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Michael’s Dream Ch. 02

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Sarah awoke and immediately thought ‘Christ was that real?’ Then seeing that she was naked and not in her own bed she smiled to herself recalling her brazen behaviour. She actually begged her Dad to fuck her. Shit! What will he think? But then again who is he to judge. He did fuck her. Quite impressively actually. She unwrapped herself from the sheet and rose from the bed. She could hear the shower running so obviously that’s where she’ll find Dad.

Entering the bathroom she sees Michael just step from the shower and start to dry himself off. She leans against the door and watches him for a moment before he notices her. Neither speaks. They just smile at each other. Then Sarah says, ‘Morning lover.’

‘Morning to you too,’ comes the reply.

‘Quite a night, eh?’

‘Er, yes. Look, Sarah, I want..’ Sarah moves quickly to him and lightly kisses his lips to silence him.

‘I know what you want. You want to fuck this sweet booty, again. And you can. I thought I made myself clear last night.’

‘Yes.. no, but what we did wasn’t..’

‘Wasn’t good?’ Sarah fakes a quizzical look, ‘Why had better have you?

‘No, I mean..’

‘Oh you weren’t at your best, is that it? Well then I can’t wait for your best because that was some serious fucking you gave me last night, Daddy, but if you think you can do better..’

‘Stop it, Sarah,’ his voice now stern. ‘Now you know it was wrong. We got carried away and we were very stupid. Now let’s not make it any worse by continuing.’

As Michael speaks Sarah is nuzzling his neck and stroking his back and bum lightly with her finger tips. ‘Oh Daddy, my pussy’s on fire again. I need your beautiful cock. Please fuck me again,’ she whispers seductively and breathily into his ear.

‘Stop it at once, young lady. I will not have you talk to me that way again,’ Michael tries to remain firm, ‘I won’t have sex with you again. I won’t. It’s simply wrong.’

‘Liar, liar. Pants on fire,’ comes Sarah’s sing-song voice. ‘You fucking want me, Daddy, I know you do no matter how hard you deny it. Just look at your cock!’

Michael looks down at the huge erection he is sporting and then looks up to meet his daughter’s gaze. She looks at him smugly but smiling says ‘Caught. You’re mine, sucker. Look seriously, Dad, and for the last time. I want this. I know you want it. So let’s just have fun, please. Seriously, if you give me that speech again I really won’t let you touch me again, and I’ll pull everything in trousers and flaunt my body at every opportunity, just to drive you crazy. Now do we understand each other?’

Hesitantly, ‘OK’

‘No, tell me you really want to fuck your baby girl again.’

‘OK,’ more confidently, ‘I really want to fuck my baby girl again, and again, and again.’ they are both laughing now.

‘So what do you want to do today, Dad?’

‘I want to fuck my baby girl,’ Michael replies stroking his still hard cock.

‘Mmmm. I know you do,’ she strokes his cock and kisses him, ‘and trust me you will tonight, but first I need you to take me into the Old Town for a few essentials. Now let me get cleaned-up and ready.’

‘Aww. OK’ Michael feigns disappointment as he leaves her to shower.

‘And no wanking, you hear. From now on I want all your lovely spunk for me.’

Michael dresses in shorts and a shirt while Sarah showers, and half an hour later they were both ready to leave. Michael thought Sarah looked gorgeous in her cotton dress. It was bright yellow and just above the knee in length. It was neck high at the front but swooped to mid back at the rear, showing off her lovely smooth, tanned back. She did a twirl for him asking ‘You like?’ Michael felt his cock react, not just at the view before him now, but at the memory of that other twirl she did last night. When she was naked and intent on having an orgasm. And here they were now heading out for the day like a normal Father and daughter. Except this Father knew he would fuck his beautiful daughter again later.

They took a cab for the half hour drive to the Old Town and had morning coffee. They then went shopping. Sarah dragged her Father to the arcade of expensive shops. She purred sexily ‘You should spoil me, Daddy, with nice presents. Then I’d be very, very grateful and have to give you all sorts of special treats.’ She looked so alluring as she said that. The perfect sex kitten. Michael knew at that moment that he would have no further inhibitions over this new relationship with his sexy minx of a daughter.

They spent a few hours shopping and he bought her new shoes and some very naughty lingerie. They had lunch and Sarah told him she needed to find a pharmacy. They did so, but Sarah insisted Michael wait for her outside, ‘It’s a surprise treat, Daddy. You’ll see.’ Michael was intrigued and couldn’t wait to find out what she had bought. One final stop at the food market for the trappings of a light meal and some wine and they were done.

The cab ride back was hell on earth. The küçükyalı escort couple’s lust for one another had been building all day. Compounded by looks and touches and the unspoken promise of ecstasy to come. Michael was making-up for years of solitary masturbation, while Sarah was drunk on the sheer power of this incestuous relationship. She couldn’t stop thinking about her Father’s gorgeous cock and how it felt inside her.

For his part, Michael just couldn’t stop looking at his beautiful daughter. He wanted to explore, touch and lick every part of her, from her pretty little tanned toes, with their perfectly pedicured nails, to her thick mane of chestnut coloured hair. He wanted to savour her sweetness and youth, and enjoy the silky smoothness of her skin. But he also wanted to ravish her, savagely and brutishly, in the most base way possible, he wanted to possess her and to make her squirm and writhe in a delicious orgasmic rapture.

They were each aware of the heat of the other’s body next to them on the back seat of the cab. Sarah pressed her thigh against Michael’s. Again there was that frisson of electricity as her flesh touched his. They exchanged a look of lust and Sarah pointed at her lap with her eyes. Michael followed her gaze and watched entranced as she allowed her knees to move apart, opening her legs. She gathered the hem of her dress up towards her crotch, just far enough for the white gusset of her cotton panties to appear. ‘Dad,’ She said. Michael looked at her face again. Her lips silently formed the words ‘Touch me!’

Michael put his hand on her thigh. It was hot and silky smooth. His heart pounded as he slid his hand gently towards her crotch. Sarah closed her eyes in anticipation and then gasped as his fingers made contact with her quim. The cabbie glanced up in the mirror at the noise and Michael was sure he knew what was going on. Sure too that the man knew he was fondling his daughter in the most intimate way possible.

He looked back as Sarah who mouthed ‘Frig me!’ Obediently Michael moved his fingers to the edge of the panties and slid them under. His finger tips slipped through the mat of pubic hair and found the top of her pussy. Sarah gasped again as he touched her clit and moaned softly as he began to work his fingers back and forth and down the slit of her cunt. Michael kept a steady rhythm and alternately looked at his daughter’s lovely face, and the eyes of the driver in the mirror. They couldn’t possibly hide what they were doing and it was clear the man wanted to see more. Eventually, despite his need to concentrate on the road, the driver looked round and straight at Michael’s hand in Sarah’s panties. He muttered something in Spanish and then the car swerved violently as he regained his course. There was much swearing, and, realising the danger, the lovers stopped what they were doing for now.

Not before time, thought Michael, adjusting the uncomfortable erection in his shorts. Sarah reached over and gave it a loving squeeze. ‘Stop that, now. Wait!’ he snapped in a whisper, and Sarah contented herself with taking his hand and kissing the fingers that had just pleasured her.

After an eternity the taxi pulled-up at their apartment and Michael paid the fare while Sarah dashed ahead with the shopping. By the time he entered the apartment Sarah has already stripped out of her dress and is standing by the now joined bed looking really sexy. Michael moves straight to her and kisses her. They kiss passionately and hotly and he then breaks away to suck her boobs. Her nipples are hard and are standing up like erasers. Michael pushes her down on the bed and starts to remove his shorts.

‘No. Wait.’ Sarah says pushing him back. I want to do this right tonight. I’ve planned a little surprise for you. I promise it’ll be much better than a frenzied fuck now. Besides, we’ve done frenzied fucking already, remember.’

‘Yes. I’m sorry, love. Whatever you say. You’re the boss.’

Sarah thought she detected a hint of disappointment in her Dad’s words, so to reassure him she says ‘Just tonight, Dad. Let me do this my way. Then the rest of our time here you call the shots and I’ll be your obedient little tart, I promise.’ She kisses him again. A long lingering kiss, which melts his heart and almost causes him to lose his load of sperm. Breathing hard they part and she says ‘Now go jump in the shower, Dad, but be quick and leave it running for me.

By the time Michael emerges Sarah has set the little table with the first course of their meal and some wine. She quickly instructs him on looking after the main course and rushes off to the bathroom. Michael follows her orders and the food is almost ready when she returns about 20 minutes later.

Michael’s jaw drops on seeing her. Although he needed no persuasion as to his daughter’s beauty, he is nevertheless astounded at the transformation. She is wearing make-up and a white floral dress. Her hair is drawn up kurtköy escort loosely onto her head but also hangs seductively in strands around her face. The dress is quite demure and modest, showing just a hint of cleavage, and about knee length. On her feet are the expensive new shoes: dainty, strappy things that show-off her gorgeous feet. Then Michael notices that her legs have a silvery sheen and, remembering the fine stockings he bought for her earlier, he hopes that the fabulous lingerie accompanies them.

Sarah crosses to her Father who is ready with a drink for her. Taking the class they clink ‘Cheers’ and after taking a sip Sarah says ‘Do you like me, Daddy?’

‘Yes, dear. Very much. You’re beautiful. Sexy and alluring, just about the most sensational woman I’ve ever seen.’

‘And I’m all yours. I want us to have a proper date and then make love all night like real lovers. OK?’

‘How can I resist?’

‘You can’t,’ and she kisses him softly but with her tongue lightly touching his lips.

Somehow they manage to enjoy the meal and to have a normal conversation, albeit punctuated by lingering looks and touches. As they finish their coffee they move to the lounger seats on the balcony. Sarah says ‘Remember when I asked for the lovely presents today, and I said I would be very grateful?’


‘Well I meant it. And I’d like to show you just how grateful I am.’ Saying that she stands and moves towards Michael, drawing up the hem of her dress. She pulls it all the way to her waist revealing her stockings and suspender straps and the gorgeous purple lace and silk panties he bought her. ‘I really love these presents, Daddy. Do they please you too? Do you like how they make me look?’

‘Yes, love. I do. They make you look even more gorgeous and sexy than I would have thought possible.’

‘Good. Does the way I look turn you on?’

‘Very much.’

‘So would you like your daughter to give you oral pleasure?’ saying this Sarah kneels in front of her Father and shuffles between his knees placing her hands in his lap. Michael just nods in return, he can’t take his eyes of this vision of loveliness and his mind is reeling at the prospect of what she is offering to do. ‘You’d like your sexy daughter to suck your big, hard cock, wouldn’t you?’ he nods again. ‘Oh you’re so hard already, Daddy.’ She continues, feeling his dick through his trousers. ‘Let me get it out for you.’

With that she opens his belt and zipper and pulls his trousers down. Michael’s cock is tenting his shorts and Sarah pulls these off too. ‘Oh, Daddy, I knew you were big when I felt you fuck me last night, but I hadn’t realised how big. And so beautiful.’ She takes his cock in both hands and slowly strokes it as she moves in closer. Michael can feel her hot breath on his glands and then she kisses his rigid manhood. Planting numerous little butterfly kisses along its length and finishing at its head. Then staring sultrily into his eyes she takes the whole tip into her mouth. He can feel her hot tongue press on its underside and her teeth lightly graze the top. Then she sucks it deep into her soft fiery mouth and squeezes the shaft with her fingers. Michael moans aloud in pleasure and so begins the blowjob of his life.

Sarah is an expert at blowjobs. She licks and sucks her Father’s cock with just the right mix of softness, firmness and wetness. She coats his dick with her saliva and then blows on it to cool in the air. Then she envelops the head in her hot mouth once more, sucking it deep between her cheeks and caressing it firmly with her tongue. She alternates her rhythm with fast, bobbing motions and slow, sensual vacuuming suction that feels like she if drawing his essence out through his iron cock. These usually end with a gasping moan from Sarah as she comes up for air. Each time she fixes her Father with her eyes and looks ever more erotic as her hair slowly unravels and falls about her face.

Sarah also encourages Michael throughout this epic oral service. ‘You like this, don’t you, Daddy? Are you getting ready to cum? I want it, Daddy. I want your cum in my mouth. I want to taste you.’

This delicious combination of sensation and steamy commentary continue until Michael knows her has not strength to hold back. He feels his orgasm swelling-up from deep within him. Building in intensity towards the first explosion. ‘Oh baby, I’m cumming.’

‘Hmmmmm.’ Is the only reply Sarah offers as her mouth remains firmly attached to her Father’s engorged manhood. Michael erupts, spewing a thick stream of sticky spunk into his daughter’s mouth. She groans her approval but doesn’t let go of his cock from her lips. His spasms continue for the longest time. Spurt after spurt of after-shock, each delivering another little packet of seed into the willing girl’s waiting mouth. Sarah keeps a firm grip on the still hard shaft of his penis and milks the final drops to add to the quantity on her tongue.

Eventually maltepe escort she tips her head back, freeing Michael’s dick from its pleasures and clearly swallows his spunk. Her tongue traces along her lips and a rivulet of sperm trickles out of the corner of her mouth down her chin. Michael is mesmerised as she wipes the back of her hand across her mouth and staring into his eyes says ‘I’d do anything for you, Daddy darling.’

‘And I would for you, love,’ Michael manages eventually to croak in response. His gorgeous, sexy daughter then stands and removes her dress. Standing now in just the sexy lingerie she offers him her hand.

‘Come to bed with me, Daddy. Lick my pussy and make me cum, please.’ Michael needed no persuasion and followed Sarah across to the bed. She lay back saying ‘I have a surprise for you, Daddy. Take off my knickers.’ Smiling at her Michael slides the sexy little panties down her thighs, past her knees and off her legs. Sarah then spreads her legs wide exposing her pussy, which is shining from her arousal. It is immediately obvious to Michael that she has shaved her pubes. ‘I did it for you, Daddy. So I can feel every touch of your tongue. Do you like it? Do you like my bare pussy?’

‘Yes, darling. It’s beautiful. Just like you. I’m going to enjoy licking you to orgasm.’ Michael then knelt down between his daughter’s legs. He started by kissing her thighs just at the seam of her stockings. From side to side he moves, alternatively kissing the silky smooth flesh of her inner thighs. Each kiss is a combination of lip and tongue, lightly brushing her skin sending little shocks of pleasure through her body.

Michael savours the sensation of the touch, her taste and the wonderfully arousing scent of her pussy just inches from his face. He works his way slowly towards it anticipating the first real taste of his own daughter’s sex. All the while she is breathing hard and murmuring encouragement. When at last his lips meet her smooth, hairless labia she moans and gasps in pleasure, then cries out as Michael switches from light kiss to long lick. His tongue passing between her most private lips and splitting her sex, exposing her clitoris, which he now gently sucks between his lips and teeth. His hands clasp the soft flesh of her bottom and he pulls her to him, increasing the pressure on her clit. Grazing it with his teeth so that she spasms and cries aloud. He alternates this technique of licking and pressure on her clit for sometime. He marvels at the likeness of daughter to mother. This same approach had equal success on her.

Sarah’s feels her pussy flood with juice as her Father licks her to pleasure. He is really good and she knows she will have no trouble reaching orgasm with him. But not too soon, she hopes. This is too nice, too sexy, and too intense to end any time soon. So she does her level best to enjoy the sensations but to hold back the explosion of her orgasm for as long as possible.

The extra sensitivity of the newly shaved skin makes this a difficult task for Sarah. Michael’s tongue glides over the slippery, silky skin pleasuring his daughter in the most extreme way possible. Soon the girl is whimpering and trembling from the effort of holding back her climax. Michael senses she is close but thinks it is a failing of his technique that is preventing her from cumming. He decides to encourage her some more with a little finger play. His thumbs are already spreading her pussy lips so he simply swivels his right hand around to place his index and middle fingers at the opening of her sex and slowly inserts them. Sarah reacts immediately, gasping and bucking her hips. It is all Michael can do to hold on to her and to keep his mouth in contact with her pussy. By the time his fingers are all the way in she is clawing at his head and murmuring all sorts of obscenity that Michael can’t quite discern.

He begins to move his fingers in and out. Fucking her with his digits. He can feel the fire of her arousal and he is sure that she has become even wetter now. Sarah has drawn her legs up and his holding her stocking clad knees. This action has raised her crotch and ass up to expose her vagina and asshole completely. Michael is still fucking her with his fingers but is now licking at the back of her pussy. Sarah knows what she wants and pulls her knees up further raising her bum hole level with her Father’s lapping tongue. Almost without realising Michael starts to lick her puckered anus. Sarah cries out in pleasure at this. It is a new experience for Michael, he has heard of such things but never tried it. His wife had been very sexual but seemed always to regard asses as beyond the limit.

Michael realises that this is really sensational. Sarah clearly loves it, and he his very excited by the thought of what he is doing to his all too willing daughter. He licks her ass for some time while continuing to finger fuck her pussy. His cock is soon erect again and he begins to wonder how far this can go. He decides to probe her anus with a finger to gauge her reaction. Taking one very slippery index finger from her pussy he places it right on the button of her ass. At first he just tickles around the opening but Sarah’s frantic humping tells him that she is happy so far. So he eases just the tip into her bum hole and waits for her reaction.

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