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Lucy in Jamaica Ch. 01

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“Would you like something to drink, or a snack?”

The attractive blonde stewardess was leaning over and smiling sweetly.

“No thanks” said Lucy. She glanced over at her husband Ian in the window seat. He was asleep — or pretending to be. Sod him.

“On second thoughts I’ll have a Bacardi and coke — actually make that a double. And some peanuts”. What the hell, I’m on holiday, she thought.

Ian would not approve of the peanuts; lately he had been making less than subtle comments about her figure. She had been furious with him two nights ago when, in front of all their friends, at Joanna’s party, he had said she was putting on weight. She still hadn’t forgiven him for the humiliation and things between them had been frosty. And talk about pots calling kettles…

They were flying to Ocho Rios, Jamaica — a treat for her 40th birthday, But Ian was also going to meet up with some old colleagues who were there on business. She just hoped he wasn’t going to ignore her like he usually did when he was with his mates.

Two Bacardi’s later she was feeling a bit mellower. At least I’ll have the pool, my Ipod and the all-inclusive bar. I’ll survive. She lay back in her seat and drifted off to sleep.


“Fishing? You’ve never been fishing in your life” her tone and expression were incredulous. They were in their hotel room, getting ready for dinner. It was their second day in Ocho Rios.

“Yeah, well, Phil has hired a boat and he wants Terry, Mark and me to go with him”

“How long for?” She whined.

“He’s got the boat for three days. But it’s only during the day. I’ll be back for dinner.”

“Three days?” She echoed. “For fuck’s sake, Ian, what am I supposed to do all day long?” Her voice was rising. She was annoyed with herself for getting angry.

“You’ll be OK, Luce, there’s loads to do. You can hang out with Anita, do a bit of shopping or something”

“Oh just great, thanks. I hardly know her!” Anita was the Jamaican girlfriend of Phil, one of Ian’s friends. They had met her the previous evening, on their first night at the resort. She was about twenty five and stunning; tall, dark, lithe and exotic. Lucy was 5’2″, petite, blonde with pale skin. Lucy had hated her on principle.

“Come on Babes, it’ll be over before you know it. Then we can celebrate your birthday in style”.

“There had better be a really expensive present. I’m going to the pool”. She stalked off, sulking.


The next afternoon Lucy lay on a sun bed by the pool, cocktail at her side, sunglasses on, headphones firmly attached and magazine in hand. She was virtually alone, in fact she was the only person by the pool — it was somewhat out of season, she supposed. A dozen metres away a man was tending the plants in the garden.

She hadn’t seen Ian that morning — he had left at 5 am, without waking her. She was still angry with him for being so selfish and they had barely spoken the previous evening. I hope he falls overboard, she thought, and smiled to herself.

That morning she had eaten a leisurely breakfast of croissants and jam, alone in the restaurant. Afterwards she had left the hotel and wandered past the shops and into the town. She had treated herself to a new bikini (bright red and very tiny) and a sunhat. Now she was working on her tan, wearing her purchases, her body glisterning with suntan oil.

“Good afternoon”

Lucy looked up to see a young black man, wearing red Speedos, a faded yellow vest and sneakers. She lowered her sunglasses and studied him more closely. She guessed he was in his mid-twenties. He was quite handsome and looked very fit.

“Oh, hello”. She said. Smiling up at him.

“I saw you here all by yourself and thought I would introduce myself. I’m Amand”. His accent was French with a Caribbean lilt. He stuck out his hand.

She took it. “Nice to meet you, I’m Lucy”

His eyes travelled languidly from her toes to her eyes. “Ah, my favourite name!” He grinned.

Oh my God, she thought. He’s totally checking me out. She felt herself blushing but didn’t really mind. She was used to men staring at her.

“I bet you say that to everyone”. She laughed. “Are you staying here?”

“Actually I work here. I look after the pool and run the gym”.

“Oh, sorry”.

“‘S OK. Have you seen the gym? It’s very well equipped”.

Rather like the man running it, she thought to herself.

“No, not yet but I’m sure I will”.

“Well, I recommend it. There’s a sauna too”.

“Oooh, sounds nice.”

They swapped small talk for a few minutes. She discovered that he lived in a small beach house next to the hotel. “Comes with the job.” He explained. She found his smile rather charming and not a little sexy.

“Well, I should get back to work” he said. “Nice to meet you, Lucy. Don’t forget to try my gym!” He sauntered away. She liked the way he said her name.


She bahis firmaları spent most of the next morning shopping in the town. Anita had invited her. The Jamaican girl was pleasant enough company but Lucy found that they had little in common, aside from a love of shoes and handbags, so after a light lunch she excused herself, promising to meet up later that week. She gathered her stuff and headed for the pool again.

At just before 6 pm, she returned to their room. She was deciding what to wear for dinner when Ian came through the door. She could tell straight away that he had been drinking.

“Hiya Lulu!” he put his arms around her, picked her up and planted a big, wet kiss on her lips.

“Ugh, Ian! You stink of beer — and fish!” she shoved him away from her “And don’t call me Lulu, you know I hate it. And you’d better bloody well have a shower before we go down to dinner” she disappeared into the bathroom.

“Can’t we get room service?” he called after her. “I’m knackered.”

She glared at him from the bathroom doorway. “We are not getting fucking room service” she hissed.

Dinner was not fun. Lucy had dressed up in a slinky purple dress — her favourite – whilst Ian was in shorts and a tatty T shirt. Ian drank steadily throughout the meal and by 9 pm was struggling to keep his eyes open. Finally he said: “Sorry Babes, I’m off to bed. I’m fucked, and we’re off early again tomorrow.” He stood up ” You coming?”

“No.” She snapped. “You go. I’m going to stay and listen to the band for a bit. I’ll be up in a while.”

“Suit yourself” he walked, somewhat unsteadily, out of the restaurant.

The band — a quartet — was quite good. Lucy went to the bar, sat on a vacant stool and ordered a rum cocktail from the young bartender. As she sipped the enormous drink she thought: This holiday is a disaster. I could kill Ian, he’s so bloody selfish.

She didn’t notice the presence next to her until:

“Is this seat taken?” She looked up, startled out of her reverie.



“Oh, hi” she said, slightly flustered. “No, be my guest.” She managed a fleeting smile, gestured to the stool next to her. “I have to warn you, though, I won’t be very good company.” She resumed staring into her almost-finished drink.

“We’ll see” he said. “So here you are, all by yourself — again. Has your husband abandoned you?”

She glanced at him briefly, then away. “He’s gone to bed. Has to get up early again tomorrow.”

“I see. Would you like another drink?” he motioned to the bartender “Another cocktail for the lady, and a rum and coke for me, please Felipe.”

“No, really, I….” She started to protest. “Oh what the hell. OK, thank you.”

“So, do you like the band? You like calypso music?” he watched her over the rim of his glass.

“They’re quite good I s’pose.”

“You seem unhappy tonight Cherie. This we cannot have.” He stood up abruptly and took hold of her hand “Dance with me”

“What? Oh no please I….” but before she could protest further they were on the dance floor and he was gently holding her. They began to sway slowly in time with the music.

“This is better, no?” He whispered in her ear. He held her closer.

A couple of numbers later and Lucy was starting to enjoy herself, despite everything. Amand was a good dancer. He twirled her around a couple of times then held her close. She had to admit that she liked the feel of his hard body against hers. She worried for a second whether Ian might see her, but realized that, for now, she didn’t care.

After the third song had finished — A Bob Marley number played slow, Amand took her hand and led her out to the garden by the pool. There was an almost-full moon. The night was warm, the scent of the tropical plants and the song of the cicadas made a heady cocktail for the senses.

They walked in silence for a while “Are you feeling better Cherie?” He asked softly.

“A bit. Thank you.” She gave him a crooked little smile.

“I am glad.” he said. “One should not be sad in a place like this.”

“No.” Tears were welling in her eyes. They walked further, her hand still in his.

“It’s beautiful out here.” She said, wistfully. “But I think I should be going.”

He stopped and turned her to face him. Reaching up he gently wiped a tiny tear from her cheek with his thumb. He bent his head slowly and kissed her softly on the lips. “Good night Cherie.” When he pulled back he saw that her eyes were closed.

Opening her eyes again, she looked up at him. She gazed quizzically into his eyes. The moment stretched on until, without warning she reached up, put her hands behind his head and drew him towards her. This time the kiss was more urgent and lasted much longer. She felt his tongue push between her lips and she moaned softly into his mouth. Finally they broke apart. They stared at each other, her eyes wide.

Oh kaçak iddaa God, she thought. What the hell am I doing?

“I…I have to go.” She mumbled, looking away. Before he could say another word, she had fled.


Later, Lucy lay naked in bed. Ian lay beside her, snoring none too softly. He had been asleep when she had got back. Thank God. But sleep would not come for her.

The room was warm, despite the AC. Tossing and turning, her thoughts kept drifting to Amand. Oh God, how could I have let that happen? What was I thinking? She thought. I’m married, for God’s sake!

And what if Ian finds out? She felt fear rising in her chest and tried to calm herself. He won’t. And what he doesn’t know won’t hurt him.

Still unable to sleep, she decided to take a bath. Ian was still fast asleep and was unlikely to waken. While the water ran she got some wine from the minibar. Glass in hand, Lucy blissfully sank into the water. The scented steam surrounded her. she closed her eyes and began to relax. Again her thoughts returned to the events of the evening. Despite herself, she began to fantasise about Amand. She sighed softly and languidly ran her hands over her body. Her left hand strayed to her sex and she began to caress herself. She recalled the kiss in the garden and imagined how Amand’s hands would feel on her and what his body would be like. Moaning softly, she began to stroke the bud of her clitoris. She was becoming aroused and her breathing became heavier. She pushed her index and middle fingers into her vagina whilst continuing to rub her clitoris, and slowly brought herself to orgasm. She gasped as she climaxed, back arching slightly as she slowly came down from her peak. Haven’t done that in a while. Stepping out of the tub she dried herself with the huge, soft towel. Padding back into the bedroom, she slipped back between the sheets. This time sleep engulfed her in minutes.


Two days later, Lucy woke alone again. Sighing, she got up and showered.

She hadn’t seen Amand since the night of their dance, and had yet to pluck up the courage to visit the gym.

Drying herself after her shower, she examined herself critically in the big mirror above the sink.

Her breasts were firm and her skin was clear and soft. Regular exercise ensured she had good muscle tone. Her stomach was flat, her legs shapely and her bottom nicely pear-shaped.

“Not too bad for forty”. She said out loud.


After lunch, she was feeling bored. She didn’t particularly fancy sunbathing again and Anita apparently had to work (although Lucy was unclear about what the Jamaican woman actually did). Making her decision, she pulled on a plain pink T-shirt and white shorts over her new bikini. Slipping on her trainers, she headed off to find the gym.

A sign saying GYMNASIUM next to the pool pointed down a set of steps. At the bottom was a glass door. Pushing it open she poked her head inside. The room was about 10 metres square. It did at least seem to be well equipped – all the usual apparatus was there. Opposite the entrance was one door labelled SAUNA and to the left another marked PRIVATE. The office, she supposed. There was a window next to the second door but a blind was down so she couldn’t see in.

There was no one else there so she had the gym to herself, which she liked, but she did feel a twinge of disappointment that Amand was nowhere in sight.

It’s probably just as well. She thought.

Lucy worked her way around the gym, trying out the various exercise apparatus before finally stepping on to the treadmill. Headphones in place, she had completed about half a kilometre when she felt a light touch on her shoulder. Startled, she looked round. It was Amand. His denim shirt was unbuttoned and he wore shorts and sandals he grinned at her.

Lucy lost her footing and fell off the moving treadmill, landing in an undignified heap on the floor at Amand’s feet.

“Oh, Shit!” she cried.

Still grinning, he quickly halted the machine. Offering his hand, he lifted her to her feet. He put his hands on her upper arms to steady her. Her skin burned at his touch.

“Er, hi”. Was all she could manage, embarrassed. Removing her headphones. She grinned crookedly at him, feeling herself blushing.

“My fault. I didn’t mean to startle you. I was in the office and didn’t hear you come in.” Seeing her grimace, his look turned to one of concern “Are you OK, Cherie?”

She rubbed her left ankle “Yeah, I think so” she gave a little gasp of pain when she put her weight on it.

“Let me take a look. Come into the office”. He took her arm.

“No, really it’s fine”. She winced again.

“Please, I insist. You may have sprained it” He took her hand.

“OK.” She let him lead her into the office, hobbling.


The office was larger than she had expected. There was a desk with a computer against kaçak bahis one wall and a leather couch against the other. Various sports posters decorated the walls along with a lage mirror. There were also a couple of plants in pots on the floor. “Please, have a seat, Cherie.” Amand gestured to the couch. “I’ll get some ice.” He headed towards an alcove which held a small fridge-freezer.

Returning with a bag of ice, Amand knelt in front of her. He took her left foot in his hand and carefully removed her shoe. He examined her foot closely and began to rotate and press it in a few places. “Does that hurt?”

“Not really — ah, just there. Ow!”

“I think it is merely twisted, not sprained. There’ll be a little bruise, but you’ll be OK.” He began to massage her foot. “So you decided to try my gym?”

“Well I thought it was time I checked you out — the gym, I mean”. She blushed again.

Oh God.

Still massaging her foot, he was silent for a while. “I enjoyed our dance the other night, Cherie.” He said, softly. “But I didn’t like to see you so sad.”

“I just had a bad day.” She said. “Ian and I had a row.” Why am I telling him about that?

He made no comment, just continued to rub her foot. Another minute or so passed.

“You have beautiful feet, Cherie.” He gazed into her eyes. With his left hand, he unlaced her other shoe, removed it and took hold of both her bare feet.

Without warning and still looking into her eyes, he lowered his head and kissed her left instep. Lucy gave a little gasp but did not move. “And I am an expert.” He grinned.

She didn’t reply, but she didn’t pull her foot away either, Amand began to kiss her toes.

I ought to stop this, she thought, but somehow couldn’t find the will. She was acutely aware of his body so close. The feel of his lips on her skin was turning her on. When he took her big toe into his mouth and gently began sucking it, she gave a little moan of pleasure and lay back further on the couch.

Amand’s kisses began again. This time he began to move further up her leg, caressing her softly with his lips and licking her soft skin. He kissed her knees and her thighs. “You are exquisite, Cherie” he breathed.

“Uhhh, God.” Was all she could manage.

When his kisses reached the top of her thighs he paused and leant back. Taking her hands he pulled her toward him and they kissed. His tongue slipped between her lips and she was lost. He broke away gently and cupped her face in his hands; “Let me taste you, Cherie.” he whispered.

“Uh huh.” She didn’t trust herself to speak.

He gently pushed her back onto the couch. She watched through half-closed eyes as he began to unbutton her shorts.

This is getting out of hand, she thought. But rather than stop him she merely lifted her backside to aid him slide her shorts down over her hips. Seconds later the shorts were discarded. Only her bikini briefs covered her sex. Amand resumed his exploration of her body. Now he began to kiss and lick the skin of her bare stomach, his tongue exploring her navel.

Kissing his way back down her body, Amand began to muzzle her mound. Feeling his tongue lick her vagina through the thin material, she shuddered.

Is this really happening? Am I really going to let him do this?

Her material of her briefs, between her legs, was soaked now with a combination of her love juices and Amand’s saliva. Lucy was finding it increasingly hard to focus and her breathing was becoming ragged. She threw her head back and raised her arms above her head, surrendering to her desire. Amand slowly began to slide the briefs down her thighs, down her calves and over her feet. Now she was naked from the waist down, her vagina completely exposed to his gaze.

Taking hold of her thighs, Amand gently spread her legs. Lowering his head, he buried his face between her thighs and placed his mouth over her sex. Lucy gasped as she felt his tongue on her labia. She cried out and arched her back when he inserted his tongue between her vaginal lips and gently thrust it in and out. Amand kept this up for several more minutes. His hands moved to her breasts and began to massage them as he continued to lick and tongue her vagina. This time he ran his tongue from her clit down to the bud of heranus. Lucy felt the heat rising and the familiar buzz as her orgasm began to swell. When he took her clitoris between his teeth and ran his tongue firmly and rapidly over it, she felt herself slipping over the edge.

“Oh….God, Amand!” she gasped. “I’m going to come — uhhh, shit!” Her back arched again and her climax overwhelmed her. Amand did not miss a beat, continuing to lick her whilst she bucked underneath him, moaning, her hands in his hair.


Lucy covered her eyes with her forearm as she recovered her senses, still breathing heavily. Amand leaned back on his haunches and regarded her silently. Eventually she lowered her arm and looked at him.

“Wow.” Was all she could say.

He grinned broadly at her then stood up. He pulled her to her feet, took her in his arms and kissed her again. She tasted herself on his tongue.

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