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Mother’s Submission Ch. 02

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Ball Gag

Gareth stirred, slowly coming out of a deep sleep. He was aware of a weight on top of him, realising it was his mother, arm across his chest and with her head resting on his shoulder. Gently he lifted her arm, then managed to slide out from under her, lowering her head onto the pillow. She gave a little murmur but didn’t disturb as he stood up, looking down at her, taking in her slim body with her breasts topped with those nut brown nipples that he had sucked on so ravenously last night. Her flat tummy, the round curves of her bottom, the way her bright auburn hair fanned out on the pillow as if forming a halo. He had to admit she was a very attractive woman. Gently he covered her with his duvet, then grabbing his dressing gown, went through to the bathroom to shower.

Half an hour later he was sat at the kitchen table nursing his second mug of coffee, trying to sort out all the emotions he was feeling. Only thirty six hours previously his thoughts had been centred on using his mother as a cheap slut, he had had absolutely no feelings of guilt as he had physically and verbally assaulted her, treating her as his personal whore.

He had to come to terms with the fact that those feelings had changed in a very short space of time. His mother had told him that he was full of hate, was that true? Did he hate her? He didn’t think he hated her, he certainly had felt betrayed by her, she was his mother, the one person he should be able to turn to for support when things went wrong, instead of support he had been met with sarcasm and ridicule. So yes he had resented her and when the opportunity arose he had allowed himself to be drawn into a dark side of his character that now he felt almost ashamed of.

Last night, after his mates had gone, was probably the first time as an adult that he had felt any emotional attachment to her. Watching his mates using her had excited him, but the fact that she had actually enjoyed it and ended up encouraging them had made him see her as the beautiful, sensual woman that she actually was. They had gone to bed together but it wasn’t the raw, dominating sex that it had been previously, this time they had made love, slowly, passionately, gently. Exploring each other, merging into each other as only lovers can do. It had been as if the merest touch from her sent electrical charges through his body, he had felt her reaction to his hands caressing her as they writhed together. Finally, they had orgasmed together, not violent as it had been before, but a slow build up as their bodies melted together until that moment when he finally exploded inside her and she responded, flooding over him.

Gareth had believed himself to be in love with Samantha, but the emotion he felt now toward his mother was far stronger than anything he had ever felt for Samantha. This is what was driving him crazy, was he in love with his mother? He knew how wrong that should be, but he was in turmoil. How can you fall in love with your own mother? How can that happen when it is so wrong?

Gareth didn’t feel as if he was getting anywhere trying to understand his feelings, he was no philosopher, his school life had revolved around rugby, he had always given short shrift to those namby pambies that always seemed to be looking for the ‘Deeper meaning’ of everything. Life had been so simple, you played rugby, you got well paid, beautiful girlfriend, sumptuous accommodation … who needed inner meanings?

His thoughts were interrupted by Leah entering the kitchen. He didn’t think he had ever seen her more beautiful than she looked at that moment, fresh from the shower, dressed only in her white, fluffy bathrobe. She walked slowly to him, they said nothing but their eyes spoke volumes to each other. He turned to face her as she reached him, opening her robe and pulling his head towards her naked breasts. His arms encircled her inside her robe, feeling the smoothness of her skin as he caressed her back and the curve of her buttocks. They held each other tight, not speaking but saying so much. She stooped to kiss the top of his head, he turned his face up to her and their lips met. The kiss was deep and tender, their tongues searching.

He felt her hands pulling at his robe, revealing his naked body, his erection standing proud. She straddled him, lowering herself onto him, holding each other tight as she buried him inside her. They stayed like that, not moving but with so much tenderness passing between them. They kissed as he felt her muscles gripping his cock, the heat from her burning him. He tried to move but she stopped him. “Let me,” she said, “l want to make love to you.”

Gareth had never made love like this, this was all about emotion not lust. The slightest gyration of her body sent shivers through him. He felt like a wire being stretched so taught,, being taken to breaking point. His mouth searched for her nipples as she offered her breasts to him. Her movement quickening as the sensations he was creating in her breasts drove her. She held him tight to her breasts, knowing beylikdüzü escort her own orgasm was close. “Cum baby… cum with me… oh baby l love you.”

His body was shaking with emotion, he felt her responding, felt her relax around him as the flood of her juices flowed over him just as he came, squeezing her tight as he emptied himself into her.

“Oh yes baby,” she cried, “oh my god yes.”

As they spent themselves, they kissed. Finally coming down from the high of their orgasms.

She leaned back against his arms, looking down at him. “Good morning,” she said, that wicked grin only enhancing the feelings he had for her.

“I love you,” he said, feeling the relief flood out of him now that he had said the words.

“Every son should love his mother,” she replied, kissing his forehead.

“Not like that… l mean l love you.”

“Shush baby… shush,” she held him tight, not wanting him to see the tears running down her cheeks. All she could think of was all the years she had desperately wanted to feel that motherly love that all the so called experts kept going on about, and now here she was finally feeling an all-consuming love for her son, but for all the wrong reasons.

She kissed him again as she stood, reaching for the tissues on the table to mop the mixture of juices oozing from her cunt. Then doing up her robe and pouring herself a coffee, she seated herself opposite him at the table.

“We need to talk,” she said, taking a mouthful of her coffee.

Gareth looked at her, not knowing where to start. Finally he said “l’m sorry.”

“Sorry for what baby?”

“For what l did to you, treating you like l did, and for bringing the lads round. I should never have done that, it was just that l was so mixed up after all the mess Samantha had left me in, l took it all out on you and l shouldn’t.”

“Well l was to blame as well, l realise now that l must have been a right old nag, constantly having a go at you for getting involved with her in the first place. If l’m honest l was jealous of her, you were living the high life in London and l was stuck her in this dump, then when your world fell apart, instead of being a proper mother and being here to help and comfort you l was too busy gloating.”

“I know, but that doesn’t excuse what l did, l mean when we all started on you it must have been terrifying.”

“Yes, it was, suddenly finding myself naked, surrounded by a gang of naked young men, treating me like some whore, l was frightened, and angry.”

“I’m sorry.”

“I know baby, and l accept that. Anyway is wasn’t all bad was it, in fact as it turned out it was very enjoyable.”

“Well they certainly enjoyed it, Charlie especially.”

“Oh he’s just sweet.”

“You wouldn’t say that if you heard how he talks about you.”

“I bet you were all saying things about me, l would have loved to have been a fly on the wall listening to that. What kind of things did they say?” Leah felt her body reacting to the way the conversation was going.

“Oh, the usual rubbish young men say when they’ve had a few drinks and are discussing a good looking woman. Charlie reckons that just watching you walk down the street makes him cum in his pants.”

“Mmmmmmm, nice to know l can turn a few heads.”

“You’re kidding Mum, you’re gorgeous, you look years younger than you are, fantastic figure, you’re beautiful.”

“Thank you sir.” She blew him a kiss.

“Why have you never got yourself another fella since Dad left? There are plenty out there that would jump at the chance.”

“You have to be kidding,” she laughed, “all the decent fellas are married and if any of the women round here thought l was sniffing around their husband l would have been tarred and feathered. As for the single ones… l had one waster in your father, l wasn’t going down that route again.”

“But you’re a sexy woman Mum, l mean, what did you do for sex? Surely there must have been someone.”

“I’ve got a drawer full of cocks upstairs, l did have one brief moment on holiday when l got pissed, ended up against the wall with some greasy waiter humping me. I decided my vibrators were more fun. If l hadn’t got that brief glimpse of you playing with yourself the other night l would still be relying on them.”

“What are we going to do about that Mum? I mean we can’t carry on like this, l will have to move out.”

“No baby! No, don’t say that baby.” She got up and rushed round to him, holding him tight. “Don’t leave me again baby, please, promise me.”

Gareth twisted round, bringing her to sit on his lap. They kissed, he felt his cock stirring.

“Oooh!” She giggled, moving her bum against his stiffening cock, ” does baby want to fuck Mummy again?”

“Mum, we have to talk about this.”

“Fuck me first.”

“No Mum… be serious.”

“I am serious, l want you to fuck me; you can have my bum if you like.”

“Stop it beylikdüzü eve gelen escort Mum or l’m going… we have to talk about this.”

Leah sensed he was serious and that she was going to have to treat him more seriously. She tingled at the way he was taking charge of her, enjoying the feeling that after all this time she had found a man with a backbone, someone she could look up to and respect.

“Okay, l’ll behave… or l might get my bottom spanked,” she gave him another little squirm against his cock, then giggling got up and ran around back to her chair.

“You’re like a kid,” he said smiling, enjoying this new, totally new, happy mother that he had never seen before.

“I’m happy,” she replied, “happier than l have ever been in my adult life.”

“But it can’t go on like this Mum, we have to stop what we’re doing. We would be in serious trouble if we got caught out. Don’t forget there are five other people who know about us, now l can’t see for one minute that any of them would cause trouble for us but you can’t tell what might happen; any one of them could let something slip in a conversation and if the wrong person is listening then we would be in trouble.”

“Why don’t we move away then,” she replied, “we could go somewhere miles away where no-one knows us, we could pretend you’re my live in lover, even my husband, after all you’re only eighteen years younger than me, plenty of women my age or older have younger partners. You could be my toy boy, l love playing with toys.”

“Nice idea Mum, but what do we do for money? I haven’t finished paying off the debts Samantha left me with yet. If we sold this house we wouldn’t get much for it, houses round here go for next to nothing, that’s why so many young couples are moving out here from Cardiff so they can get somewhere to live.”

“I don’t know Gareth… all l do know is that l want us to carry on, last night was wonderful, you were so tender and loving, it was the best sex l’ve ever had and l want it again and again. I’ll do anything, anything at all as long as we can carry on.”

Gareth was quiet for a long period, just looking at her as she looked back at him. She was so beautiful, that amazing hair framing the almost childlike beauty of her face, everything in perfect proportion. His mind went back to last night… it had been an amazing night for him as well; their bodies had joined as one, the power of emotion taking over both of them. He recalled how much he loved her at that moment, realising that he still felt that love now. He just wanted to be able to lock out the world for ever and spend the rest of his life in her arms.

“It’s so dangerous Mum.”

“Who’s going to care Gareth? We’re grown adults, who are we hurting? All you need to do is decide if you want me.”

“Of course l want you, that’s the problem. I’m mad about you, but there are things we have to sort out.”

“Like what?”

“My mates for a start, they’re going to want another session, l’m going to have to tell them that it’s not going to happen with out getting them so pissed off they start blabbing about us.”

“So why stop them?”

“What do you mean?”

“Why stop them? I thought you enjoyed seeing me with them, they enjoyed it and so did l, so why stop them?”

“You’re telling me you want me to bring them round again?”

“Yes, if you want me to spell it out, l would like you to bring your mates round and use me as a slut. After all, what woman wouldn’t like to be lusted after by a group of handsome, strapping young men. Well perhaps not handsome when l think of Charlie but he is quite sweet.”

“I don’t think any woman has ever called Charlie sweet, even his mother.” Gareth laughed.

“Well Paul and Brian are certainly good looking and l quite fancy having Brian again, he was lovely and big.”

Talking about it had got her all worked up again, without thinking, one hand was back between her legs, rubbing her clit, while the other one had slipped inside her robe and was teasing her nipples.

“I know what you’re doing you randy bitch, stop it, l’m trying to have a serious conversation with you.”

“Spoilsport,” she mumbled, putting her hands back on the table and putting on a look of indignation, ” l bet they’ve already been talking about what they want to do to me next time.”

“Charlie wants to bring his sister round, apparently he’s been fucking her.”

“I think half the town’s been through that slag,” she replied, “April Morgan in work caught her husband talking to her one day, she threatened him she’d cut his dick off if she suspected he was fucking her. I don’t reckon any of those three kids are her husband’s, and she’s pregnant again.”

“April is no saint, she’s fucking your boss.”

“The new one? The Pakistani from Cardiff? How do you know?”

“We manage the CCTV in your factory, the camera that covers his office was left on record one day by accident, beylikdüzü masöz escort when we went in to update the system we saw the recording of him fucking her over his desk.”

“The sneaky bitch!”

“Do you really want them all to come round again, what about Kerry and Joe?”

“Is it what you want?”

“I don’t want you to do it for me unless you’re happy with it.”

“But you like the idea of watching me being fucked by your mates don’t you? I know you men, always wanting to see your wives getting fucked by other men.”

“You’re not my wife though, you’re my mother.”

“I can be your pretend wife though, what better than a wife who really loves you and will do anything for you.”

“Things have changed though Mum, l don’t want to force you now, my feelings have changed.”

“But you still want to see me do it don’t you?”

Her hand had gone back between her legs, she was so turned on by the conversation she was on the verge of cumming. Gareth could see what she was doing, this incredibly sexy woman, masturbating in front of him, talking about being gangbanged by six men, His cock was at attention, it took all of his willpower to stop himself from throwing her onto the table and fucking her.

“Yes l want it Gareth, l want to be your slut, l want you to se me fucked, treat me like your whore.” She could see how excited he was, she was enjoying the fact that she could stir him up so easily. She had loved it when he had been gentle and loving with her last night, but she wanted the other side of him too, the masterful side that took charge of her and used her.

He could resist no longer, shedding his robe as he stood.

“Are you going to hurt me again? Are you going to fuck your mother so hard she begs for mercy? Come on big boy, show your mother what real men do to their sluts.”

Gareth approached her, the fire burning inside him. “Get naked bitch; bend over that table, l’m going to bore out that arsehole of yours.”

“But l’m dry there,” she pleaded, “please Master, you will hurt me.” She wanted to stimulate him even more, she needed him to be out of his mind. God she wanted him, she loved him. “Please Master, let your Mummy make your cock nice and slippery, my bum hole is so tight and your cock is so big.”

“On your knees then cunt,”

Leah quickly removed her robe, sinking to her knees. “Will you be gentle with my mouth Master, your cock is so big, if you put it too far in l can’t breath.”

“Shut up cunt,” Gareth grabbed her hair, ramming his thick, hard cock against her lips as she pretended to resist him. He grabbed his cock with his free hand, slapping it against her face. “Open your mouth cunt, do as you are fucking told.”

“Yes Mast…”

As she spoke he thrust his cock into her mouth, pulling her onto him as he felt himself entering her throat. He felt her convulse as she gagged on him, desperately trying to accommodate him as he thrust deeper into her, her face pressed up against his hairy groin.

Gareth had to fight hard to retain some self control, knowing she was putting on an act but still so fired up that he was close to losing it completely.

He felt her hands holding his balls, squeezing them gently as she still struggled for breath. He withdrew his cock, now covered with saliva, her eyes wide as she gasped for air.

“Now get over the table and spread your arse.”

“Yes Master,” she managed to say between deep breaths, ” are you going to fuck Mummy in her bum.”

She bent over the table, reaching behind to spread her bum cheeks, presenting her bum hole for him. “Mummy wants it up her bum Master, Mummy wants her bum filled with your spunk.”

Gareth nudged the head of his cock against her anus, grabbing her hair, he forced himself in with one lunge. She cried out as she felt the pain of him invading her and then again as the orgasm ripped through her body. He was deep inside her arsehole, feeling her whole body shudder as her orgasm travelled through her, he tried to hold back but couldn’t, his cock sending jets of spunk into her as he came.

“Yes Master,” she gasped, “yes, fill me, pump it into me. Oh Gareth baby l love you.”

“I love you Mum,” every ounce of emotion spilling out of him as he collapsed on top of her. He realised he was crying, tears streaming down his cheeks as he sank to the floor. She followed him, holding him, kissing him, kissing his tears as he sobbed.

“Shush baby,” she held him tight, his head between her breasts, “shush baby, it’s okay, let it all out, Mummy’s here, Mummy loves you.”

He was unable to speak, wanted to tell her how much he loved her but unable to get the words out as his tears continued to flow. They ended up led on the cold tiled floor, he was on his back with her lying on him, kissing him, telling him she loved him.

“I love you Mu…” She stopped him with a kiss.

“Not Mum anymore,” she said holding herself above him, “l think l should be Leah from now on don’t you?”

“It sounds more sensible,” he agreed, ” now you’ll have to move, l need the bathroom.”

Slowly she slid off him, reluctant to let him go. If it hadn’t been for the cold, hard floor she would have stayed there in his arms all day.

By the time Gareth returned, Leah had dressed in her robe and was stood at the stove.

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