Temmuz 17, 2024

Mom Relates To Son As Never Before

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I’ve talked to a number of women in chat rooms who have admitted seducing or having the desire to seduce their sons. I was one of those who had desires, but, like many, seemingly did not have the courage to act on my desires. It put me off, that the successful women always seemed to rely on alcohol to dispel her and/or his inhibitions and wove stories of heated, momentary passions leading up to sexual intimacy. Usually, the relationship never met the woman’s expectations or resulted in a long-term relationship.

My incestuous thoughts began and courageously realized when I was 42, and shortly after losing a long time live-in boyfriend to a fatal scaffolding fall. I am now 45 and our, my son and I, ‘relationship’ is still continuing.

I twice surprised my 18-year-old son screwing college mates, on my bed no less. The first time, I lost my cool, sending the bitch packing and giving my son a good tongue-lashing. While preparing supper, I rationalized myself into accepting the facts of life and, as we ate, I apologized. Quizzing him as to how it had come about and cautioning him to use protection ended the discussion and life went on as usual. From then on, I started buzzing the apartment before ascending the 21 steps to our door. I found them newly dressed a number of times. Then, one evening, I masturbated to the vision of my son & his girlfriend screwing and, thereafter, longed to see them in real-time again.

A little over three months later I causally climbed the stairs and quietly unlocked the door, hoping that maybe I could see them in bed. I did indeed, but this time my son was mounted behind, I would note quickly, a very pretty, light-skinned black gal. From the slightly ajar door, across the small apartment to my open-air bedroom and bed, I spied for perhaps 3-4 minutes as they screwed doggy-style, their backsides to me. Retreating, I eased down to the buzzer, rang it, and slowly climbed the stairs again. Later, I verbally made sure my son was aware of my surprise at the skin color of the girl he had taken up with. As we sat talking in the kitchen, facing away from him as I was washing dishes, I, as casually as I could muster, boldly asked. ‘So, how do you rate your black friend to your white friend? I’ve heard it said black pussy is pretty good?’

‘Dietra’s older but Mavis is more experienced.’ My son, Joey, replied, just as casual.

‘Really! More experienced?’ I exclaimed, my focus still on the sink and relieved my son did not directly answer my query. ‘How so?

‘According to her, she and her brother have been doing it over a year. But he left for boot camp 3 months ago.’

‘You’re joking? She & her brother?’

‘That’s what she says.’

‘You believe her?’

‘Don’t have a reason not to.’

‘Don’t care either, I bet? Brother not around to keep her company? So, you’re keeping two young ladies satisfied, for the present anyway. You best remember we bahis firmaları will be moving soon.’

My desires kicked in to overdrive after that conversation. I masturbated more often and my vision centered on my son humping the ass of the black gal, Dietra. I had clearly seen his balls as he humped. I was angry with myself that I had not spied on them until he had cum. I found his box of condoms and counted them often, trying to anticipate their schedule

The intimate conversations seemed to effectively put us on equal footing, sexually. Open sexual discussion was not embarrassing and entered into regularly. Without consciousness I started to dress less modestly around him. He began to inform me when he would have company. One evening, I actually went to a movie to allow him to ‘entertain’ I constantly reminded him of our upcoming move and pressed him to end the two relationships.

‘You know you could get one of them pregnant?’ I reproached him, watching the tube one evening. ‘Stop thinking with the wrong head, Dumb Ass.’

‘Well! Mavis dumped me two days ago. Her brother’s back.’

‘But she was up here……?’

‘A good bye kiss…so to speak.’

‘Good!’ I said, approvingly.

We sat silent. Me napping on the sofa a bit

‘So, if I break it off with Dietra, you going to take up the slack?

My heart stopped. I shot a glance his way and lifted my eyebrows.

‘Excuse me!!’

‘Just wondering.’ He replied, staring at the TV.

‘Your hand and a sock will still work wonders.’ I retorted sarcastically.

I pretended to nap but my mind raced. He had been able to ask such a question so casually. So innocently, as if joking. They had recently discussed Mavis and her brother in detail. Incest….the how, when, where had been a full evening topic. I had been fantasizing about Joey. It wasn’t a stretch to think it possible that he had fantasized about me. I sat up and glanced up at the ceiling and around the room.

‘I suppose you were at least half serious. Do you fantasize about me?’


You’ve never even seen me naked. I’m no match for those two young girls. You may not like me.’

‘I love you, mom.’ He said, not looking at me

‘I love you too, Joey. But we’re not talking love here. We’re talking out & out fornication. Incest. Like Mavis & her brother. We should have more sense than even to consider it. Well, me anyway.

‘So, you’ve thought…fantasized about me too?’

‘Yes. I’ve…thought about you. Fantasized about you. I’ve seen you in action remember? Damn it, I’ve got to pee.’

I went to the toilet. Sitting there, I debated whether to discard my panties. I knew things were never going to be the same. I knew very shortly it would be me in the bed under my son. Before leaving the bathroom, I took a washcloth, dampen it, and washed my pussy. I lifted my grown over my head. I still wore my panties, but no bra. kaçak iddaa I walked pass Joey and into my bedroom and to the large double windows. I could feel his eyes following me.

Though near 10pm, the bright streetlights of the town’s main street always kept the apartment bathed in light.

‘Turn everything off.’ I called, pulling the shades down on the windows.

I was sitting on the foot of the bed. Joey seemed timid as he approached to stand in front of me. I put my palms slightly behind my hips, flat on the bed, to poster my breast and body for his viewing. I felt pleased by his stare.

I am not a picture pretty woman. I attract very little attention from the male population. My 5’6′, 142lb frame is solid because I walk a lot. My brunette shoulder length hair hangs straight. My breasts are ample and sag only slightly, with raisin sized nipples when aroused. My butt and thighs are a bit beefy and I leave a near black, lavish bush, untrimmed. I hate the thin covering of dark hair that coat my arms.

‘Surely you’re not shy. I figured you’d be bare assed by now.’

I waited anxiously as he stripped. I wanted desperately to see his dick.

What a marvelous and interesting dick he had too. Later, upon girlishly measuring it, I would be pleased that I had correctly guessed 5 ½ -6′. Not large I know, but its features made up for length. The balls & dick.. all right I can say cock…I am a bit prudish unless in heat…. did not appear to be two separate entities. The well-defined domed-shaped head, the size of a plastic soda bottle cap, spread to three times its size and appeared to root off a tight, hefty sack of balls. Erect and rock hard, it curved upward in a delightful fashion.

‘Come closer.’ I directed. With out shame, I softly toyed with his manhood. ‘You’re well hung, Sugar. Do the gals suck it for you?’

‘Just Mavis. Her brother taught her.’

‘I’ve never done it, Joey. I would like to learn to make you happy, but not to night. I just want to screw tonight. It’s been so long. You understand?’

‘Of course’

‘Next time.’ I explained, releasing him as I reclined back to remove my panties, but stopped with my knees bent.

‘You want to pull them off for me?’

‘Yes. Please!’

‘I want us to explore each others body, but right now I want your gorgeous cock in me.’

‘I want that to, mom.’

I scooted up onto the middle of the bed and lifted my arms, inviting him to join me. He crabbed between my legs and I reached between us to place his cock to my pussy. We stared into each other’ eyes as his rock hard erection penetrated me.

‘Ouh!’ I chirped, squinting my face in mock pain

‘You OK?’

‘Yes, Baby, I’m fine. Just caught a hair.’

I cooed like a kitten and wiggled my ass as he pushed deep into my pussy. I gripped my knees and pulled them back more towards my chest.

‘Ohh Yes! It’s been much too long!’

He kaçak bahis began slowly pumping into me, looking directly into my eyes.

‘Tell me it’s good, Joey?’

‘The best, mom.’ He assured me.

‘It’s the best for me too, baby.’ I cooed.

‘Mom, shouldn’t I have a condom on?’

‘No, Joey.’ I answered. ‘I can’t get pregnant. Is this your first time without one?’


‘It’s a lot better, isn’t it?’

‘A whole lot better.’ He answered. ‘May I suck a nipple?

‘I’m one of your girls now, Baby. You do what ever you want.’

As he sucked, pumping rhythmically into me, I closed my eyes and released my knees to run my hand through him hair and over his back. I willingly resigned myself to the fact that before we ended our incestuous coupling my son would ejaculate into my pussy, my belly. I was moving closer to the point of relishing the thought of that, but was content to let our love making progress slowly. I was happy that Joey was experienced enough to not rush.

‘You’re a good boy, fucking your mama nice and……. .’ I voiced my thoughts, but my moan of surprised pleasure stifled the word ‘slow’.

My mind explored as he withdrew his mouth from my erect nipple, causing it to snap, sending an electric shock through my torso, and pushed his swollen manhood deep into my pussy and held it there. Then withdrew it only to plunge deep into me again. Twice, three, four times until I was breathless. My ass matched his thrust instinctively and we were quickly consumed with lust, my heels beating a rhythm on his buttocks. Then he slowed to his previously slow pumping. I moan-fully conveyed my disapproval. Then he double-timed again. Then slowed. Then double-timed again.

I was quickly a panting and moaning animal as he continued to change rhythm. I was brought near orgasm repeatedly only to have it fade.

‘Joey! Please! You’re driving me mad.’ I pleaded. ‘Please! I want to cum!’

‘Beg for it, bitch!’ He demanded.

‘I will! You bastard!’ I cried. ‘You Motherfucker. Fuck Me Make me cum.!!’

He slowed again.

‘NO!! Ohhh FUCK NO!’ I cried loudly. ‘Damn you!’

As if to torture me further he stilled atop me at arms length, pushing hard into me.

‘PUSH!! Fuck my cock!’ He commanded.

I lifted my ass, working hard to impale my pussy with his stationary cock. I grasp for air, staring at our point of coupling

‘Please! Joey! Damn you!’ I begged ‘Do it to me! Make me cum!’

‘Move your ass. Fuck my cock.’ He ordered. ‘You can do it.’


My body tensed as the orgasm seized me. I became dizzy, my head swirling, my ass humping franticly, free of the bed. I felt his hands grip my buttocks as he eased his chest against mine, locking me in tight. His shaft remained planted deep as he fucked me with determination and abandonment.

‘Yes! Joey! Fill Mama’s fuckhole.’

‘Aggggggg!’ He groaned, and I felt the warm fluid shoot into me.

‘Yes! Baby!’ I soothed, as we lay still coupled and exhaled. ‘You did it in me. I love you, Baby.’

‘I love you too, Mom.’

‘I know, Joey. I know.’

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