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Mommy’s Help Ch. 05

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There I sat in my car clutching at my mother’s panties in one hand. I sat there in mom’s parking lot for a few minutes just reviewing what just happened to me. Mom actually gave me her damp underwear so I can jerk off to them. On the other hand out of spite she made me swallow a whole load of my own cum, what has happened to her? Mom could have easily let me leave her office, but out of spite she brought her boss over to talk to me knowing I would have to swallow the cum in my mouth.

I pulled out of the parking lot and headed home to get one more sample before going to the doctor’s office. More and more on the drive home, I started thinking of what a bitch my mother was. Ok fine, I may have tricked mom a little during our medical process in getting my sample. That still gave her no right to do what she did to me in her office, it was really humiliating. As I approached my driveway I realized that our little game of humiliation was not over.

I approached my house and made my way inside. I had about one hour to get one more sample for the doctor and drive it over to his office. As I sprawled out on my bed and started pulling my dick out, I brought mom’s panties to my face. This immediately got me hard and horny; I then realized it would be really easy to get a good sample right now. After about five minutes of rubbing my penis slowly up and down the thrill of mom’s panties already started wearing off. I jumped off of my bed and headed towards mom’s room; I was on a hunt for more of mom’s sexy underwear.

I was a little surprised when I was fully in mom’s room because a little bit of fear and anxiety came over me. Even though I had known mom was at work and there was no way I could get caught snooping, I still felt scared as I opened her first drawer. I never done this before and as I moved some regular clothes around, I closed the unimpressive drawer and opened the next. Mom’s second drawer was apparently her underwear drawer. I pushed the boring panties out of the way and focused solely on the sexy ones. Mom had all sorts of colored lace panties, my favorites were the sheer black ones. I picked out two panties, one black and one red then closed the drawer.

I sat on the edge of mom’s bed with the panties in my hand. I started working my dick nice and slow as I stared at her underwear. I tried to picture her clit pressed up against the material and her pussy lips confined in the fabric. About five minutes of this fantasizing I felt my orgasm arise. I tightly wrapped mom’s red pair of panties around the head of my dick and under the foreskin. As I jerked my dick with mom’s underwear I let the first shot of cum hit mom’s pair of red panties right on the area that would rest on her asshole. I quickly turned my dick to the sample cup and let rest of my sperm empty in the cup for the doctor.

The thought of mom putting on the panties and my cum stain resting on her asshole was so naughty! I opened the draw and shoved the stained underwear all the way to the back of the drawer. In doing this I felt a weird object in the back of the drawer. I grabbed it with my hand and started pulling it out past the pile of panties. I held the object out in front of my shocked face, and realized it was a black flesh material dildo. It was about eight inches long and was full of fake veins. “What the fuck is this bullshit,” I said out loud even though I was trying to be quiet. I noticed a knob on the bottom of the cock shaped dildo, so I assumed it vibrated too. I was too shocked to be turned on by the thought of this fake black cock ripping my white suburban mother’s pussy. I was about to put the dick back in her draw but I got a real nasty idea. I grabbed the sample cup and stirred my cum in it with the tip of the fake dick. “Wow mom got mad when my sperm hit her mouth, imagine when it’s in her pussy.” I said while I put the dildo back and headed to my car.

The drive to the doctor’s office was fine, and by fine I mean no traffic. It felt like no time

At all that I was sitting in the waiting room. Finally I was called and the nurse led me into the doctor’s office. The nurse weighed me and took my blood pressure. “So Phil how has it been getting your samples?”

“So far it’s been going ok, I just can’t wait till this is all done with beylikdüzü otele gelen escort so I can feel normal again” I told the nurse.

“Oh Phil it will all be over soon, you are lucky that your mom has been so helpful. You can’t even imagine how many times the doctor had to call up parents angrily and demand they do as he instructed. On top of that, those parents didn’t even have to do anything half as embarrassing as your mom does. Be grateful she is so helpful to you Phil.”

Like a bolt of lightning an idea hit me, this nurse doesn’t even realize she just gave me my revenge against mom. “We’ll I am grateful for her, but I actually do need to speak to the doctor about something along those lines.” I told the nurse as she headed out the office; she looked back at me confused.

As soon as she closed the door behind her, I reached in the bag that I had my samples in and picked out the most recent two samples. I opened both cups and poured my cum into the sink. I grabbed some paper towels from the dispenser on the wall and wadded them around the two empty cups; I then I buried the cups into the bottom of the trash can. As the doctor strolled in whistling about five minutes later he started my check up and asked me many questions. I was waiting for the perfect moment and I was given it, “So kiddo, the nurse tells me you need to talk to me about something right?”

“Umm yea doc, it’s actually about my mom.” I went on to say, “Mom helped me the first few days but then she totally stopped.

“Are you feeling better son, I am confused why did she stop?”

“I have no idea doctor, and since she stopped I been feeling some pains again down there. I was hoping you could call her or do something because I really need her help. I am even two samples short because she refuse to assist me when I needed to get today’s samples.”

The doctor seemed really upset,”We’ll son I am going to call you’re mom. I have to tell you I am a little surprised at her; she seemed so helpful the last time she was here.”

With that said, I handed the doctor whatever samples I had and started to get dressed again. I actually paid the co-payment myself on the way out, which caught me off guard; good thing I had some extra cash on me. I drove home thinking of how I could make this plan work in my benefit. If the doctor would scold mother about her helping me I may be able to work this to my advantage.

As I pulled up to my house, I almost had a full scheme already planned out. I was going to jerk myself off as much as possible before mom came in to get my sample for me. I figured if I could prolong my orgasm, mom would feel like she must get my sample by any means necessary. In this state of mind I hope mom will either give me another blow job or maybe something even better.

I was up in my room trying to put the finishing touches on my plan as my text message alert on my phone rang. It was mom, and by the first few words of the message I realized that the doctor called her immediately. The message started off “You little shit! I don’t need your doctor calling me at my office and telling me I haven’t been helping you. I was two seconds away from telling him I sucked my son’s cock this morning to get that sample.” Wow mom was pissed; by the time this message could register in my mind another arrived.

“I really don’t even want to see your face before bedtime. Do me a favor and stay in your room while I am home from work. I’ll come in your room at midnight and help YOU get your sample.” As I read this I undoubtedly knew that the reason she capitalized the word you, was to assure me I wasn’t getting a blow job tonight. As I watched TV in my room throughout the evening, I heard mom arrive, eat dinner and go to her room. I was smart enough not to show my face because I know when mom is really mad and when she is just pretending.

Midnight was approaching and I shut all my lights and just waited patiently. Any other night I would have a raging hard on from the anticipation. This night was different because I masturbated about three times since I arrived home and was not the slightest horny. Eventually mom pushed my door open as I laid there in the dark. Mom walked into my room beylikdüzü rus escort wearing a thin robe and slippers. She sat at the edge of my bed where my feet were tucked into my covers. Mom grabbed the sheets from my feet and brought them up to my chest. I think mom was shocked to see I was totally naked and totally soft.

With her thumb and index finger I felt mom peel back my foreskin then bring it back. I stared at the ceiling the whole time mom was doing this motion. Very slowly my penis started to react, so mom kept up her rhythm. I heard mom make a huffing noise and felt her other hand start tickling my inner thighs. Mom made her way from my thighs to my balls; she lifted then dropped them very gently. Eventually I was fully hard, mom started squeezing my balls and jerking my cock harder and harder. Mom started switching her hands and I even noticed her holding her jerking wrist with the other hand. It was easy to tell that the position mom was in was very uncomfortable to be jerking me off in the manner she was.

Mom slowly and unwillingly started turning her body till her ass was right beside me. This left us in a sort of sixty nine position, except mom was not atop me but beside me. I can tell it instantly felt better on her wrist because she started jerking me harder and faster. I was upset because her robe did cover most of her body; about to the back of her knees. We sat in this position for about fifteen minutes now and mom finally spoke her first words of exhaustion. “Phil I am getting really tired and if it wasn’t for your dumb doctor yelling at me today I would be sleeping by now, what is the problem tonight?”

“I’m not sure ma; it’s weird because what you did in your office today got my sample so fast.” I said this knowing mom would suck her son’s dick just so she can go to sleep.

“Ya Phil, I figured my hand would not cut it anymore after what I did for you today.” With that said I felt mom’s tongue on my piss hole. She slowly worked the head of my dick with her tongue. Before I could enjoy the sensation of her tongue, mom took most of my dick in her mouth. I sat there like a good boy and watched mom’s head bob up and down on my penis. Even though this felt so good, I still did not feel the need to cum. I started looking at the back of mom’s knees and her calves.

After about five minutes of looking I couldn’t take it anymore. I reached at the bottom of mom’s robe; it hung loosely above the back of her knees. I lifted and lifted until I seen the bottom of mom’s ass cheeks. With one quick motion I threw the bottom of her robe up and over her ass; it rested on her lower back. I jerked my hips up to mom’s face once I realized she had been wearing the red panties that I had cummed on earlier. I heard mom gag as my dick hit the back of her throat; she pushed me back on the bed and continued her sucking.

I slowly placed the back of my fingers on mom’s left knee. I proceeded to trace circles around her thighs and upper calves. All the while I did this I never took my eyes off the cum stained piece of G string that rested on my mother’s asshole. I worked my way higher and higher up mom’s calves; in doing so her sucking obviously became more intense. I finally ended up rubbing circles along both my mother’s plump ass cheeks. Mom Started moving her ass in all directions trying to avoid my next move. Her efforts were useless; I ran two fingers over her panty covered clit all the way up to her pussy hole. I brought my fingers back down to her clit and preceded this motion.

After about five minutes of this, my fingers made a wet noise as I kept trying to keep up my rubbing. My mom totally stopped sucking my cock; she just had her face in my groin totally silent. On my next stroke downward I flicked mom’s clit; she threw her head out of my groin and started sucking me frantically. She made nasty noises as she slurped on my dick and licked my balls noisily. In between her slurps she managed to say, “You need to finish this moment Phillip, This has gotten out of hand!” Even so, I never stopped my rubbing and she went right back to sucking me off. I was so close to cumming as I ran my finger a little higher and pressed it hard against mom’s throbbing asshole. Mom flipped beylikdüzü türbanlı escort around and smacked my hand away,”bad enough you cummed on them don’t get any other ideas! Mom got up and fixed herself, “Now get on your knees on the floor and bend over the bed; Ass in the air Phil!” Mom left my room and slammed the door behind her; my blue balls taking over my mind I got on my knees and did as mom ordered.

I sat there doggy style, my face in my mattress and I felt like such a horny degenerate. I would basically do anything at this moment in order to empty my balls. I heard mom come back in the room and I heard a few things drop to the floor. Mom immediately spread my ass cheeks with both hands. She then proceeded to lick my hanging balls and she worked her way higher and higher. In an instant and without warning mom found my asshole with her tongue. She traced circles around it and lapped at it like a dog. I squirmed my ass back and forth at the new and great sensation. Mom was forcing her tongue in my ass, it felt like she had about one inch of her tongue totally inside. “Baby, grab onto the bed!” mom said as she removed her tongue and jammed two fingers all the way into my ass.

“Ma please go in and out, do it softly!” I pleaded with my mother to finger fuck my ass.

With that mom fingered my ass with deep and slow strokes; all the way in then all the way out. Mom removed her fingers and started fumbling with something’s she had on the floor. Mom grabbed my hands and pulled them up and back; resting them on my lower back. I felt totally in mom’s control now and I was about ready to cum. Mom reached over to my face, she was holding the black dildo in her hand. “This is Mommy’s best friend babe, does it look familiar?” Mom said as she rubbed the dildo passed my lips then brought it back to her. I sat there patiently as I heard some sloshing noises coming from behind me; I knew mom was riding that big dildo. I twisted my neck around and tried to get some visual of what mom was doing. I finally had seen it; mom had her panties pushed to the side and most of the dildo was buried inside her. She continued her motions on her dildo as I watched for a few seconds before she motioned with her eyes for me to look away.

The moment I put my face back in the bed; I felt something gigantic pressed against my asshole. “Ma seriously this is not funny that thing is really big!”

“Mom please, I am begging you just don’t do it!”

Mom’s answer to my cries was not comforting,” Just keep loose babe, if mommy can take it so can you.”

With that mom pressed the head into my asshole; I felt a pain like no other. Mom tried licking my balls and my ass to get my mind of the pain but nothing worked. “Ma oh my god ma it really burns.” Mom just didn’t care she jammed another two inches up my ass and started pumping hard.

I kicked one foot back and it landed right on moms chest; sending her tumbling on the floor. I stood up still with the dildo jammed up my ass, and as I reached behind me to grab it I could not hold back the tears. I threw the dildo in mom’s direction, got under my sheets and tried to stop crying in front of my mom.

Mom jumped on top of me in the bed,”My baby, I am so sorry my baby.” Mom started rambling apologies into my ear. She held my head tight against her chest and kissed my forehead repeatedly. “I never ever wanted to hurt you Phil, I swear!” I still could not muster words; my tears stopped but I was still very choked up.

Mom grabbed my dick from its base; she held it straight in the air. Mom adjusted her body and abruptly dropped on my semi-hard cock. My cock sunk into my mother’s pussy all the way to my balls. I closed my eyes as mom lifted and dropped repeatedly; smacking her ass cheeks on my thighs. I felt my cum starting to rise, and with a surge of confidence I reached towards mom’s ass. I forcefully jammed my dry index finger up mom’s asshole.

My mother totally collapse on my chest, if her pussy wasn’t milking my cock I would have thought she passed out. Just then I knew I had to cum, so I threw mom on her back and without removing my dick I had her in the missionary position. With three hard thrusts I filled my own mother’s pussy with her son’s cum. Mom looked up at me once my soft penis plopped out of her vagina. She leaned over to me and kissed me on my lips; our tongues massaged each others softly. Mom broke the kiss and made her way out of my room. Still in ecstasy I yelled out; “Mom I really love you.”

Mom turned to me and as she closed the door said, “We’ll you have one more week to prove how much you love me.”

To be continued…

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