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My Girlfriend and Her Mum Ch. 3

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“Hello Chris, its Kelly”.

“Hello darling. How did it all go at work?”

“OK thanks. We managed to get it all sorted out”.

“Good. I hope you didn’t mind me leaving before you got home but I had some paper work to do before Monday”.

“No that’s OK”. Mum and me was wondering if you want to come and stay next weekend so we can spend some time together as I have been neglecting you for the last few weeks”.

“OK. That would be great. I haven’t got much work to do so it would be good to spend some quality time with you”. I will see you on Saturday then”.

Saturday came and I had packed the car and started on my journey wondering what was going to happen. I wanted to spend some time with Kelly but knew if Dawn was going to be around then I was going to be distracted most of the time. I was just going to have to play it by ear. I arrived an hour later and parked the car in the drive and walked up to the front door and rang the bell. What I was greeted with took my breath away. It was Kelly dressed to kill. She was wearing a mini skirt with slits up both sides, a T-shirt which was just resting over her tits and left her gorgeous tanned stomach in full view. You could tell she wasn’t wearing a bra because her nipples were sticking out like cherries. She finished it of with high-heeled sandals.

“Hello darling, come hear and give me a kiss. I have missed you so much”.

She wrapped her arms around my neck and started to kiss me. I looked up and there standing behind Kelly was Dawn. Dawn was also looking great. She had on these really tight pair of jeans and a very tight blouse, which showed her big tits of as well.

“Chris darling, me and mum just want to pop into town to do some shopping, we won’t be long, you don’t mind do you”. You go and put your stuff in the bedroom and go and relax and we will be back in no time”.

“Chris, you can go into the garden and do some sunbathing if you like. The sun loungers are out, and we will meet you there when we get back, OK”.

“Thanks Dawn, I might just do that as it’s so hot out hear”. “Don’t be to long you two as I will get bored on my own”.

So of they went. I watched as both got into the car and drove of. The men in town are going to get a real treat today, watching them do there shopping the way they are dressed. My cock was getting stiff just seeing them dressed like that. I went into the house and upstairs and put my bag onto Kelly’s bed and got changed into some shorts. I went outside and laid out on the sun lounger that Dawn had put out for me. I got out my car magazine and started to read it. It seemed ages since they had gone, but all I could think of was the way those two were dressed. I started to get stiff and I wanted to take Kelly upstairs and give her a good fucking. It was about 1 o’clock when I heard Dawns car pull up onto the drive. The next thing I saw was Kelly walking towards me with a big smile on her face.

“Hello darling”. Sorry we took so long but we forgot what time it was”.

“I thought that you had forgotten I was here”.” Where’s your mum”.

“She’s getting us some nice cold drinks”.

I sat up and pulled Kelly towards me and started to kiss her lovely tanned stomach, while my hands went up under her T-shirt and started to pinch her nipples. All the time Kelly didn’t move away until she heard her mum come outside with the drinks.

“Here you both are, some nice cold drinks”. “Chris I’m sorry we took so long shopping but I couldn’t make up my mind on some clothes I wanted to buy”.

“That’s OK Dawn you’re here know”. “What did you both buy then?

“Let us go and get changed into some of them and you can judge for yourself”.

So of they went back inside to give me my own little fashion show. Well what I was about to see nearly had my eyes popping out. They both walked out wearing the sexiest bikinis I had ever seen. They were white with ties at both sides of the bottoms and the tops were done up round the back of the neck but they hardly kept there tits in.

“Do you like them Chris?

“You both look fantastic”. I have never seen a mother and daughter that look that good together”.

“Thank you Chris”. Kelly persuaded me to buy it but I thought that it might look silly on me”.

“Not at all”. You both look great”. Why don’t you both stay out here and do some sunbathing with me”.

“If you don’t mind me staying out here with you two”.

“Of course we don’t mind, do we Chris”.

“No. It is your house you know”.

So they both got a sun lounger each and placed them either side of me, so whichever way I turned I would be looking at one of them. By this time I was really getting horny and I think both of them knew it.

“Darling, would you mind rubbing some sun tan lotion in for me?”

“No not at all”.

So Kelly laid on her stomach and undid her top and placed it on the floor. I rubbed the lotion into her back slowly but firmly moving my hands up and down her back. By this time my cock had started to react bahis firmaları and I found it hard to cover up. I didn’t mind if it was just Kelly and myself, but Dawn kept looking over, which made me feel a bit uncomfortable.

“That’s great Chris, you have got strong hands. When you have finished my back, will you do the back of my legs next”?

So I rubbed the lotion strongly into her back and slowly moved down to her legs, passing her lovely firm ass, which I couldn’t help giving a little squeeze in the process. She let out a little squeal, which made Dawn look up.

“What are you two doing over there?”

“Nothing mum. Chris is getting horny over here”.

“I’m not surprised with this heat and two women with not a lot on”. He might have to be taken care of otherwise he might get out of control”. If you want me to go inside while you take care of his problem, then all you have to do is ask”. You two carry on, I’m going inside to get some ice cold drinks for all of us”.

So Dawn went inside to get the drinks while me and Kerry kept messing around outside.

“Chris, will you rub some lotion on my legs for me?”

Well I didn’t need asking twice to do that. I put some on my hands and started to work it in firmly, starting at the bottom and slowly working my way up. I reached the top and as I done that Kelly moved her legs slightly apart to give me better access to the top but also she was inviting me to go even higher. I went right to the top the next time but stretched my finger out which nudged her pussy through her bikini bottoms. She let out a tiny moan of pleasure and from that I knew she was getting as horny as me. I done this for about five minutes when she said it’s your turn know for me to rub some lotion on you. She got up from the sun lounger without putting her bikini top back on and her tits were just hanging there right in front of me and what a sight they were. I got down on the sun lounger and she sat down on the bottom of my legs and started to rub the lotion in. She was very good at it as well because I was feeling very relaxed and started to fall asleep. About five minutes had passed when I felt her get up of my legs, and she started to rub lotion into them. She to started from the bottom and worked her way up to the bottom of my shorts. I loved every minute of it. I could feel that she was getting higher and higher with every stroke until she went so high up my shorts she brushed my balls and hard cock with her fingers. I quickly turned round and to my amazement it wasn’t Kelly at all it was Dawn.

“What the fuck is going on”.

“It’s ok Chris, I know what you and mum have been getting up to when I have been away”. I planned it all”. Mum was lonely and I knew that you wouldn’t be able to keep your cock in your pants being left alone with mum in the house”. Now for being a naughty boy you are going to keep mum and me satisfied for the hole weekend, OK”.

“What can I say”?

Kelly got of her sun lounger and turned me over so I was laying on my back. Dawn took her bikini top of and let her gorgeous tits flop out into full view. She then grabbed hold my shorts and gave them a hard tug and pulled them of in one go.

“Look Kelly, hasn’t he got the most gorgeous looking cock you have ever seen”. He must be enjoying the attention from mother and daughter.

Kelly then took of her bikini bottoms and tossed them to one side. She then placed one leg over the side of the lounger so that she was standing right over me, and then proceeded to lower her pussy down onto my face.

“Chris, I want you to eat my wet pussy like you have never eaten a pussy before”.

I didn’t need asking twice. I started to lick up and down, slowly at first but licking faster as time went on. She was moaning out loudly at times which I knew meant that she was getting close to her first orgasm. In the mean time I was wondering what Dawn was doing. I tried to have a look, but found it difficult because Kelly wouldn’t let me stop licking. It didn’t take long though because I could feel something wet on my cock. Dawn had started to give me a blowjob. She took it right down to the back of her throat then back up for air. I was in heaven.

“Kelly, how’s he doing?”

“I’m nearly there mum”. Oh Chris, don’t you dare stop, lick me harder, please, I’m going to cummmmm soon”. OH FUCK, harder Chris harder.

I licked her pussy for all I was worth. She grabbed my head and moved it up and down with my strokes.

“Chris I’m close, don’t stop”. I’m going to cummm down your throat.

She started to reach her orgasm, because her whole body started to shake. She took one hand away from my head and placed it onto her cunt and she started to rub it so she could make it more intense. While this was going on with Kelly, Dawn was still sucking hungrily on my cock. Kelly slowly started to come down from her orgasm, which she found was one of the hardest she had experienced. It was probably because of her mum being invold in the sex session we were having. She slowly kaçak iddaa moved down my body and collapsed in a heap on my chest.

“Kelly, did you enjoy that?”

“Mum, that was one of the best orgasms that Chris has ever given me and it won’t be the last one either”. Now mum, what about your turn”.

“Well if Chris is up to the challenge, then I think that we might as well continue with the experience of his life”.

“ I’m ready when you are Dawn. I’m going to give you both the time of your lives”.

With them words, Dawn came over to me with her huge tits swaying from side to side. She stood right in front of me and took my head and pushed it into her tits and told me to suck on them. I did as I was told, but I wasn’t going to do as I was told all the time. I always like to be in control. As she held my head, I got hold of her bikini bottoms and slowly started to pull the strings undone each side of her. She knew what I was doing, but she made no attempt to stop me. All the time this was going on, Kelly was sitting on her sun lounger just watching to see what was developing before her with her mum, and to see when she could intervene and join in. I had undone both her stings on her bikini and I threw them to one side. She stood in front of her daughter and me completely naked. I slowly moved my hands to her firm ass and started to squeeze it. She let out a little moan of pleasure as I slid a finger into her moist cunt. I slowly moved my finger in and out of her dripping pussy, and I was still giving her tits a good hard suck. I looked out of the corner of my eye and I could see Kelly playing with her own tits, massaging them gently as she was getting turned on by what she was seeing with her mum and me. My cock was so hard it started to hurt me and I needed some release soon or I was going to burst. I stopped sucking on Dawns tits and pulled my soaking wet finger out of her pussy and stood in front of her and told her to lie down on her sun lounger, which she did without a word. She laid down on her back with her legs spread wide open. I just looked at her for a few minutes just staring at her and thought, what a lucky barstad I was.

“Chris, what are you doing?”

“Kelly, you will find out very shortly”.

“Chris, hurry up I want that big cock of yours in me know”.

I stood at the bottom of the lounger and put my hands underneath her ass and pulled her towards me so her ass was just hanging over the edge. I put her legs over my shoulders and placed my cock at the entrance of her cunt. Kelly then got up and walked towards us to get a better view. She then got hold of my cock and guided it inside her mum’s pussy.

“O my god Kelly!” He’s got such a big cock, you will have to put it in slowly so I can get used to the size of it, ok”.

“Ok mum”.

Kelly slowly put inch by inch of my cock into her mum until it was all the way in, and then she moved behind me and started to gently squeeze my balls, which she knew I loved. I then started to push in a bit harder with each thrust which made Dawn moan with pleasure each time I thrust in harder. It was getting easier to push in because Dawn was getting wetter all the time. I started to get a steady rhythm going, not to fast, but not to slow.

“Chris, I don’t want you to cum to early, mum and me want to make it last as long as we can”.

“Kelly, I can’t hold back forever you know. With you two going at it hammer and tong then I don’t think it will last for to long. Anyway I thought that we had all weekend to do all sorts of things together”.

“Will you two stop talking and let Chris get on and fuck me”.

So I carried on fucking Dawn as long as I could. It took a lot of will power as not to cum in her pussy there and then. She was so wet by this time and with Kelly still squeezing my balls it was very hard. I pulled out of Dawn with a slopping noise from are juices, and then told Kelly that if she wanted, it was her turn.

“Of course I want some of that cock inside of me”.

I told her to go to her sun lounger and get down on it on all fours so I can take her from behind. She didn’t need much persuasion because she couldn’t wait to get on all fours for me. Her ass was up in the air waiting for the cock of her life to enter her. Dawn followed me over to her daughter; still feeling the juices run down her inner thighs. I gave Kelly’s ass a little squeeze and positioned myself behind her. Kelly gripped the side of the lounger in anticipation of what she was about to receive. Dawn got hold of my cock and pointed it to Kelly’s ass hole.

“Dawn, Kelly has never taken it up the ass before”.

“Well now’s the time to try something new”. “Kelly darling, do you want to try and take your boyfriends cock up your ass for the first time?”

“I will if he takes it nice and slow”.

So Dawn gets some suntan lotion and pours some onto Kelly’s ass, then she gets hold of my cock and slowly eases it in up her ass. Inch by inch she goes.

“How does that feel Kelly?

“That feels really kaçak bahis good mum”.

Dawn got behind me and slowly pushed my ass forward so Kelly got more of my cock. It didn’t take long before my whole cock was inside of her ass hole, and it felt so tight. Every now and then Kelly would let out a little squeal from the pain of being fucked in the ass for the first time.

“Kelly, are you ready for the fuck of your life from your stud of a boyfriend”. I can tell you hunny, he can really fuck a women up the ass”.

“Yes mum, I’m ready for him know”.

“Chris, take it easy at first so she can get used to the size of it, ok”.

So I started to pump my cock in and out of her ass very gently trying not to hurt her too much. I pulled all the way out and then all the way back in so my balls were banging against her cunt. Dawn had got hold of my ass and guided me in and out. I gripped Kelly’s hips to give myself more control of her. Kelly was moaning with pleasure as I started to speed up just a little. Dawn had moved her right hand down between my legs and got hold of my balls and played with them which gave me a great feeling. I knew that all this was not going to last much longer and I think Dawn could tell because she stopped playing with my balls and moved beside me ready to pull my cock out of her daughters ass and take my cum down her throat.

“Kelly, Chris is not going to last much longer so I want him to cum down my throat, if that’s ok with you”.

“Just keep him inside of me a little bit longer because I feel a great orgasm coming”.

I got hold of her tightly now and speeded right up after she said that. She started to scream and shout out that she was cummmming. She went into a frenzy, bucking her hips back at me and thrashing about.

“Oh my god mum”. I have never experienced a climax like that before. That was incredible.

“Good, I’m glad you liked your first ass fucking. Now what about if I finish Chris of while you rest and watch your mum perform”.

“Ok mum, I will see how you do my boyfriend”.

So Kelly sat down on her sun lounger and watched how Dawn was going to finish me of. She knew that it wouldn’t take much either. She walked round in front of me and gave me a long kiss then slowly kissed all the way down my body until her face was level with my cock. She then took it in her hand and slowly placed it in her open mouth until my balls had hit her chin. She then closed it and started to twist it around while moving it in and out. I placed both my hands onto her head and started to pull her hair tight as to give her some help moving in and out. All the time Kelly was watching intently as to try and learn from her mum. I was getting very close now, so I relaxed my grip off Dawns hair and pulled my cock out of her mouth and started to jerk in front of her. She opened it ready for the explosion, which was about to happen. I tensed myself up and then I let go. I was shooting everywhere, all over her face and down her throat. She caught quite a lot as well. Her face was covered in the stuff. I just couldn’t stop; it was such an intense orgasm.

“Mum, I have never seen Chris cummm so much before”.

“That’s what I call a fuck”. I’m going to take a shower know you to, Ok”.

“Ok mum. I will wait until you have finished, then I will take one. Chris, you can have one after me, then we can all go out and have something to eat”.

“That’s a good idea Kelly”. Lets all do that. “Chris is that ok with you?”

“That’s fine with me”. All this sex makes me hungry”.

So of they went to take a shower and get ready to go out for dinner. I just waited on my sun lounger until they had both finished. Kelly shouted from the bedroom window that they had both finished and it was my turn. So I got up and walked upstairs and into Dawn’s bedroom to take my shower. The girls had their towels wrapped around themselves and went into Kelly’s room to get dressed. I took a long cool shower and then stepped out and got dried of. I could here the girls laughing and joking about.

“Are you two nearly finished in there because I need to get some clothes so I can get dressed”.

“Here you are Chris. Go and put these clothes on and when you have finished go downstairs and wait for us, OK”.

So I took the clothes of Kelly and got dressed in Dawn’s room. I was just putting my shoes on when I saw something under her bed. I got hold of it and pulled it out. To my amazement it was a dildo. It was black and about twelve inches long. I couldn’t believe it. There was Dawn getting of on this thing. It made me quit excited because I thought that I might get it out if there was going to be any more action when we get back from the meal. I finished putting my shoes on then I went down stairs to get a beer while I was waiting for them two. Just as I had put the bottle in the bin, I started to hear voices coming down the stairs. They both walked into the kitchen, and then I looked up and my jaw dropped. They were both standing in front of me in these summer dresses with string straps and neither of them was wearing a bra. You could clearly see their nipples through the thin material. They were both wearing high heels as well. They both looked good enough to eat.

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