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My First Times

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If you look me up in an anthropology book you’d see that my species is Homo suburbanis. I live in the perfect neighborhood, in a perfect house with two perfect children. My wife is pretty, not beautiful but I often catch my neighbors staring at her lustfully. I am convinced that my wife could be the CEO of any Fortune 500 company – she runs the household as smoothly as can be imagined. “A place for everything and everything in its place” she always says. The kids are where they are supposed to be at all times. The pantry is always full and six of my favorite beers are always in the refrigerator.

Perfect, right? Well not in the bedroom. I think my wife believes that sex is something to be endured as opposed to something to be enjoyed. It’s twice a week, never more never less. It’s straight up missionary with her taking me in her mouth on very special occasions. But at the first leak of pre cum that’s it. My mouth on her pussy is “perverted”. Such is my life.

My job takes me on the road for a few days a month. So I have made adjustments. I would pick one night per trip to tell my colleagues that I had work to do and could not join them for dinner. Those would be my special nights. I would get naked, sometimes stripping in front of the mirror. I would lie in bed and turn on my laptop. I would surf for porn sites, stroking myself, while going from one video to the next. Taking the lube out of my shaving kit, I would goop up and slowly stroke myself to pleasure.

One night while surfing I came across an ad for a phone sex company. Beautiful women wanted to talk to me, “Nothing is taboo.” Needless to say I was intrigued, and nervous. My hand was shaking as I pressed the 800 number on my hotel phone. I think the woman on the other end could tell how nervous and excited I was because she giggled a few times. After taking my credit card info and my hotel room number and told me Lucy would call me right back.

I waited the ten minutes or so excitedly. Was this really happening? I was a little embarrassed that a strange woman was going to be talking to me while I was stroking my cock. I was as hard as I have ever been, pre cum leaking like a stream from my pee hole. Finally the phone rang. I answered it.


“HI is this Ron?

“Yes it is.”

“Hi Ron, this is Lucy, how are you this evening? Is there anything special I can do for you tonight?”

Her voice was a sultry sweet that sent shivers up my spine. Sexy but not whorish. I paused, not knowing what to do; I was so overwhelmed with what was happening.

“Are you still there Ron?”

“Yes, I’m sorry. I have never done this before, this is my first time. I must admit that I am very nervous.”

“Oh, don’t worry. Just relax. Pretend I am there with you. What would you do?”

I closed my eyes and said “I’d like you to be lying next to me, naked. I’d like to caress your breasts and feel your nipples harden to my touch. Run my hand over your stomach and touch your… pussy.” There I had said it. I was hard now and stroking.

“You make my tits feel so good Ron. Can you feel how wet I am? You know what I want Ron, let me suck on that nice cock of yours.” I thought I was going to explode right then and there. My wife would never talk to me like that!

“Yes suck my cock!” I replied. “Take it deep down your throat, lick the head and taste my pre cum.” I was now in the moment. I imagined Lucy there with me, her head bobbing up and down, taking all of me.

“I am going to cum!” I exclaimed.

“Hmmmmm” said Lucy and I let out a long moan, and shot the most intense load I had ever shot. Some of it landed on my neck, just short of my chin.

“Did you like that Ron?” She asked after a few moments of silence.

“Yes, very much Lucy.”

“Call me again sometime, Ron. I liked it too.”

“I will” I said softly. I hung up the phone and looked down at my now softening cock. A large pool of cum covered my belly. My lubed hand was holding my soft cock. I was in a total state of bliss.

On my flight home the next day all I could think about was Lucy. Was the picture in the ad online really her? Did she look as good as she sounded? I could not wait until my next road trip. I was determined to call her again.

Over the next güvenilir bahis few months my road trips got more and more exciting. Lucy and I explored all manner of sexual activity. We 69ed, I ate her pussy, she even begged me to put “your big cock up her wanting ass!” I was in phone sex heaven. Each time I came harder than the last. One time she told me she wanted her boyfriend to join us. She wanted to feel two cocks in her at once. I thought my balls would explode as I shot rope after rope of cum.

But alas, one night as I lay naked lubed and ready for my dear friend Lucy, the operator told me she had moved on to a new service. Of course the operator would not tell me how to reach her. Saddened, I had to open my laptop and go back to my old method of videos to jerk off.

Then I saw her. Sammy. The ad was for shemale phone sex. Sammy had long blond hair, beautiful big tits… and a 7 inch cock. All I could do was stare at that cock. What was I doing? I am not gay I kept telling myself. I looked through more phone sex ads looking for my next Lucy, but I kept coming back to Sammy. What would I talk to her about? Would I enjoy an imaginary bi or gay adventure? I was rock hard so my cock had figured out what my brain could not. I thought back to my first call with Lucy, how nervous I was, how hard I was. I had to talk to Sammy.

Once again I was nervous and rock hard as the phone rang.


“Hi. Is this Ron?”

“Yes” I stammered.

“So what do you like Ron” she asked. I told her I had never spoken to a she male before. That seemed to excite her. I told her that I’d like to close my eyes and go where ever she wanted.

She wasted no time and told me her favorite phone sex fantasy. We are both at a mutual friend’s house for a party. We catch each other’s eyes and smile at each other. She walks over and starts talking to me and we hit it off. She asks if I can take her home. I of course leap at the opportunity. I walk her to her door and she invites me in. I sit on the sofa and she sits down very close to me and thanks me again for the ride. She leans into me and gives me a passionate kiss. Our tongues play with each other. I suck her tongue into my mouth. I reach for her breast and touch it. She moans.

I slowly unbutton her blouse and kiss the top of her breasts. Her chest heaves. She reaches over and feels my hardness through my trousers. As she is relaying this fantasy to me I am now really excited, my pre cum is flowing. I am surprised at how horney I am. She goes on. She stands up and turns her back to me and begins to undress. She drops her blouse and bra to the floor. She unzips her skirt and it too falls to the floor revealing a nice ass and an even nicer black lace thong. Now she has me all worked up, I am just moaning and stroking as she continues.

She walks toward the bedroom looking back to me. “Get naked and join me in my bed” she says in her most sexy voice. She tells me how I jump up, strip and head to the bedroom to find her lying there. I lie down next to her. She takes my hand and places it on her naked breast while we kiss. She tells me to lick her nipples. She is moaning on the other end of the phone as I am. I tell her that I start to run my hand down her tummy and then I feel it, her seven inches of joy. She tells me to kiss it. I do. She tells me to take it into my mouth. I do. She tells me she is going to fuck my throat and I beg her not to stop. She moans loudly as she shoots her load into my mouth. I cum very hard spilling my seed all over my belly. She tells me what a good boy I am and that I should call her back.

I laid there confused. I really enjoyed that call. Was I gay? Was I bisexual? I could not sleep that night as those thoughts kept swirling in my head. Yes, buy I really liked it.

Over the next few months Sammy and I developed an even deeper relationship than Lucy and me. We explored everything, she sucking me, me sucking her, she taking my ass and me taking hers. Romantic encounters, slut encounters. One night she told me to bring a pair of my wife’s panties with me on my next trip and to wear them while I talked to her. I laughed and told her there was nothing sexy in my wife’s undies drawer; she has no idea what Victoria’s Secret even is. I could not get enough türkçe bahis of her. I wanted her.

One night after an extremely hot call we were talking. She asked if I had ever been with a shemale. I laughed and said no way; I only get out of my house a few days a month on business. Where would I meet a shemale? She then asked if I had ever been with another guy. I laughed again. “No I can’t see that happening” I told her. She told me to be open to it, that businessmen hook up with each other all the time. That she has regular clients that tell her about their experiences often. I did not think much of it, bid her adieu, cleaned up and went to sleep.

A few months passed with me and Sammy having great phone sex. I had had a very good day at work and was alone that night. My colleagues had left that afternoon and I was leaving in the morning. I had planned to have my call with Sammy that night so I was very excited and eager to suck her tonight. What the hell I thought as I entered the hotel bar. I’ll have a drink and then head up to my room for my call.

There was only one seat left at the bar so I sat down. On my left was a business man clearly trying to get into the business suit of the woman sitting next to him. I smiled as I ordered my gin and tonic. There was a game on the TV above the bar so I focused on that and sipped my cocktail. The guy on my right said hello. I said hello back. We both just watched the game for a few minutes. We started chatting a little. He asked how my day was. I told him it was great that I was going to celebrate with a drink here and a nice evening in my room. Little did he know of my desire for Sammy’s cock. He said he had a great day too and that he usually celebrated with a blow job. My eyes went wide and my mouth flew open! “Is your wife or girlfriend here traveling with you?” I asked.

He chuckled, “No, I like to celebrate by giving rather than receiving.” I could not believe what was happening. Sammy was right I thought. I noted the wedding ring on his finger and asked if his wife knew about his “celebrations.”

“No, she doesn’t and I only celebrate on very special occasions.”

“So what makes tonight special” I asked.

“You sitting down here nest to me” he said with a very sly smile. I did not say a word as my mind processed what had just happened. Was this some kind of joke? Was he serious? I poured the rest of my drink into my mouth, swallowed hard and just sat there for a minute. He smiled and slid a room key over to me.

“Give me a few minutes to get ready and come on in. I guarantee you will not be disappointed” and he stood up and left. He did not look back as he got on the elevator and disappeared from sight. My mind raced with conflicting thoughts. Should I play it safe and just go to my room and jerk off talking to Sammy or should I go to this stranger’s room for who knows what? Talking on the phone is one thing, being naked with another man? My cock began to get hard. Once again it was making a decision my brain could not.

I got on the elevator, my heart pounding. I hoped I don’t have a heart attack on my way to his room! I slipped the key into the slot and opened the door. The room was dimly lit, but I could see everything. My soon to be man lover was lying on the bed, naked with a beautiful six inch hard on. He smiled at me, “I hoped you would come.”

As I just stood there amazed, he got up and walked toward me. His erection bounced and his balls swung back and forth as he approached.

“Do you like it?” he asked as he noticed my eyes following his manhood as he approached me.

“Yes” was all I could muster as the moment was consuming me. He was now standing right in front of me.

“Would you like to touch it?”

“Yes” again I was could say. He smiled and looked down. I wrapped my hand around him. It was hard but the skin was soft. I held him for a moment.

“Go ahead and stroke it” he offered. I gently began moving my hand up and down, awkwardly at first and then I just closed my eyes and imagined what I would like. I got into a nice rhythm and he moaned. I touched the head with my thumb and forefinger. He was very wet so I spread his pre cum all over his head. He gasped.

“I bet that suit is very confining right now” he said as he güvenilir bahis siteleri slipped my jacket over my shoulders. He undid my tie, unbuttoned my shirt and ran his hands over my naked chest. He dropped to his knees and undid my belt and let my trousers fall to the floor. He reached up into the leg of my boxers and touched me. I could not believe what was happening. My cock throbbed as he gently stroked me. He slowly pulled my boxers down and my hard cock fell out and into his hand. He looked up at me and smiled. He put his hands on my hips as he used just the tip of his tongue to take the large drop of pre cum from my pee hole. It was all I could do to not shoot my load right then and there.

He led to the bed and I lay down. He lay down beside me and stared into my eyes as he gently stroked me. I then took his manhood in my hands, we were stroking together. To feel another man’s hard cock was exhilarating. My cock began to ache it was so hard, and I was no longer in control of myself. A hunger grew from deep inside me. I knew there was only one thing that would sate me. I now knew I wanted his cock in the same way he wanted mine.

“Does that feel good?” he asked softly.

“Yes” I replied with my eyes closed. The feeling of his hand on my cock stroking me was beyond anything I had ever experienced. My phone sex with Sammy had taken me many places, but now it was real, I was here with another naked man. I smeared more of his pre cum around the head and he moaned. I reached down and felt his balls. They were bigger than mine and I cradled them in my hand. He moaned again.

He took my head gently in his hands and pulled my face to his. Our lips touched. His tongue forced its way into my mouth. I was being kissed by another man. I thought my cock would crack in two I was so hard. I sucked his tongue into my mouth. I felt that hunger grow deeper in me, a hunger for him and his seed.

I now knew what I had to do. I had to have that cock in my mouth. I had to feel it, taste it. I got up to move between his legs and he looked at me. He knew what I now wanted, needed. He smiled and lay back as I put my hands on his inner thighs. I pushed his legs apart exposing him. I leaned toward him and took his left ball into my mouth. I sucked gently and used my tongue to play with it. He squirmed and thrusted his hips upward, I knew he was turned on. I moved to his meat. I traced the length with just the tip of my tongue and when I reached the end, I took just the head into my mouth. I could not believe this was me. I sucked it, licked it, swirled my tongue around it. He was now bucking his hips trying to fuck my mouth, moaning with his eyes closed. I wanted to see if I could take it down my throat as I had done so many times on the phone with Sammy. My gag reflex stopped me about half way down, so I bobbed up and down to that depth only. I felt his hand on my head, encouraging me, pushing me. With each decent, I went a little further down his length. Each time my gag reflex being more suppressed. I focused. I wanted it down my throat. I wanted my nose nestled in his pubic hair. Finally I reached my destination. His musky scent drove me wild, I could not stop now. I wanted to fuck him with my throat forever.

Between gritted teeth I heard “I am going to cum!” Just like Lucy, Hmmmmm was how I responded.

His semen filled my mouth. It seemed he would never stop. It tasted salty and gooey but I liked it. I wanted his cock to stay in my mouth forever. He relaxed and let me hold it there, making sure I got every drop. I had never been so excited in my life. I had experienced nothing like that. We laid there for a long time. Me licking and playing with his now softening cock and hip just smiling.

I got up to get dressed and he said to wait, he had not celebrated yet. I told him I would be back next month and I’d take a rain check.

I noticed his neighbor next door entering his room as I was leaving. I could not stop smiling as I said hello to him. He smiled and said hello back. I had ventured a few steps when he said “hey, you may want to wipe your chin.” I turned around to see him smiling as he looked at me. I took my fingers and wiped the remnants of his load from my chin. As I licked it from my fingers, he winked, smiled and went into his room.

Now I still travel a few days a month but when I have a great day at work I go to the hotel bar. I look for a man who appears to be traveling alone. I have enjoyed many celebrations in the last few months.

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