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Mrs. Lewis and The Master Pt. 02

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The day after her meeting with her Master Mrs Lewis woke up feeling horny knowing she was going to masturbate as soon as her husband left for work.

As soon as she heard the car pull away she emptied the bag Master had given her on the bed.

There was a bra that was merely a set of straps, a suspender belt, open crotch panties, two pairs of seemed fishnet stockings and a pair of red 5 inch high heels open toed shoes with ankle straps.

As she put the clothes on she felt herself getting more aroused. Her nipples grew and hardened and her cunt, the word she now liked to use, got very wet.

She sat in front of the dressing table and put on the make-up. She loved the slutty bright red lipstick and black eye shadow making sure she applied them both thickly.

She paraded round the bedroom feeling like a slut. She sat on a chair in front of a mirror and opened her legs. She pinched her erect nipples and then fingered herself while she rubbed her clit with her other hand. She looked at herself in the mirror and at that point realised what a slut she was. Her orgasm came very quickly and she smelt her fingers and loved the smell of her cum. She didn’t hesitate to lick her fingers clean. She loved the taste of her own cum.

She wished that her husband could see her now, see the real Mrs Lewis.

Two days later they had sex as usual he finished too soon and although she enjoyed being fucked she was left frustrated. As soon as he fell asleep she went to the bathroom and pleasured herself to climax.

The following day she phoned her Master.

Mrs Lewis: ‘Hello Master its Mrs Lewis here.

‘Master: ‘Hi Mrs Lewis what can I do for you.’

Mrs Lewis: ‘I need to see you.’

Master: ‘But you’re not due to see me again for another three days.’

Mrs Lewis: ‘I know but I really need to see you.’

Master: ‘Why is that Mrs Lewis.’

Mrs Lewis: ‘Well I masturbated last night after my husband and I had sex and this morning I went out to the supermarket and as I walked around I couldn’t take my eyes off the carrots and bananas and even the cucumbers and I desperately need a huge cock in me. Your cock.’

Master: ‘The trouble is I am fully booked and this afternoon I have one of konyaaltı escort my regular couples here. I tell you what I’ll do, I’ll call Mr and Mrs Warner and explain the situation and ask whether they would mind if you came round too. They are a very friendly couple in their late 50s and she is very attractive and sexy and he is totally submissive. Leave it with me and I’ll call you back.’

Mrs Lewis put the phone down and waited for the call back.

Eventually Master called back and said, ‘Good news, I’ve spoken to Mrs Warner and she has agreed that its ok for you to come round this afternoon. Their appointment is at 2pm so why don’t you get here at 2.30pm. Don’t forget to wear the underwear and make up.’

Mrs Lewis soon got herself dressed and ready. Even putting the sexy underwear on and the slutty make up aroused her sexually.

She drove to Master’s house and rang the doorbell. After a couple of minutes he opened the door and let her in. He was naked and his erection was standing in front of him.

He looked at her and said, ‘wow you are really fuckable.’

She followed him upstairs and into a bedroom were the other couple were. He introduced them as Mr and Mrs Warner. What surprised was what she saw. He was naked except for a pair of nylon stockings and tied to a chair beside the bed with clips on his nipples. He had latex rings round his balls and the base of his erect cock. His foreskin had been pulled back and the head of his cock was coated with the same slutty red lipstick that his wife wore.

She was lying on the bed with her legs wide apart and a plug buried deep in her arse. Her nipples were coated in the same slutty lipstick and her pumped up nipples had clamps on them too. Her face was very heavily made up too.

She said, ‘hi Mrs Lewis Master was just about to fuck me but I’m happy for him to save his first lot of spunk for you but I do need to cum so while he licks my cunt and sucks my clit and makes me cum can you take care of my husband and suck him off and make sure he cums the same time as I do.’

Master says, ‘I haven’t taught Mrs Lewis the pleasures of cocksucking yet so she will wank him off.’

Mrs Warner replies, ‘oh you poor dear, not having the wonderful kültür escort feeling of a cock throbbing in between your lips and then the feeling of his spunk hitting the back of your throat, the effort to not swallow it straight away and then the great taste and texture as you swill it around your mouth. Oh Master we must show her today. In the meantime my clit is throbbing waiting for your tongue.’

The Master lay in between Mrs Warner’s legs while she held her cunt lips open.

Mrs Lewis took her dress off and pulled up a chair next to Mr Warner ready to pleasure him.

Master said, ‘take off you open crotch panties so that Mrs Warner can see you cunt.’

She did as she was told, sat down and reached out for his cock. Straight away she realised it was bigger and thicker than her husbands. She started slowly rubbing his shaft knowing he was not allowed to cum too soon.

Meanwhile Master was slowly licking up and down Mrs Warner’s very wet cunt.

Both Mrs Lewis and Mr Warner were staring at what was happening to Mrs Warner. It aroused Mrs Lewis so much that the hand that wasn’t wanking Mr Warner was playing with herself.

Mrs Warner was soon moaning and groaning with pleasure. She could see herself in one of the many mirrors in the room. She loved seeing her cunt start throbbing as Master licked her clit.

Mrs Lewis wanted Mr Warner to cum but knew she couldn’t let him. She was getting more and more aroused as she watched Mrs Warner’s cunt throbbing as Master licked it and sucked it. She loved seeing her cum trickle out of it. She wanted that herself. What she really wanted and this shocked her was that she actually wanted Mrs Warner to do it to her and vice versa. Mrs Warner was getting more and more vocal as she had more and more orgasms. Suddenly she called out, ‘this is the one.’

Both Mrs Lewis and Mr Warner were shocked when they saw Mrs Warner actually squirt her cum all over Master’s face. At the same time Mrs Lewis finished Mr Warner off as he cum all over his stockings. For one moment she wondered if she could get her husband to act the same way as Mr Warner but soon decided it would never work. Mrs Lewis herself almost cum but knew she really wanted The Master to do that. She did markantalya escort however wipe the spunk off the stockings and lick her fingers clean.

She knew it was now her turn, this was what she was here for. She lay on the bed and Mrs Warner untied her husband. Mrs Lewis opened her legs ready for Master to enter her. She was so wet he slid all the way in right up to his balls. Mr and Mrs Warner knelt either side of her and played with her nipples, pinching and squeezing them. Then Mrs Warner bent down and kissed Mrs Lewis on the lips. Their mouths opened and they tongued each other.

Meanwhile Master was slowly fucking her and bringing her closer to her orgasm. It happened pretty quickly but she needed more than one. She and Mrs Warner were enjoying some very sexy kisses while Mr Warner was abusing her nipples. It could have only taken a few minutes but after 3 or 4 climaxes she felt the Master pump his spunk deep into her cunt.

He slid out and Mrs Warner said, ‘can I clean you?’

She had no chance to reply as Mrs Warner was suddenly lying between her legs and lapping up Master’s spunk as it dribbled out. Making sure she didn’t lose any and definitely didn’t swallow any. She then started licking and sucking Mrs Lewis’s clit and although she had just cum so many times this past one and her first ever from a female was so intense. As she lay back and recovered Mrs Warner kissed Mrs Lewis. Again their mouths opened and The Master’s cum ran from Mrs Warner’s mouth into Mrs Lewis’s.

Mrs Warner asked whether she liked the taste and admitted she did.As Mrs Lewis got dressed Mrs Warner asked when her next meeting was and said it was next Tuesday. Mrs Warner asked, ‘would you mind if we joined you then?’

‘I’d love that,’ Mrs Lewis replied.

Suddenly Mr Warner said, ‘we can’t make next Tuesday as I have a meeting.’

His wife replied, ‘that’s ok dear I can come by myself.’

Which in reality was what she really wanted, a threesome with the Master and Mrs Lewis.

As they headed to the door to say goodbye Mrs Warner asked the Master, ‘ would it be possible for Leo to join us next Tuesday?’

‘Oh no, it’s much too soon for that, the next time needs to teach Mrs Lewis the techniques for great oral sex.’

Mrs Lewis looked puzzled about Leo but assumed it must be a friend of theirs.

As she drove home she gave a lot of thought to what had just happened and realised how much she enjoyed having sex with another female.

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