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My Girlfriend’s Daughter Ch. 01

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Big Balls

My Girlfriends Daughter The First Time

Tina, my girlfriend, lives some distance from me and we usually see each other every other weekend. One weekend when we weren’t due to meet, Tina’s daughter Sam had asked if she could stay at my place one Saturday night as she had been invited to a party by one of her old Uni friends who happened to live nearby and wouldn’t be able to drive home as she would be drinking. I told her she was more than welcome and I would be pleased to see her.

Sam arrived around four on the Saturday afternoon. Her party started at seven thirty but she arrived early so she had time for a bath and to get herself ready. When I let her in, she kissed me on the cheek and thanked me for letting her stay. After a short chat to catch up, I showed her to the spare bedroom and told her to make herself at home and left her to it.

Just before seven, she came clonking down the stairs and found me in the lounge watching TV.

She stood before me and asked, “Well, how do I look?”

“Wow Sam you look absolutely stunning,” I said. And she really did.

Sam is twenty two, about five foot one, quite slim, with long blond hair and was a very attractive girl. She was wearing a little black dress, quite short showing off her slim lightly tanned legs, and on her feet, black high heeled shoes.

I told her to take a spare door key which I had left on the table for her, in case she was late getting back, and told her to have a good time. With that, there was a beep outside which signalled the arrival of her taxi. So giving me a quick peck on the cheek, she was gone.

Sometime around midnight I heard her stumble in the front door. I was sitting on the sofa in the lounge and called out, “Have a good time?”

She came plodding through and seeing me on the sofa plonked herself down at the opposite end, looking a little worse for wear.

“Yeah, it was a good night thank you,” She said, slurring her words slightly.

“These new shoes are killing me though,” She said, as she swung her legs round to lay her feet in my lap.

“Do me a favour and take them off for me, would you, please,” She asked.

Gently removing her shoes she sighed, “Oh, that’s so much better. Would a foot massage be to much to ask?” she said, giggling, as she wiggled her little toes.

“I think I could manage that for you,” I said, taking her right foot in my hands.

Having a bit of a fetish for feet, I was more than willing. The problem was I was only wearing my bath robe with nothing underneath, after taking a shower earlier. I wasn’t expecting this.

Looking down at her sweet little feet with the nails painted red, running my hands and fingers all over them, was having an effect on my cock.

“Oh, that’s so nice,” Sam said, tilting her head back and closing her eyes.

“But don’t forget the other one,” She said, with another giggle.

Moving my hands to her other foot as I let the other one drop to my lap, her eyes shot open as she lifted her head.

“What’s that I can feel, under my foot?” She questioned, with a knowing grin on her face.

“Oh yeah, of course,” She continued, ‘Mum told me about your fetish, not that I really know what a foot fetish is all about though”

“Do you like to feel them on your cock?” She asked.

“Err… well, yes,” I replied, sheepishly, a little embarrassed.

“What else do you like doing to them, do you like kissing them?” She asked, as she lifted her right foot up towards my face.

“I rather think you know, don’t you,” I said, starting to realise she knew more than she was admitting.

As I pulled anadolu yakası escort her foot towards my mouth, supporting it with one hand, and running my other hand up her silky smooth calf, I started licking her little toes. Sucking each toe in turn and licking between them. I felt my cock stiffen under my robe.

“I’m starting to think perhaps I have the same fetish, that’s so erotic,” said Sam, staring at me as I gave her other foot the same treatment.

While my tongue was licking between her toes, I looked up between Sam’s legs and could just glimpse her little red panties. Sam was now rubbing her foot over my covered penis.

“Get your cock out John, I want to play with it,” she said.

I pulled my robe open and my cock popped out. With a gasp from Sam.

‘”Oh… my god,” She said, truly surprised.

“That’s really big. So thick,” She said, with an element of lust in her voice.

She started gently running her toes of her right foot up my shaft. Her other foot resting near my balls.

“That is really turning me on, Oh, and look at all that pre cum dripping from your knob, I can feel my pussy getting wet,” She said, as she swung her legs off of the sofa and stood up.

Standing in front of me with her back towards me, she told me to unzip her dress which I did without hesitation, revealing the soft skin of her back. As her dress dropped to her hips, she wriggled and pushed it to the floor. I ran my hands up her back to her shoulders, and back down again as I took in the sight of this gorgeous little creature.

Her little red panties didn’t do much to hide the crease of her bum. I ran my hands down the sides of her legs and continued right down, which brought my head close to her lower back. I kissed her sweet, soft, skin just above her panties, revelling in the smell of her fragrant body. She groaned with pleasure and I raised my hands to unclasp her Bra… there was no objection. She pulled her Bra off and dropped it on the floor.

“I’m afraid my boobs aren’t very big,” She said, as if apologising.

Still sitting behind her as she stood, with her back to me, I reached up and around to explore her little tits, finding stiff little nipples to play with.

“They feel very nice, but I think I need to see them,” I said.

She turned round to face me, cupping her breasts in her hands, which were barely big enough to conceal much. Smiling up at her as I ran my hands up the sides of her legs.

“You really are beautiful Sam,” I said, as I took in the sight.

“Let me have a look at those little tits now,” I said, as I gently pulled her hands away.

“They’re really not that little you know,” I said, as I was studying them inches from my face.

She had quite large dark areola surrounding those stiff little nipples.

“Do you think they need a good licking John and perhaps a good suck,” she said, with a dirty little giggle.

Smiling up at her pretty little face, I flicked my tongue gently over one nipple, and then the other.

I then took one boob as far into my mouth as I could and sucked softly while fondling her other with my hand. After several minutes playing with her pert little tits, I stood up, whisked her up in my arms.

“Right my little lady, it’s time for bed”

Carrying her up the stairs to my bedroom, I sat her gently down on the edge of the bed, laid her back, and knelt between her legs.

Lifting and parting her legs, I placed them on my shoulders, I could now clearly see her soaking wet panties between her fleshy thighs. Kissing up her legs to gebze escort her thighs I was soon sniffing in the sweet aroma of her pussy. Her hot juicy little pussy barely hidden by her sodden red panties.

Kissing and licking each inner thigh in turn as I crept closer to my goal, my tongue found the top of her leg. The tip of my nose now touching her panties, I took in a long slow sniff and sighed with sheer pleasure.

“You enjoying yourself down there?” Sam giggled which soon turned into a long drawn out, “Oh… Yes…” as my tongue pressed into her panties right between her pussy lips.

Breaking away fow a moment, I quickly pulled her panties off. Resuming the same position, I could now study my prey without hindrance. Her pussy was cleanly shaven and her protruding lips were glistening with her juices. I looked up towards Sam’s face and our eyes met for a moment as I kissed her right between her pussy lips. Moving down, my tongue probed between her bum cheeks and found her arsehole. With one long, slow single lick, from her arsehole right up between her lips to her clit, she expressed her pleasure.

“Oh, My, Fucking God. No one has ever licked my arse before, So, So good,” she said.

Pulling my head back slightly I could see her creamy juice trickling from her hole down towards her bum cheeks. Quickly lapping this up with my tongue and savouring the taste, I returned my attention to her clit, flicking it several times before taking it between my lips and sucking. Sam was now writhing around as I kept repeating this procedure, her breathing becoming more and more shallow. I realised she was close to orgasm. Slipping a finger into her wet, tight little hole was enough to finish her off as she bucked, panted and creamed all over my finger.

As her climax subsided I lowered her legs from my shoulders, watching her hand move down to her pussy and pushing a finger into her self, she raised it to her lips and slipped it into her mouth, tasting her own cum.

“Tastes good doesn’t it,” I said as I gently rubbed my hands up her legs.

“I always taste myself after I’ve cum, I just love it. But now I think I should have a taste of that big throbbing cock. Come and lay on the bed and let me play with you now,” she said as she moved out of the way.

Laying down as instructed, she parted my legs and knelt between them. Without using her hands she started kissing my shaft, soft gentle kisses from the base right up to the tip. As she started licking the knob, my cock started twitching, as if it had a mind of it’s own.

“Love the taste of your cock John,” she said as she continued licking. “All this pre-cum, Mmmmm”

Reaching for a pillow, she motioned to me to place it under my bum. Now she was able to reach my balls more comfortably with her mouth. She started licking all around them. Now holding my cock with her right hand, about half way up, which made it look huge as her hand was so small, she wanked me very slowly as she continued to lick my balls.

She then slid her hand up to my swollen helmet and started running one finger backwards and forwards across the top. Meanwhile her lips where now gently sucking my left ball into her mouth, soon replaced with the right.

“I do love shaved balls,” she said in between licks and sucks, “so lovely and smooth.”

Taking her hand away she started licking at the base of my cock and slowly licked her way to the top. Opening her mouth wide, she took the knob into her mouth, her little pink lips sliding up and down as she took it deeper inside.

“Ahhhhh, that’s… so good!” I managed to exclaim. kartal escort “Why don’t you move around girl, do you know what a sixty nine is?”

Lifting her head from my cock she admitted, “I know what it is but have never tried it.”

Adjusting her position so her pussy was over my face, she asked, “is that OK?”

“Perfect, now don’t forget where you was, my friend down there is missing you,” I joked.

Laughing, she said seductively, “Don’t worry about that, I’ll take VERY, good care of him, and with a lick across the tip, “he’s my friend as well you know.”

Feeling her soft lips slowly encircling my knob again, I studied the sight before my eyes. The curves of her thighs, her buttocks, and that oh so tasty cunt, inviting me in again.

Her inner thighs were wet with her juices which I felt compelled in licking up. As my tongue found her clit again, my nose between her wet lips, I again savoured the taste and musky scent. With this and what she was doing to our mutual friend, the word ‘Heaven’ came to mind.

Managing to raise my head a little, I licked up between her bum cheeks and flicked my tongue across her arsehole a few times.

Her hand now holding the base of my shaft, she continued sucking my engorged cock into her sweet, soft mouth. Only pausing momentarily, to moan with pleasure with the the efforts of my tongue on her.

“Cum for me John,” she demanded as she slipped her mouth from me. “I want to taste your Hot, Sticky Spunk!”

Wanking me more quickly now, with longer strokes, I could feel my seed rising, and with her tongue licking my knob with each uncontrollable thrust of my hips upwards, I shot my load.

Still licking my knob as my seed kept coming, Sam moaned with delight and managed to say between licks, “So…” slurp, slurp, “Fucking,” slurp, “Tasty.”

After having to break from my pursuit of her pleasure because of my orgasm, I returned to her pussy and with very little more work from my tongue, with a few thrusts of her cunt into my face, her breaths rapid and shallow, she came with a shudder.

With her head laying beside my softening cock, I laid my head back and watched as I saw her creamy cum drip slowly from her, and couldn’t resist a final taste.

Not moving for several minutes, I eventually regained some composure and with a gentle smack on her bum, said, “come and lay beside me honey!”

As she raised herself, she gave my now flaccid cock a long sloppy kiss, and as if she was talking to my cock, said, “I think were going to be the best of friends, you and me!”

With her head now laying on my chest, arm laying across me and her bent leg resting on my cock, we both drifted into a restful sleep.

On waking the next morning I found myself alone in bed covered by the duvet which one of us must have pulled over during the night. Before I had a chance to wonder where Sam was, she opened the bedroom door and sheepishly walked in.

“What’s up honey?” I asked, seeing the sad look on her face.

“I’m so sorry John!” She said as she sat on the edge of the bed. “I feel so guilty, doing what we did. Your with my Mum and I don’t want to hurt her… or you.”

“I know,” I said. “I feel much the same… but it happened and we cant take it back.”

She continued, “Thing is, I so loved it, I’ve never had sex like it before and, I know I shouldn’t say it but… I want more.”

“Well we cant tell your Mum Sam that’s for sure. I cant hurt her like that, It would be bad enough if she knew I’d been unfaithful to her, but with her own daughter! no, we cant tell her,” I said with certainty.

“Yeah I know,” she said, “I couldn’t do that to her, I guess we’ll just have to live with the guilt.”

“It’s my fault Sam, I shouldn’t have let it happen so try not to blame yourself,” I said, trying to console her.

“I guess I’d best be going,” she said looking straight into my eyes.

There was no more to be said.

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