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Mother, Oh Mother

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My name is Jason, I ran away from home when I was 14 years old, all 5’4″ of me. I am now 19 years old, 6’3″ tall, weigh 210lbs, with a street hardened body. I am destitute and have been living on the streets ever since.

How did it start and how did I get to this stage…read on.

I ran away from home because of my dads drinking and his constant arguments, that was 5 years ago. I have lived on the streets for most of this time, sometimes working, sometimes not. I now had to make a choice, straighten up my life or keep struggling to survive.

It was a hard choice but I decided to go home and see how things were with mum and dad, what happened would totally my life.

It was Friday evening around 7pm and I had hitched a ride back to the old neighbourhood. I walked up my street and found my house, the lights were on, I knocked on the door and hoped like hell that the greeting would go well. The door opened and my mother stood there, 5′ 1″ tall, long red hair, small freckles on her milky white skin, weighing around 120lbs, her figure looked great as she stood there in a pair of black lycra shorts, hugging her figure and a tight blue t-shirt covering her voluptuous breast, she looked great.

“Yes?” she asked quizzically.

“Its me Jason!” I blubbered.

She looked and then screamed with joy as she threw her arms around my neck and kissed me and hugged me, tears rolling down her checks as she repeated “Jason of my darling Jason.”

Eventually we entered the house and mum made me a coffee. “So where is dad?” I asked.

“Jason your father died 3 years ago in a car accident,” mum said.

“What happened?” I inquired,

“I threw him out just after you left because of his abusive behaviour and it was around a year later, after a drinking binge, which was very common, he and his girlfriend drove their car off the road.”

“Are you OK with that?” I again asked.

“Yes my darling, yes I am.” Mum said.

We talked late into the night, holding hands and occasionally kissing and hugging each other. I just kept looking at mum and how beautiful she was, she noticed me staring at her breasts and looked into my eyes and asked “You like what you see son?”

“Oh mum you are simply gorgeous,” I replied while my face went red with embarrassment.

“You look pretty great too,” she retorted looking down at the growing bulge in my pants.

I was now electrically charged, my head buzzing with excitement, my cock straining in my jocks, my mouth dry and sticky, I knew that something special was about to happen. Mum looking into my eyes, smiling, not like a mother but more like a woman on heat. My mind now racing, was she really coming onto me? Should I reach beylikdüzü otele gelen escort out and grab those gorgeous breasts? I began to lean forward to kiss her, trying to lick my lips to moisten them, when just like that, she stood up and walked from the room saying, “I’m going to take a shower.”

Did I read it wrong, sitting alone and confused? I eventually decided that at least I should go and take a peek at my mother in the shower. This is wrong, this is so wrong; my lust was driving me to perve on my own mother, my mother, a true beauty. My mind racing with positive thoughts followed by negative ones.

I crept up to the bathroom door which was ajar a little, I felt the sweat forming on my brow, leaning forward, my eye pressing against the door crack, I saw her, naked under the spray of the shower, water spraying over her ponderous breasts, nipples hard and protruding, her freckles shimmering like gold dust on her milky skin.

I continued my visual exploration of this sex goddess I called Mum, slowly drawing my eyes away from her magnificent breasts and letting them crawl down her tummy which was almost flat, just a tinny little bulge at the bottom, this highlighted her maturity and sexuality, proving her to be a real woman, not a cosmetic bimbo. Her pubic patch came into view, trimmed red hair just covering her protruding vagina, like half a peach waiting to be eaten.

I found myself releasing my hardening cock from the confines of my pants. It was a good 8″ long and thick enough to barely wrap my fingers around it. I was more excited now than I had ever been before.

“Jason,” my mother said, looking directly at the door crack, shit! I’ve been busted, “don’t just stand there, come and join me.” Breaking my trance, I pushed open the door, taking in all of my mother’s beauty as my eyes flashed over her body.

“Is that for me?” Mum quizzed, as her eyes came to rest between my legs. I looked down to see that I had forgotten about my hard cock hanging free, again I turned beet red. “Don’t be embarrassed,” mum said smiling, “Just take your clothes off and hop in the shower with me.”

It took mere seconds for me to disrobe and climb into the shower. Mum just grabbed me, her lips pressed hard against mine; my arms encircled her sweet body, her hands grabbing the back of my neck. Our tongues dancing in each others mouths, her soft large breasts pressing against my chest, my hands running over her soft bum cheeks, my mother moaning into my mouth.

Heaven, oh heaven. My mind was confirming the reality of the situation. Holding my mother in my arms, the building heat between us, the passion of the kiss and the strength beylikdüzü rus escort of our embrace, I felt giddy from my arousal, I wanted this woman, my mother, I needed her now.

I felt the twitch in my groin beckoning release, my mother must have felt it too, as she broke our kiss and embrace, dropping to her knees in the shower stall, water pounding her lovely face and matting her red hair, she looked up at me, grabbed my straining cock and gulped it down in one motion. I felt her lips sliding over my cock and then she began to piston her mouth up and down my shaft, I braced myself against the shower walls.

“Mother, oh mother I’m coming,” as I moaned these words, mum just jammed her mouth hard over my cock, I felt it enter her throat and I came, torrents gushing down her throat, shot after shot, as I bucked and shook uncontrollably, all the while mum just held her face to my groin, drinking my cum.

Mum finally got up from her knees, leaned against my body as she pulled herself up, the planted a kiss on my lips, her tongue swirling with mine, the taste of my cum fresh in her mouth, we kissed, long and hard till mum withdrew her tongue and said “Jason lets go to bed.”

Both out of the shower now, we scampered, dripping wet to the bedroom. I grabbed a towel and dried the water from her silky soft white freckled skin. Kissing her body as I dried it, her smooth back, her shapely legs, then her soft arms, her beautiful full breasts, down her motherly stomach, till I finally reached her mound, the mound from where I came. I dabbed it, rubbed it with the towel, then breathed in her femininely essence. I felt the heat it was generating.

I leaned forward, my tongue probing through her short red curly pubes, I heard her moan, then tremble as I tantalised and tasted her moist vaginal area. It was intoxicating; I felt a rush as she trembled yet again, followed by a longer, louder moan. Mum’s fingers intertwining with my hair, pulling my mouth harder to her beautiful womanly pussy. I dragged my tongue over her extending clit, time and again, making her body shake and bump. My tongue penetrating into her passage, then withdrawing quickly, then dragging over her clit again.

Time was at a standstill as I continued my oral assault on my mothers pussy, my mouth saturated with her juices, tongue deep inside her vaginal canal, sucking, licking and adoring this sweet tasting, swollen opening between my mothers legs.

She was Cumming, screaming my name “Jason, Jason, OHHHHHHHH FUCKKKKK, Jason, I am Cumming, eat me, eat me, please Jason eat MEEEEEEEEE.” Her fingers, grabbing my hair, forcing my face deeper into her pulsating pussy, I worked my tongue beylikdüzü türbanlı escort harder and faster than I have ever done, she screamed “HUUUUUUUHHHH,” her body now in an uncontrollable orgasm, hips jerking, breasts heaving, she continued to make loud wordless sounds from her open mouth.

Mother finally released my hair and fell heavily onto the bed, “Oh Jason, that was exquisite!”

I looked up at her, even though my jaw and tongue were tired, I smiled, a smile of love and admiration. I crawled up the bed, into her arms and we kissed again, the passion was electrifying.

My recently satisfied cock was now rock hard and wanting more of my mother. “Mum, I want to fuck you, I need to fuck you, please mum?” I felt her legs separate, I moved quickly, like a little boy in a hurry to receive his Christmas present and slipped between them, resting my swollen cock at her entrance.

I looked down at her beautiful face; she looked up at me and said, “Fuck me Jason, fuck your mother hard.”

Her damp swollen pussy was ready for me; I slipped inside easily and felt the warmth of her vagina as it engulfed my entire cock. Mum raised her legs up and locked them over my back, my cock penetrating deeper still. I felt the muscles in her pussy contract around my hard cock, as my strokes began to intensify. My mother wanted to be fucked hard, I wanted to fuck my mother hard, and so I began, driving my cock deep and hard into her soft, white, freckled body.

‘THUD, THUD, THUD,’ as my cock and body crashed into hers, “OHHHHHHHHHH.” She moaned at each impact. I just kept pounding that sweet gorgeous pussy of hers, ploughing hard and fast, the heat building, my cock aching to release my seed into my mothers vagina.

I was fucking her like a crazed animal; groaning on each entry stroke, sweat dripping from my brow. Mum was biting into her bottom lip. Her arm across her eyes, moaning loud and long, “OHHHHHH, OHHHHHH, OHHHHH,” her release was Cumming, bucking her hips back at me as I fucked hard into her swollen fanny.

“AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH,” Mum hollered at the top of her voice as she reached her orgasm, my control disappeared with my mothers release and the flood gates opened, pumping my cum in spasms with each deep, hard, pussy smashing penetration I could muster. My cock felt like it had jolts of electric current passing through it, then my final blast and I collapsed onto my mothers soft tender body.

She grabbed my face and smashed her mouth to mine, pushing her tongue deep into my mouth, our passionate kiss lasting almost an eternity before we both relented to catch our breath. “Jason, my darling Jason, your home for good I hope?” Mum whispered as tears welled in her eyes.

I raised my head above hers, looking deeply into her beautiful, smiling, tear-filled eyes, my emotions running rampant as I gently kissed her lips and traced my fingers down her cheek. “Never again, never.” I whispered, then I felt my throat choking up with emotional happiness, I mouthed the words “Mother, oh mother,” before snuggling into her bosom, where I belonged.

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