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Mummy is Staying Over

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My Mum was going to be staying with me while the builders were working on her house.

I have a good friend of mine who comes over regularly to chill out, play video games and get drunk, the night’s usually end with us giving each other blow jobs or me bouncing up and down on his cock, I love being fucked by him.

I wasn’t expecting my Mum to come over until later that evening, she has a key to my flat and I told her to let herself in. My friend came round on his way home from work so thought I could fit in a quick sex session with him and still have a few hours to kill waiting for my Mum to arrive.

When he entered my flat we were on each other straight away, kissing and ripping our clothes off. We don’t usually go at it from the get go, as we are friends and have been for years it really is mostly about him coming round to hang out with me, but today he was in a rush to get home and he knew my Mum would be round later so it was straight down to business.

I loved his hard body, he was very muscular which is a stark contrast to my softer edges! I am not fat but I am far from toned. I went straight to my knees as soon as his cock popped out of his boxers, kneeling before his hardness he grabbed my head and I opened wide to take him. His cock was very thick but not too long, not long enough to gag me, I loved taking him in my mouth down to the base and using the suction between my tongue and upper part of my mouth to bring him to orgasm.

His cock was a perfect fit for my mouth, whenever he shot his load it would coat the back of my throat and I would feel it trickle down into my belly, I could hold all of him in my mouth and take the onslaught of cum without spilling a drop or gagging. I know I sucked him better than his wife did, not only because he has told me but also because his wife has given me a blow job before and I know I am the superior cock sucker!

This time though he didn’t want to shoot down my eager throat, he wanted to fill my arse up with his hot cum and leave with his load deep inside me. He loved doing this, he would fill me then plug me, every single time. I had orders not to remove the plug for at least an hour after he left. If truth be told I used to try and stay plugged for much longer, sometimes all night. I couldn’t necessarily feel the cum inside me once it got to the temperature of my body, but just knowing it was up there got me so hard, I would stroke myself and have many orgasms after he left just thinking about his special load he had plugged me up with.

I reluctantly stopped sucking him in the hallway and lead him into my bedroom where I got on all fours on top of my bed, making sure my entrance overhung the edge of the bed so he could stand there and pound me. He reached for the lube in my bedside table draw and through the large mirror on the side wall I watched him lube up his cock and take his position behind me. When his tight grip was on my hips I was in heaven, I could feel the tip of his lubed helmet pushing and rubbing against my tight hole. The feeling of the cold lube slowly followed by the warmth of him sliding inside me never got old, it was always exciting and so erotic. His girth peeling me apart, my tight muscle fighting against him, but always he won, and I always wanted him to.

Once he was past my quivering sphincter muscle he knew how much I loved to be rammed hard. He did just that, gripping tighter on my hips, almost painfully, slamming into me as deep as he could. He then fucked me for what felt like hours. The heat and friction becoming too much for me handle and I came all over my bed sheets without even touching my cock. This happened a lot when I was fucked by him, his girth was just the right thickness and his cock was the perfect length to attack my prostate and milk me.

My bedroom door was wide open, it didn’t matter though, I knew I still had plenty of time till my Mum got there. We were both very vocal during our fuck session, saying nasty things to each other, which always turned us both on more.

He came inside me. Shooting load after hot load, then quickly grabbing my large butt plug from the same draw he got the lube from. I watched him intently through the mirror withdraw his thick, spent cock from me and quickly replace it with the plug. It slid in easily because of all the juices already back there. He held it inside me allowing my outer bum muscle to clamp down on the base of it, creating a seal to keep his seed inside me.

We stood facing eachother at the door of my bedroom and kissed. He quickly grabbed his clothes that were strewn over the hallway, got dressed, leaned in for one more kiss then left…

I went back into my bedroom sınırsız escort to clean up a bit, moving from the bedroom to the bathroom and back again, then walked completely naked and still plugged up into my living room.

“So this is what you get up to when your Mummy isn’t here?”

Oh. My. Fucking. God!!

“Er… I wasn’t expecting you till… How long have you… I didn’t hear…” I couldn’t get my brain to think straight, my mind racing a mile a second.

“I gathered you didn’t hear me, you and Carl were so loud I’m surprised you haven’t had any complaints from your neighbours yet.”

I was trying to read her expressions but my Mum was a pro at hiding her feelings when she was telling me off, I could never tell if she was serious or not.

The thing that threw me back into reality with a hard jolt was the feeling of Carl’s cum making it’s way to the base of the plug, some of it slowly trickling out and down the inner part of my thighs. After he leaves me with his load I try to stay lying down so I don’t lose any of it, but standing there, in front of my Mum, I felt it escaping me.

I still couldn’t believe it. I was standing in front of my Mum! Still naked, still not making any movements to cover up, I just stood there in complete shock, cum leaking from the tip of my cock and my bum hole.

“I’m sorry, I just…” I didn’t know what to say.

“You were expecting me tonight weren’t you?” she said.

“Yes but I…I..”

Then an unmistakable grin flashed across her face. As fast as I noticed it, it was gone.

“You’re making a mess baby,” she said pointing to my legs which had Carl’s cum flowing down them and onto my floor.

I looked down and saw the obscene state I was in, I quickly covered up my cock with my hands.

“No, don’t,” she said.

“Don’t what Mum? I…”

“Don’t cover yourself,” her grin was back but stayed a bit longer this time.

I don’t know why I chose this instant to be angry about the situation but I yelled, “What the fuck Mum, why did you come so early? You shouldn’t have…”

“I’m sorry baby, I couldn’t take the drilling at home any more, the noise was driving me mad so I thought I’d come round earlier, I never expected to be greeted in this way though.”

I was still angry, “Why the hell didn’t you call? Or ring the bell?”

“I did call but you were obviously otherwise… engaged,” she laughed at that.

I was more angry at myself than her but when she laughed it was always an infectious laugh that I couldn’t help joining in on.

“So how long have you and Carl been, you know?”

“Can I put some clothes on first before answering any of your questions?”

“Why? Look, sit here,” with that she pulled out a towel from my laundry basket and put it on the sofa, looking at the spot she just made for me as if it was ok for me to sit there naked in front of her with another man’s cum leaking from my plugged up arsehole.


“Just sit down baby, I want to talk to you, you don’t need to cover up. It’s nothing I’ve not seen before anyway.”

Another flash of anger erupted, “You’ve not seen me with a massive toy in my arse and sperm leaking from me before!”

“I know, and I want to talk to you about it, you don’t have to be embarrassed. I’m not,” she said calmly.

I gave in and sat down, one hand still covering my shrunken wet cock, not daring to look in her direction.

“So, are you going to tell me how long it’s been going on for then?”

Carl and I were friends at school and started hanging out together from about the age of 14, nothing sexual happened between us back then. He moved away and we lost touch. We then randomly saw each other in town and were both pretty drunk. We were each with a group of friends but as the night went on it was just us two left. He came back to my place and we ended the night sucking each other in the 69 position on my living room floor, he stayed over and we basically spent the next two days fucking and sucking, since then it’s been pretty regular.

“We were about 22 when it started.”

“That’s a long time ago.”

“I know.” not wanting to say any more than I had to, I let her control the conversation.

“And does his wife know?”

My Mum knew Carl well because he was always coming round our house when we were kids, she also now knew his wife because of various family functions, barbeques and parties we had all attended over the years.

“No,” as far as I knew she didn’t but I couldn’t say for certain.

“You like it rough don’t you,” less of a question and more of an observation.


“What? taksim escort you do! it’s obvious. I was quite shocked when I walked in to see that baby.”

“Imagine how I felt when I saw you sitting on my sofa. How much did you see anyway?” I wasn’t sure at this point whether I wanted to know but I was starting to feel a bit more comfortable talking about it and even slightly aroused.

It was my Mum’s turn to fumble for words as she clearly looked flustered trying to think of what she could and couldn’t say next. I was starting to enjoy this a little.

“Erm, well when I walked in he was…Er… Having sex with you quite hard.”

“Is that all you saw?”

“No, I er… Saw him finish inside you then put that toy in you. When I saw you both moving off the bed I quickly came in here and watched you kiss through the crack in the door,” she pointed to the gap between the hinge side of the door and the frame that appears when it’s wide open.

“So you hid behind the door?”

“Yes,” she looked down at her feet when she admitted that.

I felt bad for her, “I’m sorry Mum, I shouldn’t have done that so close to you coming round. Carl was in a rush and it was just a spur of the moment…”

“Fuck,” she jumped in.

“Yes, it was a spur of the moment fuck,” it was my turn to look ashamed.

“How does it feel?” She motioned towards my bum with her eyes.

“Oh my god, Mum!”

“I want to know, I’ve never done anything like that before.”

“What part?” I asked.

“Had anything in my bottom.” Then she asked, “Has it gone cold?”

“Has what gone cold?” I asked.

“His cum!” she exclaimed. She shocked me by saying that word but also turned me on, I have never heard her say any rude words before and she had said “Fuck” and “Cum” in the space of two minutes.

“No it’s doesn’t go cold,” I said, matter of factly. “It gets to the same temperature as me and just kind of stays up there.”

“Do you like it inside you?”

“Yes, I’m not always aware of it until I move but just the idea of it being there is…”

“Hot?” She looked at me smiling.

“Yes Mum, it’s hot,” I smiled back.

I was aware of her stares more now, looking at my wet legs and my naked body, the side of my bum and my cock, which was steadily growing from beneath my hand.

“You’ll need to use your other hand if it gets any bigger,” she said looking at the hand covering my cock, clearly being able to see it increasing in size.

“Earlier you said you didn’t want me to cover up at all! Make up your mind Mum,” I laughed but she didn’t, she just sat there still looking at my hand.

“I don’t want you to cover up,” she then looked directly into my eyes, for the first time I saw lust in them, a wanting and yearning I have only ever seen on other women yet now it was present in my own Mother.

Looking back at her I took away my hand and let my rapidly hardening cock lay across my thigh pointing its leaky tip towards her. She looked back down and then I saw her smile.

“Show me your toy baby.”

I figured by this point there’s no need to feel embarrassed and whatever will happen, will happen.

“Ok,” I said as I leaned over to the side exposing my bum cheeks and the base of the butt plug to her.

“Wow, so much mess, does Carl cum a lot?”

“Yeah, he likes to fill me up then leave, says it turns him on knowing I have his cum inside me.”

“Quite a lot of it has escaped,” her hand rested on the side part of my upper thigh and I felt her push at it. This had the effect of opening up my bum cheeks more so she could get a better look.

“There’s still a lot in there, I can feel it,” my cock was twitching away now, I was harder than I think I have ever been!

“So, what would you do now then? After he’s left you?” she asked me, still not looking anywhere other than my leaking hole, talking directly at it.

I may as well tell her, I thought, “I usually just lie around trying to keep as much of it inside me as possible, then I’ll play with myself, watch porn or whatever, usually for the rest of the night till I fall asleep.”

“Don’t you wash it out?”

“No, I will wash tomorrow morning.”

“I want to see how much is left in there,” without waiting for me to let her, she reached out and grabbed the base of the plug, then slowly began to pull at it. As it started to come out I was watching her face intently, the feelings she was giving me were electric and I doubt she even knew how turned on I was at that point.

Her face looked visibly shocked as the main girth of the plug started to open up my anal cavity tesettürlü escort again.

“It’s so big baby, how the hell do you get it up there?”

My eyes were rolling around, I was in heaven.

“Don’t stop Mummy,” she looked at me and saw the effect she was having on me.

“Tell Mummy what you want her to do, baby,” she smiled back at me when my eyes opened wide to look at her.

A thought instantly popped into my head, something I had never dreamt my own Mother would do to me but suddenly there was a strong possibility she might.

“In the top draw of my bedside table are some dildos, bring me the big one.”

She let go of the plug without saying a word and got up to go to my bedroom. I felt the plug sink back inside me, such a wonderful feeling.

“Woah!” I heard her say from the bedroom “This is massive!”

She came back into the room holding my ten inch long purple jelly dildo, she shook it in the air and chuckled. “It’s so heavy…” she remarked.

My Mum sat down beside me and started to tug at the butt plug again, this time pulling it out completely.

“Oh my, look, his cum is still leaking out of you, you’re right, there is so much!” I felt her finger run over my hole and slip part way inside. She scooped up some of the cum and lifted her hand up. There was quite a large amount of sperm on it.

I looked at her and said, “You should taste it Mum, his cum is wonderful,” I didn’t really think she would but to my astonishment her finger disappeared into her mouth and when it came back out it was clean. She swallowed every drop.

“Mmm not bad, I bet my baby’s is better though!” she winked at me as she said that.

She looked back down to my wide open hole and started to push the tip of the massive dildo inside of me. Her other hand had gone back to resting on my outer thigh, pulling my hole open further.

“Mummy will give it to you just how you like it,” she said.

With that she slammed it into me, as far as it would go, which wasn’t all the way, I think my bowels resisted the last few inches, but after a couple of long hard thrusts I could feel the fake jelly balls slap against my own testicles. I was moaning so loudly as she pounded me hard, trying to replicate the vigour she saw in Carl, and managing to match him. I loved the look of concentration on her face as she pounded me with my toy.

I felt my own cum begin to build at my prostate and I opened my legs to show her how I leaked from anal milking. She was amazed.

“Are you cumming baby?”

“No…Uhh… Because you’re pounding me so hard…Uhh Ahhhh.. My cock leaks, but it only ever happens…Ahhhh… With Carl…MMmmmhm.”

“I must be hitting the right spot!” she said proudly and began to go even harder, trying to make more sperm leak from my tip, and it did. Thick, creamy cum landed everywhere, on the floor, on my thighs, on the towel and on my Mummy.

She contorted her upper body so her face was directly in front of my spurting cock.

“Do it Mum, suck me,” I said. Although I needn’t have bothered saying it because her lips were on me before I had even finished the sentence.

“Oh fuuuck!” I moaned as her skillfull mouth worked over my leaky dick. Letting the pounding of my arse subside slightly, she began to suck up and down my shaft, slobber over the tip of my cock then slide back down it for another mouthful. She was swallowing every drop of my anal milking and pushing me closer to a true orgasm.

“Aaahhh… When I start cumming don’t stop fucking me with the toy Mummy.”

“Mmmmhmmm,” she agreed, with my cock deep in her mouth.

I was so close, my hips were rocking on the huge jelly cock which was being forced hard and deep inside me by my own Mother. I grabbed the back of her head and rammed my cock into her throat as I shot my load into her. I could hear choking and gagging, slurping and swallowing, but not once did she try to release me or pull away. Each thrust of mine was met by an eager Mother who just wanted to please her son and in return, swallow his sweet sperm as her reward.

Once every drop had been sucked from me only then did she slow the pace of the dildo and start to wind it down. She knew exactly how to manipulate me!

Carl’s cum was all over the dildo now, it had been churned into a froth that lubricated me and the jelly prick. My Mum stopped, clearly tired from having to pound me so hard and for so long. I opened my mouth and she knew what I wanted. She slid the dildo to the back of my throat and fucked my mouth with it for a bit as I sucked it clean of Carl’s cock cream and my own anal juices.

“I should turn up unannounced more often!” my Mum joked as she panted next to me on the sofa, a sheen of sweat and cum over her face.

Looking forward to what would happen next between us I said, “Let’s get cleaned up, you want to shower with me?”

“I think we need to baby,” she kissed my forehead as she began to undress.

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