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Mother Madison

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Forty-one year old Rachel Madison’s clit felt like it was on fire. “Nothing unusual about that,” she mused to herself, as she drove home from the grocery store. Under normal circumstances, she would have masturbated herself to an orgasm right where she sat as she made her way down the boulevard. She’d done it a couple of times before with no one ever being the wiser.

She gasped as a wave of desire swept through her body, causing her to shudder and making her fight to keep the car in the proper lane.

“Anything wrong, Mother?”

Rachel turned to look at her daughter. Home for the summer from that exclusive college two states over, Tammy Madison was looking back at her mother with a bit of genuine concern etched across her face.

The twenty year old daughter was the spitting image of her mother. Same blue eyes. Same long, blonde hair. Besides the obvious differences in their ages, the only discernible difference was in their breast sizes; Rachel’s were a tad bigger than her daughter’s.

Rachel smiled and turned to look straight ahead. “Nothing’s wrong,” she assured her daughter. “Why do you ask?”

Tammy shrugged. “You look a bit fidgety, that’s all.”

Rachel continued to keep her eyes on the road ahead of her. She couldn’t admit that she had been turned on by her daughter, her own flesh and blood. She didn’t mean for it to happen. It just did.

Mrs. Madison and her daughter were walking inside the mall. A beautiful blue negligee in the window of a lingerie shop caught her attention, causing her to stop suddenly. After a brief conversation, Tammy had persuaded her mother to at least try it on.

Inside the dressing room, Rachel quickly took off her blouse and skirt. She shuddered as she stood in front of her daughter, clad only in her white, cotton granny panties.

Tammy, apparently unfazed by her mother’s near nudity, helped Rachel put on the negligee and stepped back a bit. She eyed her mother as she nodded her approval. “God, Mother,” she said in a low whisper. “You look beautiful.”

Rachel smiled and said, “Thanks but, who the hell am I going to wear it for?”

“I thought Dad might appreciate seeing you with this thing on.”

“Fat chance,” Rachel grunted. “He hasn’t touched me in almost a year.” She took off the gown, folded it and placed it on the bench beside her. She grabbed her blouse and slipped it on.

Before she had a chance to begin buttoning her blouse, Tammy had filled her hands with Rachel’s breasts. She lifted them a bit and playfully pinched the nipples.

An involuntary gasp escaped through Rachel’s lips. She felt her nipples hardening. She breathed in deeply.

“You’ve got nice breasts, Mother. I just love those puffy areolas.” She leaned forward and quickly kissed Rachel’s left nipple.

Caught totally by surprise, Mrs. Madison was slow to respond. “What the…?” she asked before pushing her daughter away. “Behave yourself, Tammy. You shouldn’t be doing things like that; especially to your mother.” She hurriedly buttoned her blouse.

Tammy smiled devilishly as she slid a palm across the front of her mother’s blouse. “You must have liked it, Mother. Your nipples are trying to poke holes in your blouse.”

Rachel admitted to herself that her daughter’s touch had felt pretty good. She silently chastised herself for getting turned on so quickly. “It’s been so damned long,” she thought. “So damned long since I’ve been aroused so fast. And it has to be my daughter that’s causing it.”

“Let’s get out of here,” Mrs. Madison said angrily.

Tammy realized that she had made a mistake. “Sorry, Mother. I didn’t mean anything by what I did. It was all done in fun.”

In no mood for a lot of conversation, Rachel told her daughter, “Leave it be for now. We’ll discuss this when we get home.”

“My god,” Rachel said to herself as she pulled the car into the garage, turned the engine off and opened the door. “My panties are soaked.”

Once she was inside her house, Rachel scurried to her bedroom, closed and locked the door behind her. Quickly, she removed her skirt and then her soggy panties. She was about to throw them in the hamper when she developed the sudden urge to sniff them.

“Ahhhh,” Rachel moaned as she held the panties to her nose and breathed deeply. As the scent of her own lustful desire wafted up her nose, her tongue slid out of her mouth and she found herself licking her own juices from the gusset. Her reverie was broken by the sound of her daughter knocking on the bedroom door.

“Mother, are you okay in there?” Tammy asked from the other side.

Rachel was slow to find her voice. “Uh…uh…sure,” she replied, her panties still pressed softly against her face. “I’m gonna take a quick shower and freshen up a bit.”

“Okay, Mother. Want me to fix you something to drink when you’re done?”

“That would be nice, dear. Maybe some ice tea.”

“You got it, Mother.”

Twenty minutes later, the two of them were sitting on the sofa nervously sipping their ice tea; Tammy still wearing the same beylikdüzü anal yapan escort clothes she’d went shopping in. Rachel was wearing her favorite terry cloth robe. Neither of them wanted to be the first to speak about what had happened in the dressing room.

The shower had done nothing to quell Rachel’s overwhelming urge to masturbate. Each time she touched her breasts; each time her hand had come in contact with her pussy, the urge increased. “I’m gonna die if I don’t get some relief soon,” Rachel told herself. She quickly turned off the shower and exited the bathroom before she gave in to her needs.

Finally, after a long period of silence, Rachel was the first to speak. Feigning a seriousness that she really didn’t feel, she told her daughter, “I’m a bit upset with you, Tammy, for what you did in that dressing room.”

Tammy turned to face her mother. “I’m sorry,” she said. “But I already told you I was just joking.”

Deep down in her soul, Rachel had to admit that her own daughter’s touch had made her feel alive and desirable. “Joking or not. That was not a nice thing to do. Especially to your mother. You need to be careful, dear.”

“Careful about what?”

“Careful about how someone will react to that kind of thing.”

“That kind of thing? All I did was touch your boobs and kiss a nipple.”

“That was enough,” Rachel said.

“Enough for what?” Tammy asked.

Rachel blushed. “It stirred up some feelings,” she said. “It gave me thoughts that never should be.”

Tammy began to smile as the realization of what her mother was trying to say hit her. Her eyes opened wide. Shock registered on her face. Her hand came up to cover her mouth. “Oh…my…god!” she exclaimed. “Don’t tell me that little bit of touchy, feely turned you on!”

“I hate to admit it, dear, but I did indeed get aroused. Quite aroused.”

Tammy was speechless for several moments. “Wow!” she said when she finally got her voice back. “I got my own mother excited just by kissing a boob. Do you get aroused often?”

Rachel laughed. Her thoughts went back to a happier time; a time when her husband couldn’t keep his hands off her. “Used to,” she said. “But that was when your father paid more attention to me than he did his job.”

Tammy scooted across the sofa cushions to get closer to her mother. She put her hand on Rachel’s knee and rubbed her upper thigh.

Rachel wanted to give in to her sinful desires. She yearned for a real kiss; a tongue wrapping, saliva swapping kiss. The kind that made her weak in the knees. Right at this moment in time, she didn’t give a damn who kissed her. She just needed to know that she was still desirable.

“What about lately?” Tammy queried. “Do you take matters into your own hands?”

Rachel nodded.

Tammy continued rubbing her mother’s thigh. “Have you ever been with a woman?” she asked.

“A couple of times,” Mrs. Madison said in a weak, almost inaudible voice. “In college,” she quickly added. In that instant, she realized her daughter was trying to seduce her.

Instead of feeling repulsed by the idea of her daughter making love to her as she most likely would have earlier in the day, Rachel found herself welcoming Tammy’s advances.

Tammy, sensing that the timing was right, pressed her lips lightly against her mother’s. Hungry for her daughter’s touch, Rachel took Tammy’s face in her hands and pulled her a bit closer. The intensity of this closed mouth kiss took them both to new heights of passion.

Daughter’s and Mother’s mouths opened slightly as each captured a lip between their own. In a moment, Tammy brushed the tip of her tongue against her mother’s upper lip.

Unsure of what she should be doing, Tammy’s mother opened her mouth a bit wider. Tammy, quick to understand what this meant, pushed her tongue into her mother’s mouth until the tip was barely past her teeth.

“Mmmmmm,” Rachel moaned. “Mmmmmm.”

Tammy, encouraged by Rachel’s acceptance of her advancing tongue, gently explored the inner edges of the older woman’s mouth.

Neither woman’s hands were inactive during this long, drawn out kiss. Rachel was now slowly caressing her daughter’s shoulders and upper back while Tammy’s were busy massaging the older woman’s upper hip area.

The unholy actions of these two women continued as they took turns being the aggressor. First, Tammy. Then, Rachel. Each woman seemed to know instinctively when she should parry and when she should thrust.

Tammy loosened the sash on her mother’s robe. She nervously reached inside and filled her hand with one of Rachel’s breasts. Rachel, wanting to give Tammy easier access to her body, pulled the robe open, and then pulled it off her arms so that it hung loosely over her shoulders.

Lips parted and tongues lost their sparring partners when Tammy pulled her face away from her mother’s. She wasted no time in kissing and licking her way along Rachel’s jawline.

A lightning bolt of pure hedonistic beylikdüzü balıketli escort desire surged through the older woman’s body as she felt her daughter’s warm breath on her ear. Her body tensed and then quivered slightly when Tammy began to gnaw lightly on her earlobe.

Tammy, her hand still on her mother’s tit and now rolling the hardened nipple between her finger and thumb, used her tongue like a brush as she painted the hollow of Rachel’s neck with her saliva.

Rachel, her head filled with the immoral thoughts of a woman whose body had been ignored for too many nights by a husband who no longer expressed any sexual interest towards her, was beyond caring about the right or the wrong of what was happening between her and her daughter. Each taboo moment just served to hurl her towards her goal of sexual release.

Tammy, still the aggressor, was now showering Rachel’s upper body with a series of quick kisses. Making sure that she covered every inch of her mother’s exposed flesh, she paused at irregular intervals to give the older woman a love bite.

Rachel cried each time Tammy tried to “mark” her. Her crying turned constant. When the sounds of her mother’s apparent sadness reached Tammy’s ears, she paused and looked up at her mother.

“What’s wrong, Mother?” she asked when she saw the tears in Rachel’s eyes. “Am I hurting you?”

The pressure of Tammy’s suctioning lips was not an unpleasant sensation for the forty-one year old, sexually starved woman. In fact, her concern and apprehension was almost non-existent.

Rachel shook her head. “It’s been so long,” she gasped as the passion of the forbidden moment threatened to consume her. She urged her daughter to continue. “I need this,” she said, her voice trailing off into a whisper. “I need this.”

Tammy resumed her oral journey across Rachel’s chest as she worked her way downward. When she reached the puffy, dark brown areola of her mother’s right breast, she extended her tongue and licked along the outer edges in a clockwise direction.

Rachel put a hand on the back of her daughter’s head. “Lick my nipples,” she pleaded. “Lick them. Suck them.”

Tammy, her tongue now flattened, tenderly caressed the end of the rubbery brown bud protruding from the middle of Rachel’s areola. In less time than it took to undo her robe, Rachel’s body began quivering and shaking as if she were standing naked in the snow. She was in the throes of her first orgasm.

Rachel was far from being satisfied. “More!” she cried out when Tammy stopped to catch her breath. “More, baby. More!” Tammy was happy to oblige.

Rachel moaned loudly as her lusty daughter began nibbling on her extended nipple. Her body was hot with desire. She had not felt this alive in a long, long time. Right then and there this older, once neglected, woman vowed to never be without a lover ever again.

Tammy pulled away from her mother and stood in front of her with her arms extended. “Let’s get to the bedroom, Mother,” she said. “You’ll be much more comfortable in there.”

Rachel nodded and let Tammy help her stand, losing the robe and her last vestige of resistance at the same time. Already hopelessly lost in a new and exciting world of hedonistic pleasures, she followed her daughter into the bedroom where she quickly became the aggressor.

Rachel’s hands held the younger woman’s cheeks as she kissed the same lips that had been kissing her when they were on the sofa. Lips parted and tongues touched. Irregular bursts of air exited their nostrils as they struggled to breathe.

The desire to see her daughter nude propelled Rachel into action. Anxious hands unbuttoned Tammy’s blouse while Tammy hurriedly rid herself of her short summer skirt. Soon the younger Madison woman stood in front of her mother clad only in a lacy red bra and matching thong.

Rachel reached for the front clasp of her daughter’s bra. She emitted a gasp of distinct pleasure when Tammy’s breasts tumbled out and stood proudly as if waiting for inspection.

“My, god!” Rachel gasped. “Your breasts are huge,” she said. She grasped one in her hand and quickly wrapped a pair of trembling lips around it, teasing it mercilessly with the tip of her tongue.

Tammy gasped at the sudden pleasure her mother’s actions had produced within her very being. She gasped again when her mother pulled away.

Rachel smiled and gently shoved Tammy down on the bed. Except for her heaving breasts and her quivering stomach, Tammy Madison lay still while her mother knelt between her legs.

Rachel grabbed the thong and tore it from Tammy’s crotch. Hearing her expensive thong being ripped from her body only served to increase the daughter’s excitement. She bent her knees until the bottoms of her feet were touching the comforter in anticipation of what was sure to come.

For Rachel, everything she and her college girlfriend had ever done came flooding back to her, making her more determined than ever to give her daughter the very best sexual beylikdüzü bayan arkadaş experience she would ever have. She lifted Tammy’s left leg and began kissing her daughter’s toes. Her kisses were light as she bestowed one on each of her bony appendages.

Using the flatness of her tongue, Mrs. Madison left a trail of glistening saliva as she licked across the tops those five digits.

Tammy didn’t know what to think about this sudden turn of events. She had started out with the idea of seducing her mother. Now, it was the other way around. “My own mother is licking my toes,” she remarked to herself.

Just the idea of having her toes sucked by her mother would have been enough to increase Tammy’s passion to a higher level. But actually having it done was almost more than she could bear.

The low timbre and frequency of Tammy’s groans filled Rachel’s ears as she began licking between the toes. She didn’t tarry at any one spot, preferring instead to give each place a couple of stabbing penetrations followed by a touch on the most sensitive areas with the tip of her tongue.

Tammy pushed her big toe into Rachel’s mouth almost as soon as she felt it touch the older woman’s feverish lips. She gasped loudly as her Mother’s tongue worked over her toe in a circular motion.

Rachel used the flatness of her tongue to lick the outer edges of her daughter’s toe. She finished her worshipping of each toe by rubbing the tip of her tongue against the very end.

Rachel gently lowered Tammy’s left foot to the bed and began working her right foot in a similar manner. When she’d finished with her twisted worshipping of the younger woman’s feet, she kissed and licked the length of the calves of both legs before she began her journey up her daughter’s inner thighs on her way to the promised land.

With her tongue flattened, Tammy’s mother made one long, continuous lick up the inside of her daughter’s left thigh, the scent of the young Madison woman’s sex growing stronger as she neared her young pussy. Rachel pulled away and began a similar journey up Tammy’s right thigh. This time, she lingered near the juncture of her daughter’s thigh and pelvic area.

Tammy cried out, beat her fists against the bed and shook her head from side to side as Rachel teased that juncture from top to bottom with the tip of her tongue.

Rachel showered her daughter’s inner thigh with small, tantalizing kisses; each one causing the young woman’s body to spasm nearly out of control. This time when Rachel reached the top of Tammy’s thigh she moved her head slightly and zeroed in on her wet pussy lips.

The initial swipe of her mother’s tongue up Tammy’s gash induced an orgasm that hit with the fury of a category five hurricane, destroying everything she’d ever learned about orgasms; such was the intensity and the length. Tammy’s body continued to alternately seize and then to spasm for what seemed like an eternity. She was in a temporary world where the pursuit of hedonistic pleasures was the only reason for existence. A world that left her not only wanting more of the same but, also a world where a person was free to pursue such pleasures by any means necessary.

“Holy fucking shit, Mother,” Tammy said when she reentered the real world. “What did you do to me? I thought I had died and gone to sexual heaven.”

Rachel smiled and said nothing, preferring, instead, to let her tongue do the talking. She continued licking the length of her daughter’s outer labia, purposefully not touching Tammy’s clit.

Tammy, the pressure once again building inside of her body, pleaded with her mother to suck her clit but Mother ignored those pleas and continued her slow, agonizing assault on her daughter’s sex.

On the last swipe along her daughter’s gash, Rachel went that little bit higher and flicked Tammy’s clit lightly with the tip of her tongue.

Tammy let out a howl of delight as her mother continued working on her clit. She knew she was close but couldn’t seem to reach that peak. She pushed her mound up closer to Rachel’s face, temporarily losing contact with her mother’s tongue.

Rachel, never one to be denied much of anything opened her lips and sucked her daughter’s love button between them.

Tammy grabbed a breast in each hand and began to roll the nipples between her thumbs and forefingers, tugging on them until she felt as though they were going to separate themselves from her body.

Between her titty pulling and her mother’s clitty licking, Tammy felt the pressure of her orgasm filling her very being.

When she knew she was about to explode, she released her nipples, grabbed the back of her mother’s head and buried Rachel’s face in her mound. A few more licks was all it took to make her dam burst.

Suddenly, her body seized. She lay on the bed unmoving while her mother continued to stoke her fiery furnace with her tongue and lips. Then, she began to spasm; her entire body twisting and turning every which way. Somehow, Rachel managed to keep her mouth on her daughter’s sex.

“Oh, fuck!” Tammy cried out. Her head shook violently from side to side as she rode out one of the best orgasms she’d ever had.

“Ahhhhh, fuck.” She yelled, her hands still on the back of her mother’s head, holding her in place. Her body jerked one more time as her climax began to wane. Her hands fell to her sides. Her breathing, ragged and without rhythm, slowly returned to normal.

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