Temmuz 13, 2024

Mira Ch. 03

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Waking up the morning after was slow. I was still glowing from my experiences the day before and so came to luxuriously, my head filled with softness and warmth. What made me get up was a feeling I was getting more and more often: an emptiness in my butt. Reminiscing on the times I had spent in-game with my little hole stuffed was enough to make me squirm under my sheets, and rubbing myself back there lightly got me scarily damp, very quickly. If I hadn’t been so driven to find more things I could stick inside myself I might have noticed the clear signs of addiction.

I knew I wouldn’t be able to wait until I got into town, so I tiptoed to the bathroom and found what I wanted: a bottle of lotion. Back in my room I threw my pyjama bottoms off without a second thought and booted up my computer. While waiting for it to turn on I slicked up my left hand started to press against my asshole with my middle finger. My right hand reached up to pinch my nipple and as I gasped at the sensation my finger slid right into me.

It was the first time I had had anything inside me in the real world, and it didn’t disappoint. ROSE had captured the feeling perfectly, and the glowing ball in my belly was quickly turning into a roaring fire as I started to finger fuck my tightest entrance. My eyes were drawn to the computer screen despite any other distractions, but I ignored it for the time being to fit another finger in.

The feeling of being stretched overwhelmed me. Both fingers pumped in and out, causing the ring of muscle in my backside to expand and contract rapidly. My eyes rolled up into the back of my head as my pussy started clenching on thin air. Waves of pleasure washed over me, forcing gasps and moans out of my throat. The orgasm was quick and violent but succeeded in calming me for a while at least.

Now that I could use the computer without something else occupying my attention, I started looking for toys online. Fingers were great, don’t get me wrong, but could only go so far. And anyway, I had no guarantee that I would be able to carry on accessing ROSE and didn’t want to abandon my rapidly growing collection of toys over there. Using some money I had saved up over a summer job I ordered a small selection of vibrators and dildos, as well as plenty of lube. They would arrive in the next few days. I made my excuses to my mum and skipped off to the internet café.

It was only on the way there that what I had just done sunk in. With barely a second thought I had bought sex toys and never for a moment doubted that I would be putting them in my ass. For some reason though, I didn’t care. The sort of anxieties that would have plagued me a few days ago – my mum finding them, whether I would hurt myself, whether I would need that money later – just didn’t occur to me. I was a changed person. All that mattered was getting more pleasure.

I breezed through the café, laughing internally at the memory of how nervous I had been the day before. It was with a happy sigh that I lowered myself into the leather seat in the back room. I smiled up at the blinking lights before everything went dark.

The warmth and cosiness of my virtual bed was incredibly realistic. I knew that every time I went into ROSE I commented on how perfect everything was, but for several minutes I honestly didn’t realise I was in the game, instead curling up and nearly going back to sleep.

One of my hands moved on its own to press against my tight little hole, bringing me out of my stupor. My middle finger was wet and I knew that I had sucked it while still half unconscious. It sank in to the first knuckle before I woke up properly, and with some regret I pulled it back out. I swung out of bed but paused. A wicked thought had crossed my mind. Before I could consider it for too long, I shoved my finger into my mouth and licked.

The taste. I didn’t know how to describe the taste. Despite having anal sex – even if it was with inanimate objects – several times, I had never put anything from my ass to my mouth. Now that I had done it, I didn’t know what words could do it justice. Earthy was one people sometimes used, and I could see why. Tart was another, but I didn’t even know what that meant. After a couple of seconds of sucking, my tongue rolling slowly around my finger, I thought of the perfect description.

It tasted like ass. Of course it tasted like ass.

But that didn’t bursa escort mean it tasted bad.

I headed on over to the store, with the clerk smiling as mechanically as ever. He still made me uneasy, but if I wanted new toys I had to deal with him. As usual he was very helpful, advising me on what was popular and what was rare, and I walked out happy with a couple of purchases. When I was walking home though I paused for a second to think.

I had been given access to this amazing new world. So few humans had yet been able to truly enter a virtual reality, and all I was using it for was sex. Granted, the sex was amazing, but there was so much more that I could do; there would always be time for me to get myself off later.

So instead I headed to the casino. My new toys had depleted my funds somewhat, and even with quintuple points I couldn’t keep this lifestyle up forever. If I didn’t make any money I could still say I had done something new.

Inside the casino I was immediately overwhelmed. The bright lights coming from huge, hanging chandeliers; the noise of hundreds of people walking around, celebrating wins and lamenting losses. Even the smell reached me: light, sweet and relaxing. For a few minutes I just wandered around and tried to get my bearings. Over here there were tables dedicated to poker, nearby were yet more tables for blackjack. On the other side of this room there were roulette wheels and filling an entirely new room were seemingly hundreds of slot machines.

In the real world, I would have turned and fled. I was used to seeing strangers on the streets and otherwise only seeing a couple of people. A place like this, so densely packed, was terrifying for me, but I knew one thing: in this world, I could be what I want, and do what I want.

I stepped over to a roulette table with my head held high and placed a small bet on it coming up black. I was still trying to get accustomed to the atmosphere so it jarred me slightly when I was told I had won – though the payout was admittedly small.

Enthused by my first win, I decided to be more daring, and placed 1000 points on the number 17. My breath caught as the ball started rolling around the wheel, bouncing and clattering. The racket of everyone else seemed to disappear, leaving me alone with the wheel. The spinning slowed and slowed, but didn’t slow down enough by the time the ball had settled in a pocket. I couldn’t tell where it was and with my nerves climbing higher I closed my eyes tightly.

“Number 17!”

I opened my eyes to a screen in front of me, informing me of my 35000 point prize. More than I would have made in a month before I got access to this version. More than I dared dream I would win today. My celebration would have embarrassed a 13 year old, jumping into the air and letting out a squeal of excitement.

My landing was awkward, sending shocks up my legs and leaving an odd feeling in my pelvis, centred on an area I had become intimately familiar with recently. Once I reached a hand up to investigate I discovered why.

Instead of the pale lace underwear I had had on, I had tight fitting nylon panties. They seemed to almost be welded to my flesh; though they weren’t painfully tight for some reason I couldn’t even get a finger under them. Ignoring the snugness of my new underwear, my butt still felt weird. Almost exactly as if I was in the middle of playing with myself.

Further investigation revealed what I had feared. There was a large, solid object stuck on the inside of my panties, and firmly lodged inside me. Just the slight movement of it twisted my insides delightfully, and I found myself suppressing a moan. My face was flush from the pleasure and the embarrassment of being out in public like this. I pulled up the game menu to see just what had been put up my backside.

On my equipment list was an item I didn’t recognise, just a question mark for an icon and no name. Pressing it opened a description that seemed to be a long list of specifications, but a quick scan made my eyes grow wide in shock and fear. Words like “size/shape changing,” “remote control” and “punishment device” made me hit the unequip button as fast as I could, but to no avail. It seemed like my new toy was staying put.

I elected to ignore it for now. Nothing had happened since it was put on me and besides, I was quite enjoying it. The feeling of fullness excited bursa escort bayan me and I jiggled my hips a little compulsively, savouring the movement of it inside me. If all it did was this, I could definitely make do.

When I came out of my reverie I realised that I had been staring at nothing for over minute, and a couple of people nearby had noticed. Everyone else was too involved in their gambling to care, and when I shook my head and started acting like a person again the few people watching me lost interest.

I was still on a high from winning last time, so decided to up the ante and bet 15000 points on a single number. For no real reason I chose 8, and as I leant over the table to get a closer look at the wheel I was reminded of the presence in my ass, pressing against my insides.

Again I closed my eyes, waiting for the ball to stop moving. In my head I saw the ball spinning around the rim of the wheel, slowing down and dropping into the inner circle. My eyes were squeezed shut now and I was just waiting for the announcer to say the number.


I stopped paying attention when the toy in my ass started vibrating. If I had had to guess, I would say the toy had been about six inches long and maybe just under an inch in diameter at the base. Now it was vibrating with such force that it felt ten times larger. My entire lower body felt filled with it. It was touching everything inside of me, places I knew and didn’t know existed. My knees instantly gave out and I fell to the floor, my thighs clenched and twitching at the sudden onset of glorious ecstasy.

Screams flew from my mouth as the intensity of the vibration increased. At the same time, tiny nubs grew from the surface of the toy and it began rotating excruciatingly slowly. My insides were now being kneaded, handled almost violently. Pussy juice seemed to be flowing freely from me in a way I knew must be impossible. I couldn’t tell whether I had even come yet – my mind was incoherent. I may have never reached it or I might have experienced one, massive, prolonged orgasm from the moment the toy activated.

Throughout all of this people were watching me. I was still in a crowded casino, and when a girl starts screaming in ecstasy and falling into a pool of her own fluids, people notice. While the toy kept moving and vibrating inside of me and I kept feeling wave after crashing wave of pleasure slam into me a circle of concerned onlookers formed.

Hands suddenly grasped my upper arms and tried to pull me to my feet. I was so far gone that every new tactile sensation was an extra glittering facet on the jewel of bliss I was staring at. Leaning on someone for support was enough to make my whole body shudder in joy as my bladder let out, sending a cascading torrent of fluid down my legs. With all the sticky juice that had come from my crotch already I don’t think anyone really could have noticed. I was dragged limply away and soon lost all perception of the outside world.

It was impossible for me to tell how much time had passed, but when I came to I was loosely tied to a chair. The toy that had brought me over the brink of bliss was still there, and still vibrating though the amplitude was far less than it had been. When my eyes opened I was in a nondescript room with only two chairs, a metal desk and the item shop clerk.

He was sitting across from me and in the other chair, with the desk separating us. I was reminded somewhat of a police interrogation room, but the walls were a bright yellow and there was thick blue carpeting, giving it a completely different atmosphere.

“At last, sleeping beauty awakes. Those straps must be uncomfortable, we’ll get rid of them for you.” At his words the bindings holding me to the chair disappeared and I steadied myself. I was still swaying slightly from the sensations coming from my butt.

“I’m sure what it at the top of your mind is the state of your money. You will be delighted to hear that the roulette ball landed on the number 8, and you have received the incredible prize of 525000 points!”

While I was slightly taken aback by this outcome, I did have enough presence of mind to raise an eyebrow at the clerk, who got the hint.

“Okay, time for real business. You have been enjoying yourself here – and that’s not a question. This is an incredibly expensive beta test of revolutionary new technology, and we escort bursa have to keep an eye on as much as possible. To this end you have been observed constantly throughout your time here, in more ways than visually. You love everything about your experiences here.”

I couldn’t deny any of his words. More proof to them was given by the fact that, even though this revelation was disturbing, I wanted to ignore the man and sink onto the toy in my butt. I just wanted more pleasure.

“But it’s not just you that’s having a good time. Your experience is just what we who develop ROSE need. The problem comes from artificial intelligence. Specifically, artificial intelligence is really, really hard. Even with technology advanced enough to allow a mind to control a complicated program like this, we can’t produce a neural net complex enough to simulate the human psyche. But this world needs people, it needs one hundred percent perfect interactivity. We can just hire people to be shopkeepers and police and the like – the simulated jobs are certainly cushier than their real-world counterparts, if only by you being able to do them sitting down.

“But there are some jobs you can’t pay people to perform; there are some jobs normal people just can’t do. And we need them to be done. Virtual reality doesn’t just end with ROSE. It will be the market to end all markets, because it is the dream to end all dreams. Anything you want to happen, you want to be able to do, you can just step into the simulated reality that satisfies every urge you have. But a reality isn’t perfect without a populace, and the biggest projected market will need a few very dedicated people to make real.

“I talk about sex, of course. You give people absolute power and their first thought is how they can use it to maximise sexual pleasure. You were given a whole new world to explore, and you spent every moment craving sweet release.” I squirmed in my seat at his words, which just made me wetter as the toy moved inside me.

“If you agree to take the job I am about to offer, you will experience more sex than anyone else on the planet. You will receive the same number of orgasms in twenty four hours as most people do in a lifetime. Because your job is to be the object of fantasy for anyone who wants anal sex. With a little work we can ‘expand’ your consciousness and allow you to exist in multiple virtual worlds at once. There, whenever someone wants to plunge something into the asshole of a beautiful woman, you will appear. Whether they are craving a quickie with the pretty blonde in their local coffee shop or a live-in butt slave, permanently plugged with toys of monstrous sizes – it will be you. You will be in a thousand different bodies, play a thousand different roles, but every time it will be you and you will feel everything.

“Over your time here in ROSE we have witnessed you blossoming from a shy virgin to something insatiable. You have rewired yourself to crave the feeling of having your dirtiest hole fucked to the point where you don’t even think about doing it any other way. We can satisfy that urge like nothing else in the world can.”

My pussy was flooding again. Just the idea of being able to have something fuck my ass again would have been enough, but here I was being offered a universe of anal sex. My mind may have already been broken, but I would make the same decision again and again. The feeling of having my butt stuffed full, or my tight anus being stretched open was all I could think about. I opened my mouth to accept the offer, but was cut off.

“If you accept you will never have a moment’s rest. The best doctors in the world will look after your body but you will live here, in ten thousand virtual realities.

“You will be a butt slave. An anal whore. Your one purpose in life will be pleasuring everyone you meet with your ass. Impossibilities will be normal for you, because here you can do anything. However big something is, it will fit in you. However much you are used, you will not break and you will remain perfectly tight. Pleasure will be your only sensation. Do you want this to be your reality?”

As he was speaking the vibrations in my behind were getting more intense. Shakes ran up and down my body. The warm glow of pleasure just from being filled was a raging inferno. I was on the verge of the last orgasm I would ever have, because it would never stop. As my mind went blank and ass clenched down I screamed out in response.


I blacked out again and awoke with Amy gone. I was now Mira, queen of the virtual universe and slave to glorious pleasure.

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