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Bobby came home from classes and went upstairs to lay on his bed and think. He was taking a couple of classes from the local junior college and trying to lay low for a semester, since he’d almost flunked out the university last semester. Partying came too easy for him, so here he was at home for a while.

Bobby lay on his bed and looked up at the ceiling, thinking about Janna. She was so cool and fun to be around, not to mention hot. She wound-up being in one of his classes, and they’d immediately hit it off. It’d been years since he’d seen her, and he almost didn’t realize it was her. She had certainly grown-up from the little girl he’d run around with ten years before when they were children. The only problem was that all he could think about was getting her alone, and yet… she was his cousin.

As he was laying there thinking about his dilemma, he heard the front door open and close downstairs.

“Bobby?” his Mom called out, getting home from work.

“Upstairs,” he replied, sitting up on the edge of the bed.

He heard her coming up the stairs, and quickly wondered if he should dare bounce the idea of his feelings for Janna off his Mom. She’d been very cool lately and seemed relaxed and open around him. His dad was gone alot for work, like tonight, and his sister was away at school herself. So it left them on their own alot lately.

“Hey sport,” she smiled, looking at him from the doorway to his bedroom.

“Hey,” he said, “how was your day?”

“Fine, just glad it’s over. You?”

“Good, really. Just torn about something.”

“Come talk to me about it,” she said, nodding her head back to his parents’ bedroom.

He followed her there and sat on the bed, still unsure about how much to let on about his situation. She was still in her business clothes, and she went to stand in front of the mirror to take her hair down. Bobby couldn’t help but notice the snug fit of her skirt to her ass, reminding him that, though his mother, she was still a very attractive woman who kept her body fit.

“So, what’s going on with you?” She asked and shook her hair loose, letting it fall to her shoulders. The blond hair framed her face in the mirror’s reflection as she took off some jewelry.


“It’s a girl, isn’t it?” she guessed as she turned to him with a knowing smile on her face.

“Yeah,” he smiled back to her and watched as she took her heels off.

“Let’s see,” she guessed, “it’s some real cutie who just somehow hasn’t come around yet, am I right?”

“Actually, she’s a cutie who seems to be coming around.”

“Really?” she sounded surprised. “Well then, what’s the problem? The last couple of steps?” She slowly let this last part be said, as if they both were in on what she really meant. She grinned at him with her hands on her hips, enjoying this.

“No, not the last ‘couple of steps.’ You should have more faith in me than that.” He teased back.

“Oh, I should should I?” she seemed to slightly bahis firmaları blush and she untucked her blouse from her skirt. She then sat next to him on the bed.

“Okay Bobby, then what’s the problem. I mean, she’s attractive, you’re interested, she’s coming around, is it just a matter of time?” She now seemed truly interested in trying to help him out and give him some good advice.

“Well, it’s not your usual situation, you know? And … well, she and I get along so good I don’t want to mess it up.”

She was pleased that he was so sensitive and it reminded her how well Bobby and she had gotten along lately. With him at home more, it seemed the both of them appreciated each other more and felt a closeness that she really liked.

“Bobby, I don’t see how you can mess it up if you do care about her, and she seems to care about you. I’m sure she’ll be flattered a guy like you is interested.” She liked complimenting him and she could tell he liked it, too.

They were sitting side by side on the bed and Bobby was looking down at his feet, and occasionally looking up at her, now seeming to get shy about it.

“Mom, that’s very sweet, but I still don’t know.”

She leaned closer to him and he smelled her perfume.

“What’s not to know, sweetheart? Tell me.”

He looked ahead and struggled some.

“Well, it’s the kind of situation where I may be way out of line coming on to her,” he tried to explain and looked to her.

“Bobby, is she married? Is that it?”

“She’s not someone I’m supposed to have that kind of attraction to,” he looked to her when he said this with an intense look, not really answering her question, but still telling her that the move by him would be considered forbidden.

She was momentarily thrown off by his answer. He seemed very shy about this, yet he seemed to really want to tell her. Suddenly, a thought hit her that stopped her completely.

She was reminded of her thought about how she and Bobby herself had gotten along better, and she paused, thinking he couldn’t mean what she was thinking. A “someone” he’s not supposed to be attracted to, they had been getting along better, and he was trying to open up with something he couldn’t come out and tell her. Surely, she was wrong, but inside she was strangely excited at this. Her thoughts blurred with this strange excitement, and she felt a playfulness.

“Bobby, do you think this woman has similar feelings?”

He looked at her and thought.

“You know, I just don’t know,” he answered.

“Well, you have to look for clues,” she told him.


“Clues. Signs. For example, does she like to touch you?” And with that, she put her hand on Bobby’s leg, and stroked short lines up and down his leg above his knee. She then moved her hand to his shoulder and gently rubbed back and forth across his shoulders.

Bobby was caught up in the warm and sensual feel of her touch and how things had suddenly seemed to change with her. And with him. He liked her touching him and he could kaçak iddaa feel himself get aroused at the closeness and the directness of her.

“Well, I think she likes to touch and she feels comfortable with me,” he said, not wanting her to stop her actions with him.

“Another sign is if she doesn’t mind getting really close to you,” she said, and she made her point by scooting a little closer to him, which made their faces close.

“Do you know what I mean?” She said in almost a whisper and a smile that he was mesmerized by.

For several moments, they looked at each other and they both felt like something was about to happen, their eyes not leaving one another. She made herself stand.

She took slow steps away from him and toward the dresser. As she moved he could tell her hands were moving to the buttons on the front of her blouse. As the hands went to each button, he listened to her talk again.

“Ultimately, it’s up to you, Bobby. Isn’t it? I mean, won’t you ultimately have to make the move to her?”

She was now standing in front of the dresser with her back to him, and while he couldn’t see her front completely, he saw enough to know that the blouse was completely unbuttoned and the white bra stretched with her cleavage was reflecting in the mirror.

“Bobby, what signs would you give her? To let her know how you felt?” she asked still facing the mirror.

Bobby got to his feet and walked up behind her. They looked at each other in the reflection of the mirror. He took another step closer so that he was standing right behind her and he could tell she was breathing hard. He was fascinated that this was happening and that he was having an effect on her.

He reached his hands to the skin of her shoulders and began gently but firmly rubbing her shoulders, letting his hands get to her neck and then coming back down into her blouse. Her shoulders slumped slightly into his touch and back. This caused her blouse to spread further apart and now the tops of her ample breasts were plainly visible as were the cups of her bra.

Bobby slipped her blouse down her arms and let it fall to the floor. He let his hands trace on down her arms till they gripped her hands and they squeezed each other’s hands.

He moved his hands to her zipper at the back of her skirt and unfastened her skirt, and when he did, she did something he didn’t expect. Her right hand moved behind her to his crotch and gripped the hardness that was protruding there. He pushed into her grip.

He released her skirt and it too fell to the carpet. There she was standing before him wearing only her bra and her skimpy white panties that formed a V-shape at her crotch.

He pulled his shirt off, and he went to lower his jeans, as she closed her eyes and tried to gather herself, struggling to get rational about what was happening.

Her eyes opened wide immediately when she felt his hard cock press against the bare ass exposed by her panties as he hugged her from behind.

“Bobby… .”

He was naked and kaçak bahis pressed to her back and she leaned back on him as his hands pulled her bra down. She looked at their refection there in the mirror as he unclasped the bra to take it on off.

They both looked at her breasts jut forward, full and hanging some. The pinkish-brown large nipples were extended and pointed, and she gasped when he brought his hands to them and caressed them, gently squeezing and pulling on them.

They both watched the mirror to see his hands move down her stomach toward the white strip of panties that covered her there.

“Bobby, no… .” She faintly said. His hand stopped poised right at the panties’ top with the tips of his fingers underneath the elastic band. He looked into her eyes in the mirror. She looked back to him and responded by raising her arms to put her hands back into his hair.

He moved his hand into her crotch fully and let his middle finger slip into her and she grunted loudly. She was very wet and felt warm as he pushed his finger further and pressed his palm against her mound. She bucked against his hand and made a crying sound as she started humping against his hand.

“Yeaaahhh,” she urged him.

After a few strokes, she seemed to change her mind, and quickly pulled his hand from her. He took a step back, unsure. She pushed a chair to her left away from them, and then moved her legs further apart, looking again to him in the mirror.

“C’mon,” she raised her voice at him and then immediately bent over leaving her ass up and directly in front of him.

He gripped his cock, which had never been harder, and traced its head against her lips there. He traced it up and down her there, brushing her folds.

“Bobby!” She yelled. “Fuck me.”

He pushed inside her about halfway and she again grunted.

Then without letting her get adjusted he pushed deep and fully inside her , her arms sliding with her torso across the dresser top as she sceamed.

He pulled back but not completely out of her and bfore he could move again she slammed back at him this time causing him to yell.

With that, they started moving against each other, easily finding a rhythm back and forth—her pushing back when he thrust forward. He loved the way she moved and got so into it, and she loved how he felt inside her and the way he pushed up inside her.

The sound of flesh slapping flesh was soon was drowned out by their both moaning to their pumping. She started her’s first, starting to shake and getting louder.

“Ooooo, yyeeesss… .”

She started a louder groan that he joined with one of his own, as he felt himself start to let go inside her.

“Yes, yes, yes,” she could feel him.

“Aaaahhhhh,” he yelled as he came, holding himself against her and fully into her.

They stayed like that for moments, joined at their sex and pushed to each other. When she moved slightly forward, he eased back and felt his wet and limp cock slip out of her.

She had had her head looking down to the dresser top, since he’d come. Now, as he was still behind her and she was still bent over, he watched her head face up into the mirror at him.

She looked him in the eye and gave him the most mischievous grin.

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