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Mother , Son Lovers

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After reading my story, “Cumming Home,” Dan told me of his twenty-year love relationship with his mother. The following is a cooperative effort with Dan who lives the story every day. It is his experience written for him and your reading pleasure. The story is Dan’s; I am only the agent to narrate his reality.

My name is Dan. My story is true. I think many believe fucking your mother can never happen, it is only a fantasy. Well I’m here to tell you it does happen!

I am a 40-year-old male. My mom is 65. We have been lovers for almost 20 years and are deeply in love with each other. She is still married to my dad but he has no idea we are fucking. Mom and I get together two or three times a week. She loves all kinds of sex. (I’ll get into details later.) I have had sex with many different women but nothing, absolutely nothing compares to making it with Mom.

As long as I can remember, I have had a special feeling for Mom and thought she was so very beautiful. In my late teens, I realized Mom was unhappy with her and Dad’s sex life. My bedroom was next to theirs. I could hear the bed creak for a few minutes, silence .. then they argued. It would go something like:

“Damn John, all you do is jump on top of me, cum quick, roll over and go to sleep.

You have no regard for what I want or need.”

“Hell Mary, I’m not a sex machine. I don’t like you sucking my dick and I think it’s sick that you want me to eat your pussy.”

“I need a man …a man that respects me for who I am and shows their appreciation for my body.”

This went on for years. It would go back and forth and then silence. I would lay bed masturbating to the fantasy of how I would give Mom the loving and hot sex she wanted and needed. As a twenty-year-old man, I wanted her to begin thinking of me as a sexual being that could make her happy.

I knew the transformation would not happen overnight. I developed a plan that during the next year, whenever Dad was not home, I stripped down to my jockeys and walked around the house. Sometimes Mom would ask:

“Why aren’t you dressed?”

I knew she liked my muscular build and my package showed well in the jockeys. Looking straight into her eyes, I would respond with a smile:

“Because I know you like seeing me nearly naked!”

I continued strutting around the house showing my stuff. Eventually, when we were alone, Mom started walking around in short skirts, tight fitting tops, no bra or something very skimpy.

Gradually building up, we began to flirt with each other, making comments about the other’s great body. I would hug and kiss her, first on the cheek then on her lips. She esenyurt ucuz escort did not resist. As you can imagine, the sexual tension between us became extreme. I never felt about or wanted anyone the way I desired Mom. I knew I was totally in love with her and I didn’t care what anyone thought. I just had to make the right move at the right time.

The night it happened, as usual, Dad went to bed around 10PM. I felt this was going to be the right time but I was nervous. I went to my room and smoked a joint, which always makes me horny and self-assured. I put on my gym shorts, which were too small; giving no doubt that my cock would bulge out. I went to the family room where Mom was sitting in her nightgown and robe.

“Would you like me to mix you a drink, Mom?”

“Yes, sweetie… that would be nice.”

I went heavy on the booze in her drink. Moving to the couch, I patted the cushion and invited her to sit next to me. I felt her warm thigh on mine as we talked, flirted and finished our drinks. We both knew what was going to happen next.

I put my arm around her pulling her to me. We faced each other. She looked longingly into my eyes as I said:

“Mom you know I’m in love with you….. Don’t you?”

She let out a little sob. She was wrapped in my arms and we kissed passionately. Words cannot describe the feeling the first time our tongues entered each other’s mouth. It was as if an electric charge went through our bodies. It happened so fast. We were naked and on the rug, our tongues continuing to dart in and out, taking turns sucking the other’s tongue.

“Danny, I have to confess I’m deeply in love with you too!… but…”

“Sh-h-h Mom let me take over.”

Mom lay on her back, her beautiful body glistening in the light. I straddled her head, my cock hanging down just above her lips.

“Take me in your mouth Mom…. Suck my dick!”

Her tongue danced on my rigid rod, circling my purple knob.. She wrapped her lovely lips around my big cock and sucked it like I had never experienced before.

“Oh baby… yeah suck your boy’s big prick…. Sweetheart…. Darling…..MOM…….. OH GOD I LOVE YOU!”

(To this day, it still excites me to call her, “Baby”… “Sweetheart”…. “My Love”.) Mom’s cock sucking was getting me close to cumming but first I had to pleasure her. I kissed my way down her beautiful body. Taking a long time on her tantalizing 38C tits. I sucked and licked, as her nipples got harder and more erect. The same pink nipples I nursed on some twenty years earlier. Mom opened her legs as I continued on, my tongue tracing her body, esenyurt üniversiteli escort licking every inch of her thighs and lovely long legs that I had jerked-off to for so many years.

I kneeled between her legs and began lapping her fur covered cunt. I spread her labial lips with my thumbs. These lips and precious pussy were my gateway to the world and now I was going to pay homage to them and the woman who bore me. Her inner flesh was bright pink, very wet and hot to the touch. My tongue explored every part of her inner vaginal walls. The taste and fragrance of her cunt was intoxicating. My mouth moved to her clit, the little red nub was hard and sensitive. I nibbled and sucked until she thrashed and moaned through one orgasm after another.

Mom squirts when she cums. It was like a little fountain constantly gushing in my mouth. I had to keep gulping down her hot pussy juices. I mounted her and thrust my thick eight incher into her with one stroke. It was like a knife going through hot butter. I was now moving up the canal from which I came and would soon fill with my love cum. My cock was home …. in Mom…. Where it belongs. Mom grabbed a throw pillow and shoved it in her mouth, muffling her screams.

Immediately, the hair trigger of her dam broke and she started to have one constant and unending orgasm. Mom’s body twitched and shook. Her eyes rolled in her head and she was juicing so freely I thought she was peeing.

Knowing I was FUCKING MY MOTHER, giving her so much pleasure and driving her delirious with joy was all I could take. It felt like the head of my cock blew off as I shot my wade inside her. Never … Never had I experienced a climax that even came close to that first time of filling my mother’s cunt with my hot spunk. I felt like I was pouring gallons of sperm into her overflowing womb. I hoped I was knocking her up. We lay in each other’s arms, heart’s beating fast. When we caught our breath, Mom said:

“Oh Danny.. That was wonderful. I’m stunned…. Never in my life did I know sex could be like this. You are only the second man I have ever been with. …..You know your father just gets on top of me cums and gets off. In 23 years of marriage, he never would eat my pussy like you did son….. I came harder, longer and more often tonight than I have my entire life.”

There was no doubt that our relationship would continue. The sex was too good and we were too much in love to stop. The next day we developed a plan of days we could spend together, adjusting our work schedules to accommodate our sexual needs. We managed two full days a week as etiler escort well as most every night after Dad went to bed.

We took incredible chances in the beginning. One Saturday afternoon I was in the kitchen looking out the window watching and waving to Dad mow the lawn while I was fucking the shit out of Mom bent over a chair. Our love making continued and I got Mom to be more adventurous.

“Mom…. Your juicy little ass drives me nuts. I’d love to lick your butt crack and fuck your sweet asshole…. (She looked a bit shocked).. Let’s take a shower together, get good and clean and try it…. Okay?”

With some hesitation, Mom nodded approval. After washing each other and slipping a soapy finger or two up each other’s asshole, we got on the bed licking, sucking and eating each other’s asses 69 style. I lubed Mom’s anal aperture and took her virgin asshole for the first time.

“OH… Oh ….Danny.. Stop it hurts…..You’re going to split me open with that big cock of yours”

“Sorry I’ll take it slower and ease it in…. I think you will get to like it Mom.”

I took it slow and tried to be as gentle as I could. It wasn’t the length as much as the thickness. I put more lube in her little rosebud and lathered my shaft. Easing my cock in inch by inch, she took all eight.

“Oh yes….. that’s better son…. now that you’re all the way up there… Hmmm I like the feel of you sliding up and down.”

I reached around with one hand massaging her tits and pinching her hard nipples. My other hand fingered her clit, which intensified her orgasm while I filled her colon with my hot cum. Eating ass and butt fucking became part of our everyday lovemaking that day.

Mom also got creative. After eating my ass, Mom nestles her nose in my butt-crack and licks my hanging balls. She loves to take one of my balls in her mouth, suck on it and then switch to the other while she finger-fucks my asshole. Mom has a very talented tongue, mouth and finger.

About six months after we first fucked Mom told me she was pregnant. Before she could even think of what to tell Dad (as their sex life was nil) she miscarried. It was a disappointment but perhaps for the best. However, I was THE MAN because I had knocked-up my mother.

As time went on, we became more verbal when we made love. It turned us both on to hear Mom say things like:

“Fuck your momma in the ass baby!” “Now be a good boy and Fuck your Mommy!” “Mom wants to suck her baby-big-boy’s cock!” “Oh I love the way you suck mommy’s tits!”

Or I would say: “Lick your bad boy’s asshole Mom!” “Ride your son’s big cock Mom!” “Suck my dick Mom… suck it good!” “Swallow my love cum Mom…. Drink it all down!”

The sensual auditory increased the excitement and passion of our lovemaking, adding to our sex getting better and better over the years. I guess that’s what happens when two people are totally in love. Mom is still with Dad but they have no sex life. I consider Mom my wife and I am her man.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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