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Matty Meets Kimmy Ch. 02

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Part two in the series. I would suggest reading Ch1 first. Thought I’d wrap up this series with two more chapters, one from Matt’s perspective, the other from Kim’s.

Disclaimer: All characters in this work of fiction are above the age of 18 years.

Enjoy! and please comment if you do.


I moaned in ecstatic agony as Kimberly slowly bobbed her head up and down. She took the length of my cock in her warm mouth, licking and slurping her way to the base then slowly and teasingly back to the tip.

“Babe, I’m gonna blow,” I grunted

Kimberly sucked harder on my penis, sliding her mouth up and down even quicker. I bucked my hips and felt my release. My cock spasmed inside Kim’s mouth as she used her fingers around my shaft to milk my every drop. When she saw I was done, Kim simply swallowed then proceeded to lick my shaft clean.

She crawled up to my side and lay down beside me. I rolled over and briefly kissed her, showing my appreciation.

“So are you excited about Tuesday?” Kim asked as she wiped the corner of her lips.

“Uh huh, my bags are packed, I’m set to go,” I replied, motioning over to the corner of my room where my grey suitcase stood.

Adam and Summer had already left for Adam’s folks place for thanksgiving. I normally accompanied them but when Kim invited me down to Miami for the daunting task of meeting her parents I had to accept. It had been ten or eleven months since Kim and I started going out, so she convinced me it was as good as time as any.

“Do you think they’ll like me?” I asked, smiling to Kim, the beginning of a little game we’d developed.

“Well, I like you so I can’t see them not liking you,” she replied.

“Do you think they’ll love me?” I followed up.

Kim grinned at me; she never once took the bait instead answering with her usual response,


I kissed her on the cheek and we fell asleep.


Tuesday couldn’t have come soon enough for me. Matt and I piled our luggage into his car and made our way to the airport. Matt parked, leaving his car in the airport parking lot. We checked in and proceeded to our gate. We didn’t have to wait long to board and soon we were airborne. When we landed in Houston for our half an hour layover it was almost six pm. Matt and I took note of the rain pouring down outside as we trekked to our new gate. I don’t know if it was the stress of travelling or something else but Matt and I seemed to be bickering the entire day. Now, we were giving each other the silent treatment as we took our seats in the crowded terminal.

Matt sat listening to his ipod while I skimmed a magazine. The flight was delayed an hour, but when 7:30 came around we still hadn’t’ boarded, I began to worry. Then came the dreaded announcement,

“American 1128, Dallas to Miami has been cancelled due to severe thunderstorms; please see your closest American Airlines counter for details.”

Matt and I stared at each other then walked over to the counter. We returned to our pull-alongs five minutes later and began to head outside. We had managed to get on a flight tomorrow morning, and the airline was putting us up in a nearby hotel. As we rode the hotel shuttle to the hotel I called my folks to let them know that’ we’d be in tomorrow.

Matt and I schlepped our bags into the hotel lobby, by no means a five star lodging but decent enough. We made our way up to the room and Matt held the door open for me. We still hadn’t said more than a couple words to each other since the airport.

After a couple sandwiches from room service I was getting ready to take a shower. Matt was lain on the bed with his laptop. I had removed my jeans and was walking around the room in just my blue plaid shirt and black cotton thong, looking through my bag for some clothes to sleep in. I noticed Matt’s gaze following me around the room; we may have been fighting but that didn’t stop our surging hormones. I pretended not to notice, and facing away from him, began to slowly unbutton my shirt. I bent over and packed my shirt into my suitcase. Knowing how much Matt liked my ass, I lingered in that position for a bit, giving him a slight wiggle. When I stood up and turned around, he was readjusting the crotch of his jeans. We smiled at each other as I walked towards him. He set the laptop to the side and reached out a hand to me.

I happily took his hand in mine and crawled onto him. Matt kissed me and brought his hands to my chest, letting them roam across the black lace cups of my bra. Matt eventually snaked his way from under me and stood up. He quickly removed his jeans and boxers as I lay on my stomach watching him. I was about to turn over when Matt got on top of me, straddling the back of my legs. I felt his warm palms on the curve of my ass, gently rubbing, then, the wonderful feel of his wet lips kissing by butt cheeks. Matt tugged on my thong, pulling it to around my knees. I lay there smiling as I felt him spreading my butt cheeks, then pressing his manhood between them. Matt’s throbbing penis found demetevler escort my vagina with ease and he slid into me. I groaned as he immediately began pumping, his hands still holding my butt cheeks apart.

Matt was fucking me a bit rougher than was usual for us; I suspected that he was still working out some of our earlier bickering. While I hated to admit it, I loved it, and it was feeling amazing. Matt’s thrusts were hard and deep, the walls of my cunt stretching to accept all of him.

My orgasm was swift and hard, sweeping over me as Matt continued to fuck. I felt him slow his pace as the walls of my pussy contracted around him, over and over again. Matt’s explosion was quick to follow as he groaned and pressed hard into me, eliciting an unexpected yelp from me. He slowly slid up and down a few times then released my butt cheeks and pulled out of me. Matt lay against my body, kissing the back of my neck as his limp cock dribbled cum onto my ass cheeks.

We took a shower and lay together in bed. I was resting my head on Matt’s shoulder as he played with the fingers on my right hand,

“Babe, I’m sorry for being such a grump today, I think I might just be nervous about meeting your folks, I didn’t mean to take it out on you,” Matt apologized.

I curled my fingers around his hand,

“I’m sorry too, and there’s nothing for you to be worried about,” I consoled.

“Do you think they’ll like me?” he asked.

I grinned and responded,

“I like you so how could they not?”

“Ahh, but do you think they’ll love me?” Matt asked.

I paused in thought, I wanted to say the words so badly, but ultimately chickened out,


Matt pulled my hand to his face and planted a kiss on the back of my palm.

He held me as we fell asleep.


The next morning Kim woke me up and we got dressed. Thankfully it was a bright and sunny day. We were back to normal, walking hand in hand as we made our way through the airport terminal. The wait at the gate wasn’t that long and by nine AM we were in the air. Kim sat in the window seat as I looked over her shoulder to nothing but white clouds outside. A few hours later, we began our decent into Miami International. I rubbed Kimberly’s shoulder, gently rousing her from her sleep,

“Babe, we’re about to land,” I whispered as her eyes slowly opened.

Kim and I stepped out into the humid south florida weather. We made our way into the middle of four lanes of traffic and stood on the pedestrian island and waited for Kim’s dad. It took about five minutes but Kim finally exclaimed,

“There he is!”

She pointed over to a white range rover that drove up and parked beside us. A tall statuesque man stepped out and walked over to us,

“Daddy!” Kim squealed, wrapping her arms around the man.

After their brief embrace, Kim turned to me,

“Daddy, this I Matt, Matt, my father.”

I nervously stuck out my hand, palm open. The man smiled at me and shook my hand, his grip firm,

“Nice to finally meet you Matt,” he said in a light voice.

“Nice to meet you too Mr. Kent,” I replied.

We quickly packed the bags into the SUV and took off. I was sat in the passenger seat.

“So where’s mom?” Kim asked from the backseat.

“Oh you know your mother Kimmy, she’s at home cooking up a storm,” James replied.

The drive to the Kent’s place was about twenty minutes. We pulled into a gated community then down the corner into the driveway of a twostory cream colored house. As we entered the house we were struck by the aroma of homemade cooking.

“Make yourself at home Matt,” James Kent politely invited as we placed the suitcases in the corner of the living room.

We all walked into the kitchen where woman was setting out some cutlery. Margaret was tall and slim like her daughter but with short brown hair. She turned around and smiled a smile I had seen on Kim’s face a thousand times.

“Kimmy!!” the woman yelled as both brunettes hugged.

When they finally released each other they turned their attention to me,

“And who is this handsome young man?”

“Mom, this is Matthew,” Kim introduced.

The woman hugged me,

“Welcome to our home Matthew, we’re delighted to have you.”

“Thanks Mrs. Kent,” I replied.

We all sat down at the table for lunch. The food was mouthwatering just to look at; the taste was in another stratosphere. We sat there for most of the afternoon as Kim caught up with her folks and they got to know me. We went through the stories how we met and our first date, leaving out the more private details.

“So when is this Summer coming down for a visit,” Kim’s mom asked.

“She promises next trip down she’s definitely coming with,” Kim replied.

When we were just about finished, Kim’s mom insisted I not help her clear the table despite my offer.

“Kim, why don’t you show Matt to the guest room,” her dad suggested.

Kim and I got up and walked through escort demetevler the living room, to a narrow hallway that led to a room. It was quaint but just what I needed. I set my suitcase in the corner and sat on the edge of the bed. Kim walked up to me and I wrapped my hands around her waist,

“My room is upstairs on the right,” she whispered.

I looked up to her and smiled,

“I’m not trying to get shot on thanksgiving vacation babe,” I replied.

She just laughed as she groomed my hair with her hands.

We remained there, silent, my head pressed against Kim’s stomach as we held each other when her phone began to ring.

Kim hung up her phone a few minutes later,

“You wanna take a walk with me? That was my friend from highschool, Jessica, she lives right down the road.”

“Okay,” I responded and stood up.

We walked towards the front door and saw Kim’s parents in the living room,

“Hey, we’re going over to Jessie’s for a little while,” Kim informed.

“Okay sweetie,” Kim’s dad replied.

Kim and I made the quick trek a couple houses over and rang the doorbell on another twostory house. We waited a couple seconds then were greeted by a curly haired blonde.

“Hey Jess!” Kim cried as the two embraced.

After Kim introduced us, Jessica invited us in and we sat down in her living room.

“So how long are you guys here for?” Jessica asked.

“We’re heading back Saturday night, you know how it is, finals to study for,” Kim explained.

The two girls chatted, I mainly listened.

“Hey you guys should come out with us tonight? We’re going out clubbing,” Jessica offered.

Kim looked at me. Clubbing was never really my thing, but I couldn’t pass up the opportunity of clubbing on south beach. I nodded in agreement with Kim.

“Great, we’re leaving around nine,” Jessica added, “I can pick you up if you want,” she added.

“No that’s okay, we’ll take my dad’s car, in case we want to leave early, Matt’s not much of a clubber,” Kim stated.

I smiled at her; she knew me down to a tee.

That night I sat in the living room, watching Sportscenter with Kim’s dad, waiting for her to get ready. I donned a simple outfit, jeans and black short sleeve shirt. The sound of Kimberly’s heels on the parquet steps alerted us to her presence. She turned the corner into the living room and took my breath away. Her hair was up, accentuating her slender neck. She wore an asymmetrical bodycon dress, one long sleeve from shoulder to wrist, the other shoulder and hand completely bare. The dress was alternating color of black and dark purple horizontal panels.

I stood up and Kim and I made our way to the door. As we walked to the car, I couldn’t help but stare at Kim’s ass. The tight dress, ending halfway down thigh, spotlighted the wonderful curve of her butt perfectly.

Kim’s dad also stood up to see us off,

“You kids drive safe now,” he reminded as he stood in the driveway watching us head off.

Kim directed me to south beach and to a parking lot. We walked the one block to the club and met up with her friends. We sipped on a couple of cokes, trying to stay true to Kim’s dad’s warning, and then made our way onto the dance floor. The music was loud; you could feel it pulsing through your body. Kim’s hands were all over me and mine, her. I wasn’t much of a dancer but Kim seemed to make it a delight as she rubbed her warm body against mine. After a couple hours, the place had become incredibly crowded. Even staying in close proximity to Kim’s friends was becoming difficult.

“You wanna take off? Even this is too packed for me,” Kim yelled into my ear, competing with the blasting music.

“Okay,” I shouted back.

We said our goodbyes to her friends and made for the door.

“Oh my god, these things are killing my feet,” Kim bemoaned as she bent over removing her high heels. Seeing as we only had one block to walk, I picked up her petite frame and held her on my back. When we got to the car, I set Kim down and opened the door for her. She began to direct me through the streets of south beach .

“Oooo, I have an idea, turn here,” Kim announced.

I followed her direction and turned.

“Make a left up there,” she continued.

“Now pull up and park there.”

Kim had directed us to some parking spaces overlooking the water, the beautiful Miami skyline off in the distance.

“Why do I get the feeling that you’ve been here before,” I teased.

Kim giggled guiltily as she crawled onto me. Her body was warm as we embraced and kissed. I could taste the slight hint of sweat on her skin as I licked her neck. Kim was grinding her body against my crotch as I hiked her dress up to her waist with my hands. My palms roamed across her delicate ass, squeezing her soft warm flesh. My hands kept searching for Kim’s panties to remove them. I had made my way all the way up to the small of her back but found no elastic band. I pushed Kim’s face from mine and stared longingly at her as it dawned on me,

“Kimberly demetevler escort bayan Oliver Kent, where are your panties young lady?” I asked in an almost scolding tone.

She smiled at me,

“I decided against them, I had a feeling you were gonna get me all heated up tonight,” she explained.

“Mhmm, well it certainly feels like you’re all heated up,” I replied, gliding my fingers along her moist sex.

Kimberly began to undo my jeans, fishing my erect penis through my boxers. Firmly holding on to Kim’s butt cheeks I lifted her up and then down onto me.

“You’re such a naughty girl, fucking in your daddy’s car,” I teased.

“Mhmm hmm, I’m your dirty girl baby,” Kimberly cooed as she lifted herself up and down my shaft. Her pussy was so tight and warm. I was still grasping Kim’s ass, almost spreading her cheeks, as I helped her lift and drop herself onto me. At one point, I guess we became too enthused, as on one lift, I lifted her right off my cock. On the drop, my erection slid between Kim’s butt cheeks, rudely jabbing against her anus. I don’t think it hurt her, but the surprise caused her to yelp. I immediately set her down on my lap and we erupted into laughter.

“Babe I’m so sorry, are you okay?” I asked.

Kim just giggled,

“Yeah, I’m fine, was quite the surprise though,” she replied before pausing, “Actually felt kinda nice,” she added.

“It did huh?” I asked, reaching behind her and using the tips of my index and middle fingers to rub the circumference of her anal rosebud, “You really are my dirty girl.”

Kim worked her sopping tight pussy back onto my cock. She began rocking herself on me as I massaged her asshole.

We resumed kissing, Kim interrupting our smacking lips every few seconds to speak,

“Maybe when we fly back home, mhmmm uhh,” kiss, ” mhmmm we can buy some lube and do some experimenting ahhh,” she moaned.

I just smiled against her lips, savoring the feel of her tight cunt slamming down on my cock, and her warm asshole against my fingers.

“Ohh god baby, I hope you’re close because I’m almost there,” I grunted.

“Mhmm hmm, I right there baby, cum with me,” she cooed.

We both pressed our mouths together. I felt Kim’s pussy squeeze down on my cock as her moans grew higher in pitch.

I couldn’t hold back, I pushed up hard and felt my cock throb in ecstasy. At the same time I was filling Kim with my spunk, her pussy was dribbling cream onto my crotch. We both moaned in delight, gently squirming our bodies against one another. As our euphoric state subsided we continued kissing. I had pulled my hand from between Kim’s ass and was holding her by her back. My penis eventually softened and slipped from Kim’s vagina. She was still sat on my lap so we weren’t concern with her leaking onto her dad’s car. She reached over the glove compartment and retrieved some soft tissues and proceeded to wipe herself as well as my crotch.

Kim pulled her dress back down to her thighs and slid over to the passenger seat. We sat there for a while, staring out over the water before I drove us home.

The next morning I was up around eleven. I brushed my teeth and put on some shorts over my boxers before wandering into the kitchen for some juice. Kim’s mom was getting ready to prepare thanksgiving dinner and her dad was reading the paper.

“Morning Matthew, Happy Thanksgiving,” she greeted.

“Good morning guys, happy thanksgiving,” I replied.

“Late night for you guys huh?” she asked.

“Yeah, but it was nice meeting some of Kim’s friends,” I responded.

“Speaking of Kim, she’s still sleeping, why don’t you go wake her up, you guys can still have a late breakfast.”

I turned and walked up the stairs to Kim’s bedroom.

Slowly prying the door open, I spotted my brunette angel curled up in the middle of her bed. I curled up beside her and gently pressed my lips against hers. It took a while but I eventually felt a response on Kim’s mouth, and a shallow whimper. I pulled back and watched as she opened her brown eyes to me,

“Hey beautiful, you gonna wake up this morning?” I softly asked.

She just smiled at me. I cleared her hair from her face and we just lay there staring at each other.

Gazing upon Kim, she looked so adorable; I figured this was as good as a time as any,

“Kimmy, I have to tell you something, and I can’t go another second without saying it.”

I watched as her eyes locked on to me, then I just blurted the words,

“I love you.”

I stared at Kim as she lay there silent for a few seconds. She had gotten almost teary eyed,

“I love you too Matt,” she replied.

We both held each other’s hands as we kissed.


“Gimme a few minutes to brush my teeth and changed,” I whispered as I rolled off the bed.

Matthew just lay there while I pottered around the room going about my business.

As we walked down the stairs, I was almost giddy; finally we had expressed our fullest feelings to each other. We made our way to the kitchen and I made a quick breakfast for Matt and myself; toast and eggs. After breakfast, Mom sent us to the grocery for some last minute items. Matt and I couldn’t be happier as we walked through the aisles. When my phone began to ring, Matt was across the grocery in search of some seasonings.

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