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My Adventures with The Annes Ch. 03

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I’ve never had problems with the physical love Anne shared with her mother. There was no hint of a Mommy fixated daughter who just had to have her Mommy’s physical love as confirmation of her maternal love. Nor have I seen any sign of an angst torn Mommy who wanted her daughter so much that it hurt but knew she shouldn’t, but did anyway.

As I saw it they were two, adult, females who were bi-sexual coupled with the advantage of living together. Incestuous? Technically yes. A problem? No way!

Personally I see no disadvantages to having bi-sexual girlfriends There are however a number of distinct advantages. When I’m exhausted and they still want more they can play together. Together, as a threesome, we are the perfect threesome not just me trying to pleasure two women or two women pleasuring me. It’s also wonderful watching them together. And they each know what the other likes. A massive bonus for me.

Following Anne’s advice I had worked my cock in and out of her mother’s cunt while teasing and playing with her anus, with my fingers. As with everything when fucking Anne-too there was no real rush, slow and steady were the watchwords. With her anus responding nicely I started to use the KY Jelly, first around the outside then by steady degrees deeper into her arse. Once one finger reached full penetration I started to introduce a second. As always I was concentrating on two things; how Anne-too was sounding, sounds of pleasure or despair and how her body was reacting, eager or reluctant. My cock was on autopilot just working in and out at a constant rate. Anne-too was nicely encouraging so I continued the careful preparation of her arse to receive my cock.

I had three fingers in her arse together with a lot of lube.

“Your pretty little arse ready for my cock?”

I received an encouraging wriggle of the bum in question.

I worked my cock carefully out of her cunt. It seemed harder than usual. Removing one finger from her arse I guided the cock head towards the dark rose. With two fingers trying to hold the sphincter open I nudged my cock head forwards. One more finger out and a little extra cock in, still keeping the entrance open. Squeezing an extra length of KY onto my cock I covered the palm of my hand then worked it up and down and round about until the entire length was shiny and slippery. I worked my cock head in as I eased my last finger out. The knob head was now snug, just inside her beautiful arse.



I pushed a little further. A slight resistance.


I stopped, backed off, more KY around my cock and her anus. A finger trying to ease more inside.

I worked my cock further in. The resistance slipped away to be replaced with;

“Oh! Fuck! Yessss! Fuck my arse you Dirty Bastard!”

I pushed in, listening to her groans of delight and enjoying the constant moving of her arse as she encouraged me deeper and deeper. When I had no more length to give I paused, squirted a large dollop of KY into the palm of my hand and eased my cock back out. With all but the head out of her arse I covered the shaft with copious amounts of KY then pushed it straight back in without pause until it was deep inside her again.

She made a long, soft, drawn out groan which I took to be of pleasure and set about the same smooth fucking action that I used on her cunt. I listened to her body, altering the speed or power of my thrusts to meet her needs as best I could. It was my first arse fuck and with no experience I needed to learn what pleased. I also needed to last longer than she did. A second would do, half at a pinch and I was doing quite well, I thought.

With my hands on her hips, my head thrown back and my eyes closed I concentrated more and more on not shooting my load until she climaxed. Then the feeling changed. Something hard was rubbing alongside my cock. Anne-too started to drive back hard demanding more of my cock, harder and faster.

I opened my eyes and looked down. Anne had moved across the kitchen table so she could reach over the side. She was finger-fucking her mother’s cunt while I was cock fucking her arse! The fingers synchronised with my cock and Anne-too drove her body back onto her daughter’s fingers and my cock. I was struggling to keep my spunk in my balls. With one, last, final, hard, thrust back Anne-too climaxed. My seed started to pump into her arse before she could grab a second breath.

Fuck! That was incredible and I took a while before even thinking about working my cock out of that glorious arse. Truth be told I’m not sure if it wasn’t Anne-too leaning forward that didn’t actually let her escape my clutches.

### ### ###

After having Anne-too’s arse I’m afraid I fully expected to fuck her daughter’s later that same day. It wasn’t to be quite as simple as that.

When my cock finally slipped out of Anne-too’s arse it was as limp as a dish rag and I was totally spent. It was an incredible experience more so due to Anne-too’s obvious pleasure and konyaaltı escort Anne’s finger-fucking her to the final mind blowing orgasm. I can’t claim any kudos for my skill. I was a learner.

Anne rolled off the kitchen table, took my hand and led gently me to the shower. Anne-too joined us after a few minutes and I enjoyed washing and being washed by my two girlfriends. I was fit, young and recovered quickly. Anne took me back to bed.

It goes without saying than no sooner had we settled and snuggled than I worked her onto her tummy and set my fingers to walking down her spine, heading directly towards her dark rose.

“So, you dirty bastard, you’re after my arse as well are you? My virgin arse?”

“Virgin?” My finger stopped at the top of her arse crack.

“Yep, no need to stop though! You’ll just have to be patient and gentle. Train me little by little. Mum’s used to having a nice hard, fat cock up her arse. Been taking it there for years. Usually they like her tight arse and my tight cunt. You’re the first to want mine.”

“But your Mum’s cunt is as tight as yours.” I argued.

“You say the sweetest of things,” she kissed me, “but when a cock is the size and shape of your cock anything’s going to feel tight, until we get used to it! By then the muscles will be ready to take up the slack again, so it will still be a perfect fit.”

My turn to kiss her, “You say the sweetest things, too. Makes a guy feel very good.”

“Yeah, you do feel very good! Now, where were you?”

“About here?” I suggested placing a finger carefully at the top of her beautiful bum.

“Umm, a little lower I think but I can wait.”

I kissed her and shuffled carefully down the bed.

“Pass me a pillow, please.”

She grabbed a pillow and swung it down to me. I held it just beside her hip.


She lifted and I pushed it under her tummy.

“Whatchadoin’?” she enquired interestedly.



I felt her relax and slipped a hand under her belly. My finger felt for her clitty.


I stroked her bum very tenderly with the palm of my hand working it down and up her thighs then over her bum again. Soft noises were the only responses that I needed to hear. Removing my finger from her clitty I moved it up to collect some lubrication from her wet cunt. Once replaced on her clitty I stroked with the very lightest of touches. The palm of my hand continued to tease as I commenced kissing her bottom covering her cheeks with very soft, gentle touches. It was all very different from my usual approach but seemed to be well received.

### ### ###

The season had started. We played our first game, at home, last week. We lost. Coach was not happy and gave us all a bollocking in the dressing room straight afterwards. Much chastened we stripped off for our shower. That’s when My Girls marched in!

“Don’t bother covering up, you’ve got nothing we haven’t seen before though not on anything quite so useless! Call yourselves rugby players? Mrs. Alright and the local WI would wipe the floor with you! The ‘B’ team? More like the ‘Z’ squad if you ask me! My daughter and me are not going to stand around in the freezing cold this season watching a bunch of namby pamby’s prancing about like girls at the local ballet class.”

Anne-too had started as she meant to go on.

For the next ten minutes MY Girl marched about amongst the naked men dissecting the game and each individuals’ failure to perform their particular part. She picked out their biggest failure, how the situation had developed and how they failed, miserably, to make the most of their opportunity. At 5’3″ ‘ish she looked like a dwarf in the land of the giants but that didn’t stop her. She gave us all a proper tongue lashing, including me!

“Right!” she concluded, hauling off her muddy boots and stepping up onto one of the benches, “Next week we’re going to win! You hear me?”

“Yes coach, Mrs. Coach.” Bellowed a voice right behind me.

I turned to see our coach, a great big smile on his face.

“You heard the lady, after me! ‘Yes Coach, Mrs. Coach!'”

“Yes Coach, Mrs. Coach! Yes Coach, Mrs. Coach! Yes Coach, Mrs. Coach!” we chanted.

When the din died down Anne-too turned to look at our coach.

“Hello Barry, long time no see.”

“Hi Anne, you come to lick the boys into shape?” he asked with a lascivious grin.

“Well, you’ve got to admit they suck at the moment. Let’s see what we can do, OK?” she turned back to face the team.

“OK, team, this is how it’s gonna be! You’re going to win every game from now on. At the end of each winning game we,” she indicated Anne and herself, “will decide who is the ‘man of the match’ and the man of the match will get an assisted shower! We want it to be a HARD decision. Do I make myself VERY CLEAR?”

There was a pause while the import of what she had said sank in then, as one…

“Yes Coach, Mrs. Coach!” we chorused enthusiastically.

She kültür escort smiled. Anne stepped up onto the bench beside her and they both started to unbutton their long, coats. The team watched, mesmerised. The coats were opened. The girls were wearing matching mini skirts and ‘T’ shirts in team colours. Although My Girls are not tall, their legs seem long and are beautiful. They looked even longer in the mini skirts that, without the hated Mary Quant tights, would be positively indecent. My Girls NEVER wear tights! Their tits were clearly unfettered and looked full and delicious with hard buttons on the tips under the tight tops. I knew that they were wearing panties that covered nothing.

They held their coats out.


I stepped forward delightedly, took their coats and hung them on hooks. My Girls turned their backs to the team and slowly, provocatively, worked their ‘T’ shirts up and off, to a roar of approval. They passed them back to me and waited while I duly hung them up. With small hands nearly covering their beautiful breasts they turned to face their delighted audience, most of whom were now sporting a developing stiffy.

They wriggled and jiggled, stroking their hands sensuously over their breasts, carefully revealing just a little more before covering up again. The guys didn’t know who to look at as My Girls put on a show that was totally out of sync. One would expose a full breast, eyes would switch straight to her only to see it covered as quickly. Then the other would flash a glimpse before, again covering most. The more they teased the more the team called for more. Eventually all four perfect orbs were on display to the appreciative audience. With hands on hips the two Annes jiggled them delightedly.

Anne turned away to her left. Anne-too turned to her left. She reached forward, unbuttoned and un-zipped Anne’s skirt. It slipped to the bench accompanied by a roar of delight. Anne-too turned 180 degrees. Anne followed and moments later the second mini skirt slipped down onto the bench. They turned together facing the wall, thrust their delectable bums out towards the hooting audience and gyrated their hips. The thin strip of material that was supposed to pass as panties and therefore cover all that shouldn’t be seen in polite company, ran, from the top elasticated strip that encircled the body just above the line of the hips, between the arse cheeks and separated the lips of their cunts. As a pair of panties they failed miserably, much to the teams delight.

I started the chant which was quickly picked up by my fellow team players.

“Off! Off! Off!”

My Girls reached back, hooked a finger under the flimsy material and moved it to one side. The crack, the glorious dark rose and the bottom of obviously wet cunts were fully on display.

“Off! Off! Off! Off! Off! Off!” continued the chant.

Anne turned to face her mother who knelt at her feet and with, agonisingly slow movements, peeled the remaining garment down over her thighs, her calves and, with tantalising care, her feet. Anne, now totally naked, turned to face her audience, arms high and legs akimbo. She was greeted with rapturous applause. She danced with gay abandon on the spot then worked her way along the bench, hanging on the hooks as she swung passed the clothes. All the time twisting and turning and ensuring that the team enjoyed her show. The chanting had changed to roars of delight and wolf whistles almost drowned out by raucous applause and laughter.

Anne returned to stand by her mother, knelt at her feet and with equal care and deliberation removed her mother’s panties. She too posed to show her all then danced and writhed on the bench before stepping down to the floor. The guys moved back, making space for her. She did a cartwheel, very much to everybody’s surprise. She started to walk between the men. They made way. They made no attempt to touch and she didn’t touch them but her eyes and her movements spoke volumes. ‘You want any more? Then win the next game and be player of the match.’ She wound her way back to the bench and stepped up.

My Girls stood side by side, arms high and legs akimbo. Together they brought their hands down, stroked across their faces, down their necks to their breasts. They cupped them, lifted them up, teased the erect nipples and caressed them. Turning to face each other they started to caress each other while the team roared approval. Hands went down the other’s belly, across the smooth mons and dipped into the apex of the legs. Their heads went back as they found each others clit. They stroked and gyrated until they climaxed.

Turning to face the team once more they stroked their own clitty, then their own breasts.

They stopped. The team bayed for more.

My Girls stood, once more arms high and wide, legs akimbo. Perfect little x’s with full tits, erect nipples, smooth pussies and swollen cunts. They waited patiently while some little order returned to the changing room.

“OK, team! markantalya escort You’ve seen the goods. Do you really want assisted showers?” shouted Anne-too above the continuing sounds of appreciation.

“Yes Coach, Mrs. Coach!” came the instant response.

Followed by a diminutive,

“Too fucking right!” from Rupert, our best fly half.

Both Annes cheered.

“You going to win the next game?” bellowed Anne.

There was a cacophony of unintelligible sound then Rupert’s voice again.

“Fuckin’ ‘ope so!”

Again My Girls responded with gleeful hoots of delight and small jumps into the air making their tits bounce delightfully.

“Too damn right we are! Now get into the showers, you dirty buggers!” This from Barry.

I helped them both down from the bench. The team parted like the seas and, like Moses, I led the two beautiful, naked women between the waves and into the large communal shower.

Showering with My Girls wasn’t just a means of washing off the dirt. We always made it a totally sensuous occasion. We didn’t use flannels or a face cloth but our hands, fingers, mouths and often our whole bodies. I stood behind Anne-too, Anne passed me the soap. I lathered up, reached under Anne-too’s arms and commenced washing her shoulders. My hands moved across her shoulders, down to her still gloriously engorged tits where I took much more time than necessary to ensure that every part of each tit was perfectly lathered up with both hands. Then I started on her nipples.

Meanwhile Anne had moved to stand behind me. Once lathered up she worked her hands across my shoulders, down my back to my bum taking particular care of my crack before reaching between my parted legs for my balls.

My hand cupped Anne-too’s cunt. We don’t want soap inside a wet cunt so using my other hand I held her cunt lips wide apart as I soaped the tops of her thighs and across her mons. She turned into me, one hand reaching for my cock the other for the soap. She stepped to one side as Anne stood up and walked into her mother’s embrace. Holding her close Anne-too rubbed her soapy tits and belly over her daughter’s tits and belly while her hands worked her back from shoulders to bum. I moved to start on Anne-too’s back and delectable arse.

The water was washing away the suds almost as quickly as we were applying them. That didn’t matter at all, it was fun re-applying more. I knelt, soaped up and started washing one of Anne’s leg, foot to cunt, still taking care not to get soap up inside. I re-applied suds to her gorgeous arse paying particular attention to her crack and dark rose. She wriggled her appreciation as I dipped a finger a little way into her anus.

Starting on Anne-too’s left leg I repeated the process while My Girls enjoyed themselves ensuring that nothing ‘up top’ had been missed on each other.

With all four legs suitably washed I rinsed the suds away and checked my handiwork with my mouth. I was particularly careful to ensure that no suds had managed to enter either cunt. My Girls knew this was most important and opened wide, when it was their turn to be checked. I was able to sit between the parted legs to lick and suck in some comfort, just to be sure.

I was fully aware that the rest of the team had long since finished their own showers and were watching our every move.

When we had discussed the whole idea the previous evening I’d asked if My Girls were happy to get naked in front of an entire rugby team. They just looked at each other then, roared with laughter. OK, it was probably a stupid question.

They had then asked if I was OK, eating them out while my mates watched? To be honest I had to think about it, but only for a moment or two.

“So,” asked Anne-too, “when we suck you off; mouth, face or tits?”

When I’d finished checking both cunts and arses for traces of soap I got to my feet and turned the shower off. My Girls went down. They didn’t spend too long on my legs, just enough time to make sure the mud from the game was gone. Then they started on my cock, balls and bum.

I did have one concern which I didn’t mention when we were developing the idea. Could I get it up in front of the team?

As it turned out it was a needless worry. My Girls had been sharing cock for many years. They’d been sharing mine for a few weeks and knew how to satisfy. Getting it up wasn’t a problem, holding onto my spunk for a reasonable time was. If there was one thing I definitely did not want to do was shoot my wad too quickly.

I was doing well. My Girls were passing my cock from hand to hand and mouth to mouth with practised ease. I could feel it growing from firm to stiff to rampant. Then it got a bit difficult. Anne looked up to see how they were doing.

“Not too quick!” I mouthed silently.

She nodded, somehow she communicated with her mother and the pressure dropped just a little, for a while. Then they started to explore. Anne’s spare hand moved around to my bum and started gentle stroking up and down my crack. I watched Anne-too lick a couple of fingers. She had a gleam in her eye! The end wouldn’t be far away. I braced myself hoping that they wouldn’t make me cum too hard. Not make me cum too hard??? How stupid was that?

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