Temmuz 14, 2024

Making Up

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We had spoken in hushed, sorrowful tones on the phone. The bitterness that had torn us apart these last few days had ripped our hearts asunder. Last night, we had said our sorries. We said “I love you.” We cried, having lost the last two days to hurtful, spiteful pride. When we hung up, it was decided you were coming to see me. My new apartment I had told you was sparse. But both of us knew we needed to be together. We cleared our schedules for the next week, and you set out on Sunday for my apartment.

You arrive and I am sitting on the curb, waiting for you. I come to you, you slide out of your car, and we meet, hugging, holding onto each other. I whisper in your ear “I love you, I am so sorry.” You shake your head, eyes closed, not wanting to let the last two days come into your mind. I help you remove your things from the trunk and we go up to my humble apartment. As soon as we get in the door, I drop your bag and turn to you, wanting you in my arms again. You have the same thought and we hug again, both of our eyes brimming with tears. I kiss your cheek softly; you rub your skin on mine. I take your hand and draw you into the room. You see I’ve done the best with what I could.

Since I have no fireplace, I laid out some candles burning close together and laid a blanket in front of them. I draw you with me to the blanket and we sit, embracing one another. I reach into a basket, more like a bucket, beside the blanket. I pull out a bottle, not champagne, but a nice white wine. I pour us each a goblet and slowly we drink, and then kiss softly. The love between us is felt in our lips, passion and hunger for each other. We set the wine down, and I face you, hugging you so closely, feeling you against me. Slowly, I rise to my feet, and take your hand. I hold you close to me, and some soft music starts, piano. Slowly, I begin to move, you with me. We dance, feeling one another in our arms. I look at you and gaze into your eyes. They flicker in the candlelight. You close your eyes, and lean against me. I reach for you.

My lips brush the flesh of yours. My arms go around your waist, pulling you closer to me. We hold one another, kissing and hugging, feeling each other, being with one another. We kiss again, slowly exploring each other’s mouth, our tongue caressing each other. I look into your eyes again, our desire growing, we squeeze one another tighter. You reach for my güvenilir bahis shirt, untucking and pulling it in one swift motion, over my head. You trace your fingernails over my chest, and I breathe heavily. We sink to the blanket together. I slowly put my hand on your leg, caressing it, taking the zipper to your pants in my hand, but not pulling it down. You see my love for you in my eyes as I see it mirrored in yours. Your hand guides my movements as I slowly unzip your pants and help you remove them, along with your shoes.

Our lips make contact again, as I reach for your shirt, pulling your green sweater over your head. I pull away, caressing your face with two fingers. I lower my head, kiss you through your bra, then return to your face, placing small gentle kisses on your cheeks, lips, and neck, sucking gently. I kiss my way to your breasts and you undo the clasp at the back and the bra falls away. You run your fingers through my hair as I kiss your delicate flesh. Slowly, I take your nipples into my mouth, sucking and nibbling on them gently. Your breaths become more and more labored, as do mine. Your hands fall to my belt, loosening it, and unbuttoning my pants. I bring my head up to kiss you, caressing your body. You help me in removing my pants and shoes; I push you down gently so you are lying on the soft blanket.

I slowly kiss my way down your body, licking here and there, down your soft legs, and rub your sock feet for a minute before removing the socks, kissing your feet. We help each other to finishing undressing, until we are both naked, holding each other close. We hug and kiss, caress one another, softly, slowly. You feel so good next to me, I wish that we could be like this forever.

As I kiss your neck, you trace the contours of my body, down my back, down my ass, down my hips, and around, until you feel my hardness. You take it in your hand and begin to massage slowly. My kiss becomes more urgent as your hand moves over me. I reach down and gently stop your hand. You look at me. I kiss your lips once more as I move on top of you, and kiss your breasts once more, kissing your stomach, thighs, and finally, I part your legs, and lay down with my head between them. I whisper for you to lay back, let me taste you, pleasure you.

I lick your lips, slowly, tasting you, I allow my tongue to roam over your outer tenderness, taking your lips into my mouth, türkçe bahis one at a time, sucking them hard. Your back arches slightly, your hands creeping down to beckon me in further. Slowly, I part your labia with my fingers and gaze into your throbbing wetness. I smile as I smell you, and reach out my tongue to taste your inner juices. You moan low in your throat. I begin at the top of your wetness, licking lightly then increasing pressure. I find your clit and circle it with my tongue, occasionally flicking it over your swelling bud.

You begin to tremble and I lick lower, pushing down with my tongue to your hole. I lick around your entrance, teasing you with my tender ministrations. Finally I push my tongue inside you. You cry out and I begin to tongue you strongly, pushing into you with my tongue. Your moans increase, get louder, I part your thighs further and slowly place a finger at your opening and push inward. As my finger penetrates you, I feel your orgasm coming. I remove my tongue and slowly push my finger deeper into you, while moving my tongue back up to your clit, wrapping my tongue around it, and sucking hard. You shudder as it begins. I join my first finger with another, thrusting away inside your wet pussy with two fingers.

My tongue dances over your clit, never letting up pressure on it, using my teeth to nibble on it, faster and faster, harder and harder I push, as I can feel your orgasm coming. I push once more hard inside of you, and draw my lips and teeth across your throbbing clit. You moan and cry out as your orgasm wracks you, I push you through it, constantly keeping pressure on your clit and fingers inside you. A second and third orgasm comes on top of one another, making you scream with passion. Your hips strain off the bed and convulse.

Pure energy sweeps over you, my fingers pushing deeper, harder into you. Your juices spill out over my tongue, my face and the blanket. At long last, you start to come down. Your body is hot, your breathing is very hard. Swallowing, you see me staring up at you from between your parted thighs, face glistening, eyes heavy with lust. I slowly ease my fingers out of your soaking pussy and begin to lick you again, cleaning your wetness from you, not getting enough of your taste. I come up to you after I am done, and kiss you hard on the mouth, allowing you to taste yourself. I run my hands over your body, glistening güvenilir bahis siteleri with sweat, flushed with heat.

I reach over and take our wine goblets, hand you yours. You sip it, trying to bring your breathing under control. I sip some and bring my lips to yours, you drink from my lips and we whisper softly to one another. I kiss you again, the taste of the wine mingling with that of your juices, still shining on my face. Our eyes meet, passion renewed.

You push me down, laying on top of me and kissing my mouth hard. You squeeze my nipples and reach down to my throbbing, hardness. You massage it, stroking me hard, and long. Slowly, you make your way down to my cock with your lips and begin to take me inside. I moan, and grip the blanket beneath us hard. You lick my shaft, letting your saliva ooze down it; you know how crazy that makes me. Your hot breath is making me breathe faster and faster.

You begin to suck, slowly at first then faster and faster, squeezing my balls rhythmically watching my face clench and my eyes close. I moan and whisper to you. Faster and faster you suck, squeezing the base. As excited as I am, it doesn’t take long. Suddenly, you feel it. I push upward, crying out. My cum begins to shoot into your mouth. You reach down and touch yourself, your hand sliding over your wet hot flesh. As I moan, my cum pouring into your mouth, you rub your clit with your finger, you feel another orgasm. You moan as your pull my cock out of your mouth to breathe faster. Some of my come continues to shoot out, landing on your lips and cheek.

You collapse on top of me. I reach down and pull you up to me. You lick the cum from your lips and wipe away what is on your cheek. We kiss, both of us straining to breathe, we taste one another, and some lingering hint of the wine in our kiss. I hold you close, as we become excited once more, I reach down, holding out my hand, help you to rise and we lay on the couch, slowly I get on top of you, and slide inside you. We both moan, begin to urgently move. I thrust in and out of your hot pussy, squeezing your nipples as I do. You spread your legs wide, and then wrap them around me, as we begin to fuck harder and harder. I pull out hard, dragging my cock across your clit.

I moan in your ear, feeling your breasts against me. We reach orgasm quickly, screaming and panting, my cum begins to shoot into you.

We moan each other’s names and collapse kissing one another, as the delicious electricity pours through us. We lay beside one another, holding each other tightly. We whisper until we drift off to sleep, the candles burning down.

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