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Midnight Lovers

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It was late and she’d been drinking. She’d parted ways with her friends about an hour before and had decided on an adventurous plan of action. She stood in front of the door to his apartment, which he had recently informed her was always unlocked. Why tell her unless he wanted her to drop by, in the middle of the night, unexpected? At least this was her reasoning. Not particularly caring whether she was wrong or not she silently opened the door, letting her eyes adjust to the dimness of the apartment. She kicked off her shoes and picked them up, carrying them through the house so there would be no trace of her left where anyone could find it. Slipping into his room she shut the door and held her breath. She didn’t want him to wake just yet. She lifted her pink tank top from her body, the matching bra underneath displaying her breasts nicely. Slipping her dark jeans down over her legs she exposed a satiny pink thong, a shade darker then her bra. Taking her hair down she let it fall over her shoulders and then she approached the bed.

She looked down at him sleeping, and smiling set her glasses on the nightstand next to his TV. She leaned over, kissing him gently and, as he awoke, she pulled back pressing two fingers to his lips. She smiled down at him, his sleep heavy eyes taking a moment to adjust. He blinked up at her, looking slightly befuddled, but made no move to stop her. She took her fingers from his lips and trailed them along his jaw, leaning down to press a soft kiss to his lips. She stood up and slowly unhooked her bra, sliding the straps down over her shoulders, letting it drop to the floor. Her panties quickly followed and then she stood gloriously naked before him. She pulled back the bed covers and joined him, her bare skin pressed to his. Her lips found his again and they explored each others mouths. Her fingers combed through his short hair, the color reminding her of fire and autumn leaves. She pressed herself to him, molding her body to his. Finally tearing her lips from away, she began to move down his body, trailing kisses bahis firmaları first along his jaw and then nipping the strong column of his neck. Her fingers buried themselves in the thatch of hair on his chest and she pulled at it playfully. Continuing her assault her tongue circled around his nipple, he caught his breath and tangled his fingers in her hair. She dragged her fingernail lightly acrossed his other nipple and looked up at him, smiling mischievously.

Her hand wandered lower, lying for a moment against his flat stomach, teasingly resting just above his pelvis. She dissapeared under the blankets, moving between his thighs. He was still barely awake, but he knew what was coming. She kissed the inside of his thigh, her fingers brushing along the shaft of his arousal. Her tongue flicked out, circling the tip and teasing him. She licked him lightly, flicking her tongue up his shaft and then down again. Finally he felt her lips press against the tip and she opened her mouth, slowly taking him in. Her mouth was warm and deliciously wet as she slid down his throbbing cock, taking him all the way to the back of her throat. She loved the way he fit perfectly, stretching her limits but not exceeding them. Her tongue swirled around him, and he moaned. His breath was coming hard and fast now and she enjoyed the way he responded to her touch. She ran a hand up his side and traced a circle around his nipple, before lightly squeezing it. She licked a salty drop from the tip of him and knew that it wouldn’t be long now. She focused, blocking out everything but her purpose and elongated her stroking, every motion taking her all the way to the base before she came back up again. Quickening the pace, her tongue darted around him, catching him off guard, and his breathing grew even heavier. His hands stroked her hair and his hips twisted up to meet her hungry mouth as he started to cum. His low grunts of pleasure combined with the warm rush of fluid shooting down her throat was enough to satisfy her. She sucked him dry and licking her lips emerged from beneath kaçak iddaa the covers.

He looked at her, completely awake, and smiled an awed sort of smile. She looked down at him, smiling teasingly, and ran the tips of her fingers over his newly flaccid member. With soft caresses and kisses she began to reawaken his ardor. Again her lips pressed to his, except now she was not as sweet. Her own passion was roused by his response to her touch and she sought to satisfy herself as well as him. She pressed up against him, and she was sure that he could feel the wetness between her thighs. Her sensitive nipples were tortured by the teasing brush of his chest hair and as their tongues danced her body arched toward his. Against her thigh she could feel him hardening again and she gasped as his teeth nipped her neck. Taking control he rolled her over, pushing her back lightly. His tongue laved one of her nipple while his fingers caressed the other. He knew just how to touch her, how to bring her to the breaking point and then leave her wanting more. Not to be outdone she met his every act of passion with one of her own. Her fingers traced lazy shapes across his shoulders and down the front of him. Every now and then she would drag a fingernail over his nipple, eliciting a gasp of pleasure. He teased her to the point of breaking and then pulled back, pressing his lips to hers enveloping her in the ever hotter conflagration of their passion. She arched against him, wordlessly begging him to take her, all the while matching him pleasure for pleasure.

He slid into her, his body meshing perfectly with hers and she sighed in relief. It was only a temporary relief because when he began to move her body burned white with the heat he was creating. She thrust up against him, meeting him every time, her passion locked into his as they sought ecstasy together. He stopped, pulling back, teasing her. She wiggled against him, but he had decided it was his turn to play. He moved down her body, his lips pressing against her rounded belly and down lower. He buried kaçak bahis his tongue in the moist folds of her pussy and she cried out, her hands moving to cup her swollen breasts. His tongue drove her to madness, the inferno inside her burning ever hotter under his expert touch. Her body writhed uncontrollably as he flicked his tongue over her clit, driving her to the edge and dropping her off. She arched hard against him, her fingers stroking through his hair. She floated momentarily in the blissful euphoria of her orgasm and then once again became the predator.

She pulled him towards her, and he moved compliantly. She sunk her teeth into the side of his throat, flicking her tongue over the skin. She wrapped her hand around him, stroking him slowly. She loved to hear the sounds of his pleasure. Pushing him back, she rose above him, straddling him, but not allowing him entrance. She pressed herself against him and let her fingers and lips explore his torso. She dropped kisses along his collarbone, playfully nipping him before soothing over the light pain with a flick of her tongue. She rose slightly, sinking down onto him, and began to move. She stroked him, tightening her muscles around him as she moved forward, driving him towards the brink of bliss. She bent forward as she rode him, her long, dark hair falling like a curtain around them. She paused, enjoying the feel of him insider her. Sitting up, she brushed her hair back and without moving began to tighten her muscles, causing her body to tighten around him. She played with him like this for a few moments and then began again, this time in earnest. She licked her fingers and began to stroke her clit. The light caress of her fingers combined with the powerful rhythm of their bodies soon had her moaning softly. She watched him as she came around him, her green eyes practically glowing. His body reacted to hers and she felt the first rush of his pleasure, his hands grasped her wrists as he brought himself up. They stayed like this for a moment, looking deep into each others eyes. She slid off him and curled into the pillows. His fingers lightly stroked her hair and she smiled up at him. He dropped a soft kiss on her brow and before she fell into an exhausted sleep she whispered, “Merry Christmas love.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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