Temmuz 14, 2024

Lust Letters No. 01

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We are in my bedroom, and I stand you up against the wall, with your hands up high on it. I am behind you, kissing your neck, and my hands are sliding up the side of your body. I reach up and gently squeeze your breasts while I continue to work on your neck.

Soon, I slide my hands down, and slip them up under your shirt, gliding my fingertips across your belly. I reach up and squeeze your breasts, more firmly this time, as I nibble on your neck and grind my crotch against your ass.

Since your shirt has already ridden up a bit, I pull it off. I return my lips to your neck as I slide your bra straps off of your shoulders and down your arms.

Keeping one hand on your chest, I bring the other on around to your back and unsnap your bra. Reaching back around, I slowly pull your bra off, exposing your breasts.

I start squeezing your bare breasts, tweaking and pulling gently on your excited nipples as I nibble on your neck.

Eventually, I slide one arm down, gliding my fingertips across your bare belly as I continue to tease your nipples, switching from one to the other.

My fingertips slip under your waistband, and tickle the hairs at the top of your mound. Pulling you tight against me, keeping your hands on the wall, I continue to grind my crotch against your ass, and you can feel my excitement. I dip my hand in deeper as I squeeze your breasts harder, and my fingertips glide over your clit as I reach for your wetness.

I dip a fingertip into your wet hole, pulling you tighter against my hardness, and then I slide my hand out.

I unbutton your pants and slide them off of you, with your now wet panties right behind them. As I am kneeling behind you, pulling your pants and panties over your feet, I place a kiss on your ass.

Standing up, I pull you back from the wall a couple of feet, bending you over while I keep your hands on the wall. I kneel back down and spread your legs apart.

I place another kiss on your ass, and start to work my way towards your wetness, letting my tongue flick all across your ass and the backs of your legs.

Spreading your ass cheeks apart, I reach out with my tongue and flick it quickly over your clit, slide it down and bury it as deep as possible into your wet hole, and then draw it up to your ass hole, bringing your juices with it.

After I do that a couple of times, I stand up, put my hands on your hips and bring you back to my bed.

I make you stand there with your back to me as I take my clothes off. As I drop my pants, you feel my hard cock spring up and brush against your ass cheeks.

Sitting on the edge of the bed, with you in between my legs, your back still to me, I resume stroking and squeezing your breasts with one hand, and sliding the other over your wet pussy.

I spread your legs wide, placing them over pendik escort mine, as I slip a finger into your pussy. I resume kissing and licking and nibbling on your neck, as I tweak your nipples and pull lightly on them, my finger sliding in and out of your wetness.

I pull my finger out of you and spread your juices down towards your ass, wetting your hole. Then I bring my finger back up, and slide it, along with another, into your soaking wet hole.

I slide my fingers in and out for a couple of minutes, holding you tight, until I slide them out again. I then place one finger, coated with your juices, at your tight little asshole. I slowly slide one finger back into your pussy as I slide the other slowly into your ass.

Soon, I have both fingers as deep as I can get them from that position, and start sliding them in and out, while I am still working on your neck and tits.

After a couple of minutes of that, I slide my fingers out of you, lift you up and place you on the bed.

I turn you around so that your head is hanging off the side of the bed. Standing at your head, I place my thick, hard cock at your lips, and slide it in to your hot mouth. While you are sucking on me, I reach down and slide my fingers back into both of your tight holes.

I continue finger-fucking you as you suck on my cock for a few minutes. I then turn you around, so that your head is back on the bed, and your legs are hanging off the side.

Kneeling between your legs, I place your legs over my shoulders, and place a long, wet kiss on your hard little clit. I then start to flick my tongue over your clit, and slide both fingers back into your pussy.

I pull my fingers out of you, and slide my tongue as deep as possible into your hot, wet pussy, sliding my pussy-juice coated fingers over your ass hole. You are so wet, I find your juices already pooling in dip caused by your hole.

While I am tongue-fucking you, I spread all of your juices over your ass hole, flicking my fingers around it.

Then I slide my tongue back up to your clit, slide one wet finger back into your pussy, and start to slowly slide the other finger into you tight little asshole.

Soon, I have both fingers buried deep in your holes, and I start to slide them in and out, finger-fucking both of you tight holes while I work to bring you off with my tongue.

After a few minutes, when I think that you are ready, I pull my tongue back, slide both fingers out, and stand. I spread your juices, coating my fingers, over my hard, thick cock, and then place it at the hot, wet opening of your tight little pussy. I take a hold of my shaft, and move it around your mound, sliding up your slit to your clit, down to your wet pussy, and even down to your little asshole, coating my cock head in your juices, which are now seeping out.

I maltepe escort then place my cock head at the mouth of your pussy, and start to slowly push it in, as I reach up and squeeze your tits.

I slowly slide my thick, hard cock into your tight, wet pussy as I softly squeeze your tits. I have about half of my shaft into you, and I slide it back out. I start to fuck you with only half of my cock, sometime sliding only the head in, teasing you.

I take your hands in mine, and place them on your tits. As you start to squeeze your tits, and tweak your nipples, I place my hands on your hips. We look into each other’s eyes as I slide the entire length of my cock into your hot pussy in one thrust, burying myself in you up to my balls.

I start to fuck you, sliding my cock, shiny with your juices, in and out of your tight pussy. I give you all of my cock then I give you only the head. I slam my cock all the way in and move my hips back and forth, and then I start to fuck you faster. After I fuck you like that for a few minutes, I slow down a bit.

I slide my cock out of you, and slide it up and down your wet slit. I bring the head up to your stiff little clit, sliding it over the length of your button, and then I bring it back down to your pussy. I slide the head in, wetting it with your juices.

Smiling at you, I take one of your hands from your tits and bring it down to your pussy. You start to rub your fingers over your slick nub, and I pull my cock out of your pussy again. This time, I slide my cock head down, to your ass.

I use my cock to slicken up your tight hole with your juices, and then bring it back up. As you are flicking your fingers over your clit, I slide the entire length of my cock back into you.

I continue to slide in and out of you, watching your reactions as we both bring you closer to the edge.

After a couple of minutes, I pull out of you again, and I turn you over. Putting you on your elbows and knees at the edge of the bed, I slam my rod back in to you as I hold tight to your hips. Buried deep in you, I have a good grip on your hips as I buck my hips forward a few times. I reach forward, take your hand, and return it to your pussy, and then reach forward to take your tits in my hands as I fuck you from behind. I can feel you sliding your fingertips over your clit, and sometimes down to my balls.

After a few minutes, I bury myself deep again and stop moving my hips. Reaching over to my night stand, I grab a bottle of lube. You keep frigging yourself as I squirt some lube down your crack, and spread it over your asshole. After putting the lube back, I place my thumb on your tight back door, and slowly place a little pressure on your hole. It only takes a couple of seconds before my thumb is deep in your ass, and I start fucking your kartal escort pussy again.

I start to slide my thumb in and out of your tight little ass as I continue fucking your hot, wet pussy. Soon, you are moving your hips and ass in rhythm with me.

I am alternating my cock and thumb, sliding one out as I bury the other deep. At one point, I slide my thumb out, squirt more lube on your asshole and a couple of my fingers, and then slide both slick fingers into your tight ass.

I bury my cock deep in your pussy, keeping it there, and wiggle and buck my hips as I slide my fingers in and out of your ass. You place both hands on the bed and push back at my as I finger-fuck your ass and buck my cock deeper in your pussy.

After a couple of minutes like that, I pull my fingers and cock out of you again, and roll you back over on to your back. Placing your feet on my chest, I slide my cock back into your pussy, coating it with your juices, and then pull it back out. I slide my shaft up your wet slit, and then bring it down, past your seeping wet pussy to your ass.

I move the head of my cock around your ass, spreading your juices and the lube over both my cock and your asshole. I place the head of my cock at your tight opening, and apply the slightest amount of pressure. You look me in the eyes, take a deep breath, and nod your head slowly, saying softly, “Be gentle.”

I slowly push against you, starting to slide my slick cock into your tight little asshole. I get about half an inch in to you, when I reach up and take one of your hands again. Placing it back on your pussy, you start to slide your fingers over your clit, and I place my hands on your hips.

I give on hard swift thrust, and the head of my cock pushes into your ass. I stop, letting you get used to the feeling, and when you nod again, I start to slowly, gently push more of my thick, hard cock into you.

Your fingers are going faster, gliding over both sides of your clit, flicking the tip, and sometimes sliding into your pussy. Your breath is getting heavier, and you are moaning more, and I make one final push to bury the rest of my cock into your ass.

You gasp and moan, and shudder slightly, as I rest and let you adjust to me. when you start moving your fingers again, I start to slide my cock back and forth in your tight ass as I reach up to squeeze your heaving tits.

You can feel my balls slapping against your ass as you continue frigging your clit and sliding fingers deep into your pussy. I start to increase my speed, fucking your ass as we are both nearing the edge.

Soon, neither one of us can take it any longer and we both explode; I thrust deep into your ass, cumming deep inside you for the first time ever, and you scream loudly, your juices almost squirting from your hot little pussy.

You can feel my cock jerking and twitching in your spasming ass as it softens, and eventually slides out of you. I collapse on the bed next to you, and we hold each other tight as we bask in the afterglow of incredible love making.

NOW how wet are you???

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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