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My Kitten Sara

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It’s been a long day and I seriously need to get home relax and unwind. Work has been tough recently and I got a new kitten to help me deal with the stress. They say the dog is man’s best friend but they obviously never met Sara, such a sweet little girl, and she cares so much about her Master. I found myself thinking about her at work, just waiting to get home to play with her.

Finally I arrive at home and as I approach the door I can hear her purr already. My heart lightens and I can feel the stress of the day slide off of my shoulders. The door opens and Sara is at my heels in seconds, I can feel her rub against my leg as I walk, and I can hear purr just trying to get my attention. I drop my keys on the counter, my jacket on the hook, and I was home with my little girl. I get her some food and some water from the kitchen.

Sara was a beautiful young kitten with long brown blonde fur, and the cutest little mouth I have ever seen. A wide little smile that you just wanted to kiss. Her fur so perfect that you just wanted to mess it up. A cute tail hangs from her rear, the same color as the rest of her fur but much fluffier. She looked so cute and innocent as I sat down beside her. She came up and climbed in my lap, reaching to lick my cheek making me blush. So sweet, yet she gave me a view of her soft smooth underside.

Sara has a long smooth neck leading down to her perfect breasts. Just more than a handful each but nice and round. They made my mouth water just thinking about them and now they were inches from my chest. She purrs in my ear seductively as my eyes continue to wander. They wander past her flat pink nipples that I so desperately want to lick and suck down to her tummy. She has a nice taught belly and as my eyes make my way down I imagine running my tongue from her breasts down to bet navel, circling, and slowly kissing my way down my kitten. Down to her smooth little hole, so smooth and sweet. I can smell her heat in the air. This can only end one way when she gets like this.

I start to stand and Sara tries to push me down so I scratch her between her soft little ears. This gets a soft purr that sounded like it came from deep inside. I knew she would like that but knew she would like the next part even better. I stand and head to the back of the house.

“Here Sara” I say, despite hearing her collar jingle as she trots along behind me. “Follow me I have a treat for you”. With that she purrs and catches on to what I am doing. She runs ahead and jumps on the bed. “Now ataşehir ucuz escort now, Sara you know better than to get on Masters bed without be invited.” I say as I sit beside her.

Sara whimpers as I motion to my lap. Slowly she crawls into my lap and over my knees. With that I slap her square on her cute butt, and again. After the third and final slap of her spanking, she turns to look at me as if to ask if her punishment is over. As she looks at me with those beautiful blue eyes I plant a kiss right on her mouth, and I can feel a mewl grow in her throat. I can feel her melt in my lap as I force my tongue into her mouth. My little kitten is loving every second of this. She purrs into my mouth and I slip a finger into her heat. Her eyes fly open, at the sudden intrusion but quickly gloss over in her lust filled daze. I feel her tight wetness wrap around my finger and pull me in, without giving into it I slid a second finger into her. Saras moist pussy trembled, her back arched, she thrust back against my hand.

In all of her excitement she forgot about our kiss and accidentally bit my lip. For doing that I pulled out. My fingers dripping wet with her juices I made her lick them clean before pushing her down onto the bed. My left hand reached its way to her breast where it flicked at twisted her tiny pink nipple. My right hand landed on her tight little butt where it kneaded the flesh and a finger snuck out to tease her two entrances. My lips found her throat, and where it started with a kiss, it ended with a bite. I bit her gently for biting my lip, and while it was meant as a punishment I believe it had the opposite effect. Sara growled, a guttural growl. A growl of primal need as her lust rose, and her heat needed to be quenched.

In response my lips moved down. I kissed my way from her neck to her collar bone, stopping only to kiss the bell on her black leather collar. Her tag said Sara but on the back it listed my name and phone number. She was mine, she was my kitten, my property, but right now in this moment I was hers, I was her mate, her master, and I was the only one allowed to touch her. I kissed her collarbone and used my tongue to draw a trail down her perky breast and on to her nipple. I sucked and licked and nibbled for what seemed like day to me, but for Sara in all of her lust it must have seemed like years. She mewled and cried, and purred. She quivered and spasmed, and tried to force my head down lower. I waited, I waited till she gave up ataşehir yabancı escort and let me move on in my own time.

From her breast, I gave her one final kiss on each nipple and snaked my way down her navel with my tongue. When I reached her belly button she giggled and squirmed, which only made it tickle more. After we laughed together for a few seconds I resumed my work and made my was down her smooth tummy down to her “kitty” fur-less and cute. I kissed and teased just to see her squirm. Sara was even more cute than usual when she gets like this. I just couldn’t help myself. I needed her. With a kiss on her lower lips I took one inside my mouth, licked it softly and nibbled on it gently. As quickly as I started I stopped and moved onto the other one. This time slightly rougher and harder but not enough to hurt my sweet kitten. Then came the main course, I licked her hood teasing her clit to the surface.

Sara had been blushing for a while now but her face grew redder and her little friend came out to play. Within seconds it was between my lips and she gasped. I sucked and she squealed. I licked and she squirmed. I ran the flat of my tongue slowly across her and she cried in pleasure. She needed this and now after all of this teasing so did I. I loved all the little movements, feeling her quiver under my assault, I was almost as turned on as she was. I dipped my tongue into her slit and her taste was so overwhelming I needed more. Sara wrapped her legs around my head holding me in place, this was unneeded because there was no where I would rather be. The fur on her tail rubbed my chest it made me think of something. I moved my tongue down from her clit, down her lips, and onto her ass licking the plug in her ass holding her tail in her place. This got her to yelp at the unexpected attention, so I kept on, I licked around her tail hole. She moaned over and over again, Sara was in heaven, but now it was my turn.

I stopped my assault of her pussy and tail and moved back up to her mouth, planting a kiss on her sweet lips. She couldn’t get enough oh herself on my lips and tongue. She kept on trying to find more of herself on me, going as far as licking my face clean. Without stopping her I moved on with my plan I lined my cock up with her lips and eased my self slowly into her tight “kitty”. Even with how aroused she was it was a tight fit, I could feel every ridge and bump in her walls, I could feel the heat coming from her core, I could feel her pull ataşehir escort bayan me deeper inside.

Sara’s breath caught, but her hips didn’t. I guess I wasn’t going fast enough because she thrust against me until I was buried all the way inside her. This time it was my turn to gasp. She took me by surprise and licked my cheek. She moved on to nibble on my ear. At this point I don’t know who was more aroused and I didn’t care. I could feel her heart beat against mine and she could feel my cock throb inside her. I began to slowly pull out until my head was just at her entrance again, then I would thrust firmly back in until it rested against her cervix. With each thrust she mewled in me ear. It started with a yelp, then a soft purr, and eventually as I picked up speed it became a cry of pure pleasure.

He insides welcomed me in earnest, inviting me in with every thrust and calling me back whenever I tried to leave. I was trapped, I couldn’t leave if I wanted to and I didn’t. My lips found her neck again, my right thumb found her clit, and my left hand groped her tight rear. I knew I wouldn’t last long like this but I didn’t care, she was just as close as I was. A few more thrusts, and me pulling her tail-plug was all it took, she clamped down around me and that was all I needed to finish as well. Her juiced flowed down my dick, and my cum sprayed deep against her womb. As we finished she looked me deep in the eyes and smiled, content. She was content but I wasn’t done yet, I had to take care of my precious kitten.

“Sara don’t move, I’ll be right back” I said as I ran off to the kitchen to fetch her bowl. Every kitten needs to drink her milk after all. When I got back to the bedroom she was still laying there is her blissful after glow. “Now Sara, if you want to grow up to be a big beautiful cat then you need to drink your milk. So I want you to let all of Masters milk drip out of you little pussy into your bowl ok? When its all done then you can drink it all up.” I told her with a smile. She just purred and nodded her head with approval. A few minutes passed with my semen dripping out of her, and she looked thirsty but she was patient and after it was all out she lapped it up like a good little girl. She loved the taste of “us” mixed together.

The night grew late and I had to be getting to bed. “Sara, Sweety I have to get up in the morning so I need to go to bed now, you can sleep in her with me if you help me get cleaned up.” I said to her. With that she laid her head in my lap, let out a yawn, and slowly began to lick up all the cum from my still partially hard cock. Before long I was all clean, and Sara and I were both sound asleep in my bed, with smiles on our faces. “If this is what I have at home waiting for me then I can deal with anything at work.” I thought to myself as I drifted away into dreamland.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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