughed again) OK giving you the short version my ex from high school Haylee she just wants to… come visit…” He didn’t say that last part with much enthusiasm or certainty for that matter.

“Why does she want to visit if she’s your ex? Didn’t you fight or anything?”

“No nothing like that it actually ended fine, we were going to colleges on different ends of the country and we both agreed it would be too difficult to keep it going long distance so we mutually agreed to break up” Again the feminine intuition that had served me so well in the past told me he was hiding something and I was determined to find out.

“So why does she want to visit?” I actually had a pretty good idea already.

“I don’t…(he trailed off) Urgh I’m just gonna let her visit, she’ll only be here a day and then she’ll hopefully leave me alone” He typed another reply and sent it looking quite grumpy all of a sudden.

Possibly playing with fire I added “You sure she won’t be expecting anything to come of this?” I asked this question mainly to relieve my own anxieties.

“Hopefully not, I made it clear in that last text this is only as friends” he didn’t look totally convinced with his own answer but I decided not to pry further.

That is until he excused himself to go to the bathroom. This almost certainly seems like an invasion of privacy (and yeah it totally was) but my curiosity and I admit jealousy got the better of me so I quickly picked up Tom’s cell phone. I’d never been told the four digit code to unlock the phone but I’d seen Tom type it enough times that I knew what it was. Soon I was trawling through the recent contacts section of his phone looking for this girl Haylee.

Upon finding her name I examined the little photo that accompanied it in the contacts list and saw that she was a beautiful auburn haired girl, smooth skin and large grey eyes that even in the photo seemed to twinkle. I batted away my kaçak bahis feelings of jealousy and dived into the conversation. As it happens the first time she had texted Tom in months had been this morning. I quickly skimmed the conversation in its entirety anxious that Tom could return at any minute. It seemed Haylee initiated the whole thing…

“Hey babe how are things with u!!”

“Good thanks but I thought we agreed u know”

“Oh well I just thought it would be fun to talk also I was thinking of visiting u soon :)”

“No! We agreed it would get messy long distance :P”

“Yeah but that was until I realised how much I missed u xxx If u catch my drift XD”

“Seriously Haylee this isnt a good idea, we both need to move on sorry”

“Aww please remember the fun times we had, I think about them all the time xxx”

“Sorry but no”

“Cmon the guys here they dont satisfy me like you used too ;)” OK this was certainly getting interesting.

“Thanks but THATS an even worse idea”

“Honest I don’t want anything serious I just wanna feel u in me again xxx” Christ this girl was forward.

“!! Haylee what do u think I am? Its not happening end of discussion”

“:( fine but im still visiting”

“Why so eager?”

“U know why xxx JK!!”

“fine you can visit this once for old times sake but only as friends K?”

“Promise 😀 text me later babe xxx”

I exited the message history and put the phone down just as Tom re-entered the room. I was soon snuggled up next to him again with him totally oblivious to my intrusion (little did I know this wouldn’t be the last time I invaded his privacy but I’m getting ahead of myself) I didn’t know how I felt about Haylee visiting. She’d made it totally apparent what her agenda was and that worried me and excited me in equal measure. Tom had plenty of things going for him but he was after all a man, what was stopping him from having a one night fling with his ex? She clearly wanted it, he had no other commitments (however much it saddened me to admit that) and as a guy he’s only going to be able to resist a girl like Haylee for so long out of nothing other than principle. At the same time though the whole situation excited me, this girl who by the looks of her could clearly have most any guy she wanted decided to travel across the country in the hope that she’d hook up with him, that certainly made him seem even more desirable and it said much about his “abilities” I had to stop my thoughts before they went any further, and led to you know what. Instead various schemes went through my mind, of methods to stop Tom and Haylee hooking up but ultimately it was futile, what could I do? In the end I had to accept that whatever happens happens.

Fast forward a few days and it was the day of Haylee’s arrival. She wasn’t expected till late afternoon and I was pleased to note Tom didn’t exactly look thrilled at the prospect of seeing Haylee again. I tried to make it better for him by suggesting that I go along with them and participate in whatever they had planned (I admit I had ulterior motives) but Tom rejected that idea, he appreciated the offer but admitted Haylee would probably be offended if I came along. Thus we both seemed to resign ourselves to our fate.

The day was uneventful until around 7:00pm (when Haylee was meant to arrive) came and went Tom started getting anxious, then 8:00pm came and Tom sent her a text asking where she was.

“Says she’s nearly here sorry she’s running late” Tom didn’t look pleased.

It turns out “nearly here” meant over an hour away as it was well past 9:00pm before she arrived. Strolling through the door she made her presence known immediately.

“What’s up kids!!” she dropped her bag and threw her arms around Tom planting a kiss on his lips in the process. I couldn’t help but be attracted to Haylee she looked even better in real life, her auburn her flowed down her back and with those large eyes, sultry smile and perky breasts (that were slightly larger than my own C cups) she totally oozed sexual energy and confidence. I’m not normally into girls, I mean I can certainly appreciate their beauty and I’d be lying if I denied I’d had the odd fantasy but nothing more than that. Haylee though was different, it was almost impossible not to view her sexually. Tom however just looked annoyed…

“You were supposed to be here over two hours ago what the hell are we going to do now most places will be shut?”

“You could go see a late movie” I helpfully interjected.

Haylee wasn’t impressed “I don’t think so I feel like dancing and besides wherever we go it has to be open late cos I have to get ready first and that’s gonna take a while” she had a wide smile on her face, flashing her brilliantly white teeth. I could see exactly what she was doing and by the looks of it Tom could too.

“And let me guess that’s gonna take over an hour -“

“Probably more” Haylee interjected.

“So it’s gonna be close to midnight before we even leave the dorm, so basically we have to go out drinking or something?”

“Your suggestion babe” Haylee swayed innocently while I sat there gawping at her awesome figure and confidence.

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