Temmuz 14, 2024

Mother The First Time Ch. 02

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I had gone back to my room after my first sexual encounter with my Mum as I had two younger brothers in the house.

That morning I was woken with breakfast in bed from my Mother. As soon as I saw her I apologised for my actions the previous evening ” Don’t you worry son I enjoyed it more than you realise maybe we can do it again?” I replied “that’s fine by me whenever you want just come and help yourself ” My Mum smiled blew me a kiss and left me to have my breakfast and guess what I had another erection just thinking of what happened with the previous nights encounter.

Nothing happened for over a week Mum had not come to my room for a few nights now and I thought that it must have been a one off situation but a few nights later I must have been in a deep sleep as I was dreaming I was sucking on my Mothers nipples when I realised I was not dreaming at all my Mother was naked in my room and had stuck her breasts in my face. As I sucked on my Mothers nipples my cock had stood to attention and as we moved about my erection brushed against Mothers body.

“Feels like its ready for action but this time it’s my treat for you son” my Mother said suggestively.

She took her tit out of my mouth and pushed me back on the bed exposing my raging erection sticking up like a flagpole.

Mum kissed my chest making her way down towards my belly button, bayan arkadaş Mum grasped the shaft of my cock and slowly wanked it “It’s a beautifully large cock son I am proud of it and to think I helped make it, now its time for your treat my loving son”

My mother s head went down on to the tip of my cock and opened her mouth and breathed on it she then pulled away and said, “Ever had this done to you before son?”

I gasped and shook my head I was speechless,

My Mothers mouth returned to the tip of my cock as Mum opened her mouth I could feel the hot breath on my shaft, then Mums lips clasped around the tip of my cock and slid the entire length of my pulsating erection in her mouth and down her throat, her nose was in my pubes as Mum sucked away on my cock. Mums head slowly went right back to the tip and back down again swallowing my huge organ to the hilt.

“Christ this is so wonderful please don’t stop Mum don’t stop”

Mum grasped on my shaft as her head moved slowly up and down sucking and licking on my cock. With her other hand Mum began to tickle my scrotum ever so lightly with her fingers, after a few minutes of this pleasurable torture I knew I couldn’t control myself anymore I said, ” I am sorry Mum but I am going to cum”.

As a result of this Mum slowed the wanking right down to a slow stroke and her mouth virtually stopped bayan partner moving up and down my shaft I felt a finger probe and enter my arsehole slowly sliding deeper and deeper into my anus as Mum sucked on my cock as slow as she could,

I begged Mum to go faster but all she did was giggle I was at the point of no return Mum then quickened up the pace with her hand and her head bobbed up and down on my cock at a break neck speed this caused my cock to erupt in my Mothers mouth sending a torrent upon torrent of spunk from my shaft into my Mothers mouth, Mum took my cock out of her mouth and let my spunk dribble from the corner of her mouth, down her chin and onto her breasts,

I could not believe how happy I was seeing my cum drip from my mothers mouth and down her tits, My Mother the took my still erect cock back into her mouth sucking every last drop from my organ, eventually I went limp and Mum raised her face to mine and kissed me passionately on the lips as we tongued I could taste my seamen in my Mothers mouth.

This was all too much for me I licked my Mothers chin and then down to her breasts sucking the trail of my spunk into my mouth I then moved back to my mothers lips and stuck my tongue in her mouth transferring my spunk from my mouth to hers as we kissed passionately.

I said, “thanks Mum that was brilliant I cant decide weather a bdsm escort fuck or a blow job is best thing to have”

Mum said, “Best you fuck me then so you can make your mind up” At this Mum gently held my half erect cock in her hand and stroked it gently, the thing had a mind of its own and my cock sprang to life instantly much to my Mothers delight.

Mum climbed on me and again guided my shaft into her waiting pussy.

There was no holding Mum back she rode me like a woman possessed as Mum rode my cock her tits were bouncing to and fro in front of me I squeezed Mums nipples as she began to moan ” I’m Cumming again Son fuck me harder I grabbed Mums hips and slowed right down “your no race horse either mother” I quippped

” Fuck me fast, don’t stop, fuck me son” Mum panted desperately, Her desperation was evident so I humped away as my Mother had orgasm after orgasm, My Mother was drained I said ” get ready Mum I am Cumming again” At this Mum quickly dismounted my cock and placed her lips around my shaft sucking like mad I shot my load and this time Mum swallowed it all down her throat,

After I went limp Mum smacked her lips together saying to me ” Not only can you fuck you taste lovely, Are you sure you were a virgin Son?”

I said, “I was until the other night with you Mum. You are a great teacher and I am a willing pupil teach me anything you want”

At this Mum climbed off my bed kissed me on the forehead and said ” The next lesson will be soon Son get yourself plenty of rest Night Night Son”

Mum then turned and walked out of my room shutting the door behind her as I settled down for a good nights sleep.

Who’s a lucky boy?

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