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Lucky Over 40 Ch. 08: Weekend ends

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Author’s note: This is the eighth part of the story of two single 40somethings that met on-line and started an adventurous sexual relationship. It’s about exploring completely heterosexual kinks. You don’t have to read previous parts to enjoy this, although it would explain some things better. I didn’t intend this to be so much longer than the previous parts, but it covers an active full day and has some more background about some of the characters, so that’s how it worked out.

Please make use of story Tags to see what you may like, or not. If anything there bothers you, don’t be upset if you decide to keep reading!


Jill and I are both about 45, and have been dating for over a month. I feel like the luckiest guy in the world to be with her, she’s not like anyone I ever dated. Her daughter, Becky, went away for the weekend so this has been the first time we actually spent a whole night together, let alone a full weekend. Yesterday we never left the house, having decided to spend the entire day at her home, nude. As much as we’ve been fucking like rabbits anyway, being alone together and nude for 24 hours probably increased how much sex we would have had otherwise. But we have most of today, before Becky gets home, to see how much of a damper clothing will put on our activity.

Sunday morning I woke with Jill sound asleep, lying on her side next to me. Seeing her there was very comforting. I thought that, even though I didn’t really want a long term relationship, I could get very used to waking next to her every day.

I lay there trying to decide if I should let her sleep more, or start to wake her as she did to me yesterday. If I wake her, should I try to find a way I could get positioned to lick her pussy — the way she woke me by sucking my cock. Or should I try something more easily accomplished in her current position, such as snuggling up and nesting my erection between her ass cheeks and maybe fondling her breast, playing with her nipple, or just nibbling her ear. Could I move down and lick her lovely ass, or…?

If I wait much longer, she may wake on her own and not give me a chance to do any of that. On the other hand, I’d love to feast on her first thing, so if she wakes and rolls on her back then I can dive right in between her legs. Decisions, decisions…

In the end, I just snuggled up behind her, spread her ass enough to tuck my stiff cock along the length of her butt crack, cupped her breast with one hand, and kissed her neck very softly, working my way up to her ear. She moaned quietly, put her hand over my hand on her breast, and pulled her legs up, pushing her ass back against my cock. I was tempted to dry hump her with my dick where it was. I probably could have cum all over her doing that, but I decided not to. I just kept doing what I was, and she slowly stirred some more.

She pulled and squeezed my hand into her breast so it was caressing her. I noticed her other hand move down between her legs, rubbing along her pussy. Before long she started to roll back towards me, turning her head and smiling as she opened her eyes sleepily.

“Good morning gorgeous,” I whispered to her, and kissed her cheek.

“Mmmm,” was her response. Closing her eyes again she continued rubbing her breast with my hand under hers, and brought her other hand from between her legs to my face. I smelled her scent on the fingers, kissed her hand, then licked and gently sucked her fingers. She hummed again, “Mmmm.”

“Princess,” I whispered to her. “Let me move down and taste more of your delicious nectar, and lavish your perfect pussy with my tongue. Would you like that, Princess?”

“Mmm hmmm,” she agreed. I kissed her neck, slid my body down, and kissed her exposed breast. I moved farther down under the sheet, kissing her belly, and her hip, and then put my head between her legs. She was still clutching my hand to her breast, while my other hand gently parted her labia, so my tongue could broadly lick up the length of her slit. It was already more than damp, and tasted so very good. “Mmmmmmm,” she softly half hummed and half moaned, opening her legs farther.

I licked her in long slow strokes with the flat of my tongue for perhaps a minute. Next, I started to probe her opening for a bit, before pushing my tongue inside. She moaned again softly, and bent her knees, pulling her feet toward her butt so her thighs lifted off the bed, opening herself to me more. At the same time, she moved my hand off her breast and brought it between her legs. She let go of my hand, dragged the top sheet away, and put her hand back on her breast.

With her legs bent up, her ass was now visible and her little hole seemed to be inviting me to it. I licked my way down from her pussy and across her taint, which caused her to moan again. I continued down as my hands parted her ass cheeks a little, while my tongue approached and licked down her crack. She moaned, and wiggled her ass toward me. My tongue circled her cute wrinkled hole, causing her to moan again.

I licked tuzla escort across her pucker, firmly, poking it with the tip of my tongue as it passed. She moaned more, and said her first word, “Yeeesss.” I was pleased, and pressed my tongue against the sensitive hole, pushing in, while my fingers pulled it open from the sides. My tongue tickled her sphincter as she made soft sounds of pleasure and satisfaction. I did my best to fuck her ass with a firm tongue, in and out, back and forth, up and down, for at least a full minute, until she moaned, “Puuusssssyyyy.”

It seemed a clear direction to change my attention to her other delicious hole and its surrounding lips. I worked my way back up, licking and kissing, with great pleasure. My cock was hard and it rubbed against the bed as I ate her, leaking cum on the sheet.

She was stirring more, moving her pelvis as I put my mouth over her opening. I thrust my tongue in as far as I could and licked all around the walls of that special spot. One of my thumbs pushed against her ass and it seemed to open for me on its own, inviting my finger in. She moaned louder.

Soon she uttered her next word, “Cliiiit. In response, I moved my mouth slowly up to cover the area around the little bud that was just peeking out from under its hood. Two fingers of my hand not engaged with her ass slid into her wet pussy to gently find her g-spot. My tongue ran around and across her clit. I started to suck it, which caused her to push into my face and moan in a fashion that nearly sounded like a groan.

Hearing her sigh, “Yeeesss,” I knew I was doing the right things, so I kept it up, and stepped it up. I began sucking harder, while still teasing her clit with my tongue, moving my thumb in her ass, and rubbing my fingers against her g-spot.

Her moans intensified, her hips began to buck a little, her thighs closed around my head. Ooohhhh. Aaahhhhh. Yeeeaaahhhh. Mmmmmm.” the moans and groans gave way to more words. “Oh, yesss Tiger, oh yeeeessss.”

She was now awake. “Ooohh fuuuccck. Eat me, babe, eat my hot pussy. Oohh, eaaaat meeeee!” Her moans, combined with her words and her muscles tightening more, all told me she may be very close to coming. She soon confirmed that.

“Ooohhh, fuuuck, I’m commmm…uugghhhh…ooohhhh…yeah, yeah, YEAH! FUCK. FUCK me. Oh babe, OOhh.” She froze for several seconds then relaxed and said, “Fuck me, please babe. Put your hot, hard dick in me and fuck me `till I come again. Please.”

I can’t refuse a lady in distress, so I climbed up her body, took my cock in my hand and slid it into her very wet pussy. “Oh, yeah, you feel so good. Mmm, yeah, yeah, fuck me, Tiger.” Her hands slid down my back and grabbed hold of my ass, pulling me in. Her legs were bent up almost on her chest. I slid my arms around her thighs so her legs rested on my shoulders. I plunged my aching cock in and out of her, while I gazed on her face.

Her eyes were closed, her lips were parted, and she wore a half smile. She was breathing hard and moaning as she exhaled. I watched her beautiful breasts shake and quiver as I pushed into her and pulled back out. My hands made their way to her breasts and my fingers began to play with their very erect nipples.

“Oh shit, yeah. Uuummm, they like that. Ooh babe, can you lick my nipples, can you suck them, they want you. Oh you feel so good in me. I was dreaming you were fucking me just before I woke up. I love you fucking me. Oooh, uummm, yeah,” she went on, and it gets me so hot when she’s moaning or talking dirty, or both!

I tried to get my mouth to her scrumptious tit, but it was hard in our position, without changing the way I was thrusting my eager cock into her. She might not have minded the change, but I wasn’t willing to make it.

Eventually I did get my mouth on her tit, opening wide and covering a large portion of it, then closing my lips so they surrounded just the areola, with my tongue lashing her nipple. While doing this, an old line ran through my head: “More than a mouthful is wasted.” It was something a friend’s father had said about women with nice breasts that were smaller that the huge jugs most men seem to prize. The older I got, the more I agreed with it. I loved Jill’s firm, moderate sized breasts, but I never seemed to get to bestow enough attention on them. Maybe I needed to try altering that today.

I began to suck her nipple as I rolled, pinched and pulled on the other one with my fingers. She was moaning and starting to buck her hips against me. I tried to fuck her harder and faster, gyrating my pelvis so my dick stroked all around the inside of her canal. It was just too hard to do while still sucking on her tit with her long legs up on my shoulders. Reluctantly, I took my mouth off her and focused on coming inside her. She had almost certainly come again and I was determined to finish soon as well.

I grunted and groaned and told her how good she felt. She returned the thought and started to beg me to tuzla escort bayan come, to fill her, to fuck her, to finish her, and that did it. I groaned long and loud as hot cum shot up from my balls, through my cock and into her depths. UUUgggghhh. Ahhhh. Yeeaaahhh. Oh, lover. Oh my Princess, my sexy Princess. Oh I love this with you,” I said, collapsing onto her, and rolling us on our sides, facing each other.

“Good morning Tiger,” she said with a little kiss. “Well, you sure know how to start the day. That was wonderful.”

After a brief period of stillness, she said, “I really like laying here with you, but I gotta pee. Wanna join me?” she said with a grin before running into the bathroom.

I was a little bit puzzled, but just figured that’s how she often is, sexy, but puzzling. She had turned on the shower water to warm up, and as soon as I got into the bathroom she took my hand and said “Come on, babe” stepping into the tub shower.

Then I remembered our little discussion yesterday about us both thinking that peeing in the shower together, on each other, could be arousing. Neither one of us wanted to come close to tasting the pee, but to feel, and maybe see, it running over our skin might be interesting. We were, after all, exploring new things and pushing our boundaries with kinky play.

As I stepped in I asked her if this was about peeing in together. She said, “Yeah, you Ok with that?” I nodded that I was, and she said “I can’t aim or control mine like you can, so you wanna have a seat on that ledge?”

I sat on a fairly wide ledge at the back of the tub. She faced me, standing with her legs open and used her hands to spread her labia while she pushed her pelvis forward. A small stream of warm pee flowed from her, hitting my dick. Then it got stronger and shot onto my stomach, running down between my legs. She moved a little and it hit me in the chest, then she moved so it went all over my cock, which was now starting to swell. It was really very kinky, for me anyway, and it was kinda hot. Seeing her spreading her pussy lips like that, squirting her pee at me, the warmth of it running down my skin, it was, well, I don’t know, other than kinda hot.

“Oh, that looked kinda hot. What did you think, babe?” she asked me.

I chuckled and told her, “I really think you read my mind. That was exactly what I was thinking, word for word. And it felt nice, too. OK, I gotta go, so swap places, honey.” She gave me a kiss as we held each other close, turning together to change places in the confines of the tub.

“Oh, can I hold it? I want to hold it for you while you pee,” she said. I nodded and as soon as she took hold I released the flow I’d been holding back for a few minutes now. She giggled as a fairly strong stream hit her belly. She aimed my dick to water her breasts, back and forth, the sight of which made my nozzle start to stiffen. “Ooo, this is sort of fun, and you seem to like it too,” she cooed with a big smile. She directed my stream to her pussy as it started to decrease its flow and trail off. “Ok, I can see that you’re too easily aroused and if I tried to help you use the toilet like that it might be hard to control him properly,” she laughed.

“Yeah, you do that to me,” I replied. “All your fault, and I warned you. So, what did you think about getting peed on?”

“Um, it did feel nice, in an odd sorta way. The warmth is nice, but there’s more. I guess the eroticism that it’s really naughty and dirty, or something. Holding your cock while you peed was sort of fun, and it looked kinda hot, especially coming at me, maybe for the same reason. Well, we tried it and it was fun, but I may not need to do it again. But you never know! Holding your cock while you pee, on the other hand, well…,” she said with a grin and a wink as she stood. “Hand me the soap, babe, and let’s get washed up.”

We soaped each other up, hugged and kissed in the shower, rubbing our soapy bodies together and our hands all over each other’s back side. Then we got out and dried ourselves off. Jill dried her beautiful long blonde hair while I went to look for my shorts in the laundry room. I put them on, with the golf shirt I last wore Friday night; they were the only clothes I had brought. Jill put on some shorts and a pink button down shirt.

“What do you want to do about breakfast?” I asked. We could do eggs again, but I could murder a stack of pancakes, and there’s that really good pancake place not very much out of the way heading to my place. We could stop before I get a change of clothes and stuff.”

“You hardly wore the clothes you have on, babe,” she laughed. “And we only have less than 12 hours before Becky gets home. What do you really need?”

“Well, how will it look if I’m in these same clothes, and don’t have any ‘luggage’ with me, when Becky gets home?”

“Yeah, point well made,” she conceded. “Ok, I can use the other stuff we bought for breakfast later. Except, you should have a nice glass of escort tuzla Pineapple juice before we go,” she added with a grin.

“And, before we go, maybe we should get those new twin vibes lubed up, and ‘installed'” I said, with a bigger grin.

“Oh, you’re bad! And I so like that about you,” Jill giggled.

We did what was required before we left and within about twenty minutes, we were seated in the restaurant, before the Sunday breakfast mob. Each of the vibes — lovingly placed by the other in each of our asses — had already been lightly buzzing inside us for most of the short drive.

“Should we agree to shut these down for a little while?” I asked her. It’s been fun, and you’ve had a blast trying to get me to blast in my shorts again, but I REALLY don’t want to do that here. I’d like to be able to come here again sometime.”

“Oh, you can COME here again, if I have anything to do with it,” she laughed. I changed her vibe’s settings with my remote and watched her almost jump off her chair. “OOHH, UUmm, Ok,” she said quickly. “Let me see if I can shut yours down.” She did, and I turned hers off, as well.

“So, maybe there can be too much of a good thing,” she smiled at me.

“Yeah, and I need to concentrate a little more on this menu and less on you right this minute. I’m sure there will be plenty of time today where you’re getting me all worked up — and hopefully relieving it. ” I teased.

“I might relieve it,” she said with her devilish smirk, as the waitress arrived.

We ordered our meals and chatted about mundane things before starting to talk about what we should do today. “Well, we still have my house all to ourselves, so would it be bad if we spent another day ‘at home’ with each other?” she asked. “I don’t mean another nude day. Just hanging out, like couples do. Maybe we could lie out in the sun in my back yard, or whatever.”

“Yeah, I really like when we do ‘whatever,’ Princess. So, are we officially a couple now?” I teased.

“Well, I’d like that, wouldn’t you?” she asked with a little hint of concern in her voice. “I don’t know what we are, but I really do like you, and being with you, and doing stuff with you and all…” She was looking down and I thought that maybe she was starting to blush a little now, which caught me by surprise.

“Oh yes, I would,” I replied quickly. “The feeling is very mutual, my sexy Princess. Things kind of took off fast that day we went to the movies — I can’t even recall what the film was, I was too into you! But it’s been a really fun, if not sorta crazy, ride so far and I’m sure not ready for it to end anytime soon.”

“Babe, maybe this isn’t the time or the place, but, well,” she hesitated and looked away from me. I stared to get really nervous that she was going to break things off or something, but I wanted to give her a few seconds to finish before going into panic mode.

“I didn’t want to get into a full relationship, not yet,” she said. “I thought I’m just not ready yet.” Oh shit, I thought, this is it; she’s decided to break it off. Crap! Well, it was great while it lasted.

“But I’m really, really into you, babe,” she continued, to my utter surprise, and delight. “I don’t want anyone else. Can we…like…I don’t know, go steady, or something, babe?” I thought she really was blushing some, and she was looking at me, then away, then at me again. It was incredibly cute.

“Well, uh, sure, Princess,” I said, trying to be cool, and funny. “I’ll give you my school ring, or my old letterman jacket, if you want.” I couldn’t hold back any more and started to smirk. She swatted at me across the table. “No, really, I’m flattered and, well, I think I feel the same way. We both don’t want to ‘commit’ to any one, or anything, right now. I get that. But, yeah, I really lo…lo…lust you Princess.” That was as close I could let myself get to saying that I might have fallen in love with her.

“What?” she said, and then started laughing. “Ok, shit, maybe you’re right. Maybe it’s just the great sex — and that really, really cute cock of yours,” she added quietly. “I don’t know. Yeah, maybe it’s too soon, but I really like what we have and don’t want to lose it, Ok?”

“I get it, yeah. I definitely feel the same way. I’m really smitten with you, Princess.”

“Smitten?” she said incredulously. “Really, who the hell says ‘smitten’ anymore? But, Ok, I have to admit, I’m fucking smitten with you, too,” she smiled.

“Or smitten about fucking me, or…,” I tried to joke. “Whatever, I think we’re on the same page here, and we don’t want this to end, do we?”

“Nope, not at all,” she said, getting up out of her chair to lean across the table and kiss me. But just as we did, the waitress came with our orders.

“Sorry to interrupt, but I have your breakfast. Hope you’re hungry, for some food that is,” she said with a knowing grin.

“Thanks,” we replied, almost together. If she only knew, I thought, but then Jill actually said it after she’d left.

“How the hell do you do that?” I said to Jill. “I was just thinking exactly that!” She just shook her head.

We ate our breakfast and chatted about other things, maybe both too embarrassed to admit we might be falling in love. We finished, paid our tab, with a generous tip for the nice waitress, and got back in the car to head to my apartment.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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