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Mum’s Hot Night Ch. 02

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Mum lazily opened her eyes from her ecstatic semiconsciousness. “Honey,” she started, “Was that wrong? Because nothing in my life has ever felt that complete.”

I knelt before Mum’s reclining form, caressed her face and her sweat-soaked hair and replied, “Mum, I’ve never felt such a total connection with another woman. I think that was the greatest expression of love I could give to you. I love you, Mum.”

I then kissed her deeply and led her down the hallway, “We should get cleaned up, we’re both a sweaty mess.”

We both chuckled lightly at our condition and padded off to the shower. I turned on the shower jets to heat up and when I turned to Mum she was perched on the sink with her legs parted toward me. I stepped between her legs and placed a finger between the folds of her pussy and plunged it deep. Mum let out a gasp and a series of short moans as I began to rub inside.

I could feel the cum I had deposited there earlier and said, “Do you like you baby’s cum swimming inside your sweet pussy, Mummy? Do you like my hot, sticky cum?”

Through the fog of the shower’s steam, Mum moaned her approval of my active finger inside of her and replied, “My baby’s seed makes Mummy cum even harder.”

And as if she convinced herself of this, she began to shake and her pussy squirted over my finger. Mum screamed and clutched at my shoulders to steady herself. Her head relaxed and nuzzled my shoulder.

I helped her from her perch on the sink and led her to the shower. Her knees wobbled as she walked and we entered the steamy hot shower. We spent an indeterminate amount of time slowly cleaning one another. Rubbing soap on the other as if we were giving each other a massage.

We stepped out of the shower and toweled each other off with the same slow, deliberate movements. A billow of steam preceded us şirinevler escort as we left the bathroom. Mum set a hand on my chest, looked me in the eye and said, “Wait here for a second, honey, I’m going to put on something sexy for you, but I want to surprise you.” And with a quick kiss she padded the rest of the way down the hall to her bedroom and closed the door.

I stood outside the door, leaning against the jamb, and began to ponder over recent events. “Did that just happen?” I thought to myself. “I can’t believe I don’t feel strange about this. It was so right.” I pondered further.

I was awakened by my reverie by the door opening. Only the soft glow of a corner lamp illuminated the room. An image beyond fantasy was presented before me, reality tenuous at its fringes. Mum had sat back on the bed, her legs crossed sensually and her body arched back. She was wearing a soft aubergine coloured, satin chemise with thin straps loosely hanging on her shoulders. The neckline plunged deep, exposing her now familiar valley of cleavage. The length of the chemise barely covered her ass and with her crossed legs the bottom rode up slightly.

Through the haze of this surreal sensuality I heard Mum say, “The evening’s starting to cool off, but our hot night has just begun.”

She then opened her legs, exposing the soft pink wetness of her pussy and pushed the straps from her shoulders, freeing her large breasts.

Waves of emotions, both tender and lecherous, coursed through me. I gathered these furious feelings and stepped between Mum’s open legs. On my knees, I began to kiss the soft fleshiness of her inner thighs, each kiss a deep expression of these ecstatic emotions.

I could feel Mum running her fingers along the top of my head, lightly massaging me onward. Another kiss, şirinevler elit escort another caress. This interplay of emotions went on and on. Every millimetre of flesh kissed or touched was an electric expression of our openness, of our complete love for one another.

Finally my lips reached the swollen folds of Mum’s beautiful pussy. It smelled sweetly of a combination of the body soap from our shower and a deep womanly odour, it’s headiness making me woozy.

Mum opened her legs wider to allow further access to the sweetness within. My tongue followed the border of her outer lips and circled the clitoris. After repeating this motion several times, Mum’s semi-reclined position softened to fully flat on her back with her legs wide open. With every encircling of the clit, the tiny protuberance grew firmer, redder, hotter.

My hands slid over the soft chemise that still covered her stomach. Trailing upward, I began to massage her breasts and lightly squeeze the nipples. Mum’s soft cooing was peppered with short squeals as my tongue worked vigourously on her pussy. I began to feel the quivers in her abdomen to cue me to her oncoming orgasm. My tongue worked even faster as her squeals became more prolonged. When I pinched her nipples again, I pressed my tongue firmly on her clit and her scream became an echoing howl.

I sat up as Mum began to frantically roll off the bed. I turned to see Mum on all fours, a ravenous lust in her eyes, and before I could approach her, she pounced like a wildcat. I was flat on my back with my wild Mum tightly straddling my hips. She reached behind her, grabbed my throbbing cock and plunged it deep into her pussy with a quivering moan. Her hips undulated madly like a seasoned broncobuster.

“Ohhh! Baby!!” Mum quivered, “I’m soooo horny, I have şirinevler escort to fuck you over and over and over and ohhhhhh!!!”

Her wild thrashing above interrupted her urgent desires. Mum leaned forward, clutched my chest and let out a sound somewhere between a scream and a moan.

With her in a somewhat prone position, I crawled from beneath Mum and lined up my cock behind her, entering her pussy from behind. Her front half was collapsed on the floor, her face in her forearms. I grabbed a firm hold of her hips and began to pound her pussy with piston-like movements.

“Oh! Fuck, Mum!” I groaned, “Your sexy pussy is soooo hot!!!”

Mum’s pussy became so slick with our collective juices that both Mum’s inner thighs and my pelvis were soaked. This excess lubricant made our physical expression of eroticism effortless.

With our aggressive exertions, and Mum moaning and howling through orgasm after orgasm, I could feel my own seminal flood raging within.

“Oh Mum!” I quivered, “I’m going to cum! I’m going to spray you with all my balls have to give!”

Mum released my cock from her pussy, turned and began to madly jerk my cock in front of her face. “C’mon baby,” she lecherously sneered,”Gimme your hot fucking seed, drench your slutty Mum.”

Between the expert masturbatory technique of my mother and her overtly filthy sex talk, my balls exploded with wave after wave of semen. The thick, ribbony jets of cum travelled in an arc from my cock and into Mum’s mouth, on her forehead, cheeks, nose and one stream dangled from her ear.

When I thought the quivering, violent orgasm had ceased it’s fountainous flood, Mum clampled her mouth over my cock and sucked another couple of quivering jets down her throat.

I could only lean back, with an elbow resting on the edge of the bed, moaning and groaning, shaking in ecstasy.

After wiping her fingers over face, collecting the cum deposited there, and sucking her fingers clean, she said, “So baby, how do you feel about fucking me on a daily basis? Now that I have a taste for you, I think I’ll need it as a regular part of my diet.”

“Well……” I began.

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