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Mountainside Park

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A warm breeze caused the trees to sway as Cindy stepped out of her car. The campgrounds were half full of people enjoying the summer weekend. She stretched, her toned muscles stiff from the 2-hour drive. She watched the different people as she walked towards the small information hut. There was an old couple sitting on one of the benches enjoying the view over the large field. Children ran and played on the parks 2 swing sets, while their parents laid out picnic lunches. Several pairs of teens were finding secluded places to kiss and cuddle. All in all it was a beautiful Saturday.

She spoke briefly to the forest ranger on duty and received a map of the hiking trails. There were 6 trails at Mountainside Park, 2 were closed today due to the heavy rains earlier in the week. The ranger mentioned there were a couple of bridges damaged during the storms. The other 4 were open and included a 5-mile trail that wound around the mountain. Cindy knew this trail had a couple of good scenic overlooks and was little traveled by the families and weekend nature goers.

Cindy returned to her car and pulled out a small pack that she used for a purse during the week. She checked it and made sure the sandwich and 2 water bottles were still inside. A blue sedan pulled up with a young couple inside. Something about them caught her eye as she was slinging the pack over her shoulder. She knelt to adjust her shoes as they parked.

A beautiful brunette stepped out of the car, she worn shorts and a knit top which outlined her full breasts very nicely. Her hair was flowing in the gentle breeze, the light highlights picked up the sunshine and made her shimmer in the warm morning sun. Her husband was toned, but not overly bulky with muscles. He kissed her as he reached out to escort her, his hand around her waist. They appeared very enamored with each other as they walked up to the information hut.

Cindy walked back up to the start of the trail. She went slower than usual hoping to bump into the couple. The trails all began in the same place. She waited studying the large map of trails posted outside the hut. She turned at the sound of the door closing behind her and saw the couple walking her direction. “Hello.” She greeted them.

“Good Morning.” They answered in unison. He was still holding her waist and she was looking at the small map in her hands.

“Perfect day for a morning jog.” Cindy stepped aside to share the map. “Make sure you take one of the trails to the overlook.” She pointed to a gray rock outcrop on the map. “The views are inspiring.”

“Really!” The woman sounded excited. “What is the best way to get there? Is there a picnic area? Are there any secluded areas in the rocks?” She asked several questions without pausing for an answer.

“Dear, not so fast.” He took her hand. “We haven’t even introduced ourselves and you are pumping this young woman full of questions.” He turned to Cindy. “I am Mike and my overly exuberant wife is Amanda.”

“My name is Cindy.” She shook both their hands. “I don’t mind the questions.” She smiled at Amanda who was looking at her husband as if to say ‘see I was right.’ “To answer the first question all of the trails lead to the main overlook.” She pointed to a short trail branching off of the main one. “This is the quickest route, but also the steepest.” She pointed to another trail leading off from the overlook. “This is a short climb up to another rock outcrop that looks down on the overlook itself. It is very secluded today since they closed the trail due to a bridge washing out.” She turned back to the couple. “I usually jog up the main trail and have lunch up at the top of the mountain. They don’t have any tables or benches up there, but it is quiet and peaceful.”

“Oh that sounds perfect.” Amanda turned, practically pleading with her husband to go. “We can get the basket from the car and picnic right on the rock overlook.”

“I can’t see a reason not too.” Mark answered. Amanda could hardly contain herself as she jumped into his arms hugging him. Mark held her until she calmed. “Thank you.” He said to Cindy as they returned to the car.

Cindy smiled and waved at them. “Maybe I’ll see you at the top.” She turned to begin her jog.

The first half-mile was fairly flat around the base of the mountain. There were several picnicking groups just visible through the trees. She encountered 2 groups of teens roughhousing as they ran down the trail. There were only 3 couples hiking today and 2 solo hikers. The ground was boggy and all of the footprints had disappeared by the time the last trail branched off. She continued maybe a quarter mile along the trail before stopping. Her stomach tightened in anticipation as she pulled her shirt off. Her breasts were not huge, C-cup, but they swayed a bit as she resumed her running. Her nipples stiffened in the constant breeze. She gasped every time an errant branch crossed her path and swatted her across the chest. The sweat began to bead and roll down her forehead and chest. She shivered as bahis firmaları the dripped down onto her sensitive breasts. Her heart raced from the jogging and from the exhilaration of her exposure. This is the feeling she came here for.

Cindy wondered what would happen if the couple she had met earlier were to come strolling down the path. Visions of groping hands filled her mind when she ran through the spider web. She flailed at the air and stopped running. The sticky webbing was tickling her skin everywhere it touched. Her mind screamed and her body shivered. She pulled at it with her hands until she remembered the water bottles. She dumped half a bottle over her face and chest and rubbed the wet webbing off. Sitting on a stump she recovered her senses and reassessed. She drank some of the water and picked the last of the webbing off. She shivered again thinking about a creepy crawly spider binding her in its web.

The spider snared her in the sticky webbing, but strangely enough the face of the spider resembled the young man Mark from earlier. He bound her arms and legs in webbing wrapping them tightly. Her midsection was exposed as he hung her up beside another woman. Hanging upside sown she turned slowly in the breeze. The other woman swung around and appeared to be Amanda. She was totally nude except for the webbing on her arms and legs. She was smiling as she turned around. Spider Mark approached and began spinning her with his long hairy arms. He used four arms to maneuver her around, making sure to brush over her breasts as much as possible. She gasped and moaned in pleasure. He stopped her swinging by placing an arm between her legs and holding her still. Cindy watched helplessly as the two played until she felt a wet spot forming between her legs. It felt cold and spread down her thighs.

She shook her head and realized she was daydreaming. Her water bottle was pouring out onto her lap. “Damn!” She jumped up and looked at her soaked shorts. She collected her things and put her shirt back on, just in case. She resumed her run.

The remainder of the trip to the overlook was uneventful. She was relieved nobody was there to see her dripping shorts. She made her way over to the closed trail and looked around. Seeing nobody watching she walked up the trail about 50 yards or so. Certain she was alone she removed her shirt and shorts. Her heart raced, as she stood naked in the woods except for her shoes. She found a sunny spot and laid out her shorts to dry. The shirt she packed into her bag and then headed up the trail.

The trail was only a half-mile, but much of it was at a very steep incline. The bridge over a small creek was damaged, but easily crossed. She rounded a corner and broke through the trees onto the smaller rock outcropping. Below her was a vast expanse of forest reaching towards the distant valley with its small town just visible at the horizon. The rock was cool on her skin as she sat down to eat. The noise of animals and trees accompanied her as she ate. Below she could see the overlook and a couple of people stopped to look at the view.

She sat and enjoyed the sun soaking into her skin. She spotted Mark and Amanda below preparing their picnic lunch. They were unaware of their observer.

Amanda laid out the blanket and Mark opened the basket. They had sandwiches and a couple of containers with fruits and vegetables. They enjoyed their lunch while the group of boys who had followed them up the trail looked about and then headed back down for their own lunches. “I think we are alone.” Amanda whispered in Marks ear and nibbled on the lobe.

He looked around. “It would appear so.” His hand slid up under her shirt. His fingers gently pulled at her nipples through her bra. “Just think.” He kissed her neck. “Anyone could come walking down that trail.” He nodded towards the wooded trail.

“Oh yes.” Amanda moaned. “That is so exciting.” She tingled at the thought of being discovered.

“Mmm…you like that thought.” He pulled her shirt up and unhooked her bra. He caught her full breasts in his hands and kissed each one gently. Teasing them as his tongue explored.

“Oh Yes!” She moaned loudly as his tongue found her nipple. “So thrilling out here in the open.” She shivered as the breeze cooled her saliva-wet nipples. They perked up and hardened at the touch of the invisible breeze.

Cindy listened and watched, wishing she were closer as the moans drifted up to her. Her hands played with her own breasts and her tongue licked her lips hungry for the couple below.

Amanda stroked Mark through his shorts as he continued his suckling of her breasts. She sat up straight when she heard a noise in the woods. Her face was panic-stricken and she fled to the closed trail to hide.

Mark watched her flee and quickly tossed her shirt into the basket. She had just disappeared when a couple came stumbling out of one of the trails. Mark sat beside the basket explaining how his wife had run back to the car for a few things.

The couple kaçak iddaa stayed close by for longer than necessary. Amanda wondered if they might have seen something or heard something. She moved further back along the trail. Her body was tingling all over as she crept though the woods with her shirt impossible to reach. She sat down on a sunny log to wait for the voices to leave. The log felt wet and soft underneath her. She stood up and saw a pair of shorts neatly laid out. She gasped when she recognized them. Her thought did back flips thinking about the young woman Cindy running around in the woods without her shorts. Her impulsive nature got the better of her and she headed up the trail. She climbed until she reached the summit and saw Cindy sitting naked on the rocks looking down on the overlook. She realized Cindy had been watching them. Her thighs became damp at the thought of the hidden observer.

Cindy heard the noises behind her just a moment before Amanda stepped out onto the rocky outcrop. “Oh, hello.” Being caught in the nude herself startled Cindy. Having no way to cover up she tried to make an excuse. “I was just having lunch and…um.”

Amanda admired the thin athletic woman before her. “And were enjoying the show?” She suggested. Her own nipples becoming stiff and excited.

Cindy stopped worrying once she saw Amanda’s response. She laughed at the situation and nodded. “I was indeed, until you were so rudely interrupted.”

Amanda smiled and crept forward onto the rock. “Are they still there?” She asked.

“They are, and they don’t appear to be leaving.” Cindy pointed out.

“Oh that is a shame. Mark is so good with his tongue.” She pouted as she sat down beside Cindy and looked at Mark helplessly caught by the other couple.

“Looks like it could be awhile before they leave.” Cindy made a suggestion. “Think I could help?”

Amanda followed Cindy’s gaze to her engorged and stiff nipples. “I’ve fantasized about a woman, but…” She trailed off as Cindy locked her lips upon her left breast. “Oh Yes!” She gasped as Cindy made small circles around the nipple as she sucked a large mouthful of soft breast into her eager mouth. “Mmm…you must teach mark how to do that.” She gasped as Cindy continued her diligent work.

Cindy enjoyed the feel of the soft flesh in her mouth. Her tongue and lips massaged and pulled at the sensitive areola. Her hands made their way up, cupping each of Amanda’s breasts. She moaned causing her whole mouth to vibrate slightly and then let go.

Amanda whimpered. “Why did you stop?”

“I just thought it needed something else to be a proper desert.” Cindy answered reaching into her pack.

“Desert?” Amanda shivered at the thought of being somebody’s desert.

“Of course.” Cindy turned around opening a cream filled snack cake package. “I had lunch. Now I am going to eat your exquisitely sensitive breasts for desert.” She bit off one end of the cake and squeezed a small glob of cream out. Her tongue tasted the cream inside the cake, making small circles around the edges as she licked it out. “Mmm…perfect.” She squeezed more up to the opening and pressed it onto Amanda’s left nipple. A second circle of cream filling was soon spread onto her right breast. Cindy split the cake along the edge and licked up the length. Her tongue disappeared between the folds of cake.

Amanda stared with wide eyes and dripping pussy, wishing she were the desert cake. Cindy grinned around a tongue full of cream and locked her blue eyes on Amanda’s sparkling green. Amanda realized that she was becoming the desert cake. She watched Cindy lower her head and lick a trail of thick white cream between her ample breasts. “Oh God!” She gasped and shivered in expectation.

“Mmm…you look delicious.” Cindy pulled herself close and leaned over to begin licking up the creamy stuff.

Amanda groaned as the not tongue touched her breasts and slid towards the cool cream. The moaning for Cindy’s lips making her skin tingle and her mind do cartwheels. She bit her lip as an electric jolt shot from her nipple to her brain. Looking down she could see Cindy had latched onto her and was eagerly swallowing the sweet desert. The swallowing motion was shooting jolts of pleasure through her whole body. “That looks so yummy.” She whispered seeing the pink lips of her new friend outlined by the white cream being spread around her breast. Her hands trembled as her body screamed in joy. “I don’t know how much longer I can stay quiet.” She pointed out, hoping the couple below hadn’t heard them already.

Cindy pulled off the glistening breast and licked her lips. “I guess I need to try harder then.” Her eyes glittered impishly as she lowered her head and began licking her way around the breast.

“Mmm…hmmm…” Amanda nodded and clenched her fists as Cindy’s tongue made wider circles, passing through and licking up some of the cream melting in her cleavage.

“Let me see if this works?” She suggested. Her hands pressed the hot fleshy kaçak bahis mounds together, squeezing the cream between. She licked the cream from the crease. “Yum.” She looked at Amanda struggling not to scream. She licked again, this time pressing her tongue between the breasts. She worked her tongue up and down until they were clean. On the third pass Amanda lost control and screamed. Cindy smiled and continued on, moving up to the other nipple when the cream from her cleavage was gone.

Below, Mark was discussing his wife’s absence with growing frustration. The couple talking with him was obviously turned on by what they had heard. Mark was not to certain about whether he wanted to initiate anything with them or not. The guy was covered with tattoos and seemed a bit to rough for their tastes, especially as they were new to the idea of sharing.

A loud scream followed by familiar moaning interrupted the conversation. “What in the world?” The Girl asked. Her look changed from one of hopefulness to confused embarrassment.

“Sounds like somebody down there is having fun again.” Mark suggested the noise was coming from the longer main trail.

“Damn echoes always confuse me.” The man shot an accusing look at his girlfriend.

“I hope your wife comes back soon.” The girl waved politely and followed down the path.

Once they were out of sight he looked at the closed trail and then up to the rocks above. He knew that Amanda was up there, but the echoes did make the moaning seem to come from the woods all around. He started down the trail. He soon found the log with Cindy’s shorts lying crumpled beside it. He picked them up. He looked up the hill now more curious than ever.

He found the two women up on the rocks. From the cover of the trees he watched. Cindy was totally nude except for her shoes. Amanda was in just her shorts and appeared to have white specks on her breasts. She was getting something from the other girl’s pack. He looked carefully at the girl and realized it was the same one they had met earlier. He was about to step onto the rocks when he saw Amanda start squeezing the filling from a desert and rub it into Cindy’s breasts. He had never considered food in his breast play, so he watched.

Cindy felt the cool cream on her breasts. Chill bumps formed as she anticipated the forthcoming tongue. She was not as loud as Amanda, but began moaning when the soft warm tongue started circling. “Oh Yes.” She gasped when lips closed over her engorged nipples.

“Would you hold this?” Amanda pulled back and handed the half empty desert to Cindy. Cindy took it in her hand wondering what was being planned. Amanda held both breasts in her hands and squeezed them together. There was not the deep cleavage like she had, but it was enough for her to be able to lick between both breasts. Cindy leaned her head back and enjoyed the tongue teasing and tasting both breasts.

Amanda finished cleaning the nipples and sat back. “Ok, I want to try your cleavage now.” She reached for the cake.

“No.” Cindy pulled it back and grinned. “I don’t have enough cleavage for that.” She probably did, but it made for a nice excuse. Her index finger dipped into the center of the cake.

“What did you have in mind?” Amanda suspected she knew. She watched the finger sliding into the desert and watched it pull free covered in thick white cream.

Cindy lay back, spreading her legs wide as she did. “I had another crease in mind.” Her finger traced her swollen pussy lips. She dipped the finger in a second time and set the cake on her pack. The creamy finger spread the white filling right down the middle and then she licked the finger clean.

“Mmm…what would mark think?” She crawled over to where Cindy lay. Her green eyes twinkled as she lowered her head and began licking the cream from the edges. She worked her way in slowly.

“Oh, yes!” Cindy moaned. She reached down to run her fingers through Amanda’s hair, also holding her head in place. “We can ask him if he finds us.” She answered Amanda’s redundant question. She could feel Amanda smiling but didn’t let her come up to answer. She was enjoying the tongue searching through her pussy. She could tell Amanda had never licked a woman before, but knew what she was looking for. “A bit higher.” She suggested. Amanda’s tongue slipped up and found the hard little nub of a clit. “Oooo…Yes!” Cindy moaned as she found the spot.

Mark could take no more. He stepped out of the woods and walked over. “I see you found my wife.” He said as he approached.

“Mmm…She found me.” Cindy answered. She gasped as Amanda tried to answer from between her legs. The muffled noises causing great waves of pleasure to stream up her spine from her well attended pussy.

“You both look delicious.” Mark held out the shorts. “I think these are yours.”

“Mmm…hmm…” Cindy nodded. Her eyes rolling back as she shivered in response to a particularly deep probing tongue.

“May I?” Mark asked, hoping he could join in.

Cindy nodded and motioned to the half empty desert cake on the pack. She moaned and squeezed her breasts as Amanda curled her tongue upwards seeking the mysterious spot she had hit earlier. Cindy enjoyed the seeking tongue.

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